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possible answer invalidation by Tamal Banerjee on question by Tamal Banerjee: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260796/revisions
Q: Pythonic way of removing one word entries from compound list

Michael GAssume a multi-line file (myInput.txt) with lines comprising one or more words. echo -e "Foo\nFoo bar\nFoo baz\nFoo bar baz\nBar\nBaz\nBaz qux\nBaz qux quux\nQux quux" > myInput.txt I wish to remove all one-word lines that are identical with the first word of any multi-word lines using Python. e...

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Since the code already works and you're asking for improvement ideas, this is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comMartheen 6 secs ago
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Great, thanks for replying. I that case your question belongs on Code Review Stack Exchange. — Ole V.V. 59 secs ago
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The accepted answer to the question as it is formulated is correct. Your answer to the asked question How would I reference a WPF ItemsControl in a static method is wrong! There are a lot of ways how code can be improved, but for this aim there is codereview site. — Rekshino 8 secs ago
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In the middle of an small exam, ey? Post it on Code Review but as text, not an image. — user1810087 53 secs ago
No @user1810087, if it isn't working correctly, it's not ready for review. — Toby Speight 43 secs ago
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Q: Statements that are not readable

Miomir DancevicI am having something like this if (source.length > 0) { if ( source[0].mandatory === true && this.allInputs.documentsType !== "mandatory" ) { item.mandatory = !item.mandatory; } else if ( source[0].mandatory === false && this.allInputs.document...

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Yes, it is good but you should get it reviewed from your co-workers or superiors. Never hesitate to write code, we learn a lot from mistakes. Code reviews help writing better code. — Gunwant 16 secs ago
As you don't ask about a specific aspect of your abstract class, this question might better fit into codereview.stackexchange.com . — Ralf Kleberhoff 19 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Xeнεi Ξэnвϵς on question by Xeнεi Ξэnвϵς: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/255785/revisions
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Q: my code is throwing error Process terminated with status -1073741819

AAYUSH CHITKARAmy program is throwing error Process terminated with status -1073741819 . its also not taking input properly( less than expected) #include <iostream> #include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main() { int tests,n,m,sum=0; vector <int> lengths; cin >> tests; int min_length[n];...

There'a a special site for getting your code reviewed: Code Review. — Klaus D. just now
I’m voting to close this question because this question belongs rather with Code Review Stack Exchange forum and does not fit StackOverflow. — sophros just now
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Ryan Donovan on May 19, 2021
This is a story about trying to rethink complex systems: the challenges you face when you try to rebuild them, the burdens you face as they grow, and how inaction itself can cause it’s own problems. When you’re weighing the risk and reward of replacing architecture, it can take several attempts to find a solution that works for you.
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possible answer invalidation by Tom Manner on question by Tom Manner: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260906/revisions
Q: Largest sum subarray with at-least k numbers using Sliding Window Technique

jerry00Given an array of length n and a number k, find the largest sum of the subarray containing at least k numbers. It may be assumed that the size of array is at-least k. class Compute { public long maxSumWithK(long a[], long n, long k) { int i = 0; int j = 0; int...

Q: fgetline_alloc An involved C function for reading lines of arbitrary length

Harry K.Prototype: char *fgetline_alloc( FILE *fp, bool flush, int *nchars, bool eolend ); I realize this C99 function may be a bit more involved than expected, hence asking for reviews before using it for real (it's tested, but not extensively). I'll post the source code first, followed by detailed des...

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@Duga That's fine - additional usage examples.
There's a specific stack site for code review. You'll likely have better success there. — D M 15 secs ago
Others have pointed out that your routine is essentially waiting for the context to expire. In addition to that, I'd like to add 2 comments: your last return err is not indented properly, and you can just write return errors.New() instead of assigning it to err first. The error itself should also not start with an upper-case letter (golang code review) — Elias Van Ootegem 12 secs ago
@CaptainObvious wow super vague description yet has two answers...
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Q: TypeError: string indices must be integers

Kaggle500I'm getting this error while trying to implement the project Valuenet (https://github.com/brunnurs/valuenet) on my laptop and I don't understand what exactly it means. I'm getting this error after I try to train the Model using:- python src/main.py Configuration:- Windows 10 home, Nvidia gtx 1650...

@CaptainObvious no
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Q: Repeating lines of code until it reaches a specific criteria

Eny1_1This code is to divide a number until it cannot be divided I just need to know how to repeat the code over and over until it reaches that point and gives me an output. ( and if you see any improvements that can be made point it out I enjoy learning new things about java because I am new.) ...

