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Q: C# handling of images - is this best for memory usage?

CarCompI am working with a system that needs to consume product images uploaded by employees and resize them / add white padding to the sides to create square images to be consumed by our e-commerce site. I'm attempting to keep things somewhat light on the memory usage because this will live in a windo...

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There is a separate site for review of working code: codereview.stackexchange.com. Stackoverflow is mainly for code with problems. But you may get comments here also. — rnso 24 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs in code review — Green Cloak Guy 42 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by helaughs_hecries on question by helaughs_hecries: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231120/revisions
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Q: Amazon scraper multi-threaded

bullseyeThis is a follow up to the code here: Web scraper that extracts urls from Amazon and eBay A multi-threaded modification to the previous version that supports Amazon and most of the necessary documentation is in the docstrings. You'll find a copy of the source code as well as necessary files here...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a coding style question. Perhaps move to codereview.stackexchange.com as suggested in the comments. — VKen 35 secs ago
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reduce in combination with urljoin seems like a good option, see here. — Mikhail Golubitsky 43 secs ago
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Note that working code is best presented at codereview.stackexchange.comMaarten Bodewes 25 secs ago
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@Duga Fine.
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This is best suited for Code Review Stack Exchange. Also do not hardcode the values or use UsedRange to find the last row. You may want to see THISSiddharth Rout 12 secs ago
Q: Arduino Code for Talking to an RFID Reader

Tom HoskerI've written some C++ code, intended to run on an Arduino, the purpose of which is to talk to SparkFun's Simultaneous RFID Reader. The current situation: The code runs fine, most of the time. However, sometimes it throws up a "Module failed to respond..." error. The above error tends to occur ...

@CaptainObvious Stop voting to close that, it's fine.
I can understand why it doesn't appear so and it may not be phrased perfectly, but it's perfectly reviewable.
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Who's gonna pay for that? — Cerbrus 2 hours ago
@Cerbus Who pays for Wikipedia? — rockwalrus 2 hours ago
Not enough people, as evident by the recurring requests for donations. — Cerbrus 2 hours ago
Why do so many people think they can get their stuff for free if they're persistent enough...
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Would anyone perchance be interested in looking at a smol thing I made in Java and give me my WTF/s?
Bonus: You get to know my real name
shoot :)
@Gemtastic But we'd have to read Java :(
@Gemtastic You can't post it as a regular question?
9:19 AM
"IS THERE ANOTHER EFFICIENT WAY OF DOING THIS": first of all, using all caps is not a nice way of communicating. But more to the essence: what exactly is "doing this"? Compressing? If you already have a solution and your question is about whether it is efficient, then at least you should provide the relevant code. It might then be even better suited for CodeReview - but you would need to rewrite your question anyway. As it is written now, it is too broad/unclear. — trincot 23 secs ago
@Duga It's international caps day, isn't it?
> If you already have a solution and your question is about whether it is efficient, then at least you should provide the relevant code. It might then be even better suited for CodeReview
So Code Review can give you a stamp for Efficient Code TM
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Q: "Phone price problem" in C

DHRUV JOSHII was solving this question from a coding platform,i am getting my answer always as zero can someone please help what's wrong with logic / syntax in my code. here is my C code #include <stdio.h> int X(int A[]) { int j,count=0,i; int iter=0; int B[5]; for(i=0;i<5;i++) { ...

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Q: Recreating NTILE function on running SQL in Excel

Dao Duy ThucI am making a conversion from traditional way of creating reports in Excel, and I have been stuck on recreating NTILE function when running SQL in Excel (because NTILE function does not exist there), even though I have succeeded in recreating NTILE function when running in Oracle PL/SQL Developer...

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A: List files and folders in current dir with special handling for tty

max taldykinOsStr conversion According to the path source, s.as_os_str().to_str() is the same as s.to_str(): pub fn as_os_str(&self) -> &OsStr { &self.inner } pub fn to_str(&self) -> Option<&str> { self.inner.to_str() } Moreover, using unwrap() here is not safe at all as invalid Unicode is prett...

