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Q: This code renders a time dilation calculator. Am I abusing React state? Can I reorganize my components so that this scales better?

exceptionerrorI've been learning React for about a month now. I wrote a small [interactive calculator][1] to show the effects of time dilation under special relativity. It's Node/React/Razzle(for SSR)/Typescript/Javascript. Here are the issues I've run into and would like help with: I feel like I'm abusing st...

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This is not a code review site. You have not asked a question. Learn how to use this site, or migrate your "code review" question to a site suited for it. — TomServo 44 secs ago
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Q: Running Program Again With Loop in Java

Grewal_CreatorIm trying to add a do-while loop to this program but the return userInput is causing the system.out.println() to be unreachable and i cant seem to get around it without creating problems to the original program. How would i make it so the user is asked if they want to run the program again or not...

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Q: Image (Const) Iterator using C++17

Black ArrowI am trying to learn how to correctly implement an iterator (and its corresponding const variant) using a single template, so I would appreciate any criticism to the following code. It's an forward iterator for a cv::Mat wrapper (a class from OpenCV that stores an image). I have already tested it...

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anubhara, I've created my topic in Code Review since it's related mostly to the improvement of the writted algorithm >> codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/260466/… would be very appreciate your help! Cheers — Hot JAMS 58 secs ago
Q: Need Feedback on JUnit test comparing two timestamps

user3254725I am writng a JUnit test case for the below methods : public final class LoggerService implements ILoggerService { private Logger logger; private <T> LoggerService(T type){ logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger((Class<?>) type); } public static <T> LoggerService getLoggerService(T typ...

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Q: Hackerrank - Practice> Interview Preparation Kit> Warm-up Challenges> Jumping On Clouds

lamp bottleChallenge Copied from: https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/jumping-on-the-clouds/problem?h_l=interview&playlist_slugs%5B%5D=interview-preparation-kit&playlist_slugs%5B%5D=warmup There is a new mobile game that starts with consecutively numbered clouds. Some of the clouds are thunderheads and ot...

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@andrew I actually need to spend some more time handling all the network responses, but this was just for example :) And thank you for the recommendation, I will check out codereview.stackechange. — Reena Verma 47 secs ago
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Q: Best way to handle response.status on fetch POST

Reena VermaI've built a login panel, which will submit an email and password via fetch/POST. And I wanted to know the best way to handle network status errors? Reason being, as I want to inject error messages into my login panel for each state/status code. I've written the code below, which works. But I won...

Q: Rdoc - a command-line tool for launching documents (improved)

yan_khfew days ago I posted a previous version of my first bash script here to get few tips and reviews so I could improve it. So now it is improved a bit, I also shellchecked it and fixed the warnings and I would love to hear more tips from you guys. Here is the code: #!/usr/bin/env bash declare -r C...

11:10 AM
Q: Adding iterators to C++ sqlite wrapper class

arcomberI recently put up my C++ class to wrap the sqlite3 c library here: Thin C++ wrapper for sqlite3 C library One of the suggestions was rather than to specify a vector for arguments to functions instead specify iterators so users can use whatever collection they see fit. Not being that familiar with...

Q: Powershell - get diff of two files without consuming huge amount of memory - is there any alternative c# or c++ API?

Cell-oI have two large files to compare (over 10 GB). The below command works fine for small files but seems to eat up RAM space on my machines. How can I get diff of two files without consuming huge amount of memory ? Any thoughts would be really appreciated. robocopy.exe C:\Folder\ C:\Folder\ /l /noc...

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Since this is not about a specific programming problem, I think it might be better in Code ReviewSoner Gönül 10 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by user3254725 on question by user3254725: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260520/revisions
possible answer invalidation by user3254725 on question by user3254725: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260520/revisions
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@Duga Does not invalidate answer, question should not have been answered yet.
brute force is not a sin. Pondering about how slow it would be will not make it any faster. Write the code and you will see. If you need help with some code you wrote you should include a minimal reproducible example. For reviews of working and correct code there is codereview.stackexchange.comlargest_prime_is_463035818 31 secs ago
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Q: Should i throw exceptions in the service layer or repository, and catch it on the controller?

ThiagoI read some answers here on stack exchange, but none really "hits the nail on the head" about where to throw exceptions, where I shouldn't and where to catch them. the idea that an exception should be thrown in exceptional cases is very vague, for example, if I can't find a user in my data source...

