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12:00 AM
There are 1400 unanswered questions (94.3843% answered)
Woot! Gone down by 11!
And percentage up by .05.
Answered percentage.
I think I helped a little.
Is "Duga" pronounced "doo-gah" or "dug-ah"?
@SirPython I think it's "doo-gah".
@SimonAndréForsberg Is that correct? ^^
12:04 AM
I've always said it that way.
Me too
> duga (Icelandic)
IPA: /ˈtʏːɣa/
So TIL writing Ruby gems is hard
I think that would approximate (in Americanese) to "tu-ya"
@Phrancis Sounds about right for Icelandic
12:08 AM
g ~= y
But "Doo-ga" is much easier
Oh, and hello @QPaysTaxes
I'm tempted to post duplicate answers on this users's other questions since all the advice applies, but it doesn't feel right. He really should've just posted one question at a time with just one implementation.
Grats on rep-capping for the first time, Ethan
12:11 AM
@QPaysTaxes You hear my news?
I see it on the starwall
Naw, not that.
I'm running for moderator.
Yeeaaah you ain't got my vote
aww :(. Oh well.
I'm gonna try anyways.
I avoid putting Python fans in positions of power
Come to Ruby
We have cookies
12:13 AM
I'm going to attempt to kill two more C++11 zombies. That way I'll have the required 80 answers.
@QPaysTaxes Oh, well, that's a little biased.
@Jamal GL
@EthanBierlein Of course it is! But I'd bet that you're biased towards Python
@QPaysTaxes No, come to assembly. We have, err, well; you'll have to make it yourself.
Nah, if you ran, I'd vote for you.
@EthanBierlein Alrighty, now I have two reasons not to vote for you
12:14 AM
But, but... :(
One: You use Python; two: You're a terrible judge of character
@Jamal You could just make a comment to the other question linking to your answer, and saying all the advice applies to that other implementation perhaps
@Phrancis But then he doesn't get the extra rep
@QPaysTaxes Well, bah to yew.
You also don't reply in chat, you just @ping
12:15 AM
I don't think @Jamal is really too concerned with the extra rep so much as to give someone else a fair shot at perhaps getting some rep themselves reviewing the question their own way
@Phrancis I could
I also don't feel like finding anything different to point out.
Concerns aside, I'm still running.
Go for it man
@QPaysTaxes Can't convince me otherwise.
There's no harm in trying.
12:17 AM
That ^^
Well, brb, gonna go eat.
I'm still on the edge, I'd like to run because I have good people skills and spend a lot of time here, but my technical programming knowledge is not very good compared to many others
I'd like to see some of the less frequent chatroom lurkers run too
Hey, I just got "Inquisitive" :D
Wait @EthanBierlein I'm not saying you're a bad candidate
Just that I won't vote for you
@Phrancis I'd probably vote for you, SQLGUY
It depends who else is running
Hint: You can vote on multiple candidates
I know
I've voted in SE elections before, thanks
Especially on the first round where candidates introduce themselves, you have unlimited votes. Then next go after part of the elimination, you can vote 3 times (from memory)
Oh ok
12:26 AM
So I'm slowly killing all of the non-Rails zombies
Having moderator tools is like having x-ray vision; I see some things that I wish I had not seen. (Profane posts).
@SirPython I haven't touched the tools for a while
Last time I did, I saw two of my own posts in most upvoted and got scared
A: Associative container that produces a unique, instance specific handle for each inserted object

Jamal To "answer" this comment: #include <memory> //required for placement new? No, that library isn't required for basic uses of new (it's a keyword). However, a feature such as nothrow would require it. Check the documentation for more information. These aren't too readable: void hire...