Q: Defining custom In Case Sensitive init for enum

SaranjithCase insensitive rawValue implementation in swift below.How can we make it better? enum A: String, CaseIterable { case a = "A" case b = "b" case c = "C" init(rawValue: String) { switch rawValue.lowercased() { case A.a.rawValue.lowercased(): self = .a ...

Thanks for posting the “official” solution. It’s not bad although it should be noted that it can be improved slightly even without using any additional tools that you might not have learned yet. But this is the wrong site for this (codereview.stackexchange.com would be more appropriate). — Konrad Rudolph 10 secs ago
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Q: Are we voting to close too quickly?

konijnWith the kerfuffle on SE, I've decided to try & contribute a bit more again. So I started with the vote close queue, and this one irked me: https://codereview.stackexchange.com/review/close/124096 How did this question get in the close queue within 25 minutes of it's creation? Are we no longer ...

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On a side note: This question is probably better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comMarkus Deibel 6 secs ago
11:43 AM
@Vogel612 I've already flagged this answer what do I do now? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231027/…
@pacmaninbw relax and let it sit a bit
@pacmaninbw It already has a notice, so flagging again is pointless, isn't it?
for what it's worth, that user is kinda regularly providing answers like that
11:45 AM
Yea, and doesn't look like the tone will be changing anytime soon.
I gathered that from his comment
and I think I'd decline NAA flags with "Flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies or an outright wrong answer"
and probably the same for VLQ
VLQ would be appropriate if there was no notice yet.
Code-only answers are VLQ.
12:03 PM
@avazula see discussion directly above :)
12:15 PM
@Vogel612 I don't understand, from what Mast said I thought it was VLQ since there's no explanation of what the code does?
30 mins ago, by Mast
@pacmaninbw It already has a notice, so flagging again is pointless, isn't it?
@Vogel612 oh, okay then. :)
Thanks for letting me know
The primary focus of those flags is to get a notice on those answers that deserve it.
There's also the Low Quality queue, but that's a bit more complicated as to how and why questions get into it and which should get into it.
Q: Check a string for 2 values

Peter BoomsmaI have a string, for example: dashboard/12398911/overzicht and I want to check that string for 2 values. For dashboard and overzicht. If the first check is false, then the second check doesn't need to happen. This is my current code: private pageTypes = ['dashboard', 'klantenkaart', 'complexkaa...

This particular answer should be fixed. With the notice, the author knows to fix it.
If they don't, shrug, we can always nuke it later.
Can't find the meta on that queue. Usually you stumble upon it every week at least, but no, never when you need it.
NAA and VLQ flags can put a question in the LQ queue, but I vaguely recall it wasn't that simple
A: What is a disputed flag?

Tim StoneA disputed flag is whenever your flag was dismissed as neither helpful nor declined, or someone reviewed your flag but no conclusive action was taken. This is intended for use in cases where the validity of a flag is ambiguous. Currently, the following scenarios result in a flag being disputed:...

I think there's "write a wiki on SE moderation" somewhere on one of my to-do lists.
Q: What to do with Code Only Answer in Low Quality Queue

MalachiThe only options currently are Looks OK Edit Delete Skip But when you have a code only answer, It isn't Okay There isn't anything to edit really Deleting a good start to a review seems like a bad idea Skipping the review doesn't help anyone What should be done when the code looks like an ...

1:20 PM
Ben Popper on October 22, 2019

Welcome back to the another episode of the newly rebooted Stack Overflow podcast. This week we’ve got a very special guest, Cassidy Williams of React Training. Cassidy is a coder, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and prolific Twitter comedian. She also curates our newsletter. On this episode, we talk about Paul’s career as a a club promoter, Ben’s brush with terrifying bitcoin spam, and Sara’s favorite Kanye tweet. Enjoy, subscribe, and leave us a rating if you like the show. …

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Hate to be that guy but I would think that the code review SE is a better place to post this :) — Kobe 39 secs ago
1:46 PM
@Mast I think you deserve a life jacket for this one, especially since Edward just answered codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231131/…
Q: Implementing simplified Jaipur board game

Thirupathi ThangavelI wanted to build a bot for playing Jaipur board game. I started by implementing a simplified version of the game without bot. Want to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Few of the simplifications from the actual game: Prices of commodities are fixed No camels Only one card is visibl...

