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possible answer invalidation by Bartosz on question by Bartosz: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112677/revisions
RELOAD! There are 1637 unanswered questions (94.4078% answered)
@Hosch250 The Reddit Secret Santa for 2013, IIRC
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possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by ChristopherMarcel: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/4304/revisions
@Duga nope
How's it going?
Q: How to make my javascript code more structured?

AndreySarafanovI am writing a trivial continous integration tool using node.js to learn the platform. So far it can download a project from Github, and unzip it into a random folder in a predefined dropfolder. But I'm pretty inexperienced in pure javascript and loosely typed languages in general and the code th...

Q: Random Message Generator Using Arrays

Owenusing System; namespace Friendly_Bot { internal class Program { private static string[] Greetings = { "Hello, you have a", "Hey, you have a", "Hi, you have a" }; private static string[] Compliments = { "cool", "fashionable", "stylish" }; private static string[] Ga...

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@CaptainObvious No description what-so-ever. Just a code wall.
A better question for Code Review, as StackOverflow is for specific programming questions (concrete, not abstract). — B. Clay Shannon 16 secs ago
@B.ClayShannon This question would be closed as off-topic at Code Review as there is no code to review. — mjolka 13 secs ago
@Duga facepalm
12:51 AM
code review without code, it's nice to see literal phrases aren't comprehended
Not everybody can English
@IsmaelMiguel that's not the issue...
Not everybody uses his resources as they should. On that example: their brains.
@Quill By the way, you "program" in Javascript, right?
uh, I'd like to say so, yeah... why?
I need some help
I need you to tell me the things you repeat the most on Javascript
The chat is deadly dead, but sure
I'll ping there
1:19 AM
Q: Clone of "Pop the Lock" iPhone Game

Eric RochAs an exercise, I decided to program my own version of the game Pop the Lock for the iPhone. The look and functionality are essentially the same, though the controls are modified for playing on a computer. I programmed this using Processing version 3.0.1, but I expect other versions should work...

Q: Substring function in C

TomI am trying to implement substring in C. How efficient and standard is this code? I have a hard time understanding how C functions are usually meant to work, like how printf() returns an int or size_t. size_t substring(char *destination, char const *string, int start, int len) { // writes a...

possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by user2015897: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/21234/revisions
@Duga Rollback...
Q: Calculating Sales in Java When You Have Values

AUDIOMINDHave this logic for developing a simple Java program: The Subway shop provides catering for campus meetings and other campus events. All sandwich platters are $40 each. Cookie platters are $20 each. Beverages are not included in catering service. Write a program that prompts the user for the num...

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A: Remove strings depending on partitial strings from a list with Python3?

The man on the Clapham omnibusPerhaps you should ask here as this is somewhat off topic.

Q: Mapping different classes to the same database table

FelipeI have several very similar subclasses that I (think I) want to be stored in the same database table. Most of the fields are identical, with each subclass adding 1 or 2 custom fields. My code is using the Django ORM, but I think the question is more general than that. Problem specification The ...

@CaptainObvious Hmm... Is this a good question, or not? I left a comment: "Is this actual, working code, or hypothetical and stub code? I'm a little uncertain whether this is good for Code Review or not..."
Unsure if it should be closed or not...
1:50 AM
@Jamal lol nice find
2:01 AM
float sandPlatter = 40;
float cookiePlatter = 20;
That made be . float? Really? So if I want to order 3.14159 sandwich platters, and 1.999997 cookie platters, that's all good?
(that 40 and 20 get overwritten a few lines down anyways by the scanner)
Another C answer here and this is still one away. Perhaps I will get the silver by the end of the week.
@Jamal Is really // allowed for comments in C nowadays?
I'm too old... :-p
@CaptainObvious Classmates, I think?
Q: Scanner Class coding

user91197I'm not sure how to do this at all. This is my question: The Subway shop provides catering for meetings and other events. All sandwich platters are $40 each. Cookie platters are $20 each. Beverages are not included in catering service. Write a program that prompts the user for the n...