@Phrancis I don't like mods who aren't easily accessible. A mod who isn't active in chat needs to be extraordinarily active in meta. That's a really short list.
@Phrancis I'd like to see that too.
Also, the people skills are more important than the tech skills IMO.
12:34 AM
Fair point
@RubberDuck This is why I'd be a terrible mod
No arguments here. =;)-
Damn, all you people ever star is my self-deprecating stuff
Anyone got rep to spare on SO, this answer really helped me out and only upvote it has it mine, super-nice user too (look at the comments)
I honestly thought Swing would be easier than it is, I keep getting weird errors. Really got to figure out this beans thing
Try JavaFX.
AFAIK it's meant to replace Swing.
12:39 AM
@QPaysTaxes I've never tried... I found it plain strange. Do you like it?
@maaartinus Ehh
TBH I never used it much
JavaFX is kind of overkill for what I'm trying to do. Just a plain user form to append data into a DB
@QPaysTaxes Oh, sorry I misunderstood you.
@EthanBierlein Replies exist here. Use them, please.
Because I have no idea what the heck you're on about.
Monking @all
12:42 AM
> Wait @EthanBierlein I'm not saying you're a bad candidate
It was that. ^^
@Phrancis Maybe, but [truism about building good habits early]
@EthanBierlein See, if you'd just clicked the little reply button, I would have been able to figure that out
I always thought that the little "reply" button did the same thing as pinging, so, sorry, again.
@EthanBierlein Nope, it also adds a little link to the thing you're replying to
That little arrow thing to the left of the @ -- try clicking it
Ah. Lemme try this for a sec.
@QPaysTaxes Neat
12:47 AM
@QPaysTaxes I hoped someone could make me clear how fantastic it is.
@QPaysTaxes The most sane solution is usually to remove all the try-catch crap.
@maaartinus I'm sure you could Google "why is JavaFX better than Swing" and get a few results
A: A* algorithm solution to "intermediate space probe" challenge

JamalThis is quite a bit of code, so I'll start with a few things for now: I appreciate that you're using <random> instead of rand(). Even in C++11 solutions, the latter seems to still be used. SIZE can be a constexpr instead, though this may not really matter for a simple constant. Since this is C...

@maaartinus Sometimes it's better to keep it, though
Especially if you don't want to throw an error when something expected happens
Feel free to comment, though ;)
That question could use more answers. It's a lot of code and I don't like going though all of it.
12:50 AM
Aaargh, why won't my vote count update
@QPaysTaxes Very rarely. If it goes wrong then you'll see that "none" was a bad idea.
@Jamal I'd definitely answer if I knew C++
@maaartinus Hm, good point -- but getting a MalformedURLException or NullPointerException would be very confusing, and throwing from a catch feels weird.
@QPaysTaxes Yes, UTFG is often the right answer.
@maaartinus UTFG?
@QPaysTaxes No, throwing a better exception is just right if you don't like the given one.
12:53 AM
@maaartinus Hm, alright. I'm gonna edit my answer then. BRB
@QPaysTaxes That's what you recommended. And it'd the right answer, if I wasn't that lazy.
@EthanBierlein, you're one day away from the Fanatic badge, excited?
@Quill YES
@maaartinus What does it stand for though?
@EthanBierlein I've got a whole month left ;-;
and then I've gotta do Meta
12:56 AM
@Quill I'm working on meta rn.
You don't have to. It's a Java-induced illness to catch everything. The proper outcome is

