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8:01 PM
wow, I managed to hit a door with my glasses...
Good thing you had glasses on, otherwise you would have hit your forehead.
@rolfl you were too fast
Actually, I don't know @rolfl
It was really an edge case
Btw I found something interesting in Java 8
Q: What is the type of an intersected type?

skiwiConsider the following code which uses the ability to intersect types, which was added in Java 8: private <E, T extends List<E> & RandomAccess> void takeList(T list) { } private void fakingRandomAccess() { List<Integer> linkedList = new LinkedList<>(); takeList((List<Integer> & RandomA...

I count 9
@amon - the SEDE data was last updated on Saturday evening.
It is refreshed once a week only.
8:05 PM
@rolfl yes, but @konijn is confused about counting 8 users in the query, but for some reason only 5 on that screenshot.
Oh, never mind... which SEDE query, but the way?
but the way?
buzz off, I have just woken up. ;-)
let me put a smiley on that ....'
Afternoon nap FTW.
Seems like my linked list needs to wait until friday btw...
I saw your ping from earlier. Funny, I was expecting it to be easier to implement the listiterator on top of a linked list, rather than an array.
8:10 PM
You can cheat with return elementData[cursor]; though ^^
I'm by the way really curious as to why I've found Type Intersection nowhere on any Java 8 feature list so far
But you can probably cheay with a prev and nxt cursor
@skiwi - type intersection is older than Java8
More specifically, casting to type intersections/intersection types
Before Java 8 you could allow only arguments of type x & y
but now you can cast it aswell
private <E, T extends List<E> & RandomAccess> void takeList(T list) {


private void fakingRandomAccess() {
    List<Integer> linkedList = new LinkedList<>();
    takeList((List<Integer> & RandomAccess)linkedList);
And yeah I'm using a previous and next node, but it's still tricky
Oh, OK, I have not had much need for that, (either the generic or the cast).
You're the expert, it seems
It's no real code either, was inspired by asylllas' comment of serializing a lambda
8:14 PM
Btw, Windows 8.1 update will feature the classical startmenu, yay :)
duh, I can see the bug now
case when Reputation >= 10000 then 1 else 0 end [10K],
@skiwi nope. 8.1 merely puts a Windows icon in the taskbar, that takes you to the home screen.
@Mat'sMug You missed the latest news ;)
@amon, the 20K users should not count towards 10K users?
should they??
They should... yes.
8:16 PM
Maybe I should put it more carefully, but it's planned for a future update on 8.1
@skiwi what news? I'm running 8.1 right now...
I don't miss the start menu
at all
maybe I'm just weird
(don't quote me on that)
I've got a fake start menu installed, not that I use it a lot, but when I do, it's useless
Q: Ping Pong Pi - A ping pong score and serving manager

Nat ZimmermannI have spent a few hours on this code, but think it could be improved a bit. It requires eSpeak to be installed to run the speech synthesis, but the voice can be toggled on or off using the togglevoice command. This was created for python 2.7.3. My major concerns are the fluctuations of the use o...

@skiwi How is that different from a real start menu?
And I don't know if there's an english version of the news available, but it's from their Build conference from today
@Edward It performs pretty crappy, but I can live with it... I've always told myself that I would still need to look for a replacement though.
8:18 PM
@Edward the "real thing" is made by Microsoft and built into the OS
is there another stackexchange outlet I should be asking this in? Im really just trying to gain the basic concept of this OOJS stuff and would love it if I could see how someone with advanced jquery/js skills would approach the module I have included — user2626009 20 mins ago
@Mat'sMug Wouldn't know. I'm a Linux snob. :)
well that explains a lot ;p
@Mat'sMug :)
@konijn The idea is that 100% of users have 1 rep or more, and x% have 10k rep or more etc. This is not good for making pie charts, but is much more common when analysing wealth distributions
8:21 PM
Though I agree with you @Mat'sMug that the first preferable option to use is the pinned applications in the taskbar
Going off though, night people
@amon Okay, but do the people who decide on graduations think this way as well?
goff ... (I saw that ...)
@konijn - for the most part, yes. There is a Grace Note discussion on this.
and the query was but together first by 200_success then Mat's Mug based on that discussion
There's an app SEDE query for that.
Digging it up
@konijn dunno. but the reputation leagues (in the tables on the right) use this format
8:26 PM
A: What are the advantages of graduation?

