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2:09 PM
I'm listening to some dark jazz and the atmosphere is awesome.
I wish my colleague would stop coughing every 20s though...
@Morwenn Rabo de Nube from Charles Lloyd is one of my favorites lately. I especially like "Migration of Spirit"
@Edward I generally don't listen to dark jazz, so I know nothing about it. Yet :p
@SimonAndréForsberg YAY!
wish that I could send a message to someone....
dang @Jamal, Jamalizing my Jamalization of that question's suggested Edit
very nice
@Morwenn: Beat me to it. :-/
@Malachi Your edit removed too many things. I almost edited your edit but Jamal did it first while I was actually reviewing the code and just beat him to it :D
@Jamal Ow, you beat my edit concerning the return 0; stuff.
2:30 PM
Just wait for Corbin and his essay of a review. ;-)
Haha, I know what you mean :D
...or Jerry Coffin will cover for that. :P
I wanted to say: "make your stack template", but since he's a beginner, he would probably get nothing but confusion from such a remark.
CR = Container Review
2:33 PM
Or at least provide a good link or two
I can also wait for any C++ guru to show me some flaws in my review. It often happens when I do container reviews^^"
Q: Explanation of why a newly created array that references another array prints at the same initialized values

cbenn95I'm in a class for Java, and I'm reading over some of the powerpoints and from the book, but I don't really understand why the x array is printing out an integer of 50 at x[0]. This is a very specific case, but it's more of an example as anything could be placed at the initial point of all of the...

Q: Basic Javascript Efficiency

Vince D'OnofrioI'm in a beginner javascript class and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on all the intro material. All of my homework assignments work but they seem longer than they have to be, especially my most recent one. I'm not asking for answers to my homework as it is already complete (you can see t...

@StackExchange The first one seems OT.
yea, but there's already an answer..
and @rob0t was faster than @StackExchange
also I think I fell in love with OP of the js-question <3
"Please don't provide me with new code and say paste this in as I really would like to think about it and learn"
@Vogel612 Not a very accurate answer.
2:41 PM
@Simon yea.....
@StackExchange Horrible title
@Jamal better?
It's a Javascript Calculator, not a BASIC Calculator ;)
Feature-request: New off-topic close reason: Questions about calculators and Linked-Lists are off-topic here because there's so many of them already
Thought so :)
2:46 PM
And revolving image slider thingies
So sick of reviewing those
Q: Neatest way of including a header and footer on every page

Kid DiamondI just got into Object Oriented Programming, and it made me think about certain code how I can make them as efficient as possible. Right now am I just including my header and footer like the following: PHP require_once 'core/init.php'; require_once 'includes/header.php'; //Big block of conte...

Q: Stored Procedure variable column update

indofraiserThe purpose of the below code is to update a column based on the name of the field name sent from the .NET code. This allows one piece of code to handle multiple rows when a user is only adding/updating one at a time. I have been using Stored Procedures for a while but normally just Add/Update b...

I kinda have a problem with the php-question....
it's lovely 3 lines of code....
Let's take a look at the checklist then, shall we?
Does my question contain code? (Please include the code in the question, not a link to it) - Yes
Did I write that code? - Yes
Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code? - Yes
Do I want the code to be good code, (i.e. not code-golfing, obfuscation, or similar) - Yes
To the best of my knowledge, does the code work? - Absolutely yes
2:50 PM
Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code? - Good luck in finding anything else to give feedback about, so.... yes.
i'd love to add another requirement: Does this code have at least one assigning or otherwise processing statement?
If a question is about JAVA, then it's off-topic. ;-)
I am asked to write something for the Arqade.SE blog :D
Related meta questions:
Q: What is the appropriate length of a Code Review question?

Billy ONealWhile Stack Overflow questions often contain segments of pseudocode or purposely abbreviated code in order to make the question more palatable to other readers, for something like a Code Review, the asker is generally going to have to post their actual code that composes a given system (otherwise...

Q: What is the appropriate MINIMUM length of a Code Review question?

