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RELOAD! There are 7525 unanswered questions (89.4572% answered)
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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ To follow what meta says yes
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Q: Calculate maximum events that can be filled into schedule

ThomasThe code question prompt that I was given is the following: Given a list of overlapping event times given as start time list + duration list, what's the maximum amount of events that can take place. No two events can overlap in the "final schedule". The interval is closed-open, for example a vali...

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4:07 AM
@ProtractorNewbie Also see Reinderien's comment.
And the 'spam_filter' function, what does that look like in your actual project?
4:29 AM
@Mast Hi! I could show you but I just woke up :p Basically its a function that just puts a timestamp for each size that is in the dict. it uses a delta time to see if that size has been in the past 10 min and returns true or false if it has or not
@Mast Not sure what else is false from here. I gave the random.choice option to easier test the code, basically a mock data but I think that is wrong to do here? :(
4:46 AM
Q: PyQt5 developing complex Window GUI and making everything its own class

opticManTLDR: Is my code following best practices for OOP and PyQt5 regarding inheritance, and is it okay to initialise classes within another class? What can I do to improve my methods, or what would be a better approach to my specific problem? I'm very new to OOP and PyQt5. My Code creates a GUI with 2...

StackOverflow is not for "code that works but needs to be made quicker" - see codereview.stackexchange.com / profile your code and see where it spends most of its time — Caius Jard 39 secs ago
5:15 AM
Q: How to iterate through data and write to excel file quicker

Adil15I have a pretty simple method that grabs data from an sql query and then puts it inside of a list and finally iterates through two for each loops onto an excel file. It works fine with small amounts of data, but not at all with larger amounts. What would be the best way to iterate and also write ...

5:41 AM
I think this question should be asked on codereview.stackexchange.com as it does not address a problem (other than optimization). — Thomas 29 secs ago
5:54 AM
No, questions of this sort are explicitly off-topic for Stack Overflow. You may have better luck on codereview.stackexchange.com, but please be sure to read their FAQs etc. first. — Karl Knechtel 39 secs ago
6:19 AM
In FB messenger or in Whatsapp, there's a feature to reply to our own previous msgs. I feeling the necessity of that feature in SE chat rooms!
6:31 AM
Q: Creating a specific distribution of random numbers in Powershell

MagneTismI originally posted this on StackOverflow but was requested to post it here instead as it relates to optimization/performance of the code rather than a specific problem. TL;DR: Get-Random produces an even distribution of numbers where every number in the pool has an even chance of appearing. I'm ...

7:23 AM
I’m voting to close this question because this might belong to other site - codereview. — baduker 15 secs ago
8:04 AM
@raf It's not missing, just hidden.
@Mast Retrieve the comment ID from the permalink and :commentid
@raf That's interesting!
@Mast Thank you!
8:36 AM
Morning :D
9:10 AM
@ProtractorNewbie Please add the full program if you want a real review.
@Mast Do I need to add even if its in another review from previous? I have edited the thread now and there should be a link where I have my second part of script.
@ThomasWard You mean yourself?
@ProtractorNewbie We review what's in the question itself. Links can be useful for context, but we're not in the habit of making assumptions here. Explicit is better than implicit.
That also happens to be in the Zen of Python.
@Mast I have added everything I can. I didnt add the part where I do the scraping which is now added but I dont see a point of reviewing that part since its been already reviewed, if that make sense? :D
But if you look at it now then, is it still msising something?
> I dont see a point of reviewing that part
You don't, reviewers do.
Or not, but you won't know until years after you've added it anyway.
I agree, I have now added it in the comment in the code as well as comments as well: basically my new_info is taken from -> codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/259318/…
9:16 AM
As long as it's in the post of the question itself. Comments are of a temporary nature.
Did you fix what Reinderien asked?
The initialization of new_info, given your probable intent, is fake. Show the real initialization code. — Reinderien 8 hours ago
I wasnt sure what he meant with probable intent is fake?
I tried to google translate it too but I dont know what is fake?
Not real.
I don't think it's necessary to understand his concern, as long as the real initialization code is indeed added. Reinderien is an experienced reviewer, he appears willing to help. He requires more context. My experience tells me it's helpful to provide what is requested by a reviewer.
Does that make sense?
Do you understand?
Right, he is really good and has helped me alot. I just had hard time understanding but I added now the info that im taking data from a review he helped me previously with, which where I gain the data from basically
but I wanted to make it easier by using a mocked data
But if you look at it now, would that consider as better?
9:37 AM
If this is working code that you think could be improved, see Code Review. — jonrsharpe 21 secs ago
9:54 AM
@ProtractorNewbie I wouldn't review it, but I've been known to be overly allergic to code that even looks like it's example code. It's not close-worthy, so in that regards you should be fine, but you're not helping yourself by making it harder on the reviewers.
@Mast Would it be better if I added the review code from Reinderien in my question itself but write a small text mentioning that its not the part I want to review or?
No, it would be better if you add the current version of your current program. You can write in the description anything you wish, although you can't exclude parts from being reviewed. You can ask not to have the focus on that, but reviewers can review anything in sight.
Alright alright, I will re-write again
See if I can do any better changes :D
@ProtractorNewbie Makes sense, but you're just shooting yourself in the foot. Copy and paste your exact code, all of everything. Don't worry about reviewers reviewing reviewed code.
Yeah I will do that now, just copy paste straight of :P
Lets see how that will go
10:13 AM
There we go :) Now I have made a total change over and that is actually everything I have
I would think that this style of question is better suited over on the code review site — el_oso 23 secs ago
10:33 AM
Q: How to divide the following code correctly into functions?/JS

