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REFRESH! There are 8018 unanswered questions (89.2234 answered)
REFRESH! There are 8018 unanswered questions (89.2234 answered)
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Q: Destructuring with map and assigning to a constant

ArnonI don't know exactly what to name this, but I was refactoring a code snippet and looking at this constant users I thought I'd do this destructuring: Before: async queryDBUsers({ commit }) { await getDocs(collection(db, "users")) .then((querySnapshot) => { const users = querySnapshot.d...

Why id Meta give us this question and why don't the look at our requirements before the migrate a question?
The question already has 3 close votes, and they are correct.
@Peilonrayz ^^^ Now I know, but why didn't you edit the title?
Non Python programmers might have a problem with it.
@pacmaninbw I use a mouse to interact with CR during the day.
Huh, the comment says the post is UWYA, but all the votes are MRC...
2:02 AM
Not sure what UWYA unless that is details.
In many peoples heads the two go together.
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You should refrain from using list as a variable name, as it is already the name of a built-in function in Python. When you use list as a variable name, you are overwriting that built-in function. It's considered bad practice and wouldn't pass a code review (and can also introduce unexpected bugs in your code). — ddejohn 55 secs ago
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would you mind fixing the code a bit with consistent indentation and having main actually return something? the code displayed in the site should be high quality and pass a code review cleanly if possible. — ramrunner 56 secs ago
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@pacmaninbw UWYA (Unclear What You're Asking) is one of the SE wide close reasons, and has been renamed to NDoC (Needs Details or Clarity)
> Needs details or clarity This question should include more details and clarify the problem.
@pacmaninbw Can you point to what part of MRC's close reason would indicate Toby's comment is related?
10:37 AM
It sounds like a perfect introduction to a post on codereview where you also include your code. — Ted Lyngmo 26 secs ago
Q: Extracting data from dict and processing it

SitoConsider the following def __genereate_initial_guess(dictonary) -> tuple[dict, dict]: joined_lst = [dictonary["main"], dictonary["background"]] config_input_params = {} config_input_params_limits = {} for key, kind in zip(dictonary,joined_lst): tmp_lst...

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Q: Basic Client/Server model using UNIX SIGNALS in C

QuestionHello i've created a basic client/server model using user defined signals (SIGUSR1 representing bit1 and SIGUSR2 for bit 0). At a high level the algo looks something like: The server reveals it's PID and starts listening. The client take a string from stdin encode it to binary and start streamin...

11:54 AM
Cast the output to an integer like here : onlinegdb.com/zkgP0l2Hl (includes some other code review remars, and a cleaner way of initializing your array) — Pepijn Kramer just now
Also, what you are doing right now is the functional way of handling Promises and is very similar to a try/catch block. So you are already doing that. And on a sidenote, - Stack Overflow is not the best platform for questions of this type. It would maybe fit better on codereview.stackexchange.com — MauriceNino 5 secs ago
@MauriceNino Generic Best Practice questions are off-topic on Code Review. — Peilonrayz 32 secs ago
12:23 PM
@Vogel612 Indeed!
Q: Group by With Client-Server Evaluation

SebastianI am having a problem with .Net Core 3.1 EF and the problem here seems to be the client-server evaluation that is not supported by Core 3.0 and the next versions. How can I avoid this problem? var qNormal = from d in db.Dia from sed in db.SucursalEnvioDia.Where(s => d.Id...

12:41 PM
Since it seems you have working code and are looking for general improvements, this appears to be more appropriate for CodeReview – be sure to check their question guide first, though. — MisterMiyagi 48 secs ago
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Q: Efficient way to build random undirected graphs without self loops given total number of graph nodes and associated node degree

skynaiveI wrote an algorithm to build 1000 different random graphs given number of nodes and node degree. Node degree is maintained between the random graphs. I am building these random graphs to input to a statistical test which says given a certain graph what are the chances of finding certain edges by...

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possible answer invalidation by Eternal on question by Eternal: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/272967/revisions
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This question might be better on StackExchange/Code Review — ControlAltDel 33 secs ago
@Duga Rolled back and commented by @user673679
5:20 PM
@Duga @SimonForsberg Seems @Duga only noticed one edit.
I noticed she's been behaving much better since her clock was corrected. Still two midnight summaries, but that's less annoying.
@SimonForsberg its questionable - I don't see any CVs (including aged away) but you asked for clarification about the setThemeAttribute function and that doesn't appear to have been answered by the OP
another theory may be it is related to your comment on your answer
Q: Jackson deserialization of subset of enums

SamI have several enums that all implement this interface: public interface SelectOption { String getId(); String getLabel(); } Here's an example: public enum AuthType implements SelectOption { BASIC("basic", "Basic Auth"), OAUTH("oauth", "OAuth"), TOKEN("token", "Bearer Token")...

