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Unrelated... Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in non-Harry Potter movies is so odd
@Hosch250 Your complexity analysis is correct, but you completely missed the fact that the algorithm is just wrong.
Or maybe the OP is confused.
@skiwi huh... so flag them for mod attention
12:15 AM
@200_success Maybe I'm confused.
Basically, it goes through and counts the instances of each character in both strings for every character in the first string.
Of course, it won't catch characters in the second string that are not in the first string that way, but the equality check ensures that this will make at least one other character not have the same counts.
It looks like it should work correctly to me.
OP has edited the question, and I've modified the title to match.
Oh, I see.
Huh, I'll edit my answer.
My answer worked for the first question :/
possible answer invalidation by Eugene Zhuchenko on question by Eugene Zhuchenko: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/149114/revisions
@200_success Shouldn't it be closed as blatantly broken considering the edit?
It wasn't broken. It's just that the original question was horribly unclear due to a misuse of English vocabulary.
12:34 AM
Oh, I guess it does work correctly.
For some values of "correctly."
13234 compared to 43231 returns "true".
It shouldn't though.
Am I interrupting? I stopped by to share a funny.
@shog9 I've been wondering. Do you have to be good at puns to get hired at SE, or do y'all train the newbies? @henebb @CodeWisdom
@Rubberduck203 @henebb @CodeWisdom if by "train" you mean "fail to shield from @aalear", then... Yes, yes we do.
put some rum in it :)
Q: HTML Skunk dice game/ Display score

Anonymous So this is the dice game of skunk. How would I get the score to display 0 if one of the dice rolls a 1/skunk? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> body {background-color: #e6ccff; font-size: 17px; text-align:center}; h1{color:navyblue; font-size: 40px; h2{color:navyblue...

12:52 AM
OK, fixed.
1:08 AM
Gosh, I'm fried. Two more sections and some updates to write before I'm done.
7 pages down, probably 1-2 to go, not counting images.
Hey guys, sorry for not being around much recently, I've been in all-day training courses for the past few days.. one day left
@DanPantry Pity you aren't a train engineer.
Then you'd be taking training courses.
1:29 AM
These kinds of questions are off topic on Stack Overflow. Codereview is perhaps the place for you. — Gendarme 44 secs ago
1:47 AM
@Hosch250 the force pun is strong with this one.
If your code is entirely functional, but could use improvement, please post it On Code Review instead. — Carcigenicate 7 secs ago
2:14 AM
Q: Vending Machine class ...did I do this right?

theredfox24This is the question: I am looking for ways to improve the code that I wrote for this. Consider a simple vending machine class. The machine accepts tokens and dispenses cans of refreshing beverages. Write a complete class (on the next page) as described below:  The class has two instance data f...

It isn't exactly unclear to me (a grep emulator written in C).
Is it standard to close questions with no text as unclear?
Q: Extracting various bit lengths from variables

HecatonchiresI need to extract various lengths of bits from other variables. Listed is the spec for a DataField in a Message Offset Data Type Length Field Description 0 UINT32 4 Gateway serial The serial of the receiving gateway. 4 UINT32 4 Serial ...

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@skiwi The other answer to that question you linked is a link to a different tool. Lol
Q: My attempt at FizzBuzz (Python 3)

GeezyTeeIs this a good solution for FizzBuzz? What can I do better? for num in range(1, 101): if num % 3 == 0: if num % 5 == 0: print("FizzBuzz") else: print("Fizz") elif num % 5 == 0: print("Buzz") else: print(num)

3:29 AM
@CaptainObvious did someone say FizzBuzz? :D
3:55 AM
@Lonely, please read Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example guidance - SO is not Code Review - you are expected to provide nicely formatted example demonstrating the problem preferably following default style guidelines for language you are using. There is no value for community in showing that you dislike style of code you have locally. — Alexei Levenkov 58 secs ago
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@Hosch250 Been at 57 for a moment it seems, only need 7 votes and 23 answers.
4:27 AM
Q: I don't know why the X is not changing its location

Sabrina Zhuimport java.util.Scanner; public class MazeGame { char[][] maze = {{'W','W','W','W','W','W','-'}, {'S','-','-','-','-','W','W'}, {'W','-','W','W','-','W','-'}, {'W','W','W','W','-','-','-'}, {'E','-','-','W','W','-','-'}, {'W','W','-','-','-','-','W'}}; int playerColumn; int playerRow; int moveC...