user15564936I made a calculator, but within one function. Everything is working properly but is there a way to make the code look more clear and readable? Maybe to divide ifs into different functions? How to do it correctly? let input = document.querySelector('.inputField'); let firstNumber = 0; let seco...

12:17 PM
Q: Map ExtendedClass using a method on the BaseClass

TropusI have the below method on a base class, it is called from classes extending the base class to generate the extended class from a base class. For example I need the ExtendedBase which would receive a base class, I'd then call the below fromClass in the ExtendedBase to map the existing BaseClass i...

@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ wrt to the latest comment on your nomination. Here is some context in case you don't know; codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/q/9231
12:31 PM
If the code works, you can check their help center to see if your question is on topic for Code Review. — Heretic Monkey 33 secs ago
12:44 PM
Q: Flat nested swithMaps RxJs

Olvis CamachoHi everyone, How can the following method be flattened? I tried to pipe all the operators to the first pipe (from(this.fireAuth.currentUser)) but I lost access to the previous variables. intercept( request: HttpRequest<any>, next: HttpHandler ): Observable<HttpEvent<any>> { const ...

Q: C scrabble counter with piping input

1ctinusI want to start making some command line programs in C, this is a fork of something else I made but is more suitable to this site. My big question is there a better way to pipe commands? I think the way I did it feels improper. I especially feel the string method is a bit hacky. #include <stdio.h>...

1:19 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @skiwi jedi.readthedocs.io/en/latest
1 hour later…
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@Toto I've added to codereview first but almost no one even viewed the post. So I've asked here. — jcubic 26 secs ago
2:51 PM
Code reviews are better suited in codereview.stackexchange.com. — Berriel 17 secs ago
There are a lot of improvements that can be done to the code in the question but I didn't want this to be a code review so I focused on the generics part. — Joakim Danielson 30 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because code reviews are better suited in codereview.stackexchange.com. — Berriel 48 secs ago
3:16 PM
@Mast :P
oddly enough the system said I had a comment on my nomination... yet I see none. o.O
put 2 and 2 together, I know you can do it :)
@Peilonrayz Thanks - yeah I considered bringing that post up... or at least re-reading it
@Peilonrayz @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ And I considered telling them in the election chat that probably 5 out of the 6 candidates would have said the same thing as rolfl.
3:48 PM
@Vogel612 :P
@Vogel612 hard to when i'm stuck in a subway train right now because we're waiting for one of the rail switches to be replaced so we can continue on our way >.>
@Peilonrayz yeah we call that 'roboreviewing' and it's punishable with permanent review suspensions on some sites XD
points at two roboreviewers who are forever banned from /review on askubuntu, then whistles nonchalantly
hey @ThomasWard! how are you this fine day?
I’m voting to close this question because this would probably be more suited for Code Review, another site in the Stack Exchange network. — AndrewL64 43 secs ago
If your code works and you want constructive advice on improving it, ask on Code ReviewAmy 28 secs ago
@Malachi I'd say they don't have a lot of bandwidth since they are stuck in a subway train.
yeah, that sounds like fun, surprised there was any bandwidth to be honest
how are you doing @pacmaninbw?
reminds me. I was restarting my machine because I was having issues, but alas Code Review spun up my Hyper Focus feature of my ADHD and I completely forgot!
I shall return
I love Tab Groups BTW
4:06 PM
@Malachi It's Friday, I'm doing great so far.
4:53 PM
I have spent all my Friday morning so far working with C# expressions in a less-than-fun way
But I'll be damned if this isn't the nicest result in the end
5:10 PM
Quick code review: removeData does stuff that accomplishes nothing. You create a new Room instance and a new, empty list. The Room instance never existed in the list so there's nothing to remove when you call Remove. When you pass the list to Dapper, it can't map that to a single INT parameter. Just pass roomid in the stored procedure call. As others pointed out, selection + 1 is wrong and won't work for long; it's pure coincidence. You shouldn't rely on it now or ever. Store the RoomID with the grid row and retrieve that when you need to do anything with that record. — madreflection 57 secs ago
5:39 PM
If this is working code you think could be improved, see Code Review. If not, please clarify the problem. — jonrsharpe 6 secs ago
Q: Pytorch-Forecasting N-Beats model with SELU() activation function?

