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10:05 PM
One night, a man heard his doorbell ring.
He went and answered the door, and didn't see anything.
Then he saw a snail on the doorstep.
He has a major aversion to snails, so he throws the snail across the street.
One year later, he hears his doorbell ring again.
There is the snail, and it says "What was all that about?"
I don't like snail jokes. They're too slow.
Oh boy, I sense a pun-fest.
I have a brilliant idea.
Instead of a mouse, I'll make snails for computers.
And the cursor will move slow.
10:08 PM
It's after 6pm, maybe our DBAs won't care if I go ahead and push the remaining 75,980 exception fixes now, will they?
@Phrancis For maximum effect, do it on a Friday
I expect they'll murder you.
Index finger is itching over that F5 key... I'm asking on DBA.SE though just to be sure ;-)
Good lord
That's only 100 lines, goes down for a lot longer than that :)
10:15 PM
~75K, I assume?
That's a lot of copy-paste.
But you're going to fix that, right?
Or did you auto-generate it?
Nope, SQL did all the work for me, auto-generated as the record-matching query was running
10:16 PM
@Phrancis Map<Integer, Integer> and a loop!
Exported to Excel, added GO every 100 rows, paste into MS
Why GO every 100 rows?
Free up the connection
Ah, right.
Ah screw it, I'm doing it.
Gotta go home after all
10:18 PM
Let the stars rain!
I f- hate how Outlook responds when I RDP into my home computer.
You would think a company (like Microsoft) would be able to fix a stupid bug like this.
Q: Flux: async communication with websockets

Volodymyr BakhmatiukI want to arrange async server-client communication with websockets and vanilla flux architecture. There is an excellent article about "Async Server-Side Communication with the Flux Architecture". I gonna implement it analogue with SockJS and ES6 promises: ActionCreator.js import * as constants...

Oh wow, only took 2:54... crazy
That's, a really short amount of time.
10:22 PM
You know I had someone call me a communist once, because I told them I prefer RISC over CISC.
Not entirely sure how the two line up, but I guess some people are really passionate about RISC vs. CISC computing.
How on Earth does preferring Reduced Instruction Set Computing over Complex Instruction Set Computing make someone a communist?
@EthanBierlein I don't know, I'm still fuzzy over it.
Well you should tell them that CISC can also stand for "Communist Instruction Set Computing".
@EthanBierlein I'd rather not, they're a fairly important person in relation to my job.
Ah. Well, you can at least think it.
10:25 PM
Yes, and I did.
Yeah, it was someone from work.
That seems almost like minor verbal assault.
I am assuming he meant it as a joke.
@EBrown I've been called worse for less, don't worry about it
10:29 PM
Q: Building a tree structure from pairs of parent-child to retrieve all ancestors of a leaf

l0r3nz4cc10I am trying to build a tree similar to this one : 1 / \ 2 3 /|\ 4 5 6 / 7 With that tree, I must be able to get all ancestors for each leaf. In this example, this would be : 7 -> [4, 2, 1] 6 -> [2, 1] 5 -> [2, 1] 3 -> [1] To build that tree, I can only use an unknown...

@Mast Well it was really off-putting, because one minute we were discussing the benefits of RISC vs. CISC (and the other way around) and then the next apparently I'm a "bad guy" because I prefer RISC.
Holy war
This question and the answers over on Code Review are somewhat relevant. — Comintern 18 secs ago
Nuff said
Holy-war that went a little far, I'd say.
10:34 PM
But it wasn't even a holy war. He had no evidence to back up his point of view.
Oh well, I'll just get over it.
(More reasons to seek alternative employment, methinks.)
@EBrown Which is typical for holy wars. You don't need evidence, you just blow-up personal opinions.
@vnp Do you have anything to add to this answer? If you, or anyone else for that matter, has anything to add about "quantifying the decay of the initial condition" I'd love to have that info. I asked about it on the statistics SE too, and it doesn't seem like anyone there has any idea either. Without any references, or even any additional comments, I have no idea what you're talking about.
@Mast Well my problem is that I was making a very valid case to certain situations where a RISC-based system is far superior to a CISC system.
And he just kept spouting nonsense about "what if you need to ___", "what if ___", etc.
Definitely holy war.
And I said, "you don't need any of that in a network card." And then it happened.
(Personally, I think he came to the battle unarmed so was going for the shock-value.)
10:40 PM
Holy wars don't need arms, just persistence.
> 12 Pending flags on Stack Overflow.
@Mast Maybe, I'll just keep that in mind for next time. He does things like this a lot.
Which is one of the (many) reasons I want to leave.
I had a nick like that a while back, I hope I no longer do such.
Well he likes to bring useless, pedantic arguments into the discussion.
About everything, and I tire of it.
@EBrown Have you tried ignoring him?
10:43 PM
@EthanBierlein Our jobs complement each other.
Well, just ignore him if he tries to incite an argument. Make up some excuse like "I'm busy", or something like that.
@EthanBierlein Don't, won't work.
Well then if neither of those solutions work, then you can just tell him that you don't appreciate, or enjoy the arguments, and you'd very much like it if he could refrain from inciting them.