DaggObviously related to this, but I want to know the opposite. How short is too short? For example this doesn't seem long enough to be appropriate for a code review: Highlight input if empty The entire code sample: /* highlight input, if it is empty */ $(function() { var highlight_if_no_val=f...

@Jamal But if it's Java, then it's on-topic :)
2:55 PM
Jamal ... morning still ... wow
Oh, you must be in class.
Class is about to start, yes.
And I am about to leave.
See you later^^
@SimonAndréForsberg And you were complaining about my generics...
For some reason linking chat messages fails...
@skiwi I just don't know why it produces a warning, it's the same type!
3:09 PM
Perhaps it gets erased?
But I'm not really working on that now
type erasure
on runtime the bytecode contains no generics
But well I guess it's not worth enough to investigate right now
yes, but that shouldn't affect compile time warnings, right?
I might post a SO question about it later, if I'm able to create a SSCCE.
I think it does
Time to fix my Linked List...
Spammy spam spam
A: I made a simple object pool template container in C++

Jsonhave a look at this object pool, which is quite easy to use. https://github.com/collinmsn/generic_object_pool

3:14 PM
I wouldn't call that spam myself, but it does very well fit the definition of spam on SE...
But there still is some relevancy, if I were to consider something spam perosnally, I'd expect no relevance (like an ad about socks as an answer on SE)
I'm not entirely sure it's spam, but I'd call it NAA at least.
feeling good this morning
Argh I hate this, Netbeans indicates there's an error in this file but doesn't show on what line...
, but it can also be used for stuff like missiles or else. <- wot ?
I guess he means for missiles in a game
@skiwi That's one of the problems with working in Scala. The language has some complexities that still confound the syntax checking of even the best IDEs.
3:20 PM
@Donald.McLean I'm using Java 8 though ^^ You have experience with Scala?
@konijn What makes this spam vs. being a link-only answer? (spam and Non-an-answer have very different rsponses in SE land...).
Spam flags are a sledge-hammer... and in this case, (personally, not as a mod), I am not sure it warrants that flag, I am interested in what motivated your distinction.
Q: What are the spam and offensive flags, and how do they work?

KipWhen flagging, there are two special case options: spam and offensive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive content? How does the spam flag differ from the offensive flag? What is the effect of these special flags? Is there any way to remove these f...

@rolfl I absolutely hate making ListIterators.
@skiwi I've been using Scala full time at work for more than two years.
@Donald.McLean So I guess you are experienced then ^^ Have the IDE's improved a lot over the last two years?
@skiwi they are not as simple to implement as they are to use ;-)
3:29 PM
@skiwi Oh HELL yeah.
@rolfl They are a hell to implement.
Have you had a look at how I did it? With a few flags, and some creative initial conditions, it is not so bad.
I'll need to take a closer look at that
@rolfl True of almost any functionality worth putting in a library.
3:32 PM
It was still my first tab ;)
Hello @NiallSzalkai
I'd like to do most myself though
But the add method is not being nice
@vogel612 hey thanks for the help earlier :)
don't mention it ;)
got lots of internet points for it ;)
and I wasted some time at my boring workplace.
@vogel612 much glory!
3:34 PM
@Morwenn I added things back into the edit
Anyone here think much of programmingbydoing.com?
I hadn't thought about it until you brought it up, mostly because I didn't know about it to begin with
@vogel612 Your getting good at correcting me
I am good at correcting everyone
3:37 PM
that looks like a fun site to play with, if there was like 100 hours in a day....
@Malachi now, now...
And yes ^ that is what I meant, after my question today it seems that its a little outdated
@Vogel612 I mean there are so many things that I want to do and so little time to do it all
I think you can skip the first 75 assignments minimum...
29-40 could be interesting tho..
I've done that part already, I'm on 63 atm
3:41 PM
@rolfl The OP did not ask for a link to an alternative approach ( unsolicited message ),I will agree the spam is on topic and not for Viagra, but it's still unsolicited
The 3 parts on swing just make tiny windows and stuff
Furthermore, the user has 1 Rep, so not loosing anything
I really like 76 tho...
"Projects, 5 Assignments" and only 76 and then next section..
There is 5 projects ;)
but they are really scattered...
this guy should think of a way to restructure his site...
3:46 PM
Yes, its all a little all over the place
it looks like it's completely hardcoded...
@NiallSzalkai Programming by doing is what I do all the time, but I have enough ideas in my head I don't need a website telling me what to do :)
It is probably a very useful site for beginners though.
But it seems like it doesn't contain much object-oriented challenges.
@konijn "Furthermore, the user has 1 Rep, so not loosing anything" is a weak argument, are you suggesting a user with more rep could post spam and it's OK? As for the unsolicited ... just by asking, I think the OP did ask for alternatives....
That's where CR's community challenges come in, I guess :)
Oh, I must look out for them
I am a beginner so it is helping for now :)
I can see it becoming dry in the future though
3:49 PM
@NiallSzalkai Check this meta-post and the links inside it:
Q: CR Weekend Challenge

