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Q: Finding max number and location in multidimensional array in Matlab

JimmyHuI am attempting to find the maximum value and its location in multidimensional array using Matlab. There are functions findMax3, findMax4, findMax5 and findMax6 for dealing with different dimension cases. The experimental implementation function [maxNum, v1, v2, v3] = findMax3(input3d) maxNum...

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2:21 AM
Q: Double_or_Squared(x) function python syntax error

FraboiLeoI have been trying to create a double or square function on python where the result is to give the user the biggest number back when doubling or squaring. The problem states: double(x) returns 2 * x square(x) returns x**2 double_or_square(x) returns the larger number between double(x) and square...

3:17 AM
Unfortunately this is not a code review site so there isn't much to say. — tdelaney 17 secs ago
For code reviews, there is codereview.stackexchange.com . — 9769953 18 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comtdelaney 54 secs ago
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Don't forget to go through codereview's how to ask because the current question as is does not meet the standards there. — Henry Ecker 47 secs ago
4:35 AM
possible answer invalidation by Linny on question by Elliott de Launay: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/266263/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Linny on question by Elliott de Launay: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/266263/revisions
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Q: Game States / Pong: SFML Box2D EnTT

Teach_Me_SomethingTrying to make a little 2D engine I can play with. The end goal is a simple multiplayer PVP game just using shapes. I will make one version using ECS and one using OOP for learning. This is the shell of the ECS version using Pong as a demo. Before I jump into the user interface I am wondering wha...

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8:07 AM
Q: Merge and autocrop images with Jimp

janoChenThe following code uses jimp to merge images, located in the ./in folder, with dots.png. Then it autocrops the images. Finally, they are written into the ./out folder. import * as fs from 'fs' import * as path from 'path' import jimp from 'jimp' (async () => { const filenames = fs.readdirSync(...

8:45 AM
If you have working code and are looking for general, open-ended improvements your question is more appropriate for CodeReview – be sure to check their question guide first, though. — MisterMiyagi 26 secs ago
8:56 AM
Q: zsh function for shortening $PWD with $HOME replacement

kikitoI wanted a $PWD shortening for my $PROMPT with the following characteristics: $HOME is replaced by ~ All subpaths except the last one are replaced by their initial letters Reasonably efficient This is my attempt, with tests: #!/bin/zsh function shortpath() { local homepwd="${1/#$HOME/~}" ...

9:29 AM
Asking for libraries is off topic - if your solution works you could go the route of codereview but they need far much more code then what you present here. Make sure to read their rules first. — Patrick Artner 42 secs ago
10:10 AM
Q: C++ code for calculating the cost of carpet

Strange AlchemistI have written following code for the question(From Problem Solving With C++): A store sells carpet for $2.75 per meter. If a customer buys more than 10m of carpet, they get a discount of 15% on every additional meter of carpet they purchase. Write a program that inputs the carpet length that a u...

Q: Notes Saver Application in tkinter python

Random_Pythoneer59I completed my Notes Saver project in python tkinter and now I want to get it reviewed. I want to how I could - Improve my hashing system. Improve my notes encryption system. Improve the UX. Improve code readability Improve performance. Working Directory Notes Saver - |- database_f...

10:31 AM
@Ben10101 if the code is working, but you need it optimized (as you said, running long time), this post is not for StackOverflow, but instead for CodeReview: codereview.stackexchange.comCaldazar 54 secs ago
10:59 AM
Q: Editing system files in Linux (as root) with GUI and CLI text editors #3

LinuxSecurityFreakOne year and a half ago I posted the second iteration of this script for a review here: Editing system files in Linux (as root) with GUI and CLI text editors #2 Since then, it has been "hibernated" as I had way too much work, and I would like to ask you for a review of the possible final edit. I...

11:33 AM
It is 5 years later and still without solution. For idea 2021.2.2 IC I can selecting two commits and using "Compare Versions" from context menu I can see all changed files BUT cannot open them all and it was the goal of this question. I need such functionality to for code reviews and want to run inspections only on files from diff. — kodstark 6 secs ago
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See my post. May help. — LRDPRDX 58 secs ago
See my post. May help. — LRDPRDX 11 secs ago
Q: Havin fun with Javascript: rodioning.js

coderoddeI have this page. I wish to hear comments on how to make it more idiomatic, for the most part. The code follows: <html> <head> <title>rodioning.js</title> <style type="text/css"> body { background-color: black; color: #f5da42; ...

Q: Handle C++ templates in Qt5

LRDPRDXSearching for a solution to my problem I've read many posts regarding templates in Qt (including those on SE) and didn't find a complete solution (or I should say a complete example of a solution) so this post. It is not only to review the code but I think it could be useful for others with simil...

