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RELOAD! There are 7530 unanswered questions (89.4626% answered)
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Q: Adding random numbers to the python dice game

San BI was asked to code the following programme in an assignmnet. After i created it my proffesor asked to meet the foolowing requirements. Can anyone please help me to modify it. The program should welcome the user and ask how many players (1...4). The program should explain briefly the rules of th...

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5:27 AM
@CaptainObvious facepalm ... asking for an explanation.... and sadly got an answer
I tried to ask that OP to read the help center before coming here
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6:36 AM
To find out if it is correct: test it. Write some test cases / unit tests. Apart from that, your question is too broad for StackOverflow. (If the code is complete and it works, you could post it on CodeReview. But it is not ready for that yet.) — Stephen C just now
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7:38 AM
7:52 AM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Nah, I just sometimes feel like it, do this for some days, and then stop it again for some years.
8:15 AM
Q: Speed up calculation time of for loop in numpy

TanvirI am trying to calculate some values using numpy. Here is my code, x= np.zeros([nums]) for i in range (nums): x[i] = np.mean((Zs[i :] - Zs[:len(Zs)-i]) ** 2) The code runs perfectly and give desired result. But it takes very long time for a large number nums value. Because the Zs and nu...

8:40 AM
Q: Integer Double Ended Queue GO

Przemyslaw WilkI'm currently learning Go and I have decided to implement a Circular Doubly Linked List (Deque) structure for the training. Go is not my first language. I program mainly in Python, therefore I would like to learn if code follows Go structure and idioms and if you have any advice of improving. Abo...

8:50 AM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I think Yaakov started that.
Somewhere around Winterbash '20
A: Can't load the Winter Bash game “Hat Dash”

Yaakov EllisShould be fixed now writing a Haiku for every single new post will be challenging

A: Invisible icon for Winter Bash in top bar

Yaakov Ellis sorry, jumped the gun errant gap has been removed Winter Bash coming

Q: Lock-free triple buffer

Toby SpeightI have a single producer and single consumer, and the producer never stops, but the consumer might not keep up. There's no need to consume every item, as long as we always access the most-recently produced item, and never process an item twice. In other words, we should drop items if the consum...

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Had marked this question should not belong to Stack Overflow. You should post it in Code Review. Thank you. — Yong Shun 51 secs ago
10:42 AM
Q: Android: Dealing with user-input and NumberFormatExceptions

michael.zechI have made a tiny Android app. Actually it's only for learning DataBinding. While writing the code, I have wondered how one should deal best with erroneous user-input when expecting a numerical value. Currently I have put the critical part into a try-catch statement. It works fine in so far, tha...

Welcome to Stack Overflow! I think this question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com, as it deals with working code that can be improved. — Sid 40 secs ago
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Q: How to connect multiple device/client with server and how communicate with these connected devices?

kamlesh jhaActually I have a written a code to established a multiple client/device connection with server. My code established a multiple a connection with server and shows me a list of connected clients after When I select a connected device and try to send messages to client it's working fine but When I ...

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possible answer invalidation by jkoskela on question by jkoskela: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/259775/revisions
@CaptainObvious Originally asked as an answer without code. Code doesn't work.
possible answer invalidation by jkoskela on question by jkoskela: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/259775/revisions
A good practice is to keep the original YAML files in source control, either checked in with the application they deploy or in a separate repository of deploy-time configuration. Then you don't need to retrieve and modify the configuration out of the cluster; change the YAML files, get code reviews, check them in, and use only kubectl apply -f (or similar tools like Helm). — David Maze 48 secs ago
1:12 PM
@Duga Rolled back with comment.
@CaptainObvious Wants us to do their homework.
@CaptainObvious Yea, that's clearly not ready for review.
1:45 PM
@pacmaninbw Left a comment, they made an answer. Seems acceptable.
2:22 PM
Monking @Maarten
@Mast The answer looks good.
3:15 PM
Welcome to SO, I understand your situation. Anyway, there is a special site for Code reviews. Your post might get more attention at Code Review. — Jan 9 secs ago
This may be better on CodeReviewHenry Ecker 23 secs ago
3:46 PM
@Mast Everything hunky dory here at codereview? I've lost touch a bit.
@MaartenBodewes We're in the middle of an election.
But we're mostly doing ok.
Oh, hey, thanks for the heads up on that :)
I could of course read the starred posts here first next time :|
That would've given you a heads up, definitely :-)
And how are you doing?
Fine, still happily running along as mod on SE. My you've got as strong a field as we did in the last election. Congrats on making it hard on the user to choose :)
A bit less time to answer questions with a job and everything :)
- hmm, I seem to be in a fine mood today, I might as well stick a smiley on my owl-face.
Thanks, I'm glad we got the people something to choose from.
3:55 PM
Q: using R probability