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@Mat'sMug @SimonForsberg @skiwi Brainfuck in C# zombie smashed.
4:50 AM
@EBrown You forgot to tell him to write C# in C# and BF in BF.
5:30 AM
Accidentally hibernated my PC.
Oh well.
How is hibernating bad?
It isn't any worse than a reboot, really.
Takes ~15-30 minutes for my PC to hibernate.
So you mean that all that time you were sitting there glaring at your computer?
Oh well, time to go to bed. Every night, sleep seems such a waste, and every morning, it seems like I'll never really wake up.
> The last message was posted 200 days ago.
@EBrown Do you never leave a room?
@Hosch250 Chat room?
Yeah, I have a bunch of them favourited and never leave.
5:58 AM
Happy birthday @Phrancis! ;)
Q: Immutable ES7 global state store

CoboltI am quite an experienced developer but I am quite new to JS/frontend/functional programming and I am working with react-native in my day-job now. I'm trying to do my own flux implementation to better understand redux. My goal is to have a performant data store that will behave predictably. This...

@EBrown Thanks =D
Q: Tic Tac Toe in Ruby

Adrian DeRoseI'm a novice programmer going through the Odin Project. I just finished up building a command line Tic Tac Toe game and I would appreciate some feedback on object-oriented design, methods, verbosity, etc. Here is the code for the main menu/high level game control: require "./game.rb" require ...

6:23 AM
Belated congratulations to @Shepmaster on passing 4k!
@Cheersandhth.-Alf Suit yourself, but this not a code review. The beginner got the answer that his program was crashing because of limits of stack space. He did not ask the best way to allocate an array in C++ — Itsik just now
Q: Finding End of the input without use of sys in python3

sarvajeetsuman I need to create a phone directory with given inputs, then i need to query the dictionary for unknown number of given keys, if not found, print Not found. Link of Original HackerRank Problem here I have written this code in python3, it's working fine. Please review, Suggest other ways of...

Welcome to Stack Overflow! This is not really a programming problem, and is thus off topic for this site. Please try at our sister site Code ReviewJoe C 50 secs ago
6:52 AM
Monking !
> Q: What is a programmer's favorite hangout place?
> A: `Foo Bar`
Q: Given an unsorted integer array, find the first missing positive integer

Lin MaHere is the problem, any advice about code improvement, more efficient implementation in terms of time complexity, functional bugs, etc. are appreciated. Given an unsorted integer array, find the first missing positive integer. For example, Given [1,2,0] return 3, and [3,4,-1,1] re...

If your code currently works fine and you just need improvements then please visit CodeReviewFirstStep 48 secs ago
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user image
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Q: Find most frequent word in stream of k words

ananyaI was solving http://www.spoj.com/problems/WORDCNT2/. My approach uses a queue to store k elements.A map and set are are also used in order to get most frequent lexicographically smallest string. But if I am using set to find lexicographically smallest frequent string it is getting tle. Please su...

8:02 AM
Q: Datatable or lists of class for storing displayed data?

FCinI'm creating application for displaying charts using data stored in NoSQL LiteDb repository. My application can store IDocument which is my custom type for storing anything related to a single read file (name, columns, rows). Application can display many IDocument's a the same time in different t...

Is it ok that I posted two answers here ? Or should I merge them ?
8:21 AM
Q: HackerRank - Matrix Rotation

Jianmin ChenProblem statement: https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/matrix-rotation-algo In April, 2016, I did the practice using C#, but only scored 8 out of 80 points. Here is the code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Th...