- 90% throws clause
- 9% rethrow
- 0.9% log and ignore
- 0.1% something else
@QPaysTaxes Unless there was a typo: Use The Friendly Google. Or f*, YMMV.
@maaartinus But a MalformedURLException makes no sense coming from a method called getLatestHash
@maaartinus Oh, I see. I've never seen that before.
Then it's the 9% case.
And in the second one, they're (sorta) abusing the try-with-resources to close for them so they can avoid having to manually write out the code to close if it opened successfully and do nothing if it didn't
Which is perfectly valid in Java
...Okay, now I actually clicked "submit edit"
@maaartinus Could be worse... try VBA lately?
On Error GoTo Hell
Oohhhhhhhhhh I just figured out that what I thought was a Swing error is actually a PICNIC error
1:06 AM
Well, zombie down. I would learn VBA, but I'm on a Mac, and that'd be counter productive when I could learn Swift
@Phrancis I've always heard it as PEBCAK, or ID-10T
I'm trying to make it print the value I entered in the fields, but instead it prints the properties of the field. Probably a #NamingThings issue
Two more upvotes and I get a silver shiny
@QPaysTaxes Abusing?
@Phrancis What about
In computer programming, COMEFROM (or COME FROM) is an obscure control flow structure used in some programming languages, originally as a joke. COMEFROM is roughly the opposite of GOTO in that it can take the execution state from any arbitrary point in code to a COMEFROM statement. The point in code where the state transfer happens is usually given as a parameter to COMEFROM. Whether the transfer happens before or after the instruction at the specified transfer point depends on the language used. Depending on the language used, multiple COMEFROMs referencing the same departure point may be invalid...
@maaartinus It's meant for long blocks of code, so you can write it all without having to worry about forgetting inputStream.close() or your special handling code or whatever at the end.
Using it for one line is valid, but a tad bit overkill
1:15 AM
Stupid SE
@QPaysTaxes I'd prefer to keep it uniform, no mixing of short and long solutions.
@maaartinus Oh, it's better than the alternative
What I like best is
@Cleanup InputStream in = new ...
But it's still overkill
Like, for example, importing an entire library that literally adds nothing new.
cough Lombok cough
Or whatever it's called
@QPaysTaxes Right, you've got the name right. Now you only need to understand the advantages!
1:19 AM
@maaartinus No, I was commenting on "It's not a library because it's not runtime"
Or whatever you said to that effect a while ago
Thank you, mods.
I'm out of flags now.
Comment flags, anyway.
@QPaysTaxes Yes... it's more a tool than a library, but it's just a word choice, YMMV.
More like Eclipse than like Spring.
No, Eclipse is an IDE
Lombok is a compile-time code generator tool thing
@Hosch250 You still have a long way to 500, though. ;-)
But, if I use all my flags up every day, it shouldn't be too hard.
I have 26 per day now, and doesn't it go up as more are accepted?
1:22 AM
For comment flags, I'm not too sure.
@Hosch250 Yup
@QPaysTaxes Sure. And Eclipse is also a "write-time getter/setter/constructor generator tool".
And Lombok is also an IDEA plug-in (and possible an Eclipse plug-in soon).
@maaartinus ...No, it's an IDE. It does a lot more than just generate constructors, getters, and setters.
Something that automagically modifies preexisting code is very different from something used to write code
@QPaysTaxes Sure... but from the POV "when it gets used"..., but as I said, YMMV.
@maaartinus ...No.
A piece of software that modifies source code with no input from anything but the code itself
Is very different from an IDE
1:29 AM
@QPaysTaxes What no? Your mileage may NOT vary? :D
Sure, the piece of software can be used with an IDE, but my computer is hardly Internet Explorer
Even though I could theoretically use IE on this machine
Let's forget it... that's waste of time. I know what you mean and I hope you know what I mean, so let's stop it.
I honestly have no idea what you mean
@QPaysTaxes Honestly?
@maaartinus Mhm
1:32 AM
But... does it matter?
But sure, let's stop
Otherwise I'm gonna get kicked for something, like always
If you're honestly interested, I could explain more exactly what I mean. I could possible come to the conclusion that I was being imprecise... but that's all pretty unimportant.
Unless I misunderstood, you were saying that Lombok and Eclipse were the same kind of software
Concerning Lombok, I see it as something what should be part of Java. Ideally, since ever.
@QPaysTaxes No. But in one aspect they have more in common than with e.g. Spring.
...Yeah, it's compile-time, not run-time
1:38 AM
Yes. that's about all. Just this aspect.

And the things it does are something javac/ecj should do.
Another zombie down, and it's time for me to go.
Aaaarg. Stupid stupid SE
@EthanBierlein What's up, buttercup?
@Quill I should have [badge:electorate], but it still isn't showing up.
@EthanBierlein Badges take a while sometimes
1:48 AM
@EthanBierlein what's your Q/A vote count?
But it's been like an hour and a half though.
@Mat'sMug How do I find that?
uh, ..it used to be pretty easily found on your profile page.. hold on....
Review queue.
See if you qualify there.
@maaartinus You could ask the duckies how often they see in VBA On Error GoTo Next
@Phrancis s/GoTo/Resume
1:50 AM
Oh, that
"Hey, there's an error! Oh well, carry on..."
dang, where's the freakin' Q vs A vote count on the new profile page?
See, it says I have it ^^
I say ~7 minutes
@Phrancis Sure, and it quite often works. And then it gets more complicated and stops working and nobody can ever fix it. Except with yet another error ignorance.
I had to wait almost 24 hours for a badge once.
1:53 AM
@Mat'sMug What about 6-8 weeks?
or that
2:04 AM
I just learned the basics of a new language so I could kill this baby
...And it appears to have auto-awarded me the bounty
I'm gonna figure out how to get Factor on this machine
It's a fun language
Seems cool
@MotokoKusanagi Your bounty on this question was wasted on my not-so-amazing answer that basically says "Yeah, looks good."
Q: Generic Networking Class for PHP