2:16 AM
    int sandwichPlatter = $40;

    int cookiePlatter = $20;
I feel sure the Java compiler just ran with that, right...
@Phrancis lol
WTF Microsoft, who asked you to change my default browser?!!
Q: I'm writing a table component in Ember and I need to stop the window from scrolling while hovered over the component

spinlockI'm working on a table component that is able to scroll through millions of lines of data. Not bad for the front end. The way I'm doing this is to only render a small table with 10 rows and then, when the user scrolls, I change the data in that table. This is working OK but I really don't like h...

microsoft won't allow google chrome canary to be my default browser, so I still have IE ;-;
I get to my desktop, "we've installed updates". when it resumes to my desktop, Edge is my default browser. Win10.
damn, and it reverted Cortana searches back to Bing - it took care to disable the Chrometana extension
2:31 AM
@Mat'sMug You don't get the goodies that way.
Like asking about Clippy.
@Mat'sMug It's Microsoft, what did you expect?
Does Java have a more "common"/"normal" decimal or money type?
BigDecimal is common.
Does it avoid/negate some of the quirks of floating point numbers?
2:42 AM
@Hosch250 oh gawd
Here are a bunch of other easter eggs: cnet.com/pictures/cortana-easter-eggs/1
She's really fun to play with.
I don't even know if Cortana's enabled here yet
ah, right. that's the famous "give up your privacy" feature. disabled at initial PC setup ;-)
2:50 AM
You can use it limited without that, but the internet features are disabled.
I think it is to provide culturally relevant jokes and search results.
yeah, and make Edge my default browser, and run searches through Bing, and collect all my history and use it to "assist me" ....I don't need an assistant, Chrome already knows everything it needs to know - I fire it up and CR comes up along with The 2nd Monitor, I have everything I need, thanks Microsoft Google
Did you know Google is in court again for profiling people?
It was in the top news just the other day.
Run a Tails VM on Tails, while running multiple VPNs with Tor Browser
Talking about VPN's, I just learned about them.
Apparently they use IPSec in tunnel mode in the Internet.
I only ever used a VPN to work from home
2:58 AM
^^ THAT that
I hate just sitting here waiting for the computer to do stuff -.-
Could be worst
Sure, it could always be worse. I could be writing PHP, for instance. That'd probably be worse. :)
That's what a source code control system with peer code review against pull requests is for. Don't put programmer training information into code—yikes! — ErikE 53 secs ago
3:09 AM
repne movsb doesn't work, because movsb doesn't set flags. Double-checked and found codereview.stackexchange.com/a/36021/50567, after seeing in the Intel insn ref manual that repe / repne prefixes are only listed as applying to `cmps/scas. — Peter Cordes 34 secs ago
Q: Selecting from a collection when predicate result is not null

ShimmyI need to select all keys that are in the form of some regex. There might be multiple. I was wondering if there is a nicer way of achieving that. var regex = new Regex(PhoneFieldNameRegex); var fieldNames = ModelState.Keys.Select(key => { var match = regex.Match(key); return match.Success ...

> Someone should let this girl know that Master of Puppets is much much easier to play on guitar.
damn indeed
@Phrancis I'm writting the documentation of a library I've made. That's worst than PHP.
3:26 AM
I think I'm the only person here who likes doesn't mind writing documentation.
Maybe I should freelance as a "code documenter".
Great idea!
I hate documenting
I just don't document.
It's on github, I want people to use and soon will be a question here
I must document
Q: Haskell CodeEval Fizzbuzz

BlindGarretChallenge Found: CodeEval Fizz Buzz Quick Description: Take 1 command line argument of a filepath. This file will contain test cases formatted as such 3 space separated numbers per line. For numbers X Y and Z you must print out all numbers between 1 and Z, space seperated, replacing all numbers...