Mat's MugThose of you that weren't following what's going on in the chat room might have been taken by surprise by a recent avalanche of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock posts. This is how it started: OK, weekend challenge.... we all solve the Rock Paper Scissors Lizzard Spock problem with our 'favou...

I think you would learn a lot by making an Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe for example.
Q: Correct way to Create C++ Wrapper Class

KillercamI have the following C++ wrapper class (that wraps a C library) that will be called from C#: extern "C" { __declspec(dllexport) BSTR GroupInit(const char* szIniFile, bool bDiagErr, bool bProcErr); __declspec(dllexport) void Terminate(); /* ... */. } // end extern "C" BSTR GroupInit(con...

Thank you for the links, I will take a look. Time to come off for now though guys. Thank you for today, alot learnt!
@rolfl My second argument is usually weaker ;) I did not see/read a request for alternative solutions in the question
@konijn - this is just a general to @all that spam and offensive have a different 'priority' in the mod world, and should be used when appropriate. This one was fuzzy, no problem, but, when in doubt ....
No worries, I flagged spam twice in a year or so
3:56 PM
@rolfl when in doubt, use exploding bear-traps?
TTQW, cya guys
bye ... oh ... hi!
@Mat'sMug - Simon was wondering whether he lapped you on the way to 10K ... ?
the C#/C++ question above looks off-topic (asking for advice on code that's yet to be written)
lapped is a euphemism
Hey, @Mat'sMug, I expect you to be next to 10K now!
3:59 PM
slapped would be more like it
@SimonAndréForsberg me too!
1K views on the Weekend Challenge Reboot meta post just earned me a meta-badge!
@konijn: Did you actually review the code in this Meta question?
A: What is the appropriate MINIMUM length of a Code Review question?

konijnSeems like a bad example, I find that some of the shortest code samples contain large amounts of wrong. There is no point in creating an anonymous function here, do function highlight_if_no_val() In fact, use lowerCamelCase; highlight_if_no_val -> highlightIfNoVal In fact, would highlightEmpty...

@Jamal I +1'd, the meta-review does make a point
the meta-post dates back from 2012, remember
Ah. Duh. :-) Now someone needs to review this meta-review.
we're not looking for wall-of-text/wall-of-code reviews anymore, this is 2014 and CR is on the verge of graduation - reminds me of that post:
Q: One-liners and other narrowed-down reviews

Mat's MugEvery once in a blue moon, a question gets posted (often as a new user's first post) where the OP is asking a quite specific question about very minimalistic code, for example: if (strstr($url, "?")) { $url = strstr($url, "?", true); } There is something to say about this code, of course....

@Jamal , yes ;) It was easier than finding one of the short questions that had a treasure trove of wrong
Apparently I have answered 345 questions..
4:07 PM
Q: Did I take the right approach for this code?

iliketolearnThis is a form generator I created so users can input a URL, description and link. The output will eventually be a javascript news slider. The HTML the form generated is irrelevant for now but I'd like to see how I can improve the javascript code handing the processing. This is my first version...

