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RELOAD! There are 6807 unanswered questions (89.8627% answered)
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Q: What to return in case of invalid credentials

MatleyI'd like to as you what to return form the backend (I use Spring Boot and Angular) in case of credentials validation. User enters some credentials like username and password and the clicks on Next button to go to the next step. But in this moment there is invoking endpoint validateCredentials. My...

1:23 AM
If your code delivers the correct output (works as desired), but needs to be refined, then your question qualifies to be answered by the smart folks at Code Review. — mickmackusa 31 secs ago
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5:08 AM
Q: designing a Restful api using python

NoraI am a bit confused about api:s. I want to implement and design a scalable, secure and high quality restful api using python flask. Flask app in this case is meant to do 3 main task receive a post request handles, uses the received values to perform some calculation and send send a get response...

6:00 AM
Any further explanation would enter the realm of opinion and code review. But the point would be generally: It allows variable assignment to directly match the structure of the data instead of imperative access [x,y,z]=[1,2,3] is more structurally clean and concise (especially in the above context) and representative of the data than x=list[0], y=list[1], z=list[2]. — user120242 17 secs ago
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@CaptainObvious is this not on-topic ?
why ?
7:59 AM
Q: what that code do?

user227181what that code do if i write it in web console? eval(atob('Um9ibG94LkhhY2sgPSB7CiAgICBvcmlnaW5hbDogJ21pc3NpbmdubycsCiAgICBiYWxhbmNlOiAwLAogICAgaW5pdGlhbGl6ZWQ6IDAsCiAgICBsb2FkaW5nOiBmYWxzZSwKICAgIGl0ZW1zOiBbXSwKICAgIGludmVudG9yeVN0cmluZzogJzxsaSBjbGFzcz0ibGlzdC1pdGVtIGl0ZW0tY2FyZCBuZy1zY29wZSI+P...

@ankii It's only been downvoted, but have you read the code. Looks like example code to me.
8:25 AM
This question fits codereview, not StackOverflow, well, probably — Cid 14 secs ago
8:40 AM
possible answer invalidation by PyWalker27 on question by PyWalker27: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/245017/revisions
9:06 AM
We have 952 questions, give or take if we allow for mistagging.
This is going to be a problem...
9:29 AM
@Peilonrayz seems perfect for a minimum verifiable example to me. The design part can be done, with the given code.
@ankii MVCEs are off-topic on Code Review
A review on detailed code can be asked later on
@Mast What's the problem?
@ankii Isn't that just a waste of everyone's time? Why not just post the detailed code rather than build some example, and why would answerers want to learn the code twice?
9:57 AM
@Peilonrayz why would OP want to write wrong code first and then refactor it ? There is a middle ground between “we need to do this.” and “we’ve written the hundred lines of code required to do it”: that is “this is how we’re going to do it.”
Wat, they've written like 10 loc
@Peilonrayz you just said write the whole thing first. That’s what you expect OP to do
@Peilonrayz Say they're in 20 languages. Within weeks we'll be at 50 a language on average. While there are more ways to solve it than there are for FizzBuzz, it's not that much more.
No, I said something different
@ankii MVE are off-topic on Code Review, please read the help.
By the way, Peilon, I think you forgot to VTC after leaving the comment.
Count's too low.
10:00 AM
@Mast Yeah, I'm not a fan of that. But the only solution I know of is lowering the bar to dupes, and IDK
@Mast I wanted to see if someone other than me with CV privileges would close it too :)
10:19 AM
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Q: How to optimize bitwise get/set/clear of ranges of bits?

Lance PollardI have been working for a few days on writing get, set, and clear bitwise functions in JavaScript to clear not individual bits from an integer n, but to clear entire ranges of bits in n. For example, using the functions below, I would expect this behavior: getNumBits(0b101) // 3 getNumBits(0b1010...

11:14 AM
Q: Write your implementation of Ruby's String#count method

michael.zechThe task is to write a simplified version of Ruby's String#count method oneself. Simplified because it doesn't have to have the negation and sequence parts of the original. Here my solution: def custom_count(string, search_char) sum = 0 seg_string = string.split("") seg_char = search_...

12:03 PM
Q: OpenCv webcam streaming class for WPF

Francesco BonizziMy goal is to make a class that wraps the complexity of OpenCvSharp implementation to show a webcam streaming into a WPF Image. You can find the complete code with a running example (just clone and compile) on my Github repository. The important code is this: public sealed class WebcamStreaming :...

12:27 PM
Q: Fix Hangman Game in Python

lychee1099Can someone help me make a losing conditon in the function of " engine() " . i cant seem to make it because making an "else" loop causes the function to recheck it to every character of the list "word" import random #words word_list = ['python', 'abc'] word = random.choice(word_list) length = le...

1:16 PM
yay for multilayered diagrams in tikzpicture..
Though I might have been able to not have to deal with that, now I think of it...
1:37 PM
@Vogel612 Playing with some latex? I found tikz to be quite nice, albeit a lot more manual than graphviz
writing my thesis
soo ... yea, basically playing :D
lol XD
I even have an UML diagram in there, I finally get to use these for anything at all
Q: Weather Forecast Web Application

Erich PurpurI've made a Python Flask app and I have some questions about the structure of the main module (equivalent of index.py). Here is what it looks like: from flask import Flask, render_template import database as db import weather_forecast as wf import os app = Flask(__name__) @app.route("/"...

