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12:19 AM
hats hats hats – winter bash has arrived :)
Q: Input/Feedback/Comments on slave component of remote auto downloader

Zoran PavlovicBit of a mini project that I've been finishing up this past weekend. It is the slave component of a some home-brew download infrastructure that I've decided to implement for a home usage scenario. It is controlled via email, and retrieves instructions periodically to download items. It does the d...

12:45 AM
Q: Web Audio Constructors and jQuery

ryanhagzI'm trying to figure out a way to have cleaner, efficient code for a web audio project i've been working on. the code I have right now is this: //OSCILLATOR INFO// // Oscillator Pitch is in Hz. // Oscillator Detune is in Cents & can be positive or negative values. // 1 Octave = double/half the ...

1:02 AM
Q: Clone array elements when multiplying by a scalar

David HarknessI am building an array of strings to form the "empty" representation of a puzzle onto which I will overwrite single characters as necessary. However, building the array using scalar multiplication results in shared string instances among the rows which breaks when I modify them. > grid = [["... ...

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4:40 AM
Q: Templated Quicksort

red_eightI wrote this pretty quickly without really thinking about the design. I have a few ideas of how to improve it, but I wanted feedback. I also would like some feedback on my usage of rvalue-references in Driver.cpp. quicksort.h #include <algorithm> namespace quicksort { template <typename i...

4:52 AM
Q: Is this is a properly implemented linkedList class?

Chuck OnwuzuruikeThe code below is a class implementation of a linkedList. I DO have concerns. For example is it normal the class MUST have atleast one node. In other words, this implementation cannot have an empty linkedList. The length is always 1. Lastly, would this be a proper way to implement a linkedList in...

5:40 AM
Q: How can I improve this (remove redundancy)?

user1793408Let me start by saying that the code works as is but I think it has a lot of redundancy. It is written this way as I kept getting nullpointerexceptions if I try to put the fileCounter > gameDiff if/else inside one for loop. The program allows a user to create directories and add images to them. ...

6:14 AM
been weirdly quiet the past two days. how's it going with everyone?
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8:59 AM
Q: How could I improve this m/r code?

GuilleI have been changing this code and I don't get to make it much better, I changed a little bit the structure, reimplemeted a new function for splitting Strings which is more efficient, etc. I have been tested with MR-Unit (it's part of a Map-Reduce code). I'm testing the code with 1.5 millions c...

Q: Widget Code review.

ttpI have created a small HomeScreen Widget which displays random Numbers. Attached is the code. Please let me know if the approach is good. https://github.com/gottp/HomeWidgetTest https://github.com/gottp/HomeWidgetTest/tree/master/src/com/example/homewidgettest

9:26 AM
Why does it say that I earned L'chaim?
What's that...?
9:37 AM
Abby T. Miller on December 15, 2013

The gatherings of family and friends, the giving and receiving of gifts, the making and/or breaking of New Year’s resolutions – however you and yours celebrate, the end of a calendar year heralds many traditions.

Here at Stack Exchange, we wanted to get each of you an awesome, personal gift, and mail it to you as our way of saying “thanks.” But our accountant pointed out that there are 4.5 million of you, which promptly reminded us that the holidays aren’t about gifts. The real spirit of the holidays can only be captured with… …

10:35 AM
Q: 3 layer design and multiple dataset

user3106823I'm new to C# and OO programing. I have an aspx page with 3 lists of checkboxes and I would like to generate them from the DB. how should I structure my code? Here is an example of what I did so far: ASPX page < asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckBoxList1" runat="server"> < asp:CheckBoxList ID="Check...

Q: This is my first attempt on python, I made this Sudoku Solver using deductions and brute force

user33607import pickle class Sudoku: def __init__(self,other=None): """ Sudoku initializer method, contains 9 sample sudokus to select from. It asks for type of sample sudoku as e1,e2,m1,m2,h1,h2,ex1,ex2,ex3 or 'input' to create a new sudoku object. It can also be used to create ...

@rolfl i feel out from my chair laughing... when i see you avatar with the judge hat :D XD
11:11 AM
Q: Please help! we were asked to make a celsius converter. I don't now what's wrong in my code!

quotidianThe user will input a celsius value, then he/she will choose from a drop down list the temperature scale he/she would like to convert it to. then when the user clicks a button, the result will appear in a second text box. I've tried doing it but so far I can't even get the result to be printed in...

11:59 AM
Q: Using getopt to parse and validate arguments

Grijesh ChauhanI am learning getopt in Python to parse and validate command line inputs. I have written my following code to parse command line arguments using getopt: #!/usr/bin/python '''\nMailing Script Usage: python script.py -y <year> -c <type_user>" Arguments: -y, --year any value from 2008 to ...

