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RELOAD! There are 6284 unanswered questions (89.6997% answered)
I would search for "... and that's how I failed my code review..." :) — Retired Ninja 47 secs ago
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Code Review is a better place for this. — Bram Vanroy 55 secs ago
Q: I'm stuck. How do I string-append trien-label with tried-children

jake lawlietWrite a function (list-words T) that consumes a Trie and returns a (listof Str) containing all the words in T, starting at the leftmost leaf. (define-struct trien (label children)) ;; a trie-node (TrieN) is a (make-trien Str (listof Trie)) ;; a trie-node (TrieN) is a (make-trien Str (listof Tri...

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Q: Performance improvements in C++ channel transformer code

MansoorThe simple program reads in some channel data and parameters from text files and should be able to generically transform the data using natural math syntax. I am primarily concerned about performance. Any improvements in readability, correctness, and defensive coding style will also be appreciat...

Q: Shunting-yard Algorithm Mess

CecobentI have a lot of problems making this code look more elegant or to reduce its size. The algorithm is mostly copied from the Pseudocode of wikipedia page. The difference is i prepare my string with the Token Split method. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using Sys...

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Q: Valid Braces Codewars Challenge Revisited

HappyHands31I recently revisited the "Valid Braces" coding challenge on Codewars. I already had some working code for this challenge: function validBraces(braces){ let tracer = [] for(let i=0;i < braces.length; i++){ if ( braces[i] === "(" || braces[i] === "{" || braces[i] === "["){ tracer.pus...

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Waiting for Feeds ....
Q: Mod team updates and site status

rolflToday the paperwork caught up with reality, and Simon officially relinquished his diamond. For me it is a sad occasion. Fortunately, I know Simon is not really going anywhere, and he'll still be just as vibrant without the diamond! This is an opportunity though to briefly reflect on the recent h...

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@rolfl your links don't work, do you want me to fix them? Should be [[![enter image description here][1]][1]](...) -> [![enter image description here][1]](...)
yeah.... resolved, @Peilonrayz ...
I had also missed one.
Thanks :)
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Q: LINQ query to return LIST<T> subset of data

GPGVMIt's late and this works but there has to be a better way to write this LINQ query but I'm not smart enough. I can get it to wrok with a lambda but I would prefer LINQ. This is my json that I rehydrate into a C# object "graphSeries": [ { "Percentile": 10, "Values": [ 55.8, ...

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Q: git status parser using regular expressions in javascript

DelmI'm looking for improvements of a code that filter the output of git status --ignored and git status --ignored -bs commands. Please, all your critics and advice are welcome. This is my code: function filter(str, regExp) { const reg = new RegExp(`(?<=${regExp}\\s+)\\S+`, 'gm'); return str....

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If you have a working code and is looking for a review, you might want to check codereview.stackexchange.com. Just make sure you check and follow their guidelines. — Andreas 33 secs ago
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Q: Order Matching Engine

Mallikharjuna Rao allankiTest trading matching operations engine. BUY, SELL, MODIFY, CANCEL operation implantations. Code developed using C# The first column specifies the operation to be done. Our supported operations are: BUY SELL CANCEL MODIFY PRINT If the first column is BUY or SELL, then this line has five columns ...

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Q: Best practice for Try/Catch/Finally exception control flow

Gregor yComing from an Excel-VBA background I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what the best way to convert code that I'd typically write using resume as try/catch/finally(TCF) blocks instead. I know TCF can speak to a multitude of languages; however for the sake of illustration and hopefull...

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I think this should be on codereview.stackexchange.comKapil 39 secs ago
Q: JavaScript Sort Stack Coding Challenge

Sean ValdiviaA coding challenge to write a function sortStack that receives a stack of integers into ascending order (with largest integers on top) and returns another stack with sorted integers. At most one additional stack may be used to hold items; no other data structures may be used to copy or hold the e...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is best suited on Code Review SE! — Am_I_Helpful 27 secs ago
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Q: JavaScript: Calculating Time Complexity Of Algorithm

Sean ValdiviaI will start by stating that per my understanding of Code Review this question is okay to ask since it is using a working piece of code. I am trying to calculate the time complexity of an algorithm using n in the code below. I have a working solution to a coding challenge to sort a stack using ...