If your code is working, but you want someone to review it for best practices, Code Review would be the better site for it. Your question seems too broad for Stack Overflow as it does not include a clear way for us to answer. — zero298 44 secs ago
If you want to have "working code" reviewed, Code Review is a great idea. — mickmackusa 14 secs ago
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@pacmaninbw Edward is also an electronics engineer IIRC, so at least the author got a decent answer without me having to write it.
All is good in the world again.
@Mast Edward answered my first question here on code review and taught me a lot. Don't you want to earn a few rep?
As a side note: If you're looking for suggestions on how to improve already-working code, there's codereview.stackexchange.com specifically for this ;) — GPhilo 25 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because SO is not a code review site — treyBake 49 secs ago
There is a codereview SE that may accept this q - but I'm not a user of that site, so can't say with a guarantee — treyBake 33 secs ago
@410_Gone Do you have any good references for how to write the VM portion of MVVM? I'm interested in re-writing the Book DB tool using MVVM.
@treyBake code must be working for Code Review SE. — JAD 55 secs ago
Nah, didn't do much MVVM in my day. But, @MathieuGuindon and Hosch did.
2:24 PM
@410_Gone Have you written your own controllers for MVC?
Yeah, I did a lot of MVC, but not as much MVVM.
@410_Gone Is your work primarily .Net web development?
I'm interested in Windows Forms primarily.
@pacmaninbw I probably should, just to unlock the 10k+ tools.
I care more about keeping this site clean than about imaginary points.
@Mast I'd also like to break 10K to get the moderator tools. I'd also like to get Silver badges for C and C++.
@pacmaninbw Web, Windows Forms.
WPF is the MVVM stuff
2:31 PM
Q: How can I speed up this serialized array generation php script?

VORiANDI bought one site script, which gives mobile device datas a nice frontend. This is working great, but if I saved all mobile infos in the DB, I need to generate for every device the "specs_array". This is where the problem comes. To generate this information for every device I need to execute this...

@410_Gone Yeah, haven't really seen any controllers for WPF, or at least not inexpensive ones.
WPF is pretty heavy on MVVM, and I didn't do too much of it. I did a fair amount, but nothing outrageous.
I could look in my library for a good book on MVVM if you're interested.
@pacmaninbw That's just their style :|.
@Mast Sounds good.
Title and author.
2:35 PM
Expect a ping in 2h.
I'm not sure this is better than the mile-long post on Code Review. — mickmackusa 5 secs ago
@Mast the issue with posting it as a regular question is that it's too big. It's not a complicated app but it's too big for CR
Sorry for the wait, my boss made me put up curtains all day
Depending on the desired output, it may be appropriate to have Do While or Do Until for different aspects. Send Keys is prone to many issues, similar to the timing you've averted to with use of sleep, but there are other issues such as location of the initial cell/cursor/etc. As such, knowing more about what is happening in the overall scope of the procedure may be appropriate to diagnose what is failing. Not sure if it's worth a cross-post, but posting on code review might be beneficial to possibly circumvent some of the issues. — Cyril 15 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Heslacher on question by Happy: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/200386/revisions
2:51 PM
Q: what will be the correct syntax existing in the standard?

walter nuñezUnderstanding the standards (PSR or others), I am left with the doubt of the arrays indexes, what would be the correct syntax? Only with the following example that it is the right thing to declare the uppercase or lowercase keys in the case of instances calls stored in variables <?php class Ex...