1:31 PM
Open-ended questions about working code are not on-topic for Stack Overflow. Your question might be on-topic for Code Review. Please check their rules before posting. — Michael 23 secs ago
1:51 PM
Q: Conway's Game of Life (Java)

TempsI've recently become interested in cellular automata, and took a crack at a few of the popular ones including Falling Sand and Conway's Game of Life. I've almost got the ladder working save a few malperformances. Bellow is the entire class holding the algorithm to drive the logic of the class: pu...

2:16 PM
Q: Python 3 integer seconds to date-time string convertor

Xeнεi ΞэnвϵςI have written two functions that output a date-time string for any given non-negative integer. The integer is treated as representing total number of seconds in a given time period, the first functionconverts that duration to week-day-hour-minute-weekday format (w weeks, d days, HH:mm:ss, dddd),...

Q: Tic-Tac-Toe game in C# needing to make it more efficient

Josbeen teaching my self C# for a little while since summer (June-ish). Never really got around making Tic-Tac-Toe was mostly practicing logic questions and such. This is my first "Program" ever. But I feel it a bit messy, adding on I personally Can't figure a way to check if a place is already occu...

Q: Query is taking 20 mins to populate 30k records in SQL Server

AndyI have this query saved as view in SQL server 2016 and it literally takes 20 mins to populate the data. Could someone please check this and help me tweak the performance? Select Customer_Name_Inv, Channel, Warehouse_ID, Warehouse_Name, Business_Unit_Value, Technology, [A3/A4], Product_Type, P...

Q: How do I optimize this Algorithms exercise further?

KhaotikkI have an Algorithms exercise that I need some help with. Let's say there are three N-sized arrays containing positive integers - array X, array Y, and array bonus. I also have an integer variable for sum and m. For each index i in N, I can add either X[i] or Y[i] to sum, or skip the index altoge...

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This is an opinion question. If you are going to refactor, you better talk to the entire team and get their buy in and expect to do code reviews for future merge/pull requests. You'll have to decide what your coding standard will be for these particular functions. — disinfor 27 secs ago
3:49 PM
Q: Terminal based "Connect 4" game in Python

Alexander MüllerI started learning Python a few weeks ago and coded this "Connect 4" game. My question is, what could i have done better? How efficient is this code and how could i improve on that? from collections import defaultdict from termcolor import colored from time import sleep class Board: def __in...

4:21 PM
Q: Connect the Decibel meter to the raspberry

ThanasisgnrI have written the following code: dev=usb.core.find(idVendor=0x10C4, idProduct=0x82CD) print (dev) and the results are the following: DEVICE ID 10c4:82cd on Bus 001 Address 004 ================= bLength : 0x12 (18 bytes) bDescriptorType : 0x1 Device bcdUSB ...

Q: Optimize lexer/parser bottleneck in C++

AlgoI am writing a parser for a custom mesh format for fluid dynamics simulation library, the mesh file contains 3D points (vertices) for the simulation mesh, for example: [points 4] 2.426492638414711e-07,-0.0454127835577514,0.737590325020352 -0.02408935296003224,-0.02309953378412839,0.73789459389550...

4:39 PM
This is likely better suited for Code Review . Also, I'd recommend that you get more specific about what you're looking for because as it stands, it sounds like you're just concerned about how your code visually appears ?!? — devlin carnate 47 secs ago
5:10 PM
Q: Binomial Theorem implementation, including complex numbers

William Bradley#include <iostream> #include <complex> #include <vector> #include <cmath> /* adapted from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55421835/c-binomial-coefficient-is-too-slow */ template<typename T = int, typename U = unsigned long long int> inline U computeBinomialCoefficient(const T& n, const T& k...

5:25 PM
It sounds too much like "opinion based" to me, and if the code works, you'd be better off asking on CodeReview.StackExchange — Caius Jard 7 secs ago
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6:25 PM
Please request subjective feedback about your code on Code ReviewRojo 36 secs ago
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7:37 PM
Q: Insert node at position - Singly linked list

GonzoPlease review my SinglyLinkedList insert_node_at implementation as it does not seem to update the singly linked list object. I am working on my ADS, OOP and C++ skills and would appreciate any help on this particular implementation in terms of efficiency, best practices, readability and anything ...

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9:16 PM
Q: Filter a uneven text

GeorgI am given a problem where I have to open a text file and then make it a list. This is the text file: Monaco, 1.98, 36371 Vatican City, 0.44, 900 Firstly I will open it: def function(): text =('text.txt','r') text.read().<this is where I want to filter away all the spac...

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10:29 PM
If your code works there is a site for Code ReviewsBlastfurnace 42 secs ago
10:55 PM
By the way, if you're willing to take suggestions about how your code should be rewritten, you might try over at codereview.stackexchange.comStriplingWarrior 56 secs ago
11:19 PM
Q: coding a magic square using 1d or 2d arrays using static allocation

dannyI wanted to know if someone can find a better way to code this in c++ using 1 or 2 dimensional arrays instead of inttables. It has to be a static 7x7 array where the user can make a 3x3 or 5x5 or 7x7 magic square. Static allocation and is allocated on a stack and not a heap, and static array or s...


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