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Q: How can I modify my graph traversal algorithm to increase efficiency?

Lugvid_PaxI have an adjacency matrix "A" which I am using to represent a graph for a social network. Each node of the graph represents a person's name, and I am storing people's names in an 2-d array (the index of the person's name in the array is the same as the node's row index in the adjacency matrix). ...

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If you don't have problems with this code but are only asking for feedback, this question is off topic on Stackoverflow, but it would be welcomed on codereview.stackexchange.comJoni 5 secs ago
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If you need review of correctly working code - consider codereview.stackexchange.com/help, if you need to compare performance to your performance goals - measure yourself... If you have some other problem - edit post to clarify. — Alexei Levenkov 57 secs ago
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Q: Does iterating through a large data set in a Map each time i click impact the performance?

Vince VDI need to get values from a Map by Adapter position i get from a RecyclerView. As you can see each time i click on an Album Art i create a new array of album objects. final Album[] albums = new Album[albumMap.size()]; for (Map.Entry<Integer,Album> e : albumMap.entrySet()){ albums[i+...

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It's too much code. You might looking to get a code review. — pylang 39 secs ago
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Q: Moving hierarchy with the most revisions with more performance (SQL)

MeyraI have hierarchical table for my features with a parent-child relation. There was an unique constraint missing, why I have branches in the data, where multiple children relate to one parent. To add the constraint, I have to remove the branches. CREATE TABLE feature_log ( feature_id UUID DEFA...

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Someone already ask that, you can check out here: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/144320/…GilBenDavid 23 secs ago
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Q: Python guessing game, lottery numbers but using def

JamesSo my task was to make a lottery function, but the instructor only provides half the code when explaining and going through my resources i was unable to find proper examples on how to complete it aside from this part. import random def user(startval, endval, numberpicked): somelist = [] ...

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It seems that your code currently works, and you are looking to improve it. Generally these questions are too opinionated for this site, but you might find better luck at CodeReview.SE. Remember to read their requirements as they are a bit more strict than this site. — David Buck 21 secs ago
Q: How to define UDP connection sessions more correctly?

Дмитрий ТолкачевListening to messages from the udp socket, I would like to somehow determine where packets come from and scatter in sessions to get a more detailed report on the received data, I just did it forehead, looking for the current session and recording in its channel, I would like to know if more elega...

Q: Representing a Continuous Bag of Words Model using Numpy

user232216I'm trying to build a network that models a Continuous Bag of Words model in NumPy, and I'm trying to figure out where I've gone wrong here. My network does not seem to learn at all, and predicts every set to the same word. Obviously, there is something I've crucially done wrong, but I cannot pin...

@DavidBuck Thanks a lot for the suggestion. If you feel so, I would post it on CodeReview. I posted it here because I was hoping to get suggestions along with code improvement. If others feel the same way, I will take it down. Cheers :) — Shankar_Dutt 12 secs ago
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Q: I need to know that if everything okay in my BTS put and get method

Samir AllahverdiyevI implement BinaryTree (K extends Comparable, V) concept to binarySearchTree and I have written get and put method. As far as I check, there is no problem in my code. So now I wonder that are there any problem or weak point in my code? and m, public void put(K key, V value) { Node n...

Q: What would be the computationally faster way to implement this 2D numerical integration?

Shankar_DuttI am interested in doing a 2D numerical integration. Right now I am using the scipy.integrate.dblquad but it is very slow. Please see the code below. My need is to evaluate this integral 100s of times with completely different parameters. Hence I want to make the processing as fast and efficient ...

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If your code works then it isn't really suitable for Stack Overflow and should be asked on Code Reviewroganjosh 17 secs ago
Q: C++ Template function returning different types

bwyleglyI need to return different types from my function, which is responsible for executing SQL queries. I suppose template function is what I need, but I'm having some problems figuring the implementation out. What I would like to do, is return false/true when query contains "INSERT", and in case w...