@Duga thats ok ;-)
3:14 PM
@Gemtastic you looking for anything specific? I haven't used elasticsearch in any way and I don't know my way around the codebase ...
@pacmaninbw btw, you can usually ping be on a review by that author. I usually post a counter-review as a reaction…
@Zeta If I knew Haskell I might have.
Hey kid. You wanna hear about Monads?
> "Wolle Rosen Monaden kaufen?"
3:21 PM
Oh. I think I missed a lot lately. @410_Gone, you changed your name lately?
It be like that sometimes.
and self-removed as a room owner :/
Fun fact: you can do that.
(I didn't do anything as an RO anyway.)
it would be a not so fun fact if you couldn't, actually
I think I pinned 3 tweets, pretty sure in the year I've been an RO that's all I've done.
Plus, since I'm not the example we want to set it made sense, logistically.
3:24 PM
@Vogel612 I'm pretty sure I removed myself as a room owner 2 or 3 weeks ago. Or I was going to remove myself from the list.
Maybe I only dreamt about it. /shrug.
You're still an RO...so...
I practically live in this room, why am I not a frequent user?
You don't talk as much
Isn't that better than talking too much?
I'm just saying, that's why you aren't "frequently in this room" lmao
3:31 PM
Q: Python Secure Implementation Of AES-256-CTR Using Cryptography.Hazmat

SamG101I've implemented a wrapper for AES 256 CTR mode using the cryptography.hazmat module, I am wondering if there are any vulnerabilities in my implementation, specifically about the counter and its encoding. Here is the code: from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.ciphers import Cipher from cryptograp...