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Apparently the SE search has a maximum length.
Oh, this is going to be fun.
Q: Remove the max length restriction on the search boxes

Danny BeckettWhen searching, it is easy to hit the 140 character max length on the search box: But by removing the maxlength attribute, this can be bypassed, with the search still working perfectly: Also, the search box at the top of the page (as opposed to on a search page) has a 240 character ...

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Q: Coding Challenge: Return The Smaller String (Follow-up)

Sean ValdiviaThis question is a follow-up to my previous post: Coding Challenge: Return The Smaller String Write a function that takes two strings and returns the "smallest" string. If both strings are equal, you may return either string. Strings will only consist of lowercase letters and numbers: [a - z][0...

@CaptainObvious RBA
7:09 AM
You can ask it in code review — techie 48 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network: codereview.stackexchange.comnilsK 40 secs ago
Oh don't worry, the community won't play much a role here. It's just the mods who can wreck havoc by featuring whatever post they like. :-) ... but yeah, jokes aside, I don't think it is practically possible nor feasible for users to come up with a process for featuring posts. My plan as of now is to just feature every post that crosses +3 or dips below -3. That should help some of those posts get the traction that they need to rise further up. — Bhargav Rao ♦ 6 hours ago
'The community should've been consulted before just springing the change on us.' - Story of our lives recently. — Script47 10 hours ago
But hey, it solves a problem. With a truck, where a hammer would've been enough, but it's solved.
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Q: performance issue with file unzip using c#

mahiI am trying to download the zip file from website and trying to extract the list of file names in zip. The size of zip file is 20mb to 25mb Am using below code to get the file names , Can anyone suggest to improvise the below code for better performance? When i say better performance .Currently...

Q: Golang services status monitoring

AzhengI am fairly new for programming. I am writing a script which gets URLs and parameters through a config and make http requests to check status, finally push a json string to Open-falcon server. I am not sure if the logic and writing are reasonable. Could i get some guidance from someone experien...

Q: Capsulation solution for byte arrays

SkywarthIn a part of the project, i had to implement a solution for encapsulation of byte arrays. We do use ssh and secure ports for socket connection but i was in need of an extra layer of protection against man-in-the-middle attacks or a mechanism to drop packages rather fast before reading all the pac...

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@Mast I'm not surprised, they were hiding hot posts from me when I was logged out the other day. (On Code Review...)
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Q: Coding Challenge: Phone Keypad to Letters--Return All Possible Strings

Sean ValdiviaThe challenge: Given a mapping of digits to letters (as in a phone number), and a digit string, return all possible letters the number could represent. You can assume each valid number in the mapping is a single digit. Example: If {"2": ["a", "b", "c"], 3: ["d", "e", "f"], …} then "23" shou...

Q: Optimising the BFS

Your IDEThe input graph to the bfs function is in the form of edge list representation. from queue import deque def neighbour(s,visit,que): for i in l: if(i[0]==s and i[1] not in visit): que.append(i[1]) visit.append(i[1]) return que def bfs(start=0): q...

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I think this question is better asked on codereview.stackexchange.comB001ᛦ 35 secs ago
Q: Python Porting script

LinuI'm using the below Python script to port few table data from a remote server(MySQL database) to my data ware house server(PostgreSQL DB),The script is working fine(I'm using foreign data wrapper), so i thought of asking your help to make it in a more generalised way and if there is any better op...

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Q: Stone paper scissor project python

MohitI have created a project in python on Stone-Paper-Scissor Game, I am learning the new language (Python) simultaneously. I want you guys to review my code and see if I am progressing in right direction or I need to adapt some new methods on my code. The code starts from here : please ignore ...

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@SimonForsberg Hi, this Andreas, I deleted a question in Code review, you wanted to talk about it.
I am not very often in the stack family so I am not sure if I should trat this as a chat room
9:31 AM
@AndreasAndreou We don't bite :)
He should be online at the moment, so good chance he'll be with you before long.
Q: What do you think about static Variables and Methods in Android?