life successI am working on the subject of the French championship 2019, composed of 20 teams, and each team plays 38 times, if team A plays with team B, whatever the result, each team plays another time with another team determined by the draw. if team A plays with team B, that means there are three possibi...

@MaartenBodewes You still have a lot more answers than me.
One thing I've learned on SE is you don't have to be good at everything to make an impact.
@Mast Yeah, true. But hey, lets' strive for it anyway - up to a point... I won't make a great mathematician, so lets not put all my effort into that.
And I'll never make a great software engineer.
I can help others helping others becoming one though.
you could post this question on the code review platform as you want to find ways to make your code better. kindly check this link to understands the difference between these platforms. — Adarsh Patel 40 secs ago
4:12 PM
@Mast I don't necessarily live by this rule, but those that can do, those that can't teach instead.
@Mast Only reason I really ran. They needed more choice.
We have some good teachers on this site.
We do.
One of the questions on the questionnaire reminded me of someone who writes good answers but can be argumentative. Loki.
Loki is hardly the worst of them.
@MaartenBodewes You are a moderator on Software Engineering?
@pacmaninbw No, Cryptography.
4:18 PM
On CR, we got it fairly mild with argumentative users. Other sites nearly burned down by some of them.
I'm generally trying to answer security related questions here.
Electronics, Physics.
Also, take a look at the PHP tag some day.
I'm not worried about Loki.
I try to avoid PHP. I refuse to do web related programming these days.
We / Cryptography get questions that are really requests to review user's own protocols, although that is explicitly off topic on our site. We get a lot of edits and arguments from those.
4:20 PM
We get a lot of people thinking Code Review means pointing out why their code doesn't produce the correct results.
I guess CR is a fairly friendly community.
@Mast Every day!
I used to have stats ready on this, but I think we close 30% of the incoming questions and a good portion of that is because the code doesn't work.
Yeah, I haven't seen many issues with CR on that regard, everything is pretty friendly over here and you've even got a very nice chat room :) Our Side Channel chat room is nice too.
Good question for CodeReviewtoolic 1 min ago
@Mast I think SE changed the 10k tools to show us now. Was 20% or 25% the other day
4:24 PM
@toolic I'm sorry, but it's not a good question for Code Review at all. There is no description and no context, two things we require before starting a review. Please be careful when recommending Code Review to askers. — Mast 32 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Could well be, it varies a bit.
August/September and February have some spikes IIRC.
@Mast Starting times of semester?
we used to have that consistently beyond 30% of all questions closed for not working ~2 years back...
@MaartenBodewes Exactly.
Lots of people discovering the SE network for the first time.
@Mast Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised
4:35 PM
In 2020, we closed 2172 questions.
@Peilonrayz Past 30 days it's exactly 22.22%, apparently.
56.62% of that for code that's not working as intended.
@Peilonrayz By the way, I've started tagging questions in light of this meta.
@Mast Nice, do you want a hand?
@Peilonrayz Feel free to help, but there are not that many. Some of the posts just mentioning it probably shouldn't get the tag. You could double check if we actually need a Whatsapp tag. From what I've seen today, most questions that talk about Whatsapp have very little to do with the service itself and the question that benefits most from it already has 5 tags.
4:51 PM
@Mast Sure thing I'll look over the questions now. Thanks for the info I'll try follow your lead
You know where to find me.
5:11 PM
@Mast gone through WA and found two which may be ok targets. (not great targets) Could you double check? codereview.stackexchange.com/q/174370 (5 tags but is web-scraping and selenium more important?) codereview.stackexchange.com/q/79733
and ofc I spell scrapping wrong 🤦‍♀️
Webscraping is correct, scrapping is what they do with deceased automobiles.
@Peilonrayz 1st one is the one I was talking about, yea. 2nd one is a bit iffy. It targets the Whatsapp folder, sure, but it could've been targetting any folder. There's nothing specifically Whatsapp about it.
@Mast Oh thanks! I normally get the words the right way around... guess my fingers are smarter than my brain today
@Mast Yeah we're in agreement. Thanks, I'll leave the questions untagged. However coming back to the first one may be a good idea if we get more WA questions in the future.
Sounds about right.
5:31 PM
Q: Personal Project Download Website