@Vogel612 general code review, if you saw that as a turn in for a job (and consider the timestamps of the git commits) for someone wit 4,5 years of experience, what would you think? Where can I do better?
@410_Gone That's a sad state of affairs since I talk here almost more than I talk anywhere else including real life.
I mean, it be like that sometimes.
@Gemtastic I'm not a Java developer, but I'd wonder about documentation.
3:47 PM
I see one delete request -- presumably from you. The javadoc says this is the right way to do it. I'll remove the answer if you wish, but I still feel you're a shitty programmer who would get fired with cause if you took this sort of tone to your code reviews. — hd1 34 secs ago
4:04 PM
@pacmaninbw Start here, then this, and get Advanced MVVM by Josh Smith if you still want a real book after that. 52 pages illustrating and explaining exactly how to use MVVM in an application.
@Mast Thank you!
You're welcome.
4:17 PM
@Zeta what documentation do you feel is lacking?
@MathieuGuindon This Skill IQ thing gotta be lying. ^^^
wow you're busy!
Most of those were June.
Please take a look and this answer and see if it helps. — PeterT just now
We did a big move across the office then and this is how I protested lmao
4:22 PM
you printed the page and framed it on the wall behind you?
No lmao
I should
@ConstantinGroß its probably not possible because it has more than 200 lines, it connects with mongoose etc i would like to know if its possible to run it one by one i dont need code review.. — Sebqu 1 min ago
I should print my Galaga score instead
Well, your question will likely get closed because there's nothing to answer here (it already has two close votes). 200 lines of code is no big deal here. You apparently do need a code review because you need help. Problems with asynchronous operations and loops and sequences are not generic. They are specific to exactly what you're trying to do. — jfriend00 37 secs ago
@410_Gone Where (url) did you take these tests?
4:33 PM
Is it a joint account?
No lmao
Why you all hating on my skills
Am a software developer, 'tis my nature to question things that goes well
4:50 PM
I for one enjoys being scrutinized
5:07 PM
pats head you're a good dev I am sure. Pluralsight said so
not sure how to make you feel better but makes a valiant effort
@Gemtastic I'll shoot you an email to the mail adress that I'll dig out of the commit metadata in a few days 😀 Note that this means you probably have more professional experience than me now ;)
@410_Gone congrats, you're a DevOps special operative
@Gemtastic Unless I missed something, there is no comment in the code at all, neither documentation-wise (Java uses Javadoc?) nor explanation. The code might be so trivial that no documentation is necessary at all, but you're usually not the only one who works on a project.
Even your future self in three months/three years isn't the same person as you currently are, so you can consider your future self a collaborator without any experience with that project. Will they know where they can immediately start toying on the project?
Oh yeah, javadoc
The Readme is a great start for that, but as a non-Java programmer I wouldn't know how to extend the software. I'm probably not your target audience, though.
Mann I have been working with bad practice for wayyy too long
The target audience is a potential employer who wants to see if I am hirable so a lot is missing
5:16 PM
Is it specifically for an interview question?
If so, javadoc are probably a must.
If Javadoc supports file or module documentation make sure to put an overview in there. The grand picture is often more helpful than a documentation like "setUserName() sets the current user name".
I just had to work with undocumented "legacy" code in a language almost no one at our department uses. To add insult to injury, the framework it used is also lacking documentation/tutorials/the grand picture, so I'm a little bit grumpy about missing documentation at the moment, sorry about that.
@JL2210 You might be interested in this answer, which discusses ways of optimizing strlen using basic x86 instructions (i.e., without using any SSE). Certainly, as Peter says, SSE is the way to make it really fast. If you want to know more, ask more questions about it. I could expand that answer another 10 pages, but I would eventually run out of room and folks would get tired of reading. — Cody Gray ♦ 31 secs ago
5:36 PM
@410_Gone I don't think it's lying, although maybe 30 questions would be better. If it makes you feel good, Nice Job!
It's supposed to scale difficulty to make better judgments.
Try Code Review, but also clarify the intent of "shortest" if you decide to post there. Also consider that "shortest" may not always be "best". If you value clarity in your code, less lines doesn't always give that result. — devlin carnate 36 secs ago
@Mast it's a turn in assignment
The last 3 years I have only worked with undocumented legacy code or code under the concept of "self explanatory"
I love writing javadocs, I just lost the instinct :'(
They are no excuses, I really appreciate the pointer for it
@Gemtastic I'm not sure why you've set your work email adress as the author information ...
also I notice that the commits are not big on justifying the changes, but that's very much to be expected early in development
Agreed with @devlincarnate, you should post it on Code Review. Though one hint to already keeping in mind. Going through cells in a range object is slow! Arrays, collections and dictionaries are a lot faster and will look a lot cleaner too. Good luck — JvdV 7 secs ago
5:53 PM
Q: Managing const strings in a Rust project

temarsdenI'm looking for the best way to manage constant strings in a Rust project. The hope is to manage my strings from a single file. Would the best way be to create something like constants.rs which would include my strings, something like... pub const COMMONSTRING: &str = "common string value"; pu...

@CaptainObvious Asking for best practices, only example code.
Ben Popper on October 22, 2019

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade immersed in the world of technology. I could give a lengthy lecture on the history of LIDAR and the future of self-driving cars. I could explain what’s so fascinating about artificial intelligence that can beat humans in poker and why we shouldn’t be afraid of robot overlords just yet. I’ve got a cocktail party’s worth of witty things to say about the potential for brain-computer interfaces and our very cybernetic future. Despite all my years as a journalist covering technology, however, the closest I got to working on the code that makes all  …

6:08 PM
@Vogel612 marketing my current employer I suppose, but those bare some good points
Q: Node.js user service implementation

kbakozodaI am working by myself on my practice project that is an authorization server which I am developing on Node.js Express. This service provides sign-in and sign-up API endpoints. I store users in MongoDB and use Mongoose in my project. The sign-in endpoint must provide a possibility to sign-in wit...

@Gemtastic On a personal GitHub? Might not want to do that.
It's a thing we do, but I will change it when
Or if I quit
I am a consultant atm
6:39 PM
Without running looks OK. IF you are after a code review their is a site dedicated to that: codereview.stackexchange.comMartin York just now
Q: Review a piece of code bought from someone else

AlexVIn How can I speed up this serialized array generation php script? the OP states, that they "bought one [...] script" from someone else. Since I could not identify if the script in question was also bought, I asked the OP in a comment to clarify this, since I thought it would be off-topic otherwi...

