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When you tested it, did it work? If so, then this is the wrong site and you should ask on Code Review instead. If not, then you need to tell us exactly what went wrong. — Joseph Sible-Reinstate Monica 8 secs ago
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@RMunroe my first thought after seeing the title was ExtJS 4? then I realized they likely just meant an ext4 journaling file system
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Q: Python to serialize (nested) data structures human readably

Xeнεi ΞэnвϵςI am re-inventing the wheel to write a function that serializes a (nested) data structure human readably, the default output is deliberately similar to that of json.dumps(var, indent=4), I did my best to mimic the format of json. But the output is fundamentally different from json, more specifica...

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Q: Transform inverse method for a Poisson distribution

user250768Good day, Question: Write a function that will use the inverse transform method to simulate data from a Poisson distribution with parameter 𝜇 . You may assume that the chances of getting values greater than 20 are trivial. Attempt: def rpoi(size: int=1,mu: float = 1)-> 'np.ndarray': y=[] p=np....

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Q: C++ Observer Pattern with std::function

MichaelI am/we are using the observer pattern for many things in our application. I think it's time to create a reusable base class for these situations. Most implementations I could find only do something like this: class Subject { public: void AttachObserver(Observer* observer) { obser...

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Q: Short hand for jquery selector ":checked" applied on a list

AFractI have a list of jquery radio buttons : <input type="radio" class="editorInput" name="radioEditor" value="1" id="radio_1"> <input type="radio" class="editorInput" name="radioEditor" value="2" id="radio_2"> <input type="radio" class="editorInput" name="radioEditor" value="3" id="radio_3"> <input t...

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Consider posting on Code ReviewMad Physicist 17 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because I agree it belongs to Code Review. — accdias 16 secs ago
@CaptainObvious I believe this question and the answer should be migrated to SO.
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Ok ill post on Code review — ChickenCoding123 1 min ago
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Q: How can i make my solution for https://open.kattis.com/problems/sequences faster

ChickenCoding123Hey guys I have been working on this question, https://open.kattis.com/problems/sequences. In summary, I am given a string of 1s, 0s, and ?s. All question marks are basically variables that can become 1s and 0s. In each case, I have to sum up the minimum number of inversions (a swap of two adjace...

Q: Communication between nodes in graph theory, Python

thomnikkelI have a program that creates a graph. I can add nodes and a connection between them, but I want to send information (for example an address) from node to node. The nodes are the keys of a dictionary. from collections import defaultdict class Graph: def init(self, graph_connect): self.grap...

@pacmaninbw Almost certainly a dupe. No.
@Peilonrayz OK, I did explain what we look for to the OP.
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maybe Code Review? not entirely sure tho — Matiiss 1 min ago
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Software Engineering is a better place to ask about general design principles. Code Review would be appropriate if you have working code and you're asking for advice on whether it's done well. — Barmar 33 secs ago
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@CaptainObvious Yes it is brief, doesn't include much HTML/description and leads to a short answer like RoTaRa's but perhaps the question could have been framed better - e.g. it feels inefficient to loop through the list just to fine the item that is checked- how can it be simplified?
the jQuery framework has many tools to simplify code like that, as is evident by the filter() method
that said there is little indication of how val is used so it could be argued that there isn't enough context for review
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Q: Golang production project structure

ogbofjnrRecently I did the test task for one company, but was declined with the feedback that my project structure was not idiomatic Go. |-cmd |-build |-constants |-database | |-entities | |-repositories |-errors |-handlers |-pkg | |-geo | |-logger | |-nsq | |-redis | |...

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This question may be a better fit for Code Reviewspicy.dll 23 secs ago
Q: Requiring query field to not be empty on search api

AwokeKnowingwe have a RESTful API that includes an endpoint for search apiserver/v5/search?q=[search text] for any query, it passes it off to solr and returns the result like {code:200,results:[{..},{...}]} if q parameter is omitted, it returns: {code:412,message:"parameter q is required"} if q parameter i...

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Q: Printing file archives in R

T145This is my first formal R script that reads an archive and prints its contents. It uses libarchive R-bindings, which can be installed on Ubuntu like so: # install libarchive manually since libarchive-dev is at version 3.4.3 # https://github.com/libarchive/libarchive/wiki/BuildInstructions#using-c...

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Q: connect by level -oracle

hemu_kI am trying as below expecting thirty records however getting only one record the query is with dts as ( select to_date('01-apr-2021','dd-mon-yyyy') start_date, to_date('01-apr-2021','dd-mon-yyyy')+level-1 hdate from dual connect by level<=to_date('30-apr-2021','dd-mon-yyyy')-to_date('01-apr-2021...

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Q: Visual Studio Error of C# code SQL Server query. Where is the syntax wrong?

user17135324I've reviewed this code and am trying to figure out why there's an syntax error. Please let me know what to try. Error incorrect syntax near ','. { connection.Open(); using (SqlTransaction transaction = connection.BeginTransaction()) { u...

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(This is a painstakingly literal transcription. Sources for "opinions" about a/the "pythonic" one include Code Review@SE.) — greybeard 30 secs ago
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Q: Why is this shown as "Modified" when I don't see anything there?

JDługoszThe question Gameboy emulator in C is showing up on the Top Questions as "Modified 6 hours ago by Sami 1". Clicking on the "modified" word takes me to the question itself, not a comment or answer. The only two posts here (Q and one A) have no recent edits. No new comments either. The user Sami...


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