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1:06 PM
Q: Shortest path below a certain cost

user2058841I just want to know how can I solve this I tried all things I know yet not got a satisfactory solution. http://www.spoj.com/problems/ROADS/

1:36 PM
Q: VARIANT structure deserialization code organization

Konstantin KIn my project i work with COM object via System.Reflection. COM object returns pointer on structure VARIANT, that i cast as object and then i cast one as byte array. There are many structures that i get from COM object. Since i know about how organize these structure i write static class to deser...

1:47 PM
@Corbin There are two chat rooms in case you've missed it: CR Weekend Challenge is the other one
1:59 PM
I prefer to laze around like a bum on the weekends.
Hey... there's hats in chats!
Is the Sultan @Jamal around?
Goats in boats?
Fox in socks?
What does the fox say?
(best thing ever to come out of Scandanavia .... apart from my mom, of course).
@rolfl Don't be ridiculous. Any one member of ABBA has more talent than that entire group.
Heck, even Ace of Base is better.
I should add, OK, "This century".
In fact, you're right, I'll retract my claim ... but they do provide a good laugh.
I especially like their Massachusetts song
2:13 PM
And just for the record: youtube.com/watch?v=k_DVvNK7mRA
2:23 PM
@rolfl it's a secret
2:53 PM
Outspoken! :D
Q: How to optimize my css/html webpage?

user3104933I am working on a (html/css) website to improve my skills but I am not sure if I am doing it the right way, because I have a lot of floats and sizes. I also need help with some css things: What I have: What I need: The red dimensions in the image are the dimensions I've tried to give the ob...

Q: Best whay to check mimetype and upload a file

LCHi'm using this method from my Downloads() class in a back-end admin system, where these can upload some files, wich must be .rar or .zip I'm not to concern about filesize, yet. Eventually, these compressed files, will be holding only .mp3 files. Well, here's the code. As you can see, I'm checkin...

3:37 PM
Q: File Manager in PHP

elibyyA link to a file manager i've built in php i would like to hear your tips and faults if you find https://github.com/elibyy/FileManager

Q: Does database normalization belong here?

Simon André ForsbergAs of today, we have four questions in the normalization-tag. One of these has already been closed, and the other three doesn't look exactly 100% off-topic to me as they don't include any SQL code but instead ask about the database schema. Does these questions belong here or should we redirect a...

Q: Does database normalization belong here?

Simon André ForsbergAs of today, we have four questions in the normalization-tag. One of these has already been closed, and the other three doesn't look exactly 100% off-topic to me as they don't include any SQL code but instead ask about the database schema. Does these questions belong here or should we redirect a...

4:11 PM
@StackExchange @Jamal reopen this question!!! lol I have answers....lol
Q: Is there a 'better' way to find files from a list in a directory tree

KeithSmithI have created a list of files using find, foundlist.lst. The find command is simply find . -type f -name "<search_pattern>" > foundlist.lst I would now like to use this list to find copies of these files in other directories. The 'twist' in my requirements is that I want to search only for th...

@Jamal, my first undelete vote. there is code there that can be reviewed, and should be reviewed.
4:26 PM
Q: Javascript count byte length of string

MonkeyZeusI am looking for some guidance and optimization pointers for my custom JavaScript function which counts the bytes in a string rather than just chars. The website uses UTF-8. /** * Count bytes in string * * Count and return the number of bytes in a given string * * @access public * @param ...

Q: How to detect all errors in www-communication

noviceI tried to practice WWW-programming in Python by reading forecast from the Internet. However, my program seems to be crashing is there is no connection. How can I fix this bug? And is it possible to improve the code somehow? import sys import time import urllib3 # Gets the weather from foreca.f...

5:02 PM
Q: Which pattern to choose for passing alerts from service method back to user

AnilConsidering this code sample, which approach of service method design would you prefer and why? The one used in SaveOrder1 or the one in SaveOrder2 method?

Q: Javascript sudoku solver; pencil marks & recursive patience

tomdemuytHere is my attempt to Weekend Challenge #3. Out of scope: It only will do 9*9 It will stop at the first solution Could have been smarter at re-using the cache when recursively calling solveGrid I ignored OO as this is not an app but a simple script In scope: Bitflags & cache for pencil mar...

5:20 PM
Q: Final for an intro to java class. Project submitted, grade finalized. Peer review requested

CCOproject contains 3 classes. /************************************************************************************* CMSC 255 Date last modified: 12/07/2013 Nim The purpose of this project is to create 3 classes. Pile contains the number of marbles in a randomly generated pile, and also a re...

