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Q: Python - Single Responsibility and Method Naming - Best Practices

AitiowI need some opinions about method naming and single responsibility principle. First of all, let's talk about method naming. The class below was created to provide connection pool and whenever a pool is needed the get_pool is called. In the end get_pool will return a pool but the method do more t...

Yes, one time. Then I would add it to our code review process. There are 168 html files. — Croeber 9 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by parv on question by parv: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247616/revisions
The first is better but the traditional old school for loop is even faster then forEach. Also may be get more reviews here on code review exchangeAlwaysHelping 42 secs ago
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Asking for ideas on how to make improvements on working code is usually directed to codereview. If you get no hits here, you could try there. — Ted Lyngmo 57 secs ago
Q: Simple Effects in Angular 2+ application using Firebase, NGRX and RXJS

najjewelMade an Angular app using Firebase, RXJS and NGRX. @Effect() createQuiz$: Observable<Action> = this.actions$.pipe( ofType<quizAction.CreateQuiz>(quizAction.CREATE_QUIZ), switchMap((action) => { return this.quizService.createQuiz(action.payload) .pipe( map(() => { ...

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Try posting your question @codereviewKooiInc 27 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by parv on question by parv: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247616/revisions
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Q: Rearranging data from one table to another in spreadsheets using apps script

MRubaI need some help with making my code run faster. It currently works by going through all cells in a 201x151 table. If the value in a cell is not equal to zero, then it will return the row number, the column number, and the actual value, and put it in a different table. Here is the code: function ...

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@Duga Was a bad question, still a bad question, looks like it never should've been answered...
@MichaelAltenburger Help make code review — Арман Куатов 17 secs ago
7:03 AM
@balexandre This question as-is is absolutely unacceptable at Code Review since it's not code from a real project. Hypothetical code is off-topic there. — Mast 10 secs ago
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Q: What is the best practice to use multi different statement in Golang

ttrasnAfter reading some of this book Building Maintainable Software I am curious about how can I use a multi different statement like this to be more maintainable. if UserNotActive(){ // do job 1 }else if UserCanWriteSomeThing(){ // do job 2 }else if UserMessageIsSomeMessag...

8:09 AM
Q: tkinter canvas mimik of selection

Atlas435I'm not sure if this Question fits in here, but I would like to give it a try. So as the topic suggest I want to build a selection in the Canvas but there are bugs in there. If I change the direction too fast of my selection, mostly in the right down corner it messes up If I randomly click the m...

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9:46 AM
Q: Optimizing Efficiency in a Stack

Jonathan SpillerI'm solving a problem on HackerRank where I'm required to implement a simple stack. It's passing all the tests except for the last 4 where it fails due to surpassing the time constraint of 10s. These 4 failing tests are running 200,000 operations on the stack. How can I optimize my code below: ...

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For one, code reviews are not [on-topic] for SO. for another please format your code properly. — Turing85 8 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it is off-topic (requested code review) and not suited for Code Review either for quality reasons. — MrBean Bremen 49 secs ago
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M nk ng
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If you have code that works (even if only inelegantly) and you have (practical, non-subjective) questions on how to improve it, that's what Code Review is for. If on the other hand the code doesn't work, it's good for SO, but you'll need to be specific on how it doesn't work. — Jeroen Mostert 43 secs ago
Ironically I do feel this macro is a) yes, doing it by iteration, but also b) is a bunch of if/else Ifs (essentially) . There's a faster cleaner ways :(evaluate range. Method) and arrays. I'm going to put it on code review somewhere so I can also learn improve. But Thanks for accepting the answer ! — David Wooley - AST 14 secs ago
1:57 PM
For improvements on working code, you should try code review. If you decide to post there, consider deleting this question. — cigien 14 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by parv on question by parv: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247616/revisions
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I was about to post some tips, but they're more code review than anything else. I think this question doesn't fit this site as it doesn't actually specify a problem (your code works, as far as you know); maybe it could be posted on codereview.stackexchange.com instead? (Be sure to read their help pages first.) — IMSoP 5 secs ago
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Q: HackerRank Apples(Python)

Maria AnsonThere are M Women sitting on the chair in a row. Every woman has a number assigned to it. Person A is distributing the apples to those women with following conditions. Each woman has at least one apple An woman with higher number than neighbour get more apples than that neighbour. What number of ...

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@CaptainObvious Code does not work for test cases.
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Q: Ubuntu GTK+ 3 desktop app, made with Python library PyGObject

gitaarikI just created my first GTK+ 3 app with Python using PyGObject. It is very nice to be able to make GTK applications using Python, as I love that language. I'm not completely sure if the way I designed the code is the most conventional and efficient way, so would like some people with more experie...

Q: Async linked list to and from async iterable

JuanI'm working on some stuff that works better with (immutable async) linked lists such as this: { value: 'one', next: async () => { value: 'two', next: async () => null } } Here next is an async function that returns either null or the next linked list. But I'd also be able to convert from and to ...


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