HydroHeiperGenI made a BluetoothConnection, which receives different data. Because I receive this data in one separated Thread, I use static variables and getterMethods to get these values in all my program. I just wanted to know if this is a nogo what I'm doing and if there is a better solution. public clas...

@AndreasAndreou Hi! Yes. Here I am. I was curious why you deleted your question?
@Mast Thank you, secretary :)
@SimonForsberg I'll put that hat with the others, thank you.
@AndreasAndreou Also, could you send a link to your deleted question?
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Q: How to properly add an icon before text using flexbox, or, is there a better way than wrapping text in span?

Luca Reghellinsay simply this: <h1>my text</h1> If I want an icon before, I usually add a presudo element and the make it display: inline-block, vertical-align:center, or, to have better results, use flexbox with some extra markup: <h1><span>my text</span></h1> h1{ display: flex; align-items: center...

@Heslacher Thanks. How did you manage to find that?
Searching chat "andreas" showed Captain Obvious feed
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@StudentofSciences I honestly don't think there is I'm afraid :) but will rm answer as realised this is now more suitable for codereview SE — treyBake 10 secs ago
suggested: move Q to Codereview SE as this code works^^ — treyBake 30 secs ago
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@SimonForsberg Well, I hadn't read the guidelines and based on some comments it seemed like the way I presented the question didn't quite fit the place. I was planning to rewrite and paste it later.
The thing is, on my part it was sort of code review but also me trying to find people to discuss something that I wasn't sure about, but also didn't feel like a very definite topic. It wasn't for instance a design pattern thing, but I also didn't feel like it was a very subjective (like style or personal preference thing).
So it was code review in the sense that I was reviewing this for a colleague of mine and had the above discussion and we couldn't resolve it, so I was curious about other people opinions.
Not usre though that it was a code review according to the site rules
@AndreasAndreou With regards to what a code review is, you can check this:
Q: What IS a Code Review?

Simon ForsbergSo, this site is called "Code Review"... What we do here is... ask for and write Code Reviews, naturally. However, I feel that there are a whole bunch of different thoughts floating around about what a Code Review really is. On Code Review, what is a Code Review? (And what is it not?) This q...

As for if it is allowed to be posted here according to the site rules, check here: codereview.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic
Check especially the questions below 'If you can answer "yes" to all of the following questions, then your question is on-topic for Code Review:'
As I see it, people had concerns that you were not a maintainer of the code, which it seems like you are - whether you wrote it or one of your coworkers, you seem to work in the team which has the ownership of this code
You also had a comment on your question saying "The current question title, which states your concerns about the code, is too general to be useful here." but this is just a "nice to have", it doesn't make your question a bad fit for the site in any way, it's just something we've experienced help get more attention to your question
If you have working code and are looking for improvements, you could/should post your question on codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Mike Scotty just now
check this linkMig B 5 secs ago
11:14 AM
Q: update the values in the google sheet using python

kajali have the data of the google sheet in the form of list of dictionaries say.. data=[{'name':'Mathew','age':22,'nation':'India','type':'vegan'}, {'name':'Jane','age':12,'nation':'Iran','type':'vegan'}, {'name':'Jack','age':24,'nation':'Iraq','type':'non-vegetarian'}, .... ...