8:32 AM
Q: how to loop and skip validations if attribute is not present in model rails

LearningRORI want to skip validations based on attributes. If certain attributes are not in form so I do not want to validate them. Currently, if I post them from one form which has 1 field, it still validates other 9 fields and show me errors that it cant be blank. If I check from big form which has 10 f...

8:57 AM
This question perhaps belongs more on codereview.stackexchange.comPeter B 1 min ago
@Dex'ter As long as both of your answers are reviews of the code, this is fine. Look at Barry's answers for instance
Q: Project Euler 92: Square digit chains

N3buchadnezzar A number chain is created by continuously adding the square of the digits in a number to form a new number until it has been seen before. For example, 44 → 32 → 13 → 10 → 1 → 1 85 → 89 → 145 → 42 → 20 → 4 → 16 → 37 → 58 → 89 Therefore any chain that arrives at 1 or 89 ...

@MathiasEttinger ok ^^
@MathiasEttinger BTW, as an answer to the question you asked the OP, I guess 1 should be returned for [4,5,7,8]
because that's actually the first missing integer
6 would be the 4th
OP's implementation would return 1
I know/saw. And it's correct
But it's not entirely clear what the reference is, if the exercise ask for the absolute first missing integer or the first missing integer relative to the minimum of the list.
In the first case, we can use min(x for x in numbers if x > 0) as a starting point, but not in the second one.
9:13 AM
@MathiasEttinger Agree. What do you think about: dpaste.de/aUWC ? ^^
@Dex'ter That, as the OP, you’re sorting the array
So it will never be O(n)
I know. I was just playing around ;P
@DanPantry Hey, you and me both ^^
9:27 AM
@EBrown Stargreed! @Phrancis
@EBrown Why on earth would you do that?? That's just crazy!
Also, Monking @all
@MathiasEttinger Anyway, using an insertion sort at its best you can get \$O(n)\$ .Then, iterate through the list. If 1 is missing, that's our answer. If it's there, we can iteratively check if the next integer is the next number in the array, otherwise the next integer is the missing one. (for the first case)
A: Java 8 streams adding values from two or more lists

Louis WassermanThat one isn't really doable the way you're hoping. The closest you could get would probably be IntStream.range(0, voterA.size()) .mapToObj(i -> voterA.get(i) + voterB.get(i)) .collect(toList()); ...but there's no "zip" operation on streams, largely because two different streams can h...

A wild Jon Skeet has been found in the comments
Not a problem - if your code is fully functional - I'd perhaps suggest posting it to Code Review where people can offer advice and suggestions for improvements :) — Macro Man 30 secs ago
@Dex'ter And you can get \$O(1)\$ if the list is already sorted… But what's interesting is the general case.
9:52 AM
I'm totally saving this for a future point in my career when someone asks me to "just make it work"
Q: Please check the code below for making network request to generate OTP using alamofire object mapper and mark any recommendation or mistakes

nikhil nangia //Calling Function code to generate OTP @IBAction func loginButtonTapped(_ sender: AnyObject) { print("mobile",self.textFieldPhoneNum.text!) guard (textFieldName.text?.characters.count)! > 0 && (textFieldPhoneNum.text?.characters.count)! == 10 else { _ = SCLAlertView...

^ And this officially wins the longest title contest in history !! haha
possible answer invalidation by Maruli on question by Maruli: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/149178/revisions
@Duga Not sure if it's OK or if it deserves a followup question.
10:32 AM
Q: Polymorphism in javascript

synthet1cI am trying to make a chatbot using javascript by deconstructing a sentence into it's intent by separating the Noun's Verb's, Adjectives, Durations's, Numbers etc... to construct a data query to try to answer the users question. I have built the parser and believe I have a good handle on that, b...

Q: Download website source through Socks4 using Winsock

curiosulI just have started to introduce myself into network programming using C++. So I started with Winsock. The code I made is compiled with MinGW and works perfectly! As a beginner, the main purpose of code was to do what I wanted. Now it's time to go to next level! The program will download a webp...