3:43 AM
@CaptainObvious inching ever closer to 100 questions on the tag
3:58 AM
> 97
questions tagged

we're at the edge of a milestone. when your site hands out tag badges, you know you've done something right.
Give me 10 minutes and it'll be 98
4:29 AM
@Zak :-)
I figured I'd make something at least a little more complex than your standard FizzBuzz
I have an interesting FizzBuzz implementation in mind for when I get off work :-)
C'mon Captain Obviois
Q: FizzBuzz in VBA

ZakFizzBuzz in VBA. Takes start and end numbers as arguments. Will handle any pair of integers to +- 2 Billion or so, determine whether the sequence is increasing or decreasing and output numbers to the immediate window. Public Sub PrintFizzBuzz(ByVal startNum As Long, ByVal endNum As Long) Di...

Q: formatting a string in awk pretty print

capserI have a file that I pipe delimit, i put it into a wiki Marina Abramović 43199842 Vito Acconci 43160016 Bas Jan 80902233 Eija-Liisa Ahtila 43406552 Peggy Ahwesh 37006646 Rita Ackermann 43208993 Chantal Akerman 43272249 Vikky Alexander 80703016 Edward Allington 43387956 Francis Alÿs 43215850 Laur...

@CaptainObvious closed
4:39 AM
Note to self, for optimal upvotes, don't post questions after midnight
Yeah, I usually wait until heaps of people are online before posting my big questions
4:56 AM
@Zak I would have figured maybe you'd make an Excel FizzBuzz to um, make your boss' next balance sheet more fun ;)
5:12 AM
Q: Generate a list of all possibilities with 1 variation

ImprezaSay I have a string iBY7vFtCS. I want a list of all possibilities with just 1 character variating and keeping the others the same. So first a list of all a-z, A-Z, 0-9 options ending with BY7vFtCS, then all possibilities starting with i and ending with Y7vFtCS, etc etc. How can this be achieved?

Q: Drawing all edges of a graph from a specified k-formula [java]

William WermagerI'm trying to write a simple program that takes in a given k-formula and then display all the edges of that graph. Example input: '***abcd' Output: *ab *ac *ad And another: * ab *cd Output: *ab *cd Error: Invalid K-Formula. My algorithm is as follows: Read formula from left to right...

5:29 AM
@Phrancis Somehow, I don't think he'd appreciate a "fun" balance sheet
@Zak You're evil. Eeeeeee-vil.
If startNum <= endNum Then stepValue = 1 Else stepValue = -1

    For currentNum = startNum To endNum Step stepValue
@Mat'sMug British over-engineering, you know.
Or is it feature creep?
I like successfully rerouting a user:
Yea I messed that up I posted it over in stack overflow now. I'll get back over here if I get something working thanks. — William Wermager 1 min ago
@Mat'sMug Eh shucks, who cares about 2 bytes nowadays?
still, it's like "" vs string.Empty
You increase the size of your source code file by more than you save in your program. Take your pick.
5:50 AM
it's VBA, a frakkin empty module contains code
  MultiUse = -1  'True
  Persistable = 0  'NotPersistable
  DataBindingBehavior = 0  'vbNone
  DataSourceBehavior  = 0  'vbNone
  MTSTransactionMode  = 0  'NotAnMTSObject
Attribute VB_Name = "CMemberInfo"
Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
Attribute VB_Creatable = False
Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = False
Attribute VB_Exposed = False
lines of code visible in the VBE: 0
Q: need help trying to get my pig game to run

MICHAEL TURKIELAI am working on my final project for my intro to java class and i am having a hard time understanding the errors in my project and why it will not run if you could tell me why i would greatly appreciate it import java.util.*; public class Final3 { public static void main(String[] args) { ...

6:28 AM
Q: SRP (Single Response Principle), going too far?

cstruterRecently during an interview, an "interesting" criticism of reviewed code came up regarding the SRP principle. The code looked something like this: interface IActionResult Execute() class JsonResult : IActionResult Execute() class HtmlResult : IActionResult Execute() Now the iss...