11:24 AM
@CaptainObvious Nope.
@Mast Hammer.... oh, wait...
I really should find the time to answer some Python zombies. Clean up the site a bit and might even take me over 10k rep so I I feel less of a mere mortal here.
But I've been saying that for years, haven't I?
Moderating and asking questions is so much more fun than answering them...
@Mast I don't even have to check the first time reviews any more with you guys helping.
@pacmaninbw I usually pick the questions right from the feed and visit the queues less than I used to.
And after a couple thousand reviews you don't really care about the stats either.
Haven't hit 2000 reviews yet. I think I still have one or two badges in it.
11:38 AM
@Mast Hammered.
@pacmaninbw 2119 CV reviews, 1263 FP reviews, 723 SE reviews, the rest a lot lower.
There were days when I practically lived in those queues, don't have the time for that anymore.
@Mast Are those your stats or my stats?
A thousand or so flags.
I have a thing against off-topic crap defiling our site.
@Mast After I got my ability to VTC I stopped flagging for a while, but I've started again because I can't close answers.
11:44 AM
People, this should be getting closed for Authorship, not Lack of Context.
In the past it would be closed as CBL, code behind a link.
This question should be on codereview.stackexchange.com not here. Please consider posting there. — Zohaib Amir 16 secs ago
Q: Get the highest "role" from an array

TakeAMinuteI currently have an array u._roles that is filled with id's from groups like "581199939464462340". Secondly I have a dictionary where the key is a role id and the value is the name, like {key: "581199939464462340", value: "Member"}. Now I want to get the name of the "highest" role of the array. ...

12:04 PM

dwFlags=0 : DWORD

    Flags specifying various function options

dx : DWORD

    Horizontal position of mouse

dy : DWORD

    Vertical position of mouse

dwData : DWORD

    Flag specific parameter

dwExtraInfo=0 : DWORD

    Additional data associated with mouse event
Look at the docs they said, it would be fun they said.
@Mast Yes you should:
Q: Mod team updates and site status

rolflToday the paperwork caught up with reality, and Simon officially relinquished his diamond. For me it is a sad occasion. Fortunately, I know Simon is not really going anywhere, and he'll still be just as vibrant without the diamond! This is an opportunity though to briefly reflect on the recent h...

Yes, though not particularly helpful at times.
> If you know some python gurus, there's an opportunity in there somewhere:
@SimonForsberg I know, left a comment.
I'm hardly a Python guru though. Enough to be dangerous, far from a guru.
Also a bit stuck in the stone-age at times.
Trying to automate updating a price list that has a sub-optimal front-end. Using mouse clicks. Because who needs APIs if everything is hammered shut and all the good stuff can't be accessed except by mouse and keyboard.
So I built crap that's ugly but works. Doesn't give me a lot of expertise in how to make it shine.
There are times I execute scripts so convoluted I pray it won't end my computer before running it.
Yay, I just flagged a comment on CR for the first time in more than four years!
12:21 PM
@Hosch250 No, house/car/bike/shed/vault keys.
12:48 PM
I think one of the problems, which has been a problem for as long as I can remember, is the rate of unanswered questions. — Simon Forsberg 33 mins ago
That might be less of an issue than we think. A good number of these seem to be where nobody can find anything to comment on.
But nobody alone feels competent enough to say "there is nothing wrong with you code, good job".
Maybe we should organize a team to go through unanswered questions and try to collectively answer them with something like that, if we can't find anything to comment all together?
Honestly, that's why I stopped asking questions.
I started getting nitpicky answers or no answers at all, since nobody seems to find anything to comment.
It's not a problem to have unanswered questions. But there are still a lot of questions that are good questions but simply a bit harder to answer well.
Those are salvageable.
Well, going through them as a team could solve that too.
The problem isn't the unanswered questions. The problem is their rate is increasing.
If we manage to climb to 90% and stay there, that's much better than the current situation.
Now we're below it and falling.
12:52 PM
Maybe we educated more than 10% of the askers?
13 hours ago, by Duga
RELOAD! There are 6284 unanswered questions (89.6997% answered)
Aug 22 '18 at 0:00, by Duga
RELOAD! There are 5515 unanswered questions (89.9459% answered)
Honestly, we're dropping a lot less than I thought we would be.
But it has been dropping for years.
Dec 18 '16 at 0:00, by Duga
RELOAD! There are 3225 unanswered questions (91.9762% answered)
Dec 17 '16 at 0:01, by RubberDuck
Boo! That's a lot of unanswered questions.
@Hosch250 @Mast My unanswered questions are probably too long and involved, only the more experienced reviewers could answer them in any case.
The most experienced members on the site can't ask questions about their primary languages because most people won't be able to answer them.
That's the risk of being among the best
But those can learn by answering the harder questions
Not necessarily on fields they're primarily interested in, but it's still something.
1:12 PM
Otherwise, if the code works (this is important!) then you should probably post such code-review requests to the Code Review stack exchange site. — Some programmer dude 47 secs ago
Q: Triangle Type and If it is a Triangle

Mr.BurnsThis is a my first Python program, and whilst I am new to Python I would like to keep in good practice Below is a short program to work out what type a triangle is and if it makes a valid triangle I have tried to use as little documention for this as possible to try and get used to how things ...