10:57 AM
Q: Recursively search a folder for photos

Michael Johnson #! python3 # Recursively searches the given folder for photos which meet the defined # criteria # Prints search results to screen and saves said data as a pickled object and # as a reader friendly .txt file using pprint import argparse import logging import os import pickle import pprint from ...

@Duga significantly expands the code under review. ... I don't really like it. @MathiasEttinger I agree, but I'm not really willing to take action ...
I feel this question should be posted on codereview.stackexchange.comRSB 27 secs ago
@Duga LGTM
11:21 AM
Q: Optimizing Ruby Code

Kingsley SimonI have the current code structure which works but i feel there should be a better way of optimizing the code structure or writing it much more cleaner. Can anyone suggest a better way to represent this code leads = CaseStatus.where(:application_source => channel, :lead_source => lead_source).jo...

Hi \o
Back to the room after declining 3 crap flags for migration to CR :D
Monking @BhargavRao !
wb :)
Monking @Dex'ter
you seem to become more and more of a regular in here :)
11:28 AM
There are 3 more flags that I'm unsure of
@Vogel612 Yup, Thanks to flags :D
19 mins ago, by Vogel612
@Duga LGTM
@BhargavRao It needs more context about what / why the code does
^^ Duga already caught that one. It might do with more explanation, but ...
So shall I push it over and you guys bugg ask the OP or shall I close it there?
FWIW the answer seems to fit okay for here, and it seems to mean that ruby users know what that does without much more explanation
so I'd say push it over
11:31 AM
Sent it over the Wall :P
Oh, Some other mod has declined the other 2 flags
Lol, we get a lot of bad flags to move to CR :D
@BhargavRao that's because people just think they know what CR is really about
Q: Dependency injection in MVC controller

Dheeraj PalagiriThis is how normally i do dependency injection for an MVC controller. public class NewsController : Controller { private readonly INewsRepositoryFactory newsRepositoryFactory; public NewsController() : this(new NewsRepositoryFactory()) { } public NewsController(INewsRep...

Q: python class template that anyone can fill with data and inheritances

tlebrizeI want to allow anyone that has never coded to make classes depending on my template with little to no knowledge of what is python. These classes need to do 2 things : inherit of other classes like them and contain variables, updating values if they have been changed or keeping them if not. For...

Got another flag, this one stackoverflow.com/questions/41035222/…. It looks good to me.
Send it over?
@Dex'ter True, We need to have some kinda info about CR. There's the same issue with Software Recs and Software Engg.
Yep, I've read that. That's why I've declined 4-5 random flags ;)
11:38 AM
@Kaz vba question up there
LGTM, but what do I know about vba :)
Hi @Tushar
Didn't expect to see you here
11:40 AM
@BhargavRao That's acceptable for migration.
Also as you all are monitoring the comments, ping me if you see a suitable post. I'll bring it to the bluer side. :)
Monkeys, is this an ok edit (for title) ? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/149289/…
Adding tags in a title?
And it'd be better if you'd remove the meta text at the bottom
@Gemtastic caught you lurking again :)
Q: Center border and position of picture

KamilloPLI have problem with my border and picture with laptop. I would like to grey and white border be in place. If i reduce resolution - border not stay on position. Image have the same problem. This is my first project. Please give me some advice about my code. https://szymal.github.io/hello-minimal...