6:40 AM
in The Whiteboard, 2 hours ago, by MichaelT
From 2001: "I will eat a week's pay if OOP is still in vogue in 2015." http://web.archive.org/web/20010310074457/http://www.geocities.com/tablizer/oopbad.htm https://t.co/gvpeNHVC2j
GAH, why don't things one-box for me right now??
> Welcome to Code Review! As it stands your questions would be off-topic as this site is for reviewing real, working code, rather than programming concepts. See What topics can I ask about here? in the Help Center. – Phrancis 9 mins ago
6:56 AM
@Mat'sMug You thought he was evil >:3 ...
Q: FizzBuzz in T-SQL

QuillI've written a simple FizzBuzz in TSQL using some IF loops. Here's a SEDE link to run it in your browser. DECLARE @i int = 1 DECLARE @str varchar(8) = ''; WHILE @i <= 30 BEGIN SET @str = '' IF @i % 3 = 0 BEGIN SET @str = 'FIZZ' END IF @i % 5 = 0 BEGIN SET...

Q: FizzBuzz in Scratch

QuillBefore you close vote: Yes, Scratch questions are okay. Link to project on Scratch For the hundredth fizzbuzz question, I'd thought I'd spruce it up a bit and post something new. So, first make three variables named i, iterations and string: And a list named ListOfFBs (FBs = FizzBuzze...

... and that makes 100 questions!
@CaptainObvious (oh yes, indeed)
7:18 AM
7:31 AM
@200_success: I fixed it
See the last update
Cheers on 100 Qs!
@Phrancis: thanks man, your answer is really nice :-)
7:48 AM
Q: How to improve the commit that gerrit verified as -1?

herbertDIf a commit is marked verified = -1 in gerrit, how developer change that commit and resend the git review? As far As I know, the top commit could be changes by git commit --ammend, but how to improve the other commits before (not on the top).

Is this code review for codereview.stackexchange.com ? — Kiquenet just now
8:20 AM
Q: Template Binary Search Tree

TheInnerPartyThis is a simple binary search tree implementation written with C++'s templates feature I wrote to learn C++. What improvements would make this cleaner and better as far as C++ practices go, and are there any problems with implementing the algorithm? #include <iostream> #include <string> using ...

8:48 AM
Monking :)
Hey @IsmaelMiguel havent' seen you in a while
monking @DanPantry
Hello @Heslacher
Q: method for gathering the correct data to specific user

Sebastian Jennings AlmnesI have quite a lengthy method that I know for sure can be optimized, yet I am not sure how to do it. The method is in my User model, and essentially gets the questions assigned to the user in the current week. Questions can be assigned to a variety of intervals, so it's important that for each we...

@Andrzej The container (like optional or variant) should be as generic as possible, isn't it? I attempt to design variant for constexpr. And currently it has above ability. But I think "maybe I should to deny it?". — Orient 46 secs ago
9:02 AM
Q: Reading and displaying data from a dynamic log file

user269952I am developing a plugin for intellij that basically monitors a log file and displays the data in a tool window within the IDE in real-time. I have managed to get it working but i would like to know the areas where i can improve on. I'm specifically interested in the structure of my code and the ...

Q: C# awaitable problems

Emaborsadocuments is a IDictionary<string, string> where the parameters are <filename, fileUrl> DocumentHandler.Download() returns a Task<Memorystram> This code works: foreach (var x in documents.Keys) { var result = await DocumentHandler.Download(new Uri(documents[x])); // other c...

@JeroenVannevel oh damn
9:25 AM
Monking all
monking @Mast
9:46 AM
you should ask this question in codereview not here — Totalo Doto Neto 17 secs ago
10:09 AM
Q: Validation null values (preconditions)

KiquenetI would like to know an alternative, more elegant way to write the following methods. I am especially not enthusiastic of the nested if statement or if for validate null values. Now there are 3 if statement for null validation. Any method: private void LoadAlertas() { ...

monking @skiwi
did you hear that Java 9 will be postponed for 6 months ?
:o nope, link?
Q: need to print finally given values in output c#

ganesh int a; Console.WriteLine("Enter the first number"); a = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); for (int i = 0; i < a; i++) { Console.WriteLine(" "); Console.ReadLine(); } for (int j = 1; j <= (a+1); j++) { ...

