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Q: Execute bunch of Http Api call using Python

AndyPI am working on a project where I need to work with http apis and call them using Python language. Below is what I need to do: Take few input parameters like - environmentName, instanceName, configName. Call get api on a service. Get the json data and compare the configName it already has vs wha...

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Q: First Rust program - squares which are sum of squares

Pierre AbbatI've been programming in C++ for over a decade and am thinking of learning Rust. Finding a number whose square is the sum of three different positive squares in at least two disjoint ways, which I used in test code in a C++ program, I wrote a Rust program to find out what other numbers' squares c...

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Q: can some check my bash code and rewrite in better way?

usamaWrite a bash script for an ABC organization fulfilling the following requirements • Takes an Employee’s Name , designation, age, years of service and salary, extra working hours as an input • Calculates remaining years of service. An Employee retires at the age of 60 • Check if the Employee...

Working solutions that require refactoring/optimization are better suited for the Code Review Stack Exchange site. — El_Vanja 45 secs ago
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Q: Not getting required answer in my segment tree implementation

piyush shende#include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; #define lli long long int #define MOD 1000000007 #define testcase lli t;cin>>t;while(t--) #define fast_io ios::sync_with_stdio(0);cin.tie(0);cout.tie(0) #define pb push_back #define PB pop_back #define P pair<int,int> I dont understand why the array '...

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Q: Xs and Os game logic in Java

Zoran JankovI am practicing programing in Java. I have started to make a Xs and Os (Tic-Tac-Toe) game and I began with baseline logic of the game. I would appreciate any advice on my programming style, what am I doing wrong and what is good about my code. Combinations class public class Combinations { pu...

Q: python: subprocess opening filles

Maître RenardI am using 2 functions written in python to convert DLG file to PDB energies import glob import os import subprocess import numpy as np from vmd import vmdnumpy as vnp from vmd import Molecule from vmd import atomsel def dlg_to_multiframepdb(fname): inputstrings = subprocess.check_output("...

@CaptainObvious That's basically a conversion request, from Py2 to Py3.
3rd off-topic question in 2 days. Ouch.
Generally "Is my working code OK?" questions should be asked on codereview.stackexchange.com and are off-topic here - but do read their help section to make sure your question is appropriate there first through. — Quentin 24 secs ago
@Quentin This question would be closed on Code Review within minutes for lacking context. — Mast 54 secs ago
@Quentin Might want to link to the help section then. We see a lot of recommendations like yours and often enough people can't be bothered to read the help. Part of that is because people can't find the help or can't be bothered to look for it. — Mast 54 secs ago
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@CaptainObvious Fixed.
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This question might be a better fit with Code Review since you don't have a particular error or issue with your code. — MacOS 20 secs ago
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That totally depends on whatever UUIDmaker.js is. Even Google only finds your deleted codereview post for that name... — Andreas 41 secs ago
I've deleted my post on codereview because it wasn't being answered and I wasn't getting any feedback why. UUIDmaker is a middleware I've made to generate uuid directories before multer to store item's files. — viviet just now
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Q: A snake game in HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 2

ArianI made a snake game in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I want to add this features to my game: Player must press wasd to start game. Player must press space after die to continue and after space, press wasd to start. Here is my codes: index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Snake Game</title

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Monking² thanks to Windows update
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Try codereview SE. — Hatted Rooster 12 secs ago
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Sounds like you have the makings of a new question, though if it is of the form "Do I have bad design", then it might be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Ilja Everilä 31 secs ago
@Mast you are still merely claiming that it is low quality while I still don't understand what you refer to specifically. I just reviewed codereview.stackexchange.com/help/dont-ask and didn't find what prevents this question from being reworded to fit. I am not active on Review, so I am honestly asking what the problem is. — idclev 463035818 37 secs ago
Long story short: there are PLENTY of problems with the above code, but this place isnt meant for code reviews. I suggest you look at the help center to learn how/what to ask here. — GhostCat 41 secs ago
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@pacmaninbw lol what timing XD
They banned fireworks here nationally to avoid the hospitals getting swarmed with the yearly wave of incidents.
Take an educated guess how that turned out...
Hint: there was already an illegal-fireworks problem for years, getting worse.
Hint 2: people get very creative when you take away one of their tools.
Hint 3: you don't need fireworks to create a mess.
@Mast Going really well
Hint 4: there's insufficient capacity with the police departments to effectively enforce it all.
@skiwi Yea, Urk and Alkmaar are already burning, I'm still waiting for bad news from Den Haag and Scheveningen.
@Peilonrayz Couldn't ask for better timing than that.
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Q: Formatter for converting links in a legacy markup to markdown

Martin KleivenThis program converts legacy markup in the form seen in the tests to the resulting markdown seen in the test's respective comment. The full program is as uploaded as a snippet, or you may see below let tests = [ "OneMatch$$$TwoMatch" // [One Match](OneMatch)[Two Match](TwoMatch...

Q: Creating and Organizing Registry Backups

MillieI've never messed with batch really so I'm trying to introduce myself. I made this to back up all registry data and organize it like this: RegBackup November 11-27-2020 [Registry Files] 11-28-2020 [Registry Files] Backup.bat The script is: @echo off Rem set bat location as CD cd /D "...