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I'm sorry but I think this isn't the right place to ask this question. It's very broad and there isn't really a specific "problem" to solve. Perhaps you'd have more luck at the code review stack exchange codereview.stackexchange.comNathan 43 secs ago
This isn't appropriate for Code Review - there is no code to review. — dspencer 38 secs ago
Q: how can i use two types of queryset models override save method?

Root 007i want to ask you if i POST an article with featured=True then the old featured=true get transferred to featured=false queryset. i just want two [:2] values in featured=true queryset. here is the example of what i want there are two article in featured=true queryset which i want the second articl...

Q: Is this the rigth way to write power and factorial functions with nasm?

louisldI wrote factorial and power functions with nasm but I don't know if it is the right to write assembly code. For example, by executing the functions I make some changes in the registers and I don't know if I have to revert them to their original value a the end with push and pop. To write the fac...

Q: implementing a movie recommender

Saad SawashFirst of all I apologize if posting such thing is against the rules here, but I did a Google research, and actually did lots of it, however couldn't get the answer I wanted and wouldn't know where to post it. I want to create a recommender system in the form of an online application, similar to ...

Q: Return new position based on X,Y steps taken in Lua

tropicano646Could someone please help me refactor the function below: local function calculateSteps(position, xPlus, xMinus, yPlus, yMinus) for i = 1, xPlus do position = Position(position.x + xPlus, position.y, position.z) end for i = 1, xMinus do position = Position(position.x - xMinus, position.y...

Q: How to adjust Python backtracking sudoku solver with forward checking

Jarek DanielakI'm solving basic sudoku puzzles with backtracking, but it's slow. I want to update the domain for each field on the grid, but I don't know when or how to update the domain to remove invalid entries. Aside from the main question, I'm not a Python 'native' so all suggestions are welcomed. Objec...

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Q: A register of government decrees, authenticated with blockchain and public key cryptography (2)

Tom HoskerThis is a follow-up question to this question, having carried out some of the advise kindly provided by other users. The full repo is here, but I'll post the most important extracts below. Background I'm trying to get the hang of blockchain and public key cryptography, so I thought it would be...

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Q: The Dining Philosophers Problem without chopsticks

studentaccount4I'm currently working on the famous Problem which is the Dining Philosophers. as a part of an online exercise, I did a bit research on the usage of the volatile vs synchronize(this) block and in this exercise, I tried to mention the references that my code is based on and tried to note my quest...

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@David, are you active on CodeReview and prepared to answer this there? If not don't recommend it, especially for numpy questions. — hpaulj 56 secs ago
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Q: How can this C++ json library be improved

arcomberI need a class to generate json content from data retrieved from a database. This gave me an excuse to play at creating a json library. This is my first attempt so it could probably be improved in many ways. Features are: feed in json from stdin to populate internal structures. output json t...

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If it really works and there is no issue, please consider posting it at Code Review. — Wiktor Stribiżew just now
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Q: AJAX based web office UI platform (Should i keep building it this way?)

NyxI recently started building a web office for a company that I want to launch in the future and I need an advice if I am doing it the right way, or should I take a different approach while I am still at the beginning. So far I only got the login system and the user/role management system but I pl...

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Q: Why does the result depend on where we write the return statement

Chathura Gunasekera The set S originally contains numbers from 1 to n. But unfortunately, due to the data error, one of the numbers in the set got duplicated to another number in the set, which results in repetition of one number and loss of another number. Given an array nums representing the data status of...

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Q: JavaScript Sudoku Recursive Solver

AdmiralThrawnThanks for all the great feedback in Part 1. I implemented a lot of it. Here is version 2. I am looking for feedback on: Recursive solve algorithm. It's too slow. I used Chrome DevTools Performance Profiler to optimize slow functions and I sped it up a lot. But fundamentally I think the algorit...