1:36 PM
That one needed some work.
1:53 PM
The use of const_cast<>() to remove a const qualifier is one of the biggest red flags in a code review. The result of this operation leads to very brittle code that can at some subsequent point easily lead to broken code because of the potential for causing undefined behavior. — Martin York 19 secs ago
Greetings, Programs.
btw, this is a question for codereview.stackexchange.com, not for Stack Overflow. — Steven 6 secs ago
@dfhwze took you long enough :) JK
Q: Possible Solution for Zombies (unanswered questions)

pacmaninbwWould it be possible for Code Review to award bounties on good questions that have remained unanswered for more than 6 months? When I was working through zombies I found a few questions I couldn't answer but were good questions. Starting with the questions that received the most up votes and work...

I've just started bounties on my 2 unanswered questions.
2:11 PM
Q: Possible Solution for Zombies (unanswered questions)

pacmaninbwWould it be possible for Code Review to award bounties on good questions that have remained unanswered for more than 6 months? When I was working through zombies I found a few questions I couldn't answer but were good questions. Starting with the questions that received the most up votes and work...

Q: Use list from module in decorator

Nepo ZnatI want to register "plugins" with a decorator. I've written the following code but unfortunately it's not working because the PLUGINS variable is not available in the decorator. Each file (module) where the register decorator is used should have it's own PLUGINS list. Does someone know a better ...

> In cases where the user is no longer active on CR, moderators could accept the answer.
Is there precedent somewhere on the SE network on this?
2:29 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Yeah almost had 3 200's in a row, but one vote came 5 minutes late so I got stuck with 190. I cried all night! :p
Q: Is it okay to post questions that don't contain a full program/library?

Braden BestFor example, say I wanted to ask a question about memory efficiency regarding two versions of a structure I have in a specific language, but I'm only concerned about that one section of the program. Could I ask that, or would it be better served on, say, SO? I haven't posted much on CodeReview, ...

@Mast @pacmaninbw Moderators can't select an accepted answer AFAIK
@SimonForsberg perhaps through some weird bug ex-mods can ... :p
too soon for jokes like this? /o\
Even if I could, I wouldn't do it. We've banned enough people already for violating the rules.
I thought about a vote on zombie posts, let the community decide an accepted answer
2:35 PM
Q: Design recommendations for Image Converter Class

sfunI am writing a small color space converter for a device, that records an image and displays it on a screen. The image is available as a planar 4:2:2 YUV image and needs to be converted into a 8 bit/channel RGB image. It is possible, that in the near future, the color space of the input image will...

@dfhwze Well, community could still not mark it as accepted. Only OP can do that.
@SimonForsberg Well if a mod has the power .. he could endorse the people's vote
@dfhwze But mods don't have that power AFAIK
(@Vogel612 can you confirm? Are mods at any time capable of selecting an accepting answer? In the case of a non-active user for example)
What about letting the community decide with a vote on zombies.. or is there too much overhead? — dfhwze 12 mins ago
@dfhwze what kind of vote do you mean?
Felipe Hoffa on July 24, 2019

‘javascript’ is related to ‘html’.

‘python’ is related to ‘pandas’.

‘c#’ is related to ‘.net’.

‘typescript’ is related to ‘angular’.


‘javascript’ shows a relation to ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘css’, ‘node.js’, and ‘jquery’.

‘android’ shows a relation to ‘java’.

‘machine-learning’ shows a relation to ‘python’, but not the other way around.