Grace NoteGraduation does five things for you, mechanically speaking. Reputation privilege tables are changed. That answer really explains it so I don't need to go further. Given the rep distribution at current, this is actually somewhat negative since you have a pretty tiny fraction of 5% that surpasses...

Follow the comments on that.
at the rate my non-whored answers are getting votes, I can understand why we're not graduation-ready.
TTQW - later!
The OP included some code from someone else:
Q: Parse XML using Python xml eTree - feedback?

SarahI am a high school intern, and I am trying to parse my mentor's code so that he can read in an xml file and call simple methods to edit or get information from his xml file. I was hoping someone could provide me with some (any) feedback - ways to optimize the code perhaps? The XML file that my...

graphicdesign.stackexchange.com launched about the same time as CR, and they have just graduated.
Ironically, the CSS for their meta site is broken.
What?? And they have way, WAY fewer voters than we have!
They have a more skewed user-reputation plot. Outliers at the top end. But the last user on their first page ranks below ours.
8:34 PM
on their main page, half the text doesn't render until I :hover. That CSS needs a Code Review! Well, their meta is broken as well…
Q: Parse XML using Python XML eTree

SarahI am a high school intern, and I am trying to parse my mentor's code so that he can read in an XML file and call simple methods to edit or get information from his XML file. I was hoping someone could provide me with some (any) feedback - ways to optimize the code perhaps? The XML file that my...

8:49 PM
Q: Searching text files for strings defined in their own classes

erotavlasI'm trying to implement interfaces in my design but not sure if this is correct or if there is a better way to do it. What I need to do is 1 - open a text file 2 - keep searching blocks of text until I find a string that matches against one of the classes that defines that string pattern 3 -...

9:20 PM
Q: jQuery Plugin - HTML5 History State

Drew BakerI've built this small jQuery plugin to work with HTML5 History State functions. It's my first jQuery plugin, so I'm not sure if it's up to the best practices, or what could be done better. Keeping it simple and small is my main concern. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I'd love ...

Q: Methods not understood from C Pine book ch8

user39963I'm unable to follow this code from C Pine book, ch8 on methods. I'm sure this is as clear as day, except I can't get it. In the comments I try to follow the code and indicate the place at the very begging where I get stuck and can't understand the code. def englishNumber number # We only w...

9:36 PM
@amon It has been fixed now.
9:54 PM
Odd question, maybe I can't get my head around this for now: pastebin.com/5QX6ud9D
Does anyone know why that doesnt work?
@NiallSzalkai "for ( int x = 1 ; x >= 20 ; x++ )" – should probably be "<="
@amon I knew it would be something dumb, thanks dude.
10:25 PM
Q: A Ruby string analyser

MohamadI wrote this script for a code challenge on TreeHouse. I already submitted my code, but I am looking for an after the fact feedback. The challenge was to open a file of text, remove specific words (provided in another file) and do the following: Output to the screen in a readable fashion 1...

Q: Store object in memory or de-reference it for performance

BriI have a GUI that contains a Table Object (for displaying columns of data) and a Table Model. The Table Object contains the Table Model. Is it better to store the Table Model as a object in the User interface or de-reference it as needed? Is there any performance gain keeping it separate? If ...

Q: Java ClassNotFoundException Handling

BriIs there a better way to handle this ClassNotFoundException ? private Class<?> getClass(String value) { Class<?> columnClass = null; try { columnClass = Class.forName(StringUtils.trim(value)); } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) {...

anyone here?
Half here, half sleeping
I wonder if this meta-post should be closed as a duplicate of an older meta-post, now that the older one has an answer (@konijn's meta-review)..
Q: One-liners and other narrowed-down reviews

Mat's MugEvery once in a blue moon, a question gets posted (often as a new user's first post) where the OP is asking a quite specific question about very minimalistic code, for example: if (strstr($url, "?")) { $url = strstr($url, "?", true); } There is something to say about this code, of course....