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Q: API Layer ClientId and Security style

David BuckleyIm at the point where I am designing my api security and I was going with a custom attribute I don't want to use third party systems as they cost money. I was going to use the client id and the secret id approach and I am asking is this a safe enough way to accomplish it I am interacting to my a...

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Just to clarify my comment, you didn't specify any errors in your code, so we don't have what to answer you. If your code is working without any errors and you want to ask how to make it more clear/optimizable/etc. it's better to ask on codereview if you want to ask for writing program by some algorithm/pseudocode/idea it's better to do on some freelancing platforms. — Alex Golubenko 36 secs ago
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Q: Instagram Scraping Posts Using Selenium

AlexDotisPython script that can download images and videos of the user, like Gallery with photos or videos. It saves the data in the folder. How it works: Log in in instragram using selenium and navigate to the profile Check the availability of Instagram profile if it's private or existing Gathering ur...

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Sorry, but Stack Overflow is to help people with actual problems with their code. This kind of question is off-topic for here and would probably be better off on codereview.stackexchange.com Make sure you read the guidelines about what questions are considered suitable there before you post, though. — Frauke 24 secs ago
This might be a better question proposed to: code review. — Paul T. 38 secs ago
Q: to use a constructor or not use a constructor

knot22I have a validator class, whose purpose is to validate input data. Initially I wrote the class like this: export class ValidatorForInputs { constructor(inputData) { this._data = inputData; } validate() { let results = {}; let validateInputDataForMissingKeys = checkInp...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview. — Scott Marcus 12 secs ago
@ScottMarcus yes me too, posted it here codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/239942/…rob.m 52 secs ago
Q: Better way to get total of different item in loop?

rob.mThe following is working, no errors. But It's crazy long, not a real js developer, so I did the way I knew it. But It's crazy, and I am pretty sure this can be resolved much, much easier and shorter. We have data in countData and I loop it. For each data within countData I need to do "last item ...

Q: Processing commandline arguments

pschulzI'm parsing commandline arguments in lua with a command parser library (penlight lapp). This works fine, is easy to design and flexible enough for me. However, now I have a table containing all the parsed arguments, so I'm still stuck with the processing, that is calling functions or changing set...

9:15 PM
Q: Does my code follow good clean code conventions?

MigMaxHere is a class that I have implemented in order to sort rows of parameters in the form of an array of strings. public class ParameterLinesSorter : IParameterLinesSorter { private int identiferIndex; private IEnumerable<string[]> parameterLines; public IEnumerable<IEnumerable<string[]>

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Q: Files.walk(), calculate total size

Aksel WillgertI'm trying to calculate the size of the files on my disc. In java-7 this could be done using Files.walkFileTree as shown in my answer here. However if i wanted to do this using java-8 streams it will work for some folders, but not for all. public static void main(String[] args) throws IOExcepti...

I got pinged on my answer there recently, apparently it's still not fixed
Q: Reader for graph-file with ugly return and questionable use of streams

MorinatorI wrote a class that contains a static method that reads in files from NetworkRepository and converts them into a list of integer-arrays, each representing an edge. The file format from NetworkRepository is, that each line which is not a comment contains two integer numbers, the IDs of vertices c...

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Q: Design to separate client API from internal API in Kotlin for a chess engine

Klaas van AarsenThis is a follow-up from my previous review on this site. To be clear, the code is stand-alone, and does not depend on the previous review. As before my goal is to come up with a design for a chess engine in Kotlin that hides implementation details, and that ensures that the implementation canno...

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Q: Name Mashup Program Improvement in Python

Tauqeer AbbasI am learning python and trying to solve different problems i came across this program which is name mashup which is in Get Programming:Learn to code with Python. problem statement: Write a program that automatically combines two names given by the user. That’s an open-ended problem statement, s...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be on CodeReview. — Nicol Bolas 12 secs ago
So this code works correctly, you just want feedback on it? I think this question is off-topic on stackoverflow, there's a separate site for code feedback - codereview.stackexchange.comJoni 22 secs ago

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