P. NavarroI am working at timeseries forecasting, and I've using the PyTorch lib pytorch-forecasting lately. If you didn't know it, try it. It's great. I am interested in SELU activation function for Self-Normalizing-Networks (SNNs, see, e.g., the docs). As I didn't find any N-Beats corrected to use SELU a...

Q: Pokemon battle simulation

Jia7241Started learning C++ a few weeks ago, tried to accurately simulate a Pokemon battle. Not too optimistic how it turned out, please tell me how I could improve it. Only the bare minimum(damage, accuracy, type effectiveness) are implemented, items weather etc are not. typechart.h: #pragma once const...

5:50 PM
I believe code quality questions should be on codereview.stackexchange.comnice_dev 50 secs ago
If you have working code that you're asking for peer review to improve, you should be asking on Code Review instead. It was created specifically for that purpose. This site is for questions about specific problems you're having with code or use of a programmers tool. — Ken White 1 min ago
I’m voting to close this question because this question belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comnice_dev 56 secs ago
@GrishaEgorov If you already have a working solution, that too an efficient one, then according to the site rules, codereview stackexchange is the best fit for this. — nice_dev 20 secs ago
@Malachi well I was stuck in a subway tunnel for a while. finally at the office where I have to be for work in a few hours (off hours hardware maintenance is FUN! >.>)
6:20 PM
If your code works, but you want to improve it as you suggest, Code Review is made explicitly for that task — G. Anderson 55 secs ago
6:33 PM
Q: Python sapin maker

LulzsecI've made a code that does exactly what https://sapin.herokuapp.com/?n=5 would do. Here's my code ; import sys def sapin(taillesapin): sapin = [] largeur = 1 moins = 2 largeurpied = 1 for i in range(1,taillesapin+1): for j in range(1,i+4): sapin.append("*"...

6:53 PM
@ThomasWard that's always nice on a Friday!
Q: Generic Object mapping function

geoffreyI implemented as an exercise a function which maps over object values in Typescript, and I am truly horrified by my type annotations. The function: type map = <F, T>(f:callback<F, T>) => <I>(obj:I) => I extends Dic<T> ? I : Dic<T>; type callback<F, T> = (value:F, index:number, array:Entry<F>[]) =>...

Q: Is there a cleaner/better way to write this Contact Manager in React?

davidI am learning React by doing a Contact Manager, I am trying to write this code more efficiently. Any ideas...good practise, component splitting, formatting tips are accepted too. Thanks in advance P.S. Sorry for my English...I am from Italy. First I used a separate function for everything, then I...

@ThomasWard There was a temporary one involved here.
@Mast Until it got squished / stopped, I assume. per that thread. ;)
No, the temp one stopped it alright. That's what it was for after all.
Although considering the comments I see lately, we'll see if it had the required long-term effect.
Oh well, that's for the fresh moderators to worry about.
There's a lot of mud slinging involved by people who were actually perpetrators themselves this election, don't recall that happening previous round...
7:16 PM
We haven't noticed that particular behavior since, we do keep an eye on the Review Queues.
we do encourage users to flag users that they believe are using the review queues incorrectly. usually a link to the review in question is included so that we can further investigate.
I haven't noticed anything obvious either, so we can agree on that :-)
8:05 PM
I'd recommend going to the (Code Review StackExchange)[codereview.stackexchange.com/] for help on how to make working code better. StackOverflow is usually more for help on fixing code that doesn't work. — Jakob Lovern 31 secs ago
8:16 PM
Q: Simple Morse Code Converter (Python)

am2021I created a simple text to morse code converter in python, and was wondering if there was an easier/shorter way to do this. Is there a way to generate the dictionary without having to hard-code every single option? def main(): print("This program translates words to morse code\n") words...

9:06 PM
Q: 2 Player Rock Player Scissors (Python)

am2021I created a "2-player" rock-paper-scissors game in python mainly using if statements and a single while loop. The program is really simple, but I was wondering if using switch statements or perhaps another format would make it less cluttered/quicker/etc. while (again == 'y'): p1 = input("Pl...

Q: A beginner's brainfuck interpreter in Haskell

el_michaI am rather new to haskell, and could use some feedback on my code and the decisions I had to make. In my previous project, I made a JSON parser, but relied heavily on guidance from a university course. This project is a brainfuck interpreter, for which I used nothing but the wiki article on brai...

You'll probably have a better response in code review. — Phix 19 secs ago
2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Hi @Laur, welcome to Stack Overflow. This question belongs on Code Review instead of Stack Overflow. — Hayden 43 secs ago
Q: Optimize TI-BASIC Prime Numbers Finder

DavedudeI wrote a program to find all the prime numbers up to N on my TI-84, however, it is quite slow for any number above, like, 50. Are there any ways to optimize my code? (I added comments using //) Input N {2}→L₂ For(I,3,N,2) // Loop through every odd number up to N starting at 3 1→J 0→H √(I)→S Whil...


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