10:20 AM
@Heslacher Hmm okay, well if they need the time, then so be it ;)
@CaptainObvious very unclear what op is asking
Though I'm quite sure Java 9 has some interesting new libraries, I think it can't hurt if there are more to come
@Heslacher Broken.
This code is not doing anything useful. It only prints text and spaces, not the values you want it to print. — Mast 17 secs ago
One of my e-mail accounts has been refusing to load all day while I really need to get in.
I wish people would document when their primitive types can be nullable in SQL.
10:33 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network. Perhaps CodeReview...but check their guidelines first. — Paulie_D 36 secs ago
I've lost about half an hour now debugging broken code because the return types from SQL are nullable (and in C#, int and int? are completely different types)
@skiwi so much fluff in that email....
@DanPantry Fixed it for you: I wish people would document
actually that's s/ when.*//
it is not hard to put at the top of your sproc "these are the return types, this may return null"
an int having the option to SOMETIMES be NULL instead of 0 is a pretty big deal in most languages not sure why it isn't in SQL
10:34 AM
@DanPantry Sounds like a pain
Wow, this is why people call null evil, lol
@DanPantry because that's a column property and not a type property
@Vogel612 But what about if you do addition in sprocs..?
@DanPantry And JavaScript has undefined and null
IntMightBeNull / IntMightBeNull is a pretty bad thing
10:35 AM
@DanPantry NULL gets auto-zeroed, IIRC
@DanPantry IntMightBeNull / IntMightBeNullOrEvenZero is also a pretty bad thing
@skiwi That distinction is okay, though, IMO.. and you don't return undefined/null when it comes to primitives in JS
undefined indicates the absence of any value, nuil indicates a value that doesn't exist
Sorry, just had to go there :P
@Vogel612 That is absurd. NULL and 0 are fundamentally different concepts :s
yea, kinda...
but how else would you do it?
SQL is just clever strings, actually.
Flip my shit if I'm told to add null and 0, like every other language in the universe
They're two different types, its like trying to add an array and an object (which javascript will let you do, lol)
> [] + {}
'[object Object]'
> {} + []
Although if you know the inner workings, being able to add object and array together makes sense
[] + {} sort of makes sense, but {} + [] is wat
10:40 AM
Isn't an array considered an object with index for keys?
@Quill Yes, in the spec an array is of type ExoticObject which extends from Object.
So you are essentially adding two objects together, which sort of makes sense
then it kinda makes sense
I like the "essentially" and "sort of"
when you do [] + {}, the rhv will be converted to a string, because a string is an array of characters
brb gotta retype a proof for an assignment
10:42 AM
I'm not quite sure of the reasoning behind why {} + [] = 0 though.
Q: Request a JSONP output then add a record to the database

Peter BoomsmaI've created a search function that allows users to enter a movie title in a inputfield and the function will then display all the results corresponding the searchquery beneath the inputfield. Then users can click on a add movie button to add the movie to their watchlist. There's one big problem...

@DanPantry Of-course it does ^^
@DanPantry All other languages refuse to compute when you do such a thing.
@Mast I agree.
But the point was that adding two completely different types - NULL and 0 - is silly
so why the hell would SQL autoconvert NULL to 0 when they are just not equivalent..
I mean, I guess its because in C NULL was macroed to 0 for a null pointer?
Sillyness must have been contagious.
The C case makes sense if you think about what a pointer is
But it doesn't make sense to do that for general arithmetic
10:49 AM
@CaptainObvious still need 2 additional close votes
One more.

 CR Secret Santa 2015

Room for preparation to the Code Review Secret Santa 2015 event
Those last two messages are not related to each other by the way.
Q: Replace join "select" with usual join

FreeLightmanselect `t1`.* from `product_variant_values` as t1 inner join ( select `t1`.* from `product_variant_values` as t1 where ( (t1.`option_id` = 1 and t1.`value_id` = 1) or (t1.`option_id` = 2 and t1.`value_id` = 4) or (t1.`option_id` = 3 and t1.`value_id` = 7) ) group by t1....