172 here... that's... half of @konijn's 345!
@konijn - meta-zombie-killer?
Let's see if you get a meta-revival now ;-)
that would be a new one ;)
@StackExchange maybe, ..but you could take a better approach at making a good title...
@konijn You'll get Revival, too. ;-)
Necromancer, anyone?
4:08 PM
Only 6 people active in the chat
Hell, shoot big, enlightened, necro, revival, and great answer ... ;-) ?
I think enlightened is a stretch ;)
save that for the hat ^^
4:10 PM
Gah, what is with people and JavaScript sliders
Q: Form generator for inputting URL, description and link

iliketolearnThis is a form generator I created so users can input a URL, description and link. The output will eventually be a JavaScript news slider. The HTML the form generated is irrelevant for now but I'd like to see how I can improve the JavaScript code handing the processing. This is my first version...

this one could use more votes
A: ToString() and AddString() method without using .Net Collections

CodesInChaos ListOfString = null; is useless, fields get initialized to default(T) which is null for reference types. So you can drop the constructor. For simple initializations you can use inline initializers. e.g. private string ListOfString = ""; You're hiding ToString() instead of overriding it. You'r...

4:32 PM
@Mat'sMug Pardon me, I'm a C# newbie. What does "hiding ToString() instead of overriding it" mean?
@200_success no problem - there's a nice answer on StackOverflow about this. ToString is a member of System.Object, by overriding the method you provide an alternate implementation to that method; by hiding it, calling ToString on a downcasted instance of the type will not produce the expected results.
like, var a = ((object)myClass).ToString(); will call the implementation of ToString that's in myClass if it's overridden, but will call the base System.Object.ToString() implementation if myClass.ToString is only hiding the method.
If the hiding is intentional, it's good practice to use the new keyword so as to make it clear (that will remove a compiler warning about the method being hidden) - so the signature becomes public new string ToString().
4:54 PM
Q: Optimizing AWK script

ten1267I've borrowed and written the following code to output the disconnect time. All works well but I'm curious as to how I could tighten/ shorten the code. If anyone feels like having some fun then I'd love to see what can be done. Be a learning lesson for me. Output: ftp> !:--- FTP commands below ...

5:12 PM
wow if that goes on, I might hit 1k today...
Incoming possible OT question...
Waiting for @StackExchange
@Vogel612 ho ho ho
Q: The most efficient algorithm for finding treeview's node by string

AlwaysLearningNewStuffI have a string variable that holds text loaded from database. When program loads, I should find the node in treeview control with matching label text and select it. I have found several solutions on StackOveflow, and one elsewhere, thus I am interested in the most efficient one. If anyone c...

5:29 PM
@Mat'sMug thanks Santa ;)
Q: Cookie security check

user2587001I'm trying to pass a basic cookie over. The code is below and the data stored in it is not private and useless to anyone who accesses it but can anyone take a peek over the code and let me know if it is subject to any security exploit? Still new to JavaScript but I don't think the below can be ex...

Grats on 1k @Vogel612!
(clap clap clap)
@Mat'sMug: Unless Gareth Reese churns out more answers, you may be next to 10K (unless you take a long vacation, then I'll be next). :-)
@Mat'sMug @Marc-Andre thanks ;)
5:39 PM
Were there any good April Fools topics on SE this year?
you missed them?
shame on you...
yea unicoins..
and some magic and rainbows
We've also had a bunch of new linked list questions. There can never be too many linked list questions!
5:45 PM
@Jamal break? who said break?
A: Stopping a long-running asynchronous computation

Mat's MugTask-based Asynchronous Pattern (MSDN) public async Task<IProblemSolution> Search(CancellationTokenSource cts) As I explain in this answer, one would rightfully expect the signature of that method to read like this: public async Task<IProblemSolution> SearchAsync(CancellationTokenSource cts...