Q: Date Class, implemented

Vital ZeroI'm implementing this date class based on <ctime> I'll appreciate your comments, critics and advice. Please review, thank you!. Date.h /* * Date.h * * Usage: * Create object, and then call Set(day, month, year) * Throws invalid argument exception if Teb 29th is set with the wrong year (is...

6:54 PM
@Feeds can you VTC on a locked post?
@MathieuGuindon No.
Only flag available is for moderator attention, no VTC possible.
So if you want to close it, you have to unlock it first.
hm, I think I can still hammer it closed
You should, that's what you got the diamond for.
Unlock, hammer, done.
6:57 PM
I'm strongly in favour of not allowing this.
It's a major can of worms if we do.
I hope you're not getting discouraged by all this question-closing going on @konijn
Welcome back.
7:28 PM
But this is a pretty "elastic" case, am I right? This is a very-very little part of the script and I can rewrite the variables and say I wrote it myself... — VORiAND 30 secs ago
7:40 PM
possible answer invalidation by brasides on question by brasides: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231076/revisions
8:04 PM
Is the code working, as far as you can understand? If so: codereview.stackexchange.com might be better to ask such question. If not: what exactly, about your solution, isn't working? — Algirdas Preidžius 32 secs ago
What I suggest is that you try it one way (or even both ways) and then post it on Code Review. — madreflection 9 secs ago
Q: Proper way to find newest file in a directory

FangirI wanted to ask if this is a better way to find a latest file in given directory. This is my current approach: import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; import java.nio.file.Files; import java.nio.file.Path; import java.nio.file.Paths; import java.nio.file.attribute.BasicFileAttributes; i...

8:35 PM
hi @rew check out the code review stackexchange, codereview.stackexchange.com I think this would be more relevant there, since you aren't experiencing a specific problem. — Cameron Roberts 42 secs ago
@Duga rolled back
Monking to you too!
@Ivantheprogrammer If your code works, and you only need for someone to review it, then codereview.stackexchange.com is a better place to ask such a question. — Algirdas Preidžius 38 secs ago
9:05 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because there is no demonstrable problem. This may belong on Code Review. — Prune 10 secs ago
9:15 PM
Q: Simple lock-free queue - multiple producers, single consumer

Perl99I have a simple lock-free queue, which supports multiple producers, but only one consumer. It is based on a constant-sized ring buffer and stores only pointers to a class and not actual instances. Also it uses pre-C++11 and GCC-specific functions. Is is implemented properly or does it have a dat...

If you want help improving working code you should post this on CodeReview.SE. If you do decide to do so please delete the question here. — NathanOliver 55 secs ago
As already stated, such question is better suited on CodeReview, but, we can't answer such a question either, due to it lacking minimal reproducible example (note: CodeReview alse require it). — Algirdas Preidžius 38 secs ago
9:35 PM
Q: How to properly calculate tf-idf and most salient tokens without external imports

needshelpIt keeps telling me that an int object is not iterable when I put it into Ipython. Any tips (not downloading or importing anything) for making this work and return a dictionary of words and their tf-idf score? def tf(docs): N_docs = len(docs) k = 0 for one_doc in rang...

9:53 PM
@Mast It's all good, I've always felt a litle out of sync, but never unwelcome ;)
10:16 PM
Q: How to write a multivariate multi-step forecasting from a multivariate single step

Joichiro NishiI'm trying to implement a multi-variate, multiple-step model to forecast the day ahead electricity prices (h+1,h+2,...,h+24). I know how to do one forecast, but I'm confused with how to implement a multiple output approach where each forecast gives a vector of predictions for each hour in the day...

11:14 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because belongs to code review codereview.stackexchange.comMate 4 mins ago

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