Q: {“error”:true,“error_msg”:“Unknown error occurred in registration!”} during execution..!

user91242when i execute fill in the fields and submit its giving me {"error":true,"error_msg":"Unknown error occurred in registration!"}..dont know wer i went wrong plz help me out..appreciate any advice, pardon me if went wrong some were..!! hear gose /DB_Functions.php/ <?php class D...

@CaptainObvious broken
"Otimisation" is something you might get help with at CodeReviewe but check their guidlelines before posting. — Paulie_D just now
11:08 AM
Yay for proper debugging
It looks a bit meta :P
loving the 5 pinned cr tabs @skiwi
Main site - 2nd Monitor - Cardshifter - Rubberduck - ... - OLog
I should take a look at this tab pinning. I often have too many windows with too many tabs.
Pinning would clean them up.
Can you modify the name of the Firefox window, to display something else than the tab information?
@Mast Eh, modifying the name? I don't know
I have 4 windows open as well, most others are for uni
in Cardshifter TCG, 11 hours ago, by Duga
[Zomis/Brainduck] 15 commits. 3 opened issues. 3 closed issues. 1 issue comment. 140 additions. 50 deletions.
@Mast @TheCoffeeCup ^^
11:22 AM
Having only one screen available, meh.
11:37 AM
Nice numbers!
Q: linked list using smart pointers - where is it going wrong?

Abhijit S#include <iostream> #include<cstddef> #include<string> using namespace std; class spexception { protected: string description; public: spexception(); spexception(const string&); virtual const string& what(); }; template <class T> class sp { private: T* p; s...

Q: Select values from two collections. C#

StepUpI have a model: class ColumnItsValues { public int PropertyID { get; set; } public string ColumnName { get; set; } public string ValueOfColumn { get; set; } } two collections: List<ColumnItsValues> listColumns = new List<ColumnItsValues>() { new ColumnItsValues() {ColumnName="G...

@rolfl I'm sure there is a joke here but I don't get it :X
It's 2^11!
oh, wait, 2^11
it would be nicer if it was 2^22 though wouldn't it ;-)
Eh no, it's not 2^11! actually
11:42 AM
I got mortarboard on security.se lol
Because 2^11! is roughly 1.351823539396600186868899559982922282645202 × 10^12016154
@skiwi "a big decimal x 10^a big number"
2048 = 1000 0000 0000
I execute 1 test and I get as results: 1 passing, 1 failing
@JeroenVannevel Are you testing concurrent code?
11:46 AM
asynchronous through callbacks but that's not it
@JeroenVannevel Simulating quantum physics?
apparently it's trying to start the webserver
But it shouldn't be..
I don't know why it's trying to do this
"Uncaught error outside test suite: listen EADDRINUSE"
Schrodingers test
user image
@JeroenVannevel You are probably running an assert twice or something silly like that
11:49 AM
@DanPantry That's legal?
Q: How can I fix number of Numbers to display in calculator with Java

DukagjnHow can I fix number of numbers on displaying result example to display only 10 number : 1234567890 on result display. I mean with java coding!