@jliv902 you missed the unicoins!!
And the bobbleheads.
I tried making an April Fools topic on Parenting.SE, but it failed miserably. Someone edited the question pretty quickly.
there was one on StackOverflow, got quite funny answers- see the tag on SO
We did also have a tag for a short time. :-)
yeah, saw that one! should be a synonym of ! (you sure you got the right amount of o's?) ;)
5:54 PM
Better yet, have be a synonym of .
why not the other way round?
I'm okay with that!
lol. hey was vaporized... how to find that question now? (I saw it from the SO newsletter)
@rolfl The fun thing about your CLListIterator is that it can access items on an index in constant time, with a linked list that's not possible :( I need to always have a next and previous element (if present) present.
aw got it
Q: Why can't my program compile under Windows 7 in French?

Lightness Races in OrbitI'm running Windows 7 French and I'm trying to compile this really basic program, but Visual Studio is being stubborn and refuses to comply. I also tried compiling it with both GCC 4.7 and Clang trunk on Coliru and I get more or less the same errors (output is below the code), though I think Coli...

6:01 PM
@Mat'sMug The variable names aren't snooty enough?
Q: Without string buffer?

user2956514So baisically, this is my code which recieves file to read and converts binary values to ASCII text. The code works fine, my question is though, is there a way to do this same thing without string buffer? Help would be very appreciated. import java.io.File; import java.util.Scanner; /** * * @...

@Mat'sMug Oh, in C# overriding has to be explicit using the override keyword.
@200_success yup
Ah, that one! I remember seeing some crappy NAA that somehow reached 10 votes. The answerer was about to get Nice Answer, but I stopped that.
isn't it in as well (@override)?
6:02 PM
The Java annotation is optional.
oh, didn't know that
If you use it, then it can help detect accidentally mismatched signatures.
I guess it's "good practice" to put it in though
@Mat'sMug In seriousness, in French versions of Windows, the Administrator account is called Administrateur, which can be a source of bugs.
@Mat'sMug I think in Scala "override" is mandatory.
6:05 PM
@Donald.McLean of course, Scala has it right! ;)
@Donald.McLean In scala it's no annotation though
I wonder if Scala has an implements for implementing interfaces? Or still provides only override?
@skiwi No interfaces. TRAITS!!!!!!
But no, Scala uses "extends" for everything.
@Donald.McLean Please forgive me :)
Finally, I found a way to remember how to specify the type and return type of a method in java
private <E> void takeList(List<E> list);
@200_success that's painful. I only use a fr-CA computer if I'm forced to - re-learning all keyboard shortcuts is a PITA, especially in Visual Studio (not to mention everything that breaks if you have Excel macros that write formulae in cells)
I'll never get used to see "Générer" in place of "Build"
First you specify the type `<E>`, then the return type `void` (here), because it is logical to first define the type before you can return it, as in:
`private <E> E takeList(List<E> list);`
- Doing it the other way around would make no sense!
6:08 PM
It can get interesting if you're extending a bunch of different classes. Only one of them can be an actual class, of course, but you can extend as many traits as you want.
Wait a minute. That French code is C++. You could probably get it to work if you pass a -include francais.h flag to the compiler.
Interesting, just learned something new about Java
private <E, T extends List<E> & RandomAccess> void takeList(T list) {

methinks this is off-topic
Q: Without string buffer?

user2956514So baisically, this is my code which recieves file to read and converts binary values to ASCII text. The code works fine, my question is though, is there a way to do this same thing without string buffer? Help would be very appreciated. import java.io.File; import java.util.Scanner; /** * * @...

Thanks, Netbeans.
Unnecessary cast to <unknown>
@Ben I'm skipping on that one, looks reviewable to me, although the wording does look like it's somewhat asking for code to be written
6:17 PM
@Mat'sMug it is review-able, but it is a how do I do dis question
its like reviewing someones SO question
Is her program correct? It looks like she's grabbing eight BYTES and then converting it into an integer and then into a character. In her description, it says she wants to get ASCII characters from a binary files. Doesn't Java have a getchar() or read() or something like that?
Much interesting...
private <E, T extends List<E> & RandomAccess> void takeList(T list) {


private void fakingRandomAccess() {
    List<Integer> linkedList = new LinkedList<>();
    takeList((List<Integer> & RandomAccess)linkedList);
I can make a LinkedList 'implement' RandomAccess
@Mat'sMug well, I edited it to be a CR question
@Jamal I was in the process of fixing "baisically" ;)
6:23 PM
@Mat'sMug It's noise anyway. :-) We know the OP is about to present some code.
@BenVlodgi closing that question would have prevented this answer!
A: Read and convert binary files to ASCII text