Or something along the lines of that.
Ethan, how many work experience do you have?
Hey, I'm just trying to help here.
10:47 PM
I'm not doubting your intentions. Just the validity of the content.
@Mat'sMug No soup for you!
Please have a look over here: What types of questions should I avoid asking? and while you're at it, also over here: What topics can I ask about here?. As of right now, there's no actual problem to be solved. You're asking advise on how to improve it. Such questions fit better on: Stack Exchange: Code Review. — icecub 39 secs ago
@EthanBierlein I'll pass.
10:48 PM
Q: error, I keep getting an error, what am I doing wrong?

juanenter code here public class Lab02Debug { public static int findMaximum(int[] anArray) { int result = 0; for (int i = 0; i < anArray.length - 1; i++) { int value = anArray[ i + 1 ]; if (value > result) { result = value; ...

@CaptainObvious nope
I'm just going to suck it up and hope it passes.
I don't like confrontation, so I'd rather just let it play out.
@Mat'sMug Feel free to warp it into oblivion. That's só off-topic it's awful.
@CaptainObvious Delete delete delete
poof, gone
10:49 PM
@EthanBierlein How did you delete vote on that so quick? I can only do that after it has been on-hold for at least 2 days.
@Mast I have over 4K rep, so I can delete-vote as soon as it's closed and has reached -3 downvotes.
@EthanBierlein Ah, that helps.
1814 to go.
@Mat'sMug Classic.
had to
10:52 PM
@Mat'sMug Agreed, but that's .NET regex, which can actually do stuff like that.
@EthanBierlein wrong hammer nonetheless.
There's a typo in that answer by the way.
@Mat'sMug False, it's the right hammer.
Regex queries are not equipped to break down HTML into its meaningful parts. so many times but it is not getting to me.
Missing a capital S
10:53 PM
Hey, you started the nazi thing.
@EthanBierlein Can nazi?
@EBrown Zombie nazi?
@EBrown nope. If you need to parse XML-compliant stuff in C#, use Linq-to-XML, it's made for that. If you need to parse HTML stuff in C#, use an HTML parser library, there are tons.
10:55 PM
@Mat'sMug ?!?
@Mat'sMug He noes likes XML
- regex is a last resort.
@Mat'sMug Regex is plan Z +1
@Mat'sMug Regex is usually a first resort for me.
A: Are rumors of a film true? I hope so by golly!

AarobotIn scene 47, bobince finally loses it when the tenth person asks how to parse HTML with regular expressions.

10:56 PM
Actually, I take that back, I can't even think of the last time I actually used Regex.
Oh, this one is especially good:
A: Are rumors of a film true? I hope so by golly!

Peter BoughtonOk, so it's recycling an old image, and I think we've got a different top seven now, but what the hell...

I don't think Marc Gravell appreciates where you put his head. — uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Oct 9 '10 at 0:28
@EBrown I do
Was earlier today
I don't. :(
11:02 PM
Text-book example code
So off-topic
Woot! Vote Limit for the day reached!
Haven't done that in a while.
First time I ever have.
And it was the first time I mortarboarded.
Good day I'd say.
I wrote 23 answers. 2 of them got accepted. Only one of them deserved it. I didn't touch the code in that answer.
Summed up like that, it sounds like I'm doing something wrong.
I've written 32 answers.
Of which, 11 were accepted.
11:08 PM
1/3 is good.
(No idea how many actually deserved it.)
Of course, more than one of those answers were today.
I've written 142 answers.
40 of which were accepted.
Just a little under 1/3
Almost 30% acceptance rate.
I think I should just post more crappy code with good questions.
11:10 PM
Keeps the site healthy in some weird way.
Hmm, I don't know how many times I've gotten necromancer...
Never got it. I guess a couple of answers would be applicable, if I got enough vote on it.
@EthanBierlein 11
Q: Hello, Brainfuck

MastIt has been bugging me for a while that while I understand how the basics of Brainfuck works, I can't get a firm grasp on the advanced features of the language. So I started to re-evaluate what I know about the language from the ground up. Brainfuck's memory consists of a tape of cells. Every ce...