11:47 AM
@BhargavRao Done
Hmm, Some thing is not proper ....
@Dex'ter Do you use userscripts?
@BhargavRao feel free to edit yourself
@BhargavRao Nope
@BhargavRao Like @Kaz said, we do have a meta for that. We actually have a couple of metas for that. If you feel there are not enough, just say so, we'll make you a new one to finish the job.
> Magic™Editor.user.js
That would be an instant red flag at a review.
11:52 AM
@Dex'ter Nooo, Have a bet with Janos that I won't edit till I get 2k rep. :D
@BhargavRao well, answer some questions here to reach that rep ^_^ It's easy.
@Mast They're really good. They help me to decline the bad ones. But they should be made aware to the general SO user some how.
@Dex'ter Feel free to fix everything at once. I'll finish it for you this time :-)
@BhargavRao Look this would help you fast.
@BhargavRao well there's some questions on MSO, too.
this one is the biggest
11:55 AM
What fool decided to call Programmers Software Engineering? Now SE is ambiguous.
@Mast Hmm, what did I miss ? :D
SE is SE. se.se is softw.-eng. and sese is EBrowns data-explorer thingie
everything fine
unrelated: for a given integer n there's 2^n possibilites to write it as a sum of two integers, right?
that's bs ... it's 2n, right?
@Vogel612 Hmm, Interesting one. I'll add that as the decline flag text from now on. Thanks
@Dex'ter Proper capitalisation for one.
@Dex'ter Thx. But once I get some free time, I'll surely start answering.
@Dex'ter i to I. python to Python, etc
11:58 AM
And the readability was sub-par, so I took a shot at that as well.
Edits don't have to be perfect, but if you take a shot at it, might as well do it all at once.
And yes, I've been slacking in that regard in the past as well.
ooookaaay... I thiink I might have this right...
Famous last words.
@Vogel612 doesn't that depend whether the number is 2k or 2k+1 ?
actually it's n-1...
no wait .. it's n + 1... not that it matters for big-O
(0 + n), (1 + n -1), (2 + n - 2), ... , (n-1+ 1), (n + 0)
it's n + 1
12:04 PM
Q: Conways game of life with turtle python 3

BradypusA version of CGOL made in python using the turtle module. Any suggestions for optimisations or improvement: import time import turtle import threading wn = turtle.Screen() t = turtle.Turtle() t.penup() t.speed(0) t.ht() mode = int(input("What mode do you want to use to get the initial state? (1 ...

Q: Implementation of an asynchronous UDP server Listner

Shridhar private Socket serverSocket = null; private List<EndPoint> clientList = new List<EndPoint>(); private byte[] byteData = new byte[1024]; private int port = 1517; private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.serverSocket = new Socket(AddressF...

I've left bed two hours ago and I'm already producing humungous brainfarts again ..
More sleep next time.
@skiwi Monking
12:09 PM
hey @BhargavRao
Hi \o
@Mast 8 hours of actual sleep, 1 hour awake time after 6 hours ...
everything normal insofar. I even had coffee ...
7 hours of sleep... 1000% of stress for my interview in 45 minutes
@skiwi Good luck!
The first round I felt like I had control as in I was interviewing them, but now I like the company so now the stress is on me :/
@Mast Thanks :)
@skiwi relax. You'll do great. You're an awesome programmer. You got this :)
Which reminds me, I got good news yesterday.
@skiwi btw, how was it ?
I'll start at my new job next Monday :-)
New function: Test Engineer
12:15 PM
@Mast congrats man!
All the best at you new workplace :)
@Mast Congrats and best of luck
time for breakfast/lunch
@skiwi what you'll be doin' there. And what position did you apply for ? ;P
@Vogel612 For any 2 integers, it's infinite. For any 2 positive integers greater than zero, if you consider 1+3 and 3+1 to be different, then it's (N-1) for odd numbers, and (N-2) for even numbers)
12:21 PM
@Kaz it's actually n+1 for any positive integer
@Dex'ter How so? Take, say, 6: 1+5, 2+4, 3+3, 4+2, 5+1. That's 5.
@Kaz 0 also counts
I suppose
@Dex'ter I did say greater than zero ^^ but yes, if you include zero, it becomes (N+1) and (N)
@Kaz didn't see that n > 0 condition
Continuing: If you consider 1+3 and 3+1 to be the same, then it's (N-1)/2 for odd numbers, and (N)/2 for even ones. +1 if including Zero.
@Dex'ter Depends how you interpret integer ^^
12:27 PM
O(n) in sum :)
Q: Calculating CRC using arbitrary polynomials

mkrieger1This is my implementation of calculating CRCs which supports arbitrary polynomials specified in different representations (according to the explanations given here and here). My concerns are: I don't like the weak typing (having to supply the numeric value and its size for both the data and th...