@RMunroe I'm confused, what safety net between tennis players, there has always been a net between tennis players. SCUBA Diving without a mask, interesting thought, though I wouldn't try it.
@Mast The City of Los Angeles bans fireworks for the 4th of July, the county doesn't have a law and several cities surrounded by the City of Los Angeles sell fireworks legally. Talk about a mess. Then there are the illegal fireworks made in Mexico that all the cities ban.
This type of questions belong to codereview — Nestor 38 secs ago
@pacmaninbw In NLD, ordinarily sales of fireworks (everything except kids stuff and carbide) is limited to the last 3 days of the year. Yet we always hear the first bangs early October, since Germany and Belgium have very different rules.
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Are you experiencing problems with your code, or did you mean to ask on codereview.stackexchange.com? — Xerillio 46 secs ago
Q: Just a digital clock in Swing

Maarten BodewesI've written a little clock implementation in Java Swing. It now seems to work flawlessly after having terrible Swing specific timing problems. Please indicate if this is the way to draw the clock and if the passive / active combination (i.e. drawing from timer and drawing from e.g. paintComponen...

Q: Bulk update entity with its navigation properties in ef core using CQRS

osman RahimiI am using EF core and CQRS. I have a command which updates some records. each record has zero or more images. I have implemented this code, but I wonder to know is there a better way. public class UpdateSetTypesCommandHandler : RequestHandler<UpdateSetTypesCommand> { private readonly DataCo...

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@Mast Germany doesn't really sell fireworks commercially until after christmas
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Q: C++ PixelComponent struct

Hrant NurijanyanHey I wrote a struct in C++ trying to represent a Pixel Component of a color Here it is template<typename T, T min, T max> struct PixelComponent { static constexpr T MIN = min; static constexpr T MAX = max; T value; PixelComponent() = default; PixelComponent(T value) : value...

Q: I have 2 dimensional array and I want to returns true if there are 3 (or more) elements next to each other in one row,

MayezI have 2 dimensional array and I want to returns true if there are 3 (or more) elements next to each other in one row, this is the question: method returns true if there are 3 (or more) symbols next to each other in one row, otherwise it returns false. To determine ‘3 in a row’ check all rows (on...

Q: Catching Errors in Factory Method with express.js

JershMy express.js application uses a lot of promises for interacting with a variety of services. Instead of including try/catch with each one, I've setup a fail safe factory method for all my express controllers. This should only be called when an unexpected error occurred. For example, 404 when tryi...

Q: python collect prometheus scraper

Mark VI've been tinkering with python for quite a while but have never taken on a challenge like this - I'm trying to write a collectd plugin to scrape metrics from prometheus endpoints. My goals are to make it as stable as possible - i'd like to put this into production when i am happy with it. There ...

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Q: C: struct timespec library

user233832I'm trying to write a minor lib that would enable me to measure average time measured when using struct timespec. Since C doesn't allow operator overloading, I'm forced to build functions. I am aware that checks like end_time < start_time are not done, but I've left them out to achieve some kind ...

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There is codereview.stackexchange.com if you want people to review your code, but read their help info - a link to a repository is not accepted there either. — Mat 22 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Lev M. on question by usama: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/252741/revisions
@Vogel612 A lot of it ends up here from there anyway, so I'm not sure how that works then. Perhaps it was already sold illegally? I don't know.
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Q: Feedback on date and time selector script

cri_pavaI created a JS script for a friend's website to allow the visitors to choose the date and time of their delivery. I'm new in web-development and I will appreciate a feedback from professionals like you. The script doesn't have an UI at the moment ,so for settings just need to change the shippingD...

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Q: Flask Database Design with ORM

alkansteinI am designing a Stock Currency application and for that, I created a database. I searched for my question here first but the answerer told me to ask the same question here. class Stock_Data(db.Model): __tablename__ = 'stock_datas' # Column names start with capital letter for convention...

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Q: Python WordCloud GUI

sammanModule: https://amueller.github.io/word_cloud/ I really enjoyed the python WordCloud module, so I wanted to give it a GUI so I could share it with family and friends. I also wanted a platform where one could generate their own WordClouds within their own pictures, without word limitations (like m...

Q: Can I make my template code better? I use css inside template, working on this to integrate with Django next

stackerThis is my working template file which I manually edit to create new properly formatted webpages for my personal website. I am interested in what advantages if any could be realized by placing the css in this file into an external file before modifying this file to work as a django template. Shou...

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One question per stackoverflow.com question, please. As far as whether a particular program "is correct or not", that would be a question for codereview.stackexchange.com. As far as to what various subclasses should return for a particular method, this is a question that only you can answer yourself, since only you know what your program should do in this case. If a method is declared as returning a reference to an int, then this is what it should return. Whether the method is virtual, or not, is irrelevant. C++ requires all methods and function to return values of matching type. — Sam Varshavchik 35 secs ago
11:41 PM
Ahh, the joys of writing and debugging makefiles.

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