2366 views, wut...
11:12 PM
Went HNQ
Even though the filter should never have allowed it
This one got 1.2k views in 24 hours...lol
The filter might have an exception for "Brainfuck"
Why do you guys get to say fuck right in the title of your questions? I've apparently been hanging around on the wrong SE site. — Wad Cheber Sep 6 at 2:33
@EthanBierlein It probably shouldn't.
Also, the language never should've been part of the title.
We always discourage that.
But in this case, it came out nicely and I didn't have an alternative.
Well, I believe it's time for bed!
G'night all, we'll see you all at a later date (hopefully).
11:15 PM
There is a deep satisfaction to seeing brainfuck as a tag and discussed so nonchalantly. Everything is right with the Universe. — User 2 days ago
@SimonForsberg ^^
@RubberDuck Indeed ^^
@RubberDuck Oh, he knows, he wrote me a very fancy answer.
He even wrote a Brainfuck analyzer in response
Brainduck :-)
Ugh, I'm flying in 14 hours and I can't sleep. Going to be some ride...
First time flying?
@EBrown keep an eye opened. Zalgo is near.
11:19 PM
First time in an airliner, I've flown sport flights before.
I wouldn't be worried.
@RubberDuck yup, seen it
Nice answer from a new-ish user.
A: FizzBuzz in accordance with standards

Chris SchallerAs far as lines of code goes, this is pretty succinct, in fact as far as FizzBuzz in WinForms goes this is about as minimal as you can go. Code Comments Definitely need comments, yes in many cases your logic is self documenting, but it is hard to review code for bugs if we assume that the curre...

Since when is LoC a problem in WinForms?
We're going to have to run a "best fizzbuzz question title" category at one point or another
11:21 PM
@Mast I even found another way I could improve my Brainfuck FizzBuzz.
in Cardshifter TCG, 53 mins ago, by Duga
[Zomis/Brainduck] Zomis pushed commit a5c5587a to master: improved FizzBuzz by creating the values on the tape easier
When you've got 8000 lines in a frakkin' code behind @Mast
@RubberDuck I knew there was a reason I still dislike C# WPF
This question should be posted on Code Review. — Akash Gaonkar 35 secs ago
@SimonForsberg Ah, you put all the shifting on a new line.
We talked about that.
@Duga Another free flag.
@Mast what are you flagging as?
@SimonForsberg Not Constructive
I got over a hundred helpful flags like that on SO.
ah, okay
@Duga good catch, but I don't think that's an invalidation.
@Mast why? Not enough code-behind?
GUI isn't really my thing.
11:33 PM
Once you get the hang of it, it's probably great.
I just can't get hooked.
@Mast That isn't WPF! That is WinForms!
@Hosch250 I know.
Both use code behind.
Well, at least it's possible in both.
No clue what's idiomatic there.
WPF doesn't use nearly as much code behind.
I gave up on my C# EMS, I'll probably do it in Python instead. Or C++ or something.
11:36 PM
Q: How can this canvas animation be made more efficient? It makes my fans spin up

Marcus PlimsollCodepen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/bVVGLg The main part; the animation function: function animate() { t++ ctx.clearRect(0, 0, c.width, c.height); for (var i = 40; i < max; i+= 60) { var radius = Math.floor(i+Math.sin(t/10)*10) ctx.beginPath() ctx.arc(center...

Brainfuck is probably a bad idea.
If I declare certain cells as elevator...
@CaptainObvious How can this title by made more efficient? It makes my brains spin up
Which can't be visualized correctly unless you have a headache.
Q: Python code to create nodes and edges

toyI'm looking for a way to optimize this piece of code in Python. all_users would be all the twitter users, friends_ids is Array of ids g = Graph(directed=True) all_users = users.find({}, { 'id_str' : 1, 'friends_ids' : 1}) # This is from MongoDb names = [] edges = [] print 'Processing first 10...

Q: JS - Compressing Style Changing Code

John123How can I maybe do some loop that will compress the amount of Javascript/jQuery I need to use. I have a function s3episodesChange() linked to a <select> tag. This select tag has a few different selectable values that change style properties of various different <button> tags. All it is doing is ...

I got two very good answers on that Brainfuck question and now I need to pick one to mark as accepted.
Want to accept both...
11:51 PM
@Mast What helped you the most? What did you end up implementing?
@SimonForsberg A bit of both. 200 gave the initial and you finished it.
Accept one and bounty the other?
The only trouble is, you can't give 15 rep bounties.
@Mast well, the choice is yours. Technically there's no-one forcing you to accept any answer though (but I understand that you want to)
@CaptainObvious That animation makes my brains spin up too.
If you want to get banned, you could accept one answer twice, unaccept it, and accept the other.
I don't think SE fixed that, but I don't recommend it.
@Hosch250 If it was purely about the rep, I'd award it to Simon since his answer is lagging on 200's in votes. But I see both as very essential.
Oh well.
11:56 PM
Here, let me pick.
As said, 200 put the basics down and Simon finished it.
@Mast Pimp my answer and that will be taken care of :)
@SimonForsberg 2369 views on the question, how much pimping do you want? ^^
Accept Simon's.

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