Q: What is the appropriate MINIMUM length of a Code Review question?

DaggObviously related to this, but I want to know the opposite. How short is too short? For example this doesn't seem long enough to be appropriate for a code review: Highlight input if empty The entire code sample: /* highlight input, if it is empty */ $(function() { var highlight_if_no_val=f...

What answer is better though?
Q: A Ruby crawling for emails on websites given by google API

BulaI'm trying to build as stated in the title an app which crawls a website to find the emails that it has and then I want to print them. Also I want to allow the user to type in the console false when they want to skip the website ( maybe he already found 2 emails and he doesn't need any more). Is...

Q: Python - Swapping nodes in linked lists

user39979Anyone know how to do swap nodes in a linked list given an index? i.e. it would swap the node at the index with the node at the index + 1.

Q: jQuery tooltip optimization

MarcoThis is my second jQuery script: a universal tooltip for my entire web page. It took me a couple of days to research and make it work... i'm so proud :) Now, I need help from the experts to optimize my newbie code :) This is one of the ways i can show the tooltip. <a class="tooltip" data-toolt...

10:34 PM
@rolfl's answer summarizes a meta-debate, and @konijn's answer summarizes the summarization by providing a to-the-point demonstration of why these questions are on-topic.
The newer post has a better question, whilst both answers prove a point
got it
This question was asked before, an older question now has an answer that demonstrates @rolfl's conclustion. — Mat's Mug 42 secs ago
So I've been answering a question that i now think is possibly off-topic:
Q: JavaScript Good Patterns - Is this a good example?

Ivo PereiraI have been trying various formats of namespaces and modules patterns, however I have not come across a solution that I would use for all my projects. I've been developing the following, that would allow me to separate my application through applications, modules, functions and global variables....

What do you all think? Stub code is off-topic right?
@JamesKhoury I couldn't tell it's stub code :/
like, some kind of template code that one could copy to start a new project perhaps
11:07 PM
@Mat'sMug From the comments it seems to be. It has gotten a couple of nice answers.
Q: Isomorphic trees verification

JavaDeveloperTwo trees are called isomorphic if one of them can be obtained from other by a series of flips, i.e. by swapping left and right children of a number of nodes. Any number of nodes at any level can have their children swapped. Looking for code-review, optimizations and best practices This...

@StackExchange I love /u/JavaDeveloper's questions. Unfortunately he's basically maxed out on his Java skills, so there isn't much left to review.
@amon - see my answer?
A: Isomorphic trees verification

rolflAs a general comment, your code has improved significantly in the last few months. It is to your benefit for multiple reasons.... the 'easy' things to review have gone (code style, variable names, etc.) and the core logic is much more readable. Reviewing your work is harder now because the easy t...

@amon JDQ#105
@rolfl as I said, there isn't much left. But I learned about Object.equals(x, y) from your answer, which is nice.
@Mat'sMug could you explain that presumably non-random string of characters to me?
11:22 PM
It is JDQ#110 anyway.
@amon - JavaDeveloper Question
that's impressive
@amon also, I don't think he's maxed out .... rather, he's beaten the Tree data structure to death ;-)
I have to give him credit for his progress though, and his stubborn determination.
Good night guys
Q: Am I over-engineering?

MoonSo I just jumped to a new project, which uses activerecord pattern. It's a subscription service website. I have the following User object that extends a framework specific ORM object. class User extends ORM { public function isSubscriber() { $activeSubscription = $this->subs...

@StackExchange is this PHP?
11:29 PM
@Mat'sMug var_dump is a giveaway.
$this gave me the first clue ;)
Q: Making a FileHandler more OOP friendly using SOLID

azngunit81I have a class created for the sole purpose is to help handle files. The class holds a path(folder) that contains a single file at a time. Some extra properties to this class are: age of a file and max file size. I'm a very procedural style coder, and I'm trying to shift my work to a more OOP and...

@StackExchange needs more buzzwords

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