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RELOAD! There are 6698 unanswered questions (89.9407% answered)
If it aint broke don't fix it? Also SO is SE in the document due to the intro.
Q: Parsing a sequence of bits out of a bit field

CarcigenicateFor homework, I had to parse CPUID instruction output in C, which required a lot of specific bit-manipulation like: (eax & CACHE_LEVEL) >> 5 I calculated the mask CACHE_LEVEL and the amount that was needed to be right-shifted by hand. It was a pain, so I decided to write a couple Python functi...

Obligatory relevant meta about CR license compatibility which is actually 5.5 years old now...
Q: Which licenses are compatible with Code Review?

Simon ForsbergIt is should be well known that code posted to Code Review are licensed under CC-BY-SA. I am wondering: Are there any licenses that are compatible with this licensing? Is it possible to use one license on the GitHub repository (for example "Simplified BSD" license) but still post the code to Cod...

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possible answer invalidation by Carcigenicate on question by Carcigenicate: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/243289/revisions
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@Duga Didn't change the code, so no problem.
You might have better luck with such similar questions on codereview.stackexchange.comRyan Haining 38 secs ago
This probably belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com. — AMC 11 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comNick 32 secs ago
1:39 AM
Thanks AMC this is great! And also thank you for the heads up regarding posting to Code Review. This was my first post and I will make sure I post to right forum next time. — C L 57 secs ago
Q: C# class to dump the memory of a process in several formats

Cow NationI made this because I couldn't find any good C# classes/libraries that allow you to dump the contents of a process' memory into a file or a byte array. I haven't tested this on 32 bit systems but it works in both x86 and x64 on my 64 bit system. I've been mostly testing this on the notepad proces...

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possible answer invalidation by Trond Kristiansen on question by Trond Kristiansen: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/243224/revisions
3:35 AM
possible answer invalidation by Faheem Akhtar on question by Faheem Akhtar: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/242409/revisions
4:06 AM
Q: SHA-256 implementation in JS (core codes)

Sayan ShankhariAs told by experts, I am re-posting the code review request with the code. Brief Description: from outside sha256() will be called with parameter having UTF-16 character set. then after prepareData() and initializing variables, the hash() will be called with converted binary message string (ha...

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Hi @rELic, welcome to stackoverflow. This question is better suited on codereview. Please note that also there you should provide own code. The community will not solve your homeworks ;) — keanni 41 secs ago
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6:14 AM
This question would be well-received on Code Review, where people specialize in answering questions exactly like this. Please, do not duplicate your question, though. Ask a moderator to migrate it (which might take a while), or just delete this one. — Jörg W Mittag 15 secs ago
@JörgWMittag I'd argue that Code Review is specialized in closing questions like this ;). Without context and an adequate description, it's just a wall-of-code with a refactoring request. Unfortunately, those kinds of questions are also off-topic on Code Review. However, as the code seems to work, OP can just add the description and context before they post their question on CR. — Zeta 56 secs ago
6:54 AM
Q: How to add score (hits and errors

ALoap ZEpI'm new at coding. I've been trying to create a game in a battleship style, but I want to add a scoreboard and I don´t know how to do that. I'm looking for options on how to achieve that in my code. It's important to maintain an alert if it hits 8 wrong the player loses and if it finds 9 correct...

Q: To assign objects from array of objects to mulitple arrays in JavaScript

Akhil GhoshSuppose I have this array that contains objects: var purchasedSeats =[ { FlightNumber: '1', Price: 25, }, { FlightNumber: '1', Price: 10, }, { FlightNumber: '2', Price: 25, ...

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Q: Is this good c++ code for a pin/socket for a node editor?

Chris GeorgeI'm trying to create a node editor "framework" (IDK what to call it, but essentially there is no GUI and should be implemented using these classes), similar to rete.js, blueprints(maybe an exception since there are events involved), imnodes, etc; and am creating a pin class/struct. A pin, in thi...

This might be better asked over on https://codereview.stackexchange.com/. I feel it is likely off topic on StackOverflow. However the code have shown does not really look messy, there are probably some improvments you can make. — Scriptable 30 secs ago
8:34 AM
Does it work? There is a special site for a code review, but its not this one. — Dale K 48 secs ago
8:54 AM
Q: Is this code messy and sparse?