A.B. CarrollI am in the process of writing networking code for PHP that is meant to be used in long-running PHP processes. I realize that PHP is supposedly not well suited for long-running processes, however that is not my question, and I already am well aware of the implications. This is meant as an OOP l...

2:19 AM
...Could someone confirm that StackOverflow has no tag?
It has a factor tag, alright.
Why didn't you confirm it?
I searched for [factor] and nothing showed up
Oh, there we are
2:21 AM
a bounty is always a gamble
If the code is working, and your only issue is how to refactor it to eliminate the callback hell, perhaps codereview would be a better place for it. — laggingreflex 19 secs ago
...Uh, what's happening here? Is it just me?
No, wait, I'm a dumbass
Thanks for the star, Quill
@QPaysTaxes Huh?
2:34 AM
Right after you joined, that got starred
@QPaysTaxes Ah, I only just starred it though
2 hours ago, by QPaysTaxes
Damn, all you people ever star is my self-deprecating stuff
you kinda asked for it! :)
@Mat'sMug I never said I didn't :D
Double revival badge :-)
well done!
2:38 AM
Ooh neat
@EthanBierlein Reply button
Oh, @QPaysTaxes, thanks for making the zombie searcher too, much easier than actually searching for the undead
@Quill Awesome
@Quill Thank @IsmaelMiguel; he did a ton of the work
@Quill There we go.
@EthanBierlein Thanks :D (Even though it ends up pointing to the same place, it's a great habit to get in to)
2:39 AM
Oh, The Horror, The pinging Horror
Oops. I referenced the wrong message
@Quill #FunIrrelevantFacts if you reorder the words you get Horror The The Pinging, or HTTP
@Mat'sMug wordplay at its finest
I wish I could find a graphics library for Go.
2:41 AM
@EthanBierlein Well if you fish around enough you'll find one
in other words, Go fish ... :\
@Mat'sMug woo I can pun too
@Mat'sMug Heh, heh, heh...
Oh shit, a bird just hit my window
I'll stop it right there
@EthanBierlein quite the wake-up eh?
2:45 AM
@QPaysTaxes There was only like 10 hours left for that bounty, so I picked the only answer.
Apparently they see their reflection in the glass and think it's a possible mate, at least that's what I was told when an Ibis flew through the glass window into my classroom one time
@MotokoKusanagi ...Ah
Thanks, then :D
The bird is okay everyone, it's just a little stunned.
> minute of silence
2:53 AM
There's Mat for you, bucking the trend
claps hands - so, how would you react if you saw this in production code?
        catch (InvalidOperationException)
            // debug me
            return null;
@Mat'sMug Welp
Time to give up
I'm gonna become a teacher
2:55 AM
@Mat'sMug Coffee Break time is what I'd think
So long folks!
It's been nice
See ya!
/me leaves
2:56 AM
See ya!
That doesn't work here
@Quill damn right, good idea! starts brewer
@QPaysTaxes This isn't Skype
@Mat'sMug kill -9 that guy.
@Quill I was thinking IRC
2:57 AM
@maaartinus IKR! ... except I'm that guy - no worries, this code isn't shipping as is :)
@QPaysTaxes Meh, similar enough Syntax
@Quill If it was, then
@EthanBierlein Jokes on you, I'm on a Mac :P
I have this feeling like I'm going to look back on my youth, and think
Why the hell did I program in PHP?
2:59 AM
Could I get a <2k CR user to tell me if they can see this?
@Mat'sMug I see, but don't even think about it... crashing on an exception is a bless compared to what you're risking.
I'd be surprised if you can

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