‘multi-threading’ shows a relation to ‘python’, ‘java’, ‘c#’, and ‘android`

‘unit-testing’ a relation to almost every column here, except to ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘css’, and ‘jquery’. …

@SimonForsberg I've not been around long enough to experience any vote here... but if there is a system to vote, I would use it.
@dfhwze And what would we vote for exactly? The best zombie?
@SimonForsberg Perhaps it's all too excessive and cumbersome, but I would suggest someone bumps a post of an author that is no longer a member and others can vote on which of the existing answers should be the accepted one.
Q: Dynamically create folders in azures storage based on date (MM-YYYY) with python and put all new files to the corresponding folder

JBKUGI'm new to Python. I created a python script that is uploading files to a file share in Azure storage. The uploaded files are stored in "myshare/myfolder" Problem is that a file is uploaded every 5th minute 24/7 and the directory is getting messy. So I want to automatically create sub directori...

Q: How to refactor this?

Niels EngelenI am working on a asp.net mvc project. And I wonder if the setup of the project is correct. So just some advice Because I see this: public IndicatorController( IndicatorService indicatorService, PatientLogService patientLogService, PatientDbContext dbContext, AppIdentityDbContex...

@dfhwze It wouldn't help though as there's no way to actually select an accepted answer. Only OP can do that.
@SimonForsberg that is unfortunate ..
2:56 PM
I don't get what the obsession is with marking an answer as selected anyway
Either way, for a question to be considered as answered, all it needs is an answer with a positive score. I think it's really important to think of OP's specific concerns when answering though, just to avoid cases when OP asks "Can I improve the performance?" and he gets an answer saying "You should rename your variables to make them more readable". — Simon Forsberg 12 mins ago
@Mast (Insert photos here) deleted.
Populating what by list?
@pacmaninbw How big do you think your database could get, millions of records?
@dfhwze It's a personal library system, I have or had before I moved more than 2000 books. I figure a good limit would be about 10,000 records.
@pacmaninbw I haven't gone through all SQL yet, but have you included views or queries that you want to run on this schema, and preferrably at high performance?
I currently have a partial list of only the science fiction and fantasy books that is in excel, it contains almost 400 books. There are queries that I want to run with high performance, one of the goals is to be able to search the database for a particular book by phone while at a book store.
3:12 PM
It's crucial to list in the question which queries you want optimized for performance. Else it would not make much sense to advise you which indices are important and which ones just take up space.
When I created the C# tool version I had to add some queries and some couldn't be used. The list of requirements are in an excel file at github.com/pacmaninbw/ExperimentSimpleBkLibInvTool.
@dfhwze ^^
Q: scraping 2 locations for 1 element - How to reduce redundancy in script

workin 4weekendI have 2 working scripts that do their job. What do you recommend to reduce redundancy and have one single code for the work? script 1 searches 'li' and works with these test URLs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FSCBQV2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L4YHBQ4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1ZD912 https...

@pacmaninbw Requirements.xlsx I take?
Yes. This question introduces the c# interface codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/215431/…
@pacmaninbw Ok but the C# part is out of scope I guess :) I mean, that one is already answered.
3:23 PM
@dfhwze The C# question was answered and accepted, I wasn't happy with the answer. I can change the acceptance if I get a better answer, but it isn't part of the bounty.
@dfhwze The C# code was modified to change the namespaces, and that code is posted in the GitHub repository.
@pacmaninbw I'll see how much time (and specially energy) I have to go through both questions :)
Q: Improving Performance and Scalability of Simple Pandas DataFrame Operations

brownbreadI'm analyzing some transaction data for a colleague's car exchange platform. I have made this program to do some operations on the data but I'm wondering if I can improve the performance (time and space requirements) as he will be looking at a lot of data. The program reads in specification data...