Jeroen VannevelAside from turning StringBuffer into StringBuilder, there are a few more things I'd like to note about your code. Compound assignment operator This line: lastString = lastString + line; Can be rewritten as this one: lastString += line; It's short and it complies with what many people wo...

@Mat'sMug indeed, it would have. But the question was a bad one it was litterally an SO/ programmers question.
because it did have working code I figured just editing was a better idea
Your edit was an excellent one, I think we should try to do that more often instead of slapping close votes on new[-ish] users
mhmm, aslong ofcourse... there is working code :)
6:28 PM
Magic values
I like magic though
not sure how I feel about this

int amountOfBits = 8;
sounds like const int bitsInByte = 8;
^ that sounds better
const int EIGHT = 8
@BenVlodgi I feel like your last edit on the question should be rollback, we should not fix indentation of the code since it can be review.
EIGHT is still a magic value, BITS_IN_BYTE is more meaningful.
@Mat'sMug haha, I know... twas a joke
6:31 PM
I can't give you magic values, I can give you magic though.
Q: What is the type of an intersected type?

skiwiConsider the following code which uses the ability to intersect types, which was added in Java 8: private <E, T extends List<E> & RandomAccess> void takeList(T list) { } private void fakingRandomAccess() { List<Integer> linkedList = new LinkedList<>(); takeList((List<Integer> & RandomA...

@Marc-Andre it could be reviewed, but it appeared to be a pasting mistake
I think they pasted one extra bracket
tabs get F'd up in the ask-a-question page, people should give the {} button some more lovin'
No there was no missing bracket in the original code
What the hell, someone is ranodmly downvoting my answers on SO.
6:33 PM
3 random downvotes already today
oh, whoops you know what... it was actually fine, just mis-tabbed as far as I can tell
2 within the lat 3 minutes, seems fishy
in fact the first block is missing indentation not the last block you corrected
the whole thing needs more indentation
this looks like a job for... a comment?
6:34 PM
nope forget what i just said
anyway it should be something the op is fixing
by being reviewed
probably...... maybe, but it hurts me to look at
@skiwi Are you talking about this one?
@BenVlodgi Whitespace in code should not be silently fixed. Please roll back to Rev 3.
I didn't downvote, but your answer looks incomplete.
@jliv902 For example, also the following
Yeah this is bull
6:38 PM
can anyone familiar with PHP review this suggested edit? codereview.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/18923 thanks!
getting another random downvote
Anyone having experienced with getting bull random downvotes?
@200_success I know that should be an answer but I don't want to make one since you were already saying what I would have said (except for the suggestion I made)
I think it's best to try to approach a SO mod on SO.chat?
@skiwi it takes 5 downvotes to counter a single upvote, modz will probably tell you do not worry about it; if it's really abusive serial downvoting, it will get reversed in about 5 hours and 20 minutes ;)
6:40 PM
@Mat'sMug Will that be automatically done?
serial voting reversal
whitespace is something that is typically fixed by any good IDE, its not something to base an answer on... it isn't relavant to the code, the code is identical... that being said, if you don't want me to fix op whitespace, I will make it an answer
@skiwi I've never actually knew the name of SO's chatroom until you posted it.
I don't mind the downvotes per se, I do mind if I go to -1 instead of 0 as that seems bad
isn't it The Tavern?
6:44 PM
@jliv902 You're correct though that that definately is one of my worst answers... Have never really noticed it though
@200_success After reading the meta post, I should have added an answer but now it's part of Jeroen Vannevel answer's, so next time I'll do it
@Marc-Andre gotta train for FGITW :)
I don't like doing short answer with only one point of the code. I don;t like FGITW :P
me neither, but when CR starts getting some serious traffic (looks like it's steadily increasing), we'll have to!
@BenVlodgi Whitespace is absolutely reviewable, even in languages where it is not syntactically significant. You just earned 20 points for that answer. That said, please avoid starting any flame wars about brace styles and indentation widths.
In addition to indentation, spaces between words is important too.
6:52 PM
I'm not trying to start any wars. You are right, tabbing and spacing can indeed be reviewed.
Q: Android - code criticism