Pooja SinghI would like to request iOS developer community to please review my POC https://github.com/pooja-iosTech13/GithubUserFinder which I have created as part of job screening test at T-mobile Bengaluru. I have around 2 years of experience in programming and I got 24 hours to complete this POC. Below ...

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Q: consider this code in c++ of copying string

noob_programmerint test_case,len; string str,str0,str1; cin>>test_case; cin.ignore(); for(int i=0;i<test_case;i++) { getline(cin,str); for(int j=0,k=0;j<str.length();j++) { if(j%2==0) { str0[k]= str[j]; ++k; } else {...

9:59 AM
Your code runs and works as expected, maybe codereview.stackexchange.com is better suited for your question. — anastaciu 25 secs ago
@DaleK Thank you for pointing to Code Review will use that, I am pretty new to this :) — abhay9 1 min ago
Q: Grade Claculation

Manu Sharma Develop a smart application as Student Grade Calculator(SGC). Create a class Student with following private attribute : int id, String name, marks(integer array), float average and char grade. Include appropriate getters and setters methods and constructor. public void calculat...

10:30 AM
Q: API Get Request to pull data from an online database

AmataSoraThis code gets detailed information about a particular game from an online database using an API Get request. The question I have doesn't pertain to the request but is more about the code itself. The code works. I just think it is long for what needs to be done though. I was wondering if this cod...

Q: Implementation of portscanner for a host

Vijay AntonyI have tried to check whether the ports of a host from port 0 to port 1023 is open or not. Could someone please review this code and provide feedback. #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> #include<sys/socket.h> #include<sys/types.h> #include<netdb.h> #include<error.h> #include<...

10:54 AM
Q: Convert from stored procedure to List Linq to sql

mehdii need to convert my stored procedure to list i am using (Linq). This my Procedure in Visual studio (LIST_COMPANY_Result) , in this stored proceudre i have a prametre i declared id int But i don't know when i am use it. this my db entities DB_Entities1 db = new DB_Entities1(); and when i need to ...

You're much better off posting questions about how to improve code that already works on the Code Review site instead of here - that's exactly the kind of thing they do over there — JonK 12 secs ago
Would Basic Memory Match Game in Java by any chance be the original source? — Scratte 17 secs ago
11:32 AM
For general feedback on working code, you should go to the Code Review SE community: codereview.stackexchange.com (Though check their Help Section for information first.) To learn more about this community and what we do, please start with the tour and read How to Ask. — David 38 secs ago
Q: Delete a linked list using recursion in Python

cuguGiven a Singly Linked-List, write a function to delete the linked list recursively. Below is my attempt. I am confused if I should use del keyword to delete the nodes or below method is better. I don't know if it is memory efficient this way.I'd appreciate any critique of what I could do better. ...

12:06 PM
Q: How to get the actual text from URL not the Coding

bebeli555Anyone know how to read an URL and get the actual content as text instead of the coding of the URL? Im trying to save a String from the URL to a variable. Like this prints the code of the URL... and not the actual text. static ArrayList<String> lines = new ArrayList<>(); public static ...

Q: How could the speed of this codein java be improved?

Elena OrtizYou have to make different subarrays with x numbers and then get the minimum of these subarrays and finally return the max number of all of them. The max space size is 1.000.000 and it only can contain positive numbers public static int segment(int x, List<Integer> space) { Set<Integer>...

12:30 PM
Q: Linear Optimization code Python using Pulp

JohannaThe problem I need is to solve, is a linear optimization problem where we need to to minimize parcel delivery costs by assigning nodes as hubs, which supposedly will reduce costs. In my code 'nodes' represents the number of nodes of a given set N. Then 'flows' is a list with the flow x_{ij} fro...

12:54 PM
Q: Numpy array slicing/reshape/concatination

MaikeferI'm sure my question exists on the internet, i just don't know the right formulations. I have a data-sample as input for a NN. This sample has the shape (1, 8, 28, 80). Basically it is 80 timesteps of an image. -> y=8, x=28, time=80 i can extract the image at time=0 with: np_img = image.data.n...