3:38 PM
@SimonForsberg / @dfhwze - Mods have never been able to select an accepted answer.
We have been able to hammer-delete accepted answers, and turn them in to wiki answers..... I forget what happens if you delete an accepted answer though....
In looking for my bounty offer, I found: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/8595?m=43563998#43563998
Mar 22 '18 at 17:11, by rolfl
Hmmm... at one point I put an offer out there for anyone with a decent question that needs attention to ping me and I'd consider offering a bounty on it.... I can't find that offer any more.
I still can't find the original offer... though.
3:55 PM
@brunodesthuilliers Ah. I guess you mean here - codereview.stackexchange.com Didn't even know this existed. Thanks — Philomath 53 secs ago
4:09 PM
@canton7 so no. The answer the whole time was "no". That's all you had to say! Everything you needed to answer my original question was in my original question. This whole conversation was exhausting and asinine and is a good example of why people say StackOverflow is hostile to posters. If I wanted design help, I'd have went to codereview.stackexchange.com Instead, I just wanted to ask a yes or no question. — user2023861 just now
4:20 PM
@rolfl the question becomes eligible for community deletion. Afaik undeleting refreshes the accept (behind the scenes accepts are a special kind of vote afaik)
5:07 PM
(Set to rolfl's user id.)
@Hosch250 - I kinda like that lolcode is my highest-average tag score... by a long way .... ;-) Average score of 63 in that tag.
Q: use of FTP URI to copy file from FTP server to Local Disk have Delay

walter nuñezi have this php Script: function GetFTPFile($iFile) { echo '<pre>'; $StartTime = microtime(true); $FTP = []; $FTP['SMG'] = ''; $FTP['st'] = 0; $FTP['time'] = 0; $nuevo_path = $iFile['lfile']; $remote = $iFile['sfi...

Yeah, IIRC, mine was statistics.
At 23 with one answer, or something.
I need to make it so it ignores tags with 2 or fewer answers.
I guess another temp table would be the easiest way.
6:16 PM
Q: Command sending packet causes reporting packets to come in out of order

Lukas KeenI currently have an arduino device reporting in to a python script over an open socket. The issue that I am having is while sending commands and reports work independently as intended, the second I send over a command (while reporting is running), the reporting script begins to report out of orde...

Q: Script to Backup Data to Remote Location. The data to backup depends on the day of the week

HarlanI have a script that I wrote, and I'm sure that there is a better way to do it, but can't for the life of me figure it out. Here is the problem statement: I need to backup data to a remote location, but what actually gets backed up depends on what day of the week it is. I have a program that cre...

@Vogel612 Questions that are upvoted can't be deleted by community though. It can be deleted by OP if there are no answers with a positive score, IIRC
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Q: Minimal Static Site generator

A. KumarFor my first project with Rust, I decided to try and implement a minimal static site generator. I've never had any code review, and I've been looking for some feedback so I can get better! Brief Context The directory structure is the following: ./src/main.rs -> the code file ./posts/*.md -> a ...

Q: Is there a way to 1 line this function which updates an array and returns a map?

Leon Gabanexport const updateWatchlist = (coin: IAsset, watchlist: IAsset[]) => { watchlist.push(coin) return watchlist.map((c) => c) } Is this 1-line-able with a lib like Ramda?

6:56 PM
Q: Is there a recommended way to structure React projects

Mina Fawzyregarding to reactjs documentation Reference Grouping by features or routes Grouping by file type here is how I am thinking in my project structure https://www.draw.io/#G1uSl9q-3RHta2_Fi8RvQ3odApOkH4vCJ9

@dfhwze Not that it matters to your review because that was based on the existing database implementation, but I did find myself putting most of the data validation into the C# code. Yes I should have designed the user interface first. Some of the stored procedures would either not have been written or would have been simplified.
@CaptainObvious Oh right, still no hammer...
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@pacmaninbw Good to hear :) database-driven business logic is very hard to manage once projects become bigger
mmhm when reaching the vote limit, apparently we can't even vote comments anymore
Q: Is this method sufficient for escaping strings for use in SQL to prevent SQL injection attacks?

ekolisprivate static string Quote(string value) { return "'" + value.Replace("'", "''") + "'"; } It looks really simple and I can't think of a way to exploit it but I could be wrong... If this is not sufficient, how could I improve it? I know the best practice is to use parameterized queries but...