Q: what is the best order of operation for a successful project, are there any function you would add?

MOORETOKENI'm a developer myself, I don't excel in the area of where marketing comes into play, I have a TRC, eth, BSc, what web app should be built first, I hear about voting apps, I hear about ico, Ido, I get the basic concept, but what truly is that way to go if you went in order properly, I know it's s...

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Q: Merge Sort implementation is messy

GunnarhawkI am using this merge sort function to sort table rows by Date, Letter, and Number. It works, but it is super messy and hard for others to read. The dates are being sorted in two formats YYYY-MM-DD and MM/DD/YYYY which is why there are if statements regulating each format. And the reason I am dif...

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@DavidMaze the container is only launched when someone on my team pushes changes to our repository for code review. — rhavelka 17 secs ago
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CodeReview can be better place for this. I have free suggestions. 1. import * is not preffered, 2. all functions directly after import. There suggestions should be in [PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code](https://www.python.org/ev/peps/ep-0008/). 3. Common mistake which sometimes can make big problem: If you do btn = Button().pack()` then you assign None to btn because pack/grid/place return None. If you don't use btn then you can write Button().pack(). If you will need to use btn then you should do it in two lines: btn = Button() and btn.pack()furas 6 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Harry K. on question by Harry K.: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260939/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Betraxa on question by Betraxa: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/260916/revisions
@Duga rolled back
@Duga I believe that is okay - in response to comment, which AJ did mention in answer "when SWIDTH is defined, you can use it too:"
The code seems incomplete. SWIDTH is not defined. Also, what version of Python are you targeting? — AJNeufeld 18 hours ago
7:32 PM
So, the code is working and you want a code review? — Ted Lyngmo 38 secs ago
Q: NewPolish - unconventional translator in Python

Daro1234451Hello everyone! In today's assignment I had to complete a rather unusual translator, take a look at my solution, tell me what I can do to make it better and show off yours! Write a function that translates some text into New Polish and vice versa. Polish is translated into New Polish by taking th...

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Q: Project Euler Problem #755

Halil KarabacakAs the title indicates this is one of the last most problems of Project Euler. The problem is straightforward. However, similar to the rest of the Euler Project problems either Memory Error or long execution times are problems. An explanation of the problem is: Consider the Fibonacci sequence \$...

I suppose this question could be posted on Code Review too, since you are asking for a comparative review of two working scripts. — mickmackusa 28 secs ago
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Q: Graph Implementation for Social Network

Tiago MadeiraI'm trying to implement a graph structure in python, making use of the classes Vertex, Edge and Graph. The goal is to read a csv file that contains users names and a number (weight), like such Lynch,Arnold,23 The entire structure of the code that I have at the moment is the following: ""Modules"""...

Q: Refactor Web Scraper

Tauqeer AbbasI wrote a simple zoopla real estate scraper for just practicing what i learned so far in python,requests,BeautifulSoup overall web scraping fundamentals and by looking at my code i feel like there would be a better and elegant way to write it but unfortunately as a beginner i don't know yet.So, i...

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Q: Graph Implementation from a csv file

Sandra SilvaI'm trying to implement a graph structure in python, making use of the classes Vertex, Edge and Graph. The goal is to read a csv file that contains users names and a number (weight), like such Lynch,Arnold,23 The entire structure of the code that I have at the moment is the following: """Modules"""...

@CaptainObvious looks like a duplicate of Graph Implementation for Social Network...
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That's exactly what code review during a PR is for: to ensure that valid tests are being written that actually improve quality. You can write garbage tests to pump up coverage without ensuring quality to sneak around coverage requirements. Coverage requirements are just an arbitrary additional hoop that people need to jump through. — Daniel Mann 46 secs ago
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I think codereview.stackexchange.com is a better place for such a question — peer 45 secs ago
Please repeat on topic and how to ask from the intro tour. Stack Overflow is for repairing problem code; improvement of working code belongs on CodeReview, but make sure that you read the posting guidelines before you put anything there. — Prune 11 secs ago
11:50 PM
I think maybe instead you should show what you actually intend to do with that value. Your explanation doesn't make too much sense, though I suspect you might be trying to do something that other tools (maybe source generators) might be able to help you with. As is stands, the solution is just bad practice. If this is a toy project sure go for it, but from the sound of it it has no place in production code. I'd reject a code review if I saw this in a single property... forget every one. — pinkfloydx33 28 secs ago

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