And you're sure you're not dynamically generating tests?
@Mast If you want to simulate quantum mechanics
@skiwi If he is using mocha or one of mocha's friends, then it would display two tests
What is probably happening is an assert in a callback that is being called twice
first time passes second time fails
@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
Ah, the wonderful world of JavaScript testing, even those have unexpected behavior?
11:50 AM
I didn't say it ^^
If you write code that calls a function twice and that function has an assert in it, then the assert will run twice.
As far as I am aware, this is not unique to JavaScript
If you're getting unexpected behavior in your code, and unexpected behavior occurs when running your test, does that make your test pass?
Only if you expect the unexpected behaviour @skiwi. Unless that unexpected behaviour is the Spanish Inquisition.
@skiwi That's why you always need more than one test.
@DanPantry Correct, but it either leads to a pass or a fail
11:51 AM
No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
@CaptainObvious One more VTC
The tests themselves are not doing any callbacks
Well, they are
but it's only called once, guaranteed
the entire test is one line of code doing a callback
it worked just fine yesterday so the problem is not the test implementation
to the debugmobile!
@JeroenVannevel If your test involves ports, then results could differ if you runit on different days if a program already is using a port before you run the tests
you're looking to far for it, homeboy
The server had nothing to do with it and hasn't been touched for days
The grey and wise @DanPantry was right
I added an early-escape if(blaat) { callback(null, data); }
Which obviously causes an issue because there's no return; after it
so it would continue to execute when it shouldn't and then return again at a later point in time
added the return statement and the test works again
oooooh I love it when my implementation finds problems in my tests
You should write tests for your tests.
12:20 PM
it's really cool to see that the implementation corrects the test though
Instead of a SPOF you basically have a double check
Q: C++14 Multithreading computation, performance concerns

Tomaž StoiljkovičI wrote this program to calculate value from energy function from sequence of 1 and -1. It uses multithreading and also one thread printOut() for outputting data to standard output stream. In thread printOut() there is a mutex for outputting without data race. With this I hoped to achieve no lock...

Oh no. I'm that guy. I've started answering CR questions in the comments...
@Mast TestCeption
@RubberDuck it's just that easy
@Mast 'yo dawg heard you like tests
@RubberDuck Don't
12:31 PM
Q: Project-Euler Problem 12: how to compute upper limit?

PignaThe following is my python solution of project euler 12. It works fine and runs in half second. I fixed a random upper limit for the search of primes (using the sieve of eratosthenes). How can I change my code so that the program can find the first triangle number with more than n divisors and s...

You should totally drop that and use... Eh... Screw it. Y'all know what's coming.
@RubberDuck Python?
@DanPantry BrainFuck
12:50 PM
Q: If statement improving

Jide KosoFor some reason, I completely lost my reasoning with this code. I can't hold this simple logic for too long in my head. Actually, I want to improve this code, making it a little concise. The if (so.scan_complete and force) or not so.scan_complete: is just not a KISS thing. Please any suggesion to...

Q: Custom vector class template failing initializer

ClixI am doing a project for class and I think I have led myself into confusion following the book. We are building a custom vector class with templates, which will go through a series of tests. With my current code, it is failing when initializing the following statement. Vector<int> v {1,2,3}; ...

1:07 PM
Q: Counting Sort Implementation in C#

Uit 14bsHere is my Implementation. It is I think almost like algorithm. If any error or improvement Kindly suggest me ? public static uint[] CountingSort(uint[] A ,uint max) { uint[] B = new uint[A.Length]; int[] c = new int[max +1 ]; for (int j = 0; j < A.Le...

Q: Recursive call within Function

dhirajforyouI am calling the functions recursively but with set timeout as below: var ProcessLoop = function(action,limit) { this.i=0; this.limit = limit; this.action = action; } ProcessLoop.prototype.process = function(){ var self= this; if(this.i < this.limit){ this.action(this.i); this.i +=1 co...

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@CaptainObvious Broken.
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Q: Any advice on my implementation of logistic regression with eigen?

JasonI am a newer with eigen, and I implement a logistic regression model with eigen. It works but I don't know whether it is implemented in a efficient way or is there any operation in my implementation is low efficient and could get some improvement. #include <iostream> #include <Eigen/Dense> #incl...

Anyone around who can see deleted posts? There was one late last night that may have been on-topic for programmers so I asked in their chat, but then OP deleted it. Was just hoping to get a screenshot, for learning purposes, as long as it's not a problem per site rules
We have updated privilege thresholds?
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Ah...no wonder.
Q: Handling a large amount of possible inputs for a python function

KronoSI'm working an open source project written in Python that is a wrapper to the Pushover API called py_pushover. The main function of this wrapper is the push_message function which allows the user to push a notification. The API has 10 possible parameters with only 3 being required. I've hand...


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