@Mast Nice, gonrats :)
@Dex'ter Software ontwikkelaar
@skiwi That's Software Developer for those among us that don't speak Dutch
@Mast no problem. Google answered that ^^
@Mast Whoops, answered it a bit too literally
12:36 PM
@MathiasEttinger can I ask you for some explanation of a python construct ? :D
I’ll give it a try
12:54 PM
Q: Reduce Memory Usage When Outputting Large List to Web Client

JasonAwhile back, I wrote a quick and dirty webapp to read the remote server's log files, without a user needing to ssh in to view it via command line. It's meant to be a quick and dirty tool since we don't have anything like logstash available. I am rewriting in Java 8 and have used the Streaming AP...

Q: XML Remittance Advice for Supplier Payruns

PaulineWe are using an old xml file written by a long-gone employee to create remittance advices which was working up until very recently. We upgraded our systems to IE11 and MSOffice13 and following that, the xml code has one major problem: in the pagefootercont, where we want to print the total for ...

Q: How to avoid "Error=Timeout expired." in MSSQL Server 2012?

Rahul HendaweI'm trying to avoid the Timeout error in an Stored Procedure and I've done some changes (used Try/Catch block) in sp to achieve this. Can anyone here please review the below Stored Procedure code and advise if this will handle the timeout exception and continued the process or not? ALTER PROCEDU...

Q: How to conver Mysql to Mysqli in exporting php to csv

lokisCan someone help me to convert this following code to MySqli? Just a novice about this. Thank you! This is my code export2csv.php <?php // Database Connection $host="localhost"; $uname="root"; $pass="louchin"; $database = "phppot_examples"; $connection=mysql_connect($host,$uname,$pass...

@Dex'ter Ping?
@MathiasEttinger something like: (value >> position) & 1. I know that's about bit shifting but I don't quite get it
Or maybe some references / docs about the subject :p
Q: Bitwise operation and usage

3zzyConsider this code: x = 1 # 0001 x << 2 # Shift left 2 bits: 0100 # Result: 4 x | 2 # Bitwise OR: 0011 # Result: 3 x & 1 # Bitwise AND: 0001 # Result: 1 I can understand the arithmetic operators in Python (and other languages), but I never understood 'bitwise' oper...

Doesn't look Python specific though, I think it works the same in C, C++ and quite some other languages.
Kinda the most comprehensive guide regarding that.
1:04 PM
Your question is too broad, and any answer would be opinionated. Which doesn't really fit on StackOverflow. You'll get much more help in another StackExchange sites like CodeReview or others — Luis Sieira 56 secs ago
Too harsh?
Why? You have the relevant database at hand there. You should have split your production database from your testing database so you're free to test new queries. What's keeping you from something simple as testing whether your code works as intended? — Mast 12 secs ago
@BhargavRao Thanks, I'll have a look
@Dex'ter This is basically (value / (2**position)) % 2
Q: PHP: Nested file_get_contents / json_decode

pee2peeI have the code below but it takes over a minute to run. Looking at around 400 entries being brought back for the first loop. Any ideas on how it could be improved for speed? <?php $context = stream_context_create(array( 'http' => array( 'method' => 'GET', 'h...

@Vogel612 I always lurk when I work
1:19 PM
yea', something doesn't make sense. I should grab a coffee and fill it with some bitwise sugar
In that SO post, 1111 1111 << 4 gives 1111 0000 but on my PC I get 100101010000
@Dex'ter In Python 1111 1111 << 4 gives 1111 1111 0000.
In other languages, it may be truncated to fit the size of the underlying type
@Dex'ter endianness ftw
1:47 PM
slowly getting to 300 cvs in the queue ...
but almost 1.4k CVs cast ...
Q: Why the hate on this HTML/CSS question?