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Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please read about what's on-topic in the help center. We need a clear problem statement here. Asking us to review your code is both (a) too broad and (b) too opinion-based to be on-topic. Does this code do what you want it to do? If so, you might try posting on Code Review. If not, please edit it to clearly explain what the problem is. — Chris 46 secs ago
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This might be a very quiet day, in the USA it is Mothers day and people will be wining and dining their mothers all day today.
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Q: scan the RAM of a computer, displaying the services and executables

Anas-baysI wanted to write a program in python which it scans the RAM of a computer, by displaying the services and the executables. import psutil import wmi from time import sleep from progress.bar import Bar # Connecting c = wmi.WMI() # stock here Process Id proc = [] # function to get the Size def ge...

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If your code is working properly and you are simply looking for feedback on how to improve it in some way, then you may want to look at Code Review. However, please make sure to look at their help center before posting there, as I don't think this question would be accepted there in its current form. — user 8 secs ago
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@Duga Um
@user Duga is a bot which posts recommendations to CR and SE on SO. More info: codereview.stackexchange.com/q/79408
Q: Google FooBar Prepare the Bunnies' Escape Python

Heidar-AnI'm currently working on the Foobar challenge, and I'm having difficulty with this problem. My solution works with (all the cases that i've tested). Prepare the Bunnies' Escape =========================== You have maps of parts of the space station, each starting at a work area exit and ending a...

@Peilonrayz Oh, I see now. I was really confused why a comment I posted got here; I thought I'd said something wrong
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two last questions (in EDITS) better fit to similar portal CodeReviewfuras 27 secs ago
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As I understand you have working code, this question is more suited for Code Review, not so much for Stack Overflow. — trincot 38 secs ago
Optimized version of my code can execute in 12 seconds on the average of 5. — kelalaka 1 min ago
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Is it acceptable here to put suggestions in comments, or must one post an answer even if there's not much to say?
@user If you want to review the code in the question please post an answer, as comments are ephemeral.
Most comments can just be posted as-is and would be upvoteable
Alright, I'll do that
Q: Right veiw of A Binary Search Tree

user241977So i am struggling with this program I am creating that uses a binary search tree, and it only takes the right side of tree. It should return the value of the right-most node at each level, ordered top to bottom from a sequence of integers representing the BST (ex: 20 10 30 9 25, output: [20, 30,...

Q: Dynamic heterogeneous container

Šimon GidoI want to have dynamic continuous block of memory for different types, that inherit from single base class. I've written structure for that purpose. I know I play with a fire here, but I would like know how dangerous it is to use this structure. Each element stored in DynamicPool must inherit fro...

6:55 PM
Q: Sorting an array of positive integers including 0 much faster than Radix Sort

ReduI was working on an Limit Order Book structure in JS and came up with this algorithm. I am pretty sure this must have already been implemented but couldn't even find a clue over the web. The thing is, it's very fast especially when you have an array of many duplicate items. However the real beaut...

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@user My single suggestion eventually turned into about half a dozen anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7:28 PM
@user Hope you don't mind my edit :) Nice answer, always seems to be the way... XD
7:54 PM
@Peilonrayz Not at all, and thanks!
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Q: What is the optimal way to write this small Todo List app

user241981Hello I don't have any specific problem but I'm just interested how someone who is experienced in JavaScript would write this small toy program. it's a simple Todo List app, there are many approaches to writing something like this but I'm not sure if the way I wrote it is the most optimal. I want...

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Would this be better suited for code review stackexchange? — Peter - Reinstate Monica just now
10:21 PM
Q: Verifying calibration process on IoT device, python script

Dan KolodnyI have an IoT device with accelerating and gyroscope sensors. before my device can be used it needs to be calibrated. Basically, it means that I do measures for XYZ axes and for the gyro movements and save the findings in JSON file. With this script, I want to assure the calibration process has o...

Q: Error in solving the two coupled equation using the odeint subroutine written in fortran90

RiturajIn the given code I tried to solve the two non linear coupled rate equations using Odeint subroutine. Odient subroutine is pre-written by someone else. I have written derivs subroutine and main part of the program. The derivs subroutine contains the information of the non-linear ordinary differen...

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I will close the question and post it at codereview. — quantum_well 37 secs ago
10:46 PM
Q: Is this thread pool implementation OK?

pic11There are things that I am not 100% sure. Is it possible that dangling references can be create in add_task method? Is it possible that this implementation will deadlock? I had to use shared_ptr in order to store packaged_task in the queue. Is there a better way to do it? class ThreadPool { publi...


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