Unless you have a specific problem that you need help with, you're probably better off posting on CodeReview. See this meta post. — Broots Waymb 5 secs ago
1:14 PM
While the first method introduces some more complexity to the code, it should be order of magnitudes faster. If you want to see how it can be implemented, see: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/155811/…NathanOliver 8 secs ago
You should read Code Review's how to ask a good question before posting there.. — stuartd 43 secs ago
@Duga :O A solely SO user recommending the help center.
1:42 PM
Q: A component approach instead of Vue

Jens TörnellI use Electron with NodeJS but this is mainly a javascript question. I got tired of build processes and being dependent of frameworks like Vue so I started my own. Setup in index.html <head></head> <body> <div id="home"></div> <script> var components = {}; // component(name) var component = (n...

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Greetings, Programs.
2:06 PM
Q: Shift selection

Juan Rendon LSBasically I have done a code for a project which works with a shift and ctrl selection. The program consists of a chart with specified points, which the user is able to select with the different key controls in order to move them. The highlightedIndex is a list of int. I am also working with WP...

2:54 PM
Q: PHP function to call class and class method

Andreas HunterPlease look to function which call class with methods. Maybe I've any errors in function logic or this function can be wrote shortly and works faster. Thanks! /** * @param $class * @param mixed ...$args * @return mixed * @throws \ReflectionException */ public static function call($class, .....

3:06 PM
For suggestions on working code, check out our sister site Code Review and post there. — Code-Apprentice 40 secs ago
This might be better asked on Code Reviewdevlin carnate 12 secs ago
Q: Python - How to make it so that they Enter

Chase - Winner PlayzThis is a follow up of a question I have asked before, but how do I make it so that they have to click on enter for the text to continue, I'll give the code, but I'm not sure if that will help. global myname global move2 global move1 def script(): print("Made by Chase - Winner Playz") print(...

3:52 PM
This question would be much better suited to Code Review. — MattDMo 39 secs ago
@MattDMo - This wouldn't be suitable on code review because they require working code — Sayse 42 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ on question by DanielP533: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/243280/revisions
@Duga Somebody is catching on! user Sayse doesn't appear to be an active CR user
@Duga I just combined two separate snippets, since one had JS and the other had HTML...
4:07 PM
Q: Find a n x m binary matrix with exactly a 1's in all rows and b 1's in all columns

RE60K[Base on https://codeforces.com/contest/1360/problem/G] So my logic is to process each column at a time and find b rows such that the total 1s in them is less than a and if there are many candidates I take the rows with least 1s. import Data.List import Data.Array import ...

4:24 PM
@pacmaninbw while I am not saying I would have accepted this edit immediately I did consider it after reading this meta post about edits to answers
Q: What are our answer editing guidelines?

amonOn this site, we have a well-known policy on editing code in questions: Don't. After all, that code is up for review, in all its glorious ugliness and buginess. But clearly, such reasoning cannot apply equally to code in answers. I was therefore surprised to find that a nice edit on one of my an...

Q: Push_back algorithm for Vector

NixoNHello everyone! I wrote a class Vector.So, I want to find out how can i upgrade it for better performance of my vector. Here is the code: template <typename Type> class Vector { private: size_t _size; size_t _capacity; Type* _data; public: Vector(size_t capacity = 0); Vector(...

Q: Looking to speed this code up

PittsieI have this python script that uses pandas read an excel sheet then to update a sqlite db it works perfectly just wondering if I can speed it up as I am at about 70k lines """ Created on Thu Aug 1 14:11:01 2019 @author: Shane Pitts """ # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """ Created on Thu Jul 25 08:54:3...

@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I didn't realize it was an answer, I thought it was a question. I need to look at the small text better. I agree that it should be approved.
Especially based on that meta post.
I left a comment on the answer and I believe the OP of the answer could approve it if deemed appropriate
4:40 PM
The OP hasn't been on the site since 11/19.
Not on SO either.
Debugging C# right now be back later.
5:02 PM
Q: Why can we not ask for the best practice of code?