MalachiI am curious to hear the reasoning behind why Simple Business Card Website is still closed. It has a title describing what the code does It requests a code review It contains the code that needs to be reviewed The code needing review works as intended The code is fully reviewable

TIL that the head of MI6 is "C"
Q: Basic Password System in excel VBA

EliasWickI will keep this simple and easy. I have created a basic Login System that asks the user for a password, and that is it. I am using VBA-(Excel). Below you can find a list of what it does: When you run the code it will open an Inputbox asking you for a password. There is one criteria: You have...

Q: Software Engineer, Infrastructure and DevOps Engineering Seattle, Washington

DeepakJob Summary: We are looking for innovators that want to join a startup team on a journey to transform enterprise storage. Come work on a modern technology stack including CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes and Golang. You must have a passion to deliver great products, create great user experiences, and ...

@Kaz What happened to M?
@CaptainObvious spamflags pls
1:56 PM
@Mast Who knows ^^
Spam flags ... ;-)
And gone.
Woot woot....
Based on the explanation in the question and the comments, I suggest we close this question.
@CaptainObvious Wow, that was pretty blatant.
@Kaz Oh, turns out it's the same trick.
C was the last initial of the first director, so he signed with that.
M is the last initial of the first named director in the 007 franchise.
Consistency :-)
Head of MI5 used to be "K", but apparently that fell out of use around the 1940s
2:05 PM
Q: Select the n most frequent items from a pandas groupby dataframe

IvanI´m working on trying to get the n most frequent items from a pandas dataframe similar to +----+-----+-------+------+------+------+ | cod| name|sum_vol| date| lat| lon| +----+-----+-------+------+------+------+ |aggc|23124| 37|201610|-15.42|-32.11| |aggc|23124| 19|201611|-15.42|-32...

Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Convex envelope algorithm of random set of points
2:21 PM
Q: Abstract Model Mapper

ao2130I have a model, GrandParent, which has a list of a sub-models, List<Parent>, which in turn, has 3 lists of children : List<ChildOne>, List<ChildTwo>, List<ChildThree>. The 3 children themselves inherit from an abstract class ChildBaseClass which has a parentId (the identifying key used to map eac...

@DmitryGrigoryev nothing scary about seeing '); DROP DATABASE;-- as a username in your database table - it shows you've been escaping user input correctly — HorusKol 17 hours ago
2:47 PM
For code that is working, but needs improvement (as in this case), Code Review may be a better bet. — bobajob 45 secs ago
please code review your own code you are missing 2 closing } one for the inner foreach loop and another for the outer foreach loop — MethodMan 28 secs ago
Monking v2
@CaptainObvious "Password System ... VBA" - Yeah, that's not going to work out well.
Just traded in my stress for the interview for a good interview and a headache
Optimizing working code belongs to CodeReview. — TaW 35 secs ago
Q: Blackjack Assignment

Madhav MahajanI am a new programmer to python and I am having difficulty writing this code on a blackjack assignment. These are the details: What is it… draw cards to get as close as possible to 21 without going ‘bust’. When you stick, compare your score to the CPU dealer’s score to see who wins. In your im...

Q: how to create virtual money wallet in php+Mysql?

okchsahibHow to create online virtual money wallet in php for website where can user send money to each other by using e wallet.

3:02 PM
@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
@skiwi So, all went well?
@Mast Yeah, I guess, though I can't really judge what they thought
Looking at an old project of mine... Why the hell is there no documentation at all?
Q: Kattis - CD Issue

Jake MullerThe problem is simple, to find how many similar item are in both list/array. For example: a = [1,2,3,4,5] b = [1,2,6,7,8] so the answer is 2(1 and 2); Here's the code I submitted, but still got wrong answer for second test case, what's wrong with it? import sys; def GetResult(a,...