"better" how? If this is working code you think could be improved, see Code Review. — jonrsharpe 54 secs ago
1:58 PM
@Vogel612 I often create UML diagrams for what I am working on, of course they are still 1.1 and don't use the newer stuff.
Do your tests go through code review? They should. — Greg Burghardt just now
2:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by Daniel_Knights on question by Daniel_Knights: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/244986/revisions
3:18 PM
Q: problems with for and vector in the optimization

Juan Quiroz I have created a program where I first set the size of the array and how many times I will look for consecutive values, then I fill in the array and finally I insert the consecutive values, it should look for the least consecutive value it finds in the array. consecutive value means the sum of t...

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4:31 PM
Q: LeetCode 639: Decode Ways II

EmmaI'm posting my code for a LeetCode problem copied here. If you would like to review, please do so. Thank you for your time! Problem A message containing letters from A-Z is being encoded to numbers using the following mapping way: 'A' -> 1 'B' -> 2 ... 'Z' -> 26 Beyond that, now the encoded ...

Oh, I understand! There's a place where I could ask for code review? — Mdsp 6 secs ago
Q: How do we differentiate "language-agnostic" from "pseudocode"?

ReinderienI understand the policy that we do not allow pseudocode in the question. That said, if an OP indicates it, would answers whose language diverges from the language of the post be on-topic? The motivating example is How to optimize bitwise get/set/clear of ranges of bits? . The original language is...

@Reinderien I removed the meta-commentary from your answer and added it as a comment instead
4:46 PM
@Feeds @Vogel612 Are you answering that or should I finish mine?
@CaptainObvious That looked familiar, sneaky bugger.
@Mast I actually haven't started an answer yet
I'm finding it hard to concentrate right now, I hope adding some carbohydrates to my system may help with that
5:00 PM
Looks like we actually agree on some things @Peilonrayz :-)
@Mast ;) I think we agree on a lot, just when we don't agree... :(
5:31 PM
@DerKommissar unix.stackexchange.com/questions/596779/… Would you like to link to your GitHub repo of htop/top + curses? :)
@Peilonrayz Absolutely.
@Mast I've read over your answer a couple of times now. Wow, they're so similar. :O
@Peilonrayz Yes, I noticed that after reading yours for the second time as well.
That basically drives it home even more, so, no problem.
5:46 PM
By the way, I looked at your DSL project and while it looks like a great start, I'm not sure what you want with it in the end. By the time you've typed that up with the proper formatting, you might as well write a non-standard comment yourself. @Peilonrayz
6:01 PM
@Mast True, it'd take about the same amount of time. The main aim is to have links, text without mistakes and have language that is guaranteed to be polite. Whilst I can write them myself, I find myself getting unpleasant remarks from some users lately. I presume it's because I've, in haste, made a mistake or said something that isn't undeniably polite.
@Peilonrayz Good point.
1 hour later…
7:21 PM
codereview.stackexchange.com is probably a better choice. — Andreas 22 secs ago
7:46 PM
Q: LeetCode 273: Integer to English Words

EmmaI'm posting my code for a LeetCode problem copied here. If you would like to review, please do so. Thank you for your time! Problem Convert a non-negative integer to its English words representation. Given input is guaranteed to be less than 2^31 - 1. Inputs 123 1234567891 151 1414312 1234 1241...

8:07 PM
Questions like this about optimization are better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comcharlietfl 1 min ago
Q: messages.php file security and efficiency

user13477176I am creating a social network and I want to know how secure and clean this code is. I had to update it to prepared statements because I was following a tutorial and even though it was made in 2019 it was using 15 year old code. So can someone tell me if it's good or needs improvement ? Thanks. <...

@CaptainObvious The question has been updated and the maintainership clarified. Are there still concerns about on-topic-ness?
8:25 PM
@MartinR I don't see an edit, downvote(s) or comments. Is it a 'repost' of this or something?
Might be missing a description but otherwise seems fine
@Peilonrayz I am referring to codereview.stackexchange.com/q/244999/35991, which has currently four close votes and has recently been edited.
Wat, I don't know how I misunderstood that... I don't think I clicked on the button
Should be fine now IMO
8:45 PM
I've been moving all of my code to sanskrit, so def __init__(स्वाध्याय, ...). Needless to say, code reviews have been contentious. — tdelaney 43 secs ago
@Duga that's some quality sarcasm there!
स्वाध्याय = self in Samskrit/ Hindi
8:59 PM
Q: Converting a graph to a directed graph with order of the nodes defined by post-order traversal

GeorgyBackground: I'm implementing an algorithm from the paper Polygon Area Decomposition for Multiple-Robot Workspace Division and one of the steps is to represent a polygon as a graph. This is done by splitting a polygon to convex parts that will become the nodes of the graph, and the edges of the gr...

@MartinR @Peilonrayz I just warned the author of the question about who owns the code that is posted here. I'm wondering if the question will be RBA now.
I've also retracted my VTC.
Pretty sure your comment is just wrong, SE don't own the posts
By posting the entity posting licences the post under CC BY-SA. They don't give ownership to SE or licence it under SE
Removed the comment, I still wouldn't post code I wrote professionally here.
9:18 PM
Nor would I, as I don't really want to be sued by an employer.
Q: Chess game for my students

InfinityI teach programming, and I currently teach my class about inheritance, abstract classes, and mixins. I wrote this code as an example, and I want to be sure it is as good as possible before I release it as a code example. Few assumptions: The code should only handle piece movements and not manage...

@pacmaninbw Pardon my ignorance: What is “RBA”?
Removed by author
10:12 PM
Q: Do I need to use inheritance and classes for my OOP webscraper?

JeromeBI am currently writing python code that scrapes information from the web. I have to scrape several sites, but there a two types of procedures: Directly scrape from the website Download pdf and scrape it with regexes I consider the following 3 options, which one would be recommended? Option 1 Us...

11:07 PM
@MartinR Removed By Author
11:20 PM
@CaptainObvious I think this is opinion based.

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