Q: Replace Western Arabic numerals with Persian digits

NeekuI've written and used this code in my apps whenever needed to convert any Western Arabic numerals into Eastern Arabic (or better say, Persian/Farsi) numerals in any Persian text. It works fine as expected, but I'm having a look at it now to reuse it, and I'm wondering if I could optimize this to ...

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This is a question for CodeReviewCid 29 secs ago
Love this, thank you. Somebody pointed out that a question like this belongs to CodeReview, not here. I'll accept this as an answer and then delete the question. Hopefully it'll let you keep your point. — stitch123 44 secs ago
@Cid when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because it is missing context. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 23 secs ago
5:57 PM
I've always wondered how Duga can collect rep.
@pacmaninbw she has 1 question and 1 answer...
IIRC correctly there was a meta post or github post about making a bot, which involved having it gain reputation in order to post in chat
FWIW, you can bypass the 20 rep requirement to chat by having write access or higher. However you'd require a RO to give the bot permission. (Which IIRC Simon could have done way back when)
6:47 PM
Q: Better ways to parse the Content-Length from the HTTP header

xyfI have a buffer that contains the HTTP header, which contains the Content-Length string indicating how big the file is that needs to be downloaded. I am looking to write a generic function for parsing a substring and eventually a value that needs to be converted to an int from a string. The follo...

Q: Python Tic Tac Toe not resetting?

Maddy WalkerI've just started learning Python, and like a lot of beginners I'm working on a simple two player tic tac toe game. I've managed to get through most of the code and debug everything EXCEPT for some reason when I try and replay the game, it's not resetting my board variable and essentially clearin...

7:46 PM
Q: How could my suggested edit have been improved?

josliberI recently made a suggested edit to a post: https://codereview.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/149799 In brief, I added an import statement (library(dplyr)) to the code in the question, because the code is not runnable without importing the relevant library (I should know, since I answer...

8:07 PM
side note / code review ... since the function's name is hasNameAndTokenSelector it is expected to always return a boolean value, neither once, as default, undefined, nor whatever either localInputs[0].token or localInputs[0].name is. For the latter I suppose/guess rather string values instead of boolean ones. — Peter Seliger 7 secs ago
8:20 PM
side note / code review ... since the function's name is hasNameAndTokenSelector it is expected to always return a boolean value, neither once, as default, undefined, nor either of the string values localInputs.token / localInputs.name. — Peter Seliger 26 secs ago
9:19 PM
Q: A Tour of Go Exercise: Web Crawler solution using channels not parallel?

ShisuiI'm looking at this mit solution to this A Tour of Go exercise // // Concurrent crawler with channels // func worker(url string, ch chan []string, fetcher Fetcher) { urls, err := fetcher.Fetch(url) if err != nil { ch <- []string{} } else { ch <- urls } } func coo...

9:30 PM
Sounds like you're looking for a Code Review. — Fred Larson 34 secs ago
SO isn't for code reviews. But, search the web - there are plenty of 'please review my code' sites around (but whether their quality is good; I don't personally know. I can imagine asking for free code reviews gets you the kind of review that one might expect to get if one pays nothing for it!) – One of the major ones is on the SO network: https://codereview.stackexchange.com. — rzwitserloot 24 secs ago
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Q: Mobile-friendly fixed background images, alternative to "background-attachment: fixed"

S. G.My goal is to create a mobile-friendly fixed background image effect, however "background-attachment: fixed" seems to be problematic on mobile devices. Could you please review my implementation of an alternative to "background-attachment: fixed" using plain Javascript and CSS? I would also be kee...

Q: Not a final output

Juan JiménezI was reviewing the next exercise: #include <iostream> int main() { int currVal = 0, val = 0; if (std::cin >> currVal) { int cnt = 1; while (std::cin >> val) { if (val == currVal) { ++cnt; } el...

10:48 PM
@CaptainObvious I wish they could all respond this way
Oh okay, maybe it was my bad, thanks for the reply and the link! @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ — Juan Jiménez 36 secs ago

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