3:30 PM
Q: Erlang: Killing and restarting processes

Michel FerreiraMy first post here so hopefully won't screw up that badly :-) I am a beginner with Erlang and currently making my way through the awesome Joe Armstrong's book. The following are my answers to exercises 5 and 6 for the concurrency chapter. The code can probably be much better but at least it seem...

3:41 PM
@IvanKočiš if your code works as intended now, take it to Code Review to learn how to improve your code structure and avoid it in the future. — Mat's Mug 51 secs ago
@skiwi Many of my hobby projects have a disturbing lack of documentation as well.
Q: How to do a search and find in user forms for Excel

VicelikeelmSo I am working on doing the inventory for the school shop that I work at. I have made a user form with VBA to make the use of the project more streamlined for other to use in the future. Now my dilemma is that because I have such a large data base to pull from that some information may get put o...

@CaptainObvious UWYA, that's a wall of text with some code, but I'm having so much trouble parsing the question I'd consider it Unclear.
@TimWilliams I know we are not on Code Review here, but is my answer above using a Class realy helps in any way ? — Shai Rado 26 secs ago
4:00 PM
@Mast Hopefully the projects themselves are not disturbing ;)
thinking aloud. Provide a class that provides all the 'multibyte stuff'. Code review / grep for code that uses 'substr' etc. Ask why your class wasn't used when you find code that doesn't use your class? — Ryan Vincent 33 secs ago
Q: Cython - cython implementation of iterator over large arrays

Below the RadarI have a function that use a generator to loop over large 2D arrays of float coordinates in order to create flat arrays of integer that represent the distance between coordinates. point_input = {"x": -8081441.0, "y": 5685214.0} output = [-8081441, 5685214] polyline_input = {"paths" : [[-8081441...

@SimonForsberg I talked about my BF interpreter and compiler in my interview today
They asked what I had recently done on Github
Heh.... and tell us if you get the job ;-)
possible answer invalidation by Gemtastic on question by A.J.W: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/148349/revisions
4:10 PM
And I had to tell them why I chose skiwi as nickname
@rolfl I'll do ;)
@skiwi Now I'm curious.
@Kaz When I was young I thought that was the sound a bird in our garden made
@skiwi Nice.
And to confuse people I'm now on Discord using an image of a skiing kiwi ;)
I like BlackHatGuy because there's several characters (that I know of) that it could refer to, and a bunch more that I come across.
Originally, it was because I had a black fedora, and I'm a fan of Black Hat Guy in XKCD.
4:17 PM
user image
@skiwi lol
that just sounds funny
aw :(
@Kaz Already??
4:31 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic. For code reviews, ask your question on codereview.stackexchange.com — Rhymoid 38 secs ago
This question definitely belong to codereview. And while it's technically correct, it's horribly inefficient. — Paul 37 secs ago
Another idea would be a "Outside of scope" entry for classifications. Often Coverity picks up issues in third-party tools which are outside of the scope of a code review. Right now we just set them to False Positive and Ignore, but it'd be nice if it was possible to make it clear the issues were not related to the codebase at all. — ChopperCharles just now
if the code works, but you want to improve it, try codereview.stackexchange.comStidgeon 21 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com — demongolem 32 secs ago
Q: conditional formatting based on date and cell value

user125221First time post, so feedback on how to ask questions properly also appreciated. Using Google Sheets, I have a cell that I would like colored based on an input cell on another sheet, with the catch that the input cell will change each week So for example, I would like on sheet one, up in the ce...

4:50 PM
Happy belated birthday @Phrancis!
On my way into work this morning..
Q: Using Dynamic to create and then flatten an arbitrarily-nested array

EJoshuaSI have some code that I posted as a possible answer on StackOverflow (and the code I post here is almost an exact duplicate of that, but I'd rather include complete information in this post as well so people don't have to jump back and forth between posts to understand the question). I truthfully...

Woah, I just below @200_success this week: stackexchange.com/leagues/86/week/codereview/2016-12-04/…
I'll take a printscreen of this ^_^
@skiwi It's past 4pm where I am.
@DanPantry lel
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