user1957341I was asked to create a test APK file by a company HR when I applied for a an Android developers job, Specification: "The goal is to develop a simple application which finds the local restaurants. The application will contain 2 screens: A list of nearby restaurants within 1 mile radius A map th...

@skiwi I got an Excavator badge for editing your answer!
^ needs a better title (obviously)
@jliv902 Nice ^^
@Jamal no, needs code and a better title!
> Could an experienced Android developer PLEASE review my code [...]
6:55 PM
Way ahead of you on the first thing! If it takes a while, we can just close.
They don't call you Jamalizer for no reason!
sings Jeopardy theme
@BenVlodgi Your answer is perfect. I wasn't accusing you of starting wars — just making a statement in general.
Q: Object Oriented Modular Closure

user2626009The following is some code I just wrote. I keep wondering as always what I can do to make this more efficient. Please help me make this code object oriented and if anyone could help me write automated or even non automated tests for my widget... Also is this considered a closure? I don't think...

@200_success understood
@internetexplorer8 why do you ask me if I want to add 'about:blank' to my trusted sites list, of course I do't trust 'about:blank'
thats probs where I get my viruses
7:04 PM
@200_success why has @Community♦ auto-rejected the retag edit? Normally when a reviewer edits a suggestion, it gets auto-approved right?
@Mat'sMug Community rejects when there's conflicting edits
It's a fix for issues :)
@Mat'sMug Dunno how Community works, but what I did was accept the suggestion to add tags and , while rejecting the removal of .
oh well.. looks like there's a more-complex-than-it-looks algorithm behind this
@SimonAndréForsberg You've now seen an (useful) use of the type intersecting in Java 8?
@skiwi Not really focused on type intersecting. I don't have any clear use-case for it in mind, but I'm sure it's useful somewhere
7:10 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg pastebin.com/5MtxQTMC Thanks for your help earlier!
@SimonAndréForsberg Well I thought you read my question ^^
@NiallSzalkai You're welcome :) Good work
@skiwi I did, I'm just not sure it's that useful :)
I'm also not sure what a real use would be
Q: Efficient way to sort a formatted array (Chris Pine book, ch 7)

user39963I'm on chapter 7 of Chris Pine's book, trying to work on the last exercise in that chapter. This code works fine, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this... toc_array = ['Table of Contents', 'Chapter 1: Numbers', 'page 1', 'Chapter 2: Letters', 'page 72', 'Chapter 3: Variables...

Q: Reliability of flock mutex (LOCK_EX|LOCK_NB)

mpapecI would like to test reliability of system flock in a multi-threaded and concurrent environment as some suggest that they are not reliable (in comments). Thus I wrote this code which requests non-blocking exclusive lock, with multiple threads at the same time (well, almost same time). Is there...

7:49 PM
Q: The use of database "sets" rather than "functions"

The Angry SaxonI've currently got a MSSQL stored procedure that uses multiple SQL functions to achieve a number of returns. Now I've been told about using sets rather than functions as it creates " bad code smell of a DBA who is not yet thinking in sets" Original Link I'd like to better my code and love to kno...

'Tis a silent evening.
The SEDE query seems wrong on the count of 10K users, it says 8
I see 5
int i; memset(&i, 0, sizeof(int)); – a funny page of programming WTFs: rinkworks.com/stupid/cs_programming.shtml
@konijn are you on the “yearly” tab? Look at the all-time stats
No, the all tab
Winston Ewert , svick, konijn, ChrisW, Simon André Forsberg
that is 5 ?

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