Mehrdad Kiani Anbohi Good code reviews are the bar that all of us should strive for. They cover common and easy to follow best practices that any team can get started with, while ensuring high-quality and helpful reviews for the long term. code review says about clean code (readability, easy to unders...

Thanks for the full explanation, but I'm still not convinced, because iam new contributor and i expect to help me for the best practice of that code, but... — Mehrdad Kiani Anbohi yesterday
Should we be doing anything with that?
My first impression was "If rolfl can't convince you, nobody can", but that may not be the most constructive.
@pacmaninbw @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Depending on how you look at it, it may have been better as a comment.
I did consider that as well
If there's an obvious mistake in the answer, by a typo or something like that, sure, go ahead and fix it.
This particular edit is making improved code better, but by the standards of the editor. Not necessarily by the standards of the answer. And considering the age of the answer, the answerer may not have know about it either at the time of writing. Who knows.
If the edit had been more substantial, writing an alternative answer would've been better.
It's all a bit of a grey area with no clear winner.
@Mast I had similar sentiments
@Mast hundreds of people write blogs on coding styles.. what they're not doing is answering a specific question. thus this site.
5:17 PM
@Mast What do you think we can do?
Q: Count "Word Order" with further optimization

joe733Question: You are given n words. Some words may repeat. For each word, print its number of occurrences. The output order should correspond with the input order of appearance of the word. Sample Input: 4 bcdef abcdefg bcde bcdef Sample Output 3 2 1 1 Here's what I cam up with: n = int(inpu...

@Mast ~whistles
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I'd decline, I can see it being a holy war.
@Vogel612 Not really sure what that achieves. Surely the OP would still have the problem
yea, but there's no unfruitful discussion around it
we can't fix the expectations of a new user (as you pointed out already)
and so long as their expectations and the community's are misaligned, it's just not going to work
@Peilonrayz Not much.
@Vogel612 Yup.
People can think this site is anything they want. What they can't do, is change what it actually is.
5:23 PM
@Mast Hang on a second, isn't that what Meta is for ;P
@Peilonrayz If there's even a remote chance of achieving a majority for a viewpoint? Absolutely.
Taking it to meta, getting a good answer and commenting along the lines of "I don't agree", is not that.
meta is about discussion, not about "But I don't think so".
as it is that comment doesn't provide any justification or argumentation, so for all intents and purposes in a discussion it's just noise
I was making a little joke. It seems it was made in bad taste :(
1 min ago, by Mast
5:27 PM
@Peilonrayz Don't worry about it :-)
off for some debugging
I need a "I just survived another 8h online meeting" T-shirt.
Monking @Zeta
15 questions in the CV queue.
@Rob A follow up on my remarks: the question has been cross-posted and got closed afterwards. — Zeta 33 secs ago
5:43 PM
Q: Why is Enumerable.OfType() broken into two small functions in its reference implementation?

UuDdLrLrSsHere's part of the implementation of LINQ class Enumerable from the C# reference source: public static IEnumerable<TResult> OfType<TResult>(this IEnumerable source) { if (source == null) throw Error.ArgumentNull("source"); return OfTypeIterator<TResult>(source); } st...