Alex WangThis is my first month learning HTML and CSS, I have built a working download page for one of my Java projects and I wanted to see if there is anything to improve on my website. The website works as I expect, but I'm unsure if I'm doing anything wrong. Here is my code snippet, any feedback is app...

6:19 PM
Q: Django Models for an ESL school

David MillerI am working on building a management interface for an ESL (English as a Second Language) institute, basically it is a language school where people learn English. I have prepared my models for each app and I really would like someone to review them and provide me with suggestions and possible mis...

6:43 PM
Q: CPP Thread emplace_back a function call error

user241213I'm having some hard time understand the usage of emplace_back. I'm trying to create a vector of threads and create N amount of threads to calculate primes & write them to a file using the writePrimesToFile function. Yet I'm having some errors while using emplace_back to spawn said threads in a l...

7:08 PM
Q: Generic library for accessing private/protected members

김선달Motivation I and my company is working on building C++ SDK automatically for several platforms, including Windows. In summary, I have to test somehow if the private member of function pointers' type is correct, since LoadLibrary in Windows API only uses function names, ignoring its type. There is...

7:38 PM
I can appreciate that you'd like an answer, but this is not a code review site: good Stack Overflow questions ask about how to solve specific programming problems. Even though you have identified specific problems, "look over my code and see if you can see anything wrong" is too broad. Can you narrow it down? — Ben Bolker 15 secs ago
7:55 PM
Q: What design pattern should I use? How to organize this better?

hamonI've always struggled to create and sustainable, organizated, clean code. I tried to use a Factory method and it's working better now that I created another class. I know I should write documentation, but that's not the advice I'm looking for yet. Because I don't think documentation will help wi...

Q: this is a mistake and i cant find a way to delete it

Eager Waltplease remove question, this was a mistake. Apologize for the thread, Im new to all of this. will try to avoid it in the future. def function(test): print(tsrt) ```

Q: Poker Hand Evaluation (speed optimization)

J. GrohmannGiven a two-card poker hand and a board of 5 cards, I want to evaluate the player's hand strength as listed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_poker_hands The evaluation of a poker hand was measured to be ~100 microseconds on average. Existing free equity calculators are able to perform ...

8:13 PM
@CaptainObvious One more VTC, please make that go away.
Q: C# class library for managing recurring background operations

TDMR87I have written a class library for creating timer-based bacground operations in .NET projects. The idea is to be able to create and manage (start/stop/cancel) recurring background operations and also to be able to poll and/or react to changes in the background operation's state. The library consi...

8:37 PM
finally got out of 'busy' and finished a review I started earlier this week >.>
9:34 PM
@ oliveTree If your code works, and you just want suggestions on how to improve it, try posting on code review. But be sure to include a complete set of code that people can compile and run. — user3386109 50 secs ago
Questions of this kind are typically more suited to be asked on: codereview.stackexchange.comJanez Kuhar just now
10:00 PM
Perhaps you should see Code Review, but note the code must be in the question. — jonrsharpe 7 secs ago
10:17 PM
Is there a problem here? If your code works and you want a code review, ask on Code ReviewTangentially Perpendicular 1 min ago
Q: Looking for feedback on a simple maven/gradle project that stores and installs git hooks from a cloned git repo

Steve StorckI wanted to experiment with a way to keep git hooks in source control with the code. So if we want to do code style checks, and other things, we could have all of that with the code that it will be applied to. Also, these things work best if they are transparent to the developer. We can do some t...

11:11 PM
@TangentiallyPerpendicular oh no, this Code Review craziness again. This is not a code for review, the OP is asking for the potential problems of a simple scenario. — Robo Robok 19 secs ago

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