5:44 PM
@Malachi: Which question?
Q: What is differences between these code?

user33633Working in Windows phone App with C#: First code: I use Button to update data edited.... ViewDetails view = new ViewDetails(); protected override void OnNavigatedTo(System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationEventArgs e) { // Get the parent application that contains the active custom ...

@Jamal I left my answer in the comments before the user deleted the post
I can't ding retailcoder, where has he been????
I need a vbscripter♪♫♪
So, does that code work?
both the pictures look the same, other than the stuff in the black it looks like they have "working" code. granted it could be cleaner.
Alright, I'll bring it back.
6:05 PM
check out my new hat from voting to undelete that question....lol thank you @Jamal
6:22 PM
This isn't right! It's said that the questions with the most upvotes contain the most horrible code. My C# question has 12 upvotes, but the reviews seems to say that most of the code is good.
(My first "Nice question" btw)
We need a paste slapper that slaps people who paste their code in without reformatting it.
Wow, lots of off-topic questions today. I blame the hats...
@Donald.McLean: That Java code sure is a mess. I'm not sure I should bother trying to fix it.
6:45 PM
Q: Plain old struct vs class in this case?

user33637Stroustrup says that you should use structs unless you can specify an invariant for the data structure. I have to represent a physical object which holds things such as position, velocity, mass and inertia (and so on). I also want to render the object, for which I will need setup in the construct...

7:28 PM
Got the Johnny-3-hats hat, but no clue how...
Answer ratio on Area51 has gone down to 1.8 - 93% answered needs more answers!!
7:41 PM
Q: Migrating to Programmers

amonLooking at migrated questions shows how a “migrate to programmers” closing reason is sorely missing. The problem is that many askers see the the “Review” part of the site, but not the “Code”, and end up asking about best practices or looking for feedback on design/architecture. I found some info...

8:08 PM
Q: Better way to display list of categories

KeironLoweI need to display a list of category links, like so: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 I've got it working already but the code seems pretty repetitive and a bit of a mess, I was wondering if there was a better way of doing it. This is what I've got so far: for (var i = 0; i < data['categori...

Q: convert three functions into a single functions

user3102494is it possible to combine all the functions into a single function.. providing my code below... providing my fiddle too http://jsfiddle.net/hB2T8/ var myNumbersToSort = [null, -1, 2, 0.001, -3, 4, 0.3,1,-0.0001]; function getClosestToZero(set) { if(0 === set.length) return null; var close...

8:25 PM
@retailcoder by getting 3 hats....silly
@retailcoder wait until you see my self answer for that question I posted about the vbscript.
this is the one that I am going to self answer
Q: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

Malachithis is another script that is used as a token to extract information from a 3rd party application, the application does other things in the background that I don't specifically know about. this code does work inside the parent application and produces the expected output. Is there a nicer w...

any thoughts on this?
A: How to optimize my CSS/HTML webpage?

Malachiinstead of using ID's you should be using classes. like this <div id="wrapper"> <div id="mainContent"> <div id="newsHolder"> <div class="item1"> <img src="img/item1.jpg"> </div> <div class="item2"> <img src="img/item2.jpg"> </div>

8:57 PM
Q: Ruby Dynamic Struct - Pattern or AntiPattern?

Fred the Magic Wonder DogThere is a pattern that keeps coming up in my ruby code and I'm somewhat ambivalent about it. It's somewhere between a Hash and a Struct. Basically I used method_missing to return/set values in the Hash unless I want to override a specific value with some logic or flatten out the complex underly...

9:36 PM
A: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

MalachiHere is what I was able to come up with, thanks to @RetailCoder and some help on StackOverFlow Dealing with the last() function/method not working I was able to add xmlDoc.SetProperty "SelectionLanguage", "XPath" to make it work for me. so here is how I simplified the whole process. Public Fun...

@SimonAndréForsberg @retailcoder, @amon @Donald.McLean @rolfl @Jamal [MASS DING PING]
@Malachi What is the mass ding! about, if I may ask?
been dead in here all day @amon, I wanted to make sure everyone was alright.
I've just now realized that many of my edits have involved "forcing" the Oxford comma onto others... ._.
@Jamal I am not familiar with what you have just said
commas can, improve clarity so that is, good ;-)
9:43 PM
The koala eats, shoots, and leaves.
In punctuation, a serial comma or series comma (also called Oxford comma and Harvard comma) is a comma placed immediately before the coordinating conjunction (usually and, or, or nor) in a series of three or more terms. For example, a list of three countries might be punctuated either as "Portugal, Spain,and France" (with the serial comma), or as "Portugal, Spainand France" (without the serial comma). Opinions among writers and editors differ on whether to use the serial comma. In American English, a majority of style guides mandate use of the serial comma, including The MLA Style Manua...
Yeah. As an aspiring writer I had to suck it up and start using the serial comma.
Q: Querying data from different databases, then FTPing the results

etm124I have a script running that will read a configuration file that looks similar to this: [site1] db_name = "site1_db" user = XXX pass = XXX [site2] db_name = "site2_db" user = XXX pass = XXX The purpose of this configuration file is for my script to log into different databases, execute a stor...