@pacmaninbw The main issue in your db design is determining the PK, followed by naming conventions of fields
7:44 PM
@dfhwze I don't know if this is true for all database systems, but MySQL forces a numeric primary key on each table. That might not have been my first choice for some of the tables. The Author Table is expected to be searched a lot, mostly by author name, and there are authors with the same last name such as Frank Herbert and his son Brian Herbert. I used FK to indicate foreign keys in tables. Are you complaining about the camel case names (that has been discussed here before).
possible answer invalidation by ptr0x on question by ptr0x: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/125719/revisions
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My brother once asked me if there was a function to produce a calendar grid from a list of dates in Google Sheets. I replied with a single-cell formula that took in a list of dates and outputted a calendar. It used SEQUENCE(), REGEXMATCH(), and a double-nested ARRAYFORMULA(), and it locked up the browser for 15 seconds every time it ran. I think he learned a lot about asking me things.
@RMunroe lol
You asked for other Pythonic criticisms; you handle the empty case unsorted is None by returning [] rather than None. If your client code always expects to get a list returned that's generally good, but if you want to preserve None then that doesn't do that. (For example unsorted = None might signal that this customer-id was not found/joined in some table, and it might or might in fact be non-empty list, just it's currently not available). It's really up to you to define those sort of semantics. CodeReview.SE is a better place for code reviews — smci 33 secs ago
@smci The code doesn't work, and they're asking to fix it. Code Review is not the place for this. — Peilonrayz 37 secs ago
8:36 PM
Questions about code quality don't belong on Stack Overflow. Direct them to: codereview.stackexchange.comScott Marcus 23 secs ago
@Peilonrayz: clearly I'm perfectly aware that the code doesn't work, as both my comment repeating the two-year-old solution show (handle the unhandled case a == pivot). Once OP fixes that, this is fodder for CodeReview.SE (per my main comment, and the OP's version I just edited out where they asked for other comments on the code) — smci 49 secs ago
8:51 PM
@smci Why would you tell someone to go to Code Review, when they don't want a code review... — Peilonrayz 26 secs ago
Q: Which code is better in performance?

Hasan BadshahI have 2 approaches to write one code in 2 different styles. Can any javascript guru guides me if i'm right or wrong. My concern is .hero-slider class is only available in a specific page and jquery only bind .hero-slider event only if it finds .hero-slider My Code:In this code my concern is cod...

Q: C++ - List of function pointers in class

somerandomguyI am making my own programming language. I made classes (like 'string' or 'int) that derive from the object class. I am making standard types like string and int so I have a base I can work off (expand my language with itself if that makes sense). Each standard type has a unordered_map of functio...

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This is a little broad for SO. What exactly are you looking for a full refactor of your code or suggestions to improve efficiency, I think this question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange — johnny 5 just now
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Q: How can I define a 1D matrix having spherical harmonics as its elements?

Delaram NematollahiI am trying to write a one-dimensional matrix in which the elements are spherical harmonics. The difficult part about it is that two of the four spherical harmonics variables need to remain symbolic so that I can use them late in different calculations. I am new to python so sorry if this is a s...

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Q: c++ console snake game

Mina YossryI have made a console game using c++ without using OOP. The game works perfectly, but is it good that way or should I have used OOP? #include <iostream> #include <utility> #include <vector> #include <Windows.h> #include <ctime> enum direction { STOP, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT }; const unsigned...

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Q: Project Euler # 52 Permuted multiples in Python

emadboctorIt can be seen that the number, 125874, and its double, 251748, contain exactly the same digits, but in a different order. Find the smallest positive integer, x, such that 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x, contain the same digits. from time import time def is_permutation(n1, n2): """returns True if...

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Q: Challenge - Construct binary tree from array

Drewsup123A coding challenge to construct a binary tree from an array. class BinaryTreeNode { constructor(value) { this.value = value; this.left = null; this.right = null; } } function makeBst(arr){ if(!arr || arr.length <= 1){ return arr; ...


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