@CaptainObvious Don't post code that's not yours.
@Mast Do you think if we update the modal for new users it would lead to fewer votes in the CV queue?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @Vogel612 Could we get a on that, so we can get it to 200 views?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Some days I'm convinced the only way to reduce the amount of off-topic questions is to implement a rigorous checklist requiring a new user to solemly swear their question adheres to each rule one-by-one.
5:49 PM
ty :)
I think the current modal is absolutely SO centred, so props for that.
@Mast I expect that to work about as well as the solemnly sworn checklist of procedure on my work's github repo
As in: not at all, really
@Vogel612 Probably even worse.
While we should definitely revise it, I'm not sure how we'd make it both complete yet not overly wordy.
like the SO wizard - I'm sure it isn't fool-proof...
6:05 PM
Can someone help me see why this should be -3?
So my first comment applies. Anyway, you have working code it seems, so then your question is not really on-topic here. You could try CodeReviewtrincot 51 secs ago
6:24 PM
@Peilonrayz I was baffled by that CV reason... I got the code to run in an online compiler... the output was slightly different but at least it didn't throw any exceptions; AFAIK it has enough detail, right?
oops sorry for multiple pings
silly me
This may be more appropriate for Code Review. — hmm 35 secs ago
Welp ... first review I write in quite some time and of course the code is a f*cking dumpster fire
6:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Linny on question by Vijay Antony: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/243311/revisions
@Duga that's okay - excess code fence was removed from the end of the post
7:00 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Sorry, I was making dindins. Yeah, I was confused by the 1 CV, but the 3 downvotes I'm even more confused about since there's no close votes or comments attached. Bizzare
@Peilonrayz tangent: makes me think of the french word for turkey: dindon
AFK for lunch :)
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ lol
have a look at code review - might be a better fit for this question. (also: your catch-throw-combo is quite pointless) — Franz Gleichmann 10 secs ago
7:20 PM
Q: SSE Assembly vs GCC Compiler - Dot Product

TVSuchtyI am currently taking an introductory course on computer architecture. Our goal was to write a dot-product function in x86 Assembly which would use SSE and SIMD (without AVX). I am not to that confident with my solution: #include <time.h> #define NUM 25600 //Example: scalarProduct using SIMD ...

@Peilonrayz I didn't CV, but it's not a particularly high quality question.
@Vogel612 That makes it all the more worth it, doesn't it?
well, yes and no..
I like how you start all diplomatically and end honestly.
it just takes so much more effort :/
Very true.
7:30 PM
@Mast I just fail to see how it's a +1/-4 type of question. +1/-0 or a +2/-1 I can see.
@Peilonrayz Not everyone takes the current score into account when voting.
Even more true now upvotes on a question compensate a whole lot of downvotes, that really did odd things to voting I think.
That's not really what I was on about. I'm more talking about how it doesn't align with previous voting patters. Even after the +10 change. Maybe is just a harsher environment than .
Q: Integrator 2.0: A Simple Integrator in C++17

Francis CuglerThis is a follow up of A simple definite integrator class of a single variable in C++ I took most of the advice from the user: emma-x and some from user: sudo-rm-rf-slash Here is my fully revised code: Integrator.h #pragma once #include <type_traits> template <typename Field> struct Limit...

8:08 PM
Q: Duplicating the same lines of code

ShmolynI am new to Python and following tutorials. This one I came across was for TKinter, and throughout I felt I re-wrote the same lines of code time and time again which I wondered if it could be better written. I am interested to know how you would improve this code. Thanks. (First time posting, ...

Q: linux File structure for different development environments

TanI have a mounted storage on my RHEL server and I want to create a directory structure for file management. I have two projects right now,viz. project1, project2. I'm planning to have the following directory structures inside the NFS mounted storage for production, development and test server. Pl...

@CaptainObvious Off-topic no code.
8:23 PM
Later I'm going to get a head start on the heat bath.
9:03 PM
@Peilonrayz @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It seems that featured is limited to 3, and since Meta.SE has 2 featured right now it's not being shown for me.
in the spirit of being meta, perhaps I should post on meta that the limit be increased to 4
Yeah. Having Meta.SE kick CR.SE content of the side is just unreasonable.
How are we supposed to get anything done around here??
I used to work with a cynical guy who would say things like "Nothing good ever happens"
9:39 PM
If the code is working and you're looking for comments about improving the coding style Code Review would be a better place to post it. — Barmar 37 secs ago
9:55 PM
Is there a problem you are having? Seems to work fine. Perhaps you are after code review?Parakiwi 5 secs ago
10:32 PM
Q: Better way to write conway's game of life

smhIs there a better way to write this code without using loop and if statement? It's about conway's game of life. Is it possible to solve this using reduce, forEach or map? I'm not sure how to start this code. There are plenty of examples on internet about conway's game of life but they are all pre...

1 hour later…
11:54 PM
@CaptainObvious user is unregistered 😏 but I'm not sure OP is author/maintainer of code

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