@Jamal I used to do that, but I thought it was wrong so I stopped doing it because i don't like being wrong
Another interesting style debate is whether to put punctuation inside or outside quotes. There is the logical style “like this”. Others find the alternative “prettier.”
@amon, how do you quote a question posed in a sentence....

`John was reported to have asked "What does the fox say?", which he then followed up by screaming "Ring-a-ding-dala-ding-gi-ding!"!`

^^^^ punctuate that properly
(someone dinged! @Malachi )
@rolfl I already posted the link to that video, so we already know what the fox actually says.
Punctuating quotes is something best left for the writer's group.
@rolfl I would remove one of the excl marks, and probably roll a dice to decide which one
oh, I did ding @rolfl, I did ding
10:13 PM
@rolfl Sorry I didn't accept your answer. It was very helpful, but another answer improved the algorithm that I was using, which was what I asked for.
Q: Sudoku Solver in C

syb0rgI had this code lying around, so I figured I would submit this as my first attempt at a weekend-challenge. I would prefer if reviews contained suggestions on how to improve the algorithm, but all suggestions are acceptable. #include <stdio.h> int isAvailable(int puzzle[][9], int row, int col, ...

Then there is the guy at the bottom that I am still somewhat angry at for downvoting all the other anwers, and have to rebuttal his "coding standards" argument.
Clearly his answer is so good, the other answers are wrong.
He puts in 10 year old coding standards to back up his argument, and the new coding standards he used he doesn't have access to (they aren't an open standard, they have to be purchased).
MISRA C is a software development standard for the C programming language developed by MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association). Its aims are to facilitate code safety, portability and reliability in the context of embedded systems, specifically those systems programmed in ISO C. There is also a set of guidelines for MISRA C++. MISRA has evolved as a widely accepted model for best practices by leading developers in sectors including aerospace, telecom, medical devices, defense, railway, and others. The first edition of the MISRA C standard, "Guidelines for the use of the ...
(last line before the table of contents)
@syb0rg that doesn't sounds like coding standards that I will be using
@Malachi Exactly, I will not be using the "Motor Industry Software Reliability Association" C standards either.
I do wonder what William Morris (our top C reviewer) has to say about that.
10:25 PM
@Jamal I can't wait
I'm all for standards. But only up-to-date, open standards that many programmers use.
I'm tempted to summon him about this, but it may seem weird since it doesn't involve moderation.
@syb0rg no problem... none at all. That was also my first C review, BTW.
Also, haters will hate.... your metal skin should be thicker.... ;-)
@rolfl By the way, how did you earn that "secret" hat?
Or is it a taboo to ask how to earn secret hats?
@Malachi - you should be sensitive about your edits to other people's answers... I happen to disagree with your grammar style, and feel like your edits make things worse.... :(
10:38 PM
@syb0rg something about triples. I got it too. I think you have to earn a hat on 3 different sites
@syb0rg Secrets are sectrets.
Sorry, @Malachi. I've been totally exhausted today (too much C# the last couple of days I guess)
@SimonAndréForsberg don't get burned out on C# it is so much fun
@rolfl variables is used to represent a number
variables are used to represent numbers
this sentence there are likely other, more serious warnings that are disabled as well. can be written with out "more serious" to look like ** there are likely other warnings that are disabled as well** so it should be separated out by commas
@rolfl how is that bad?????
10:42 PM
@rolfl And typos are tpyos, I suppose?
@rolfl sorry I thought you were talking about the other answer, I did edit a lot on there didn't I?
and I missed the thing that really was bugging me too @rolfl
@Malachi - you have split paragraphs that needn't be, and you have capitalized letters part-way through sentences.... The only substantial change is code-quoting a function name.
"your should do two things:" right before the list
@Malachi Yeah, I'm quite surprised to actually say that my experience with C# during the Sudoku solving wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed it a lot. I almost even enjoyed using Visual Studio a short while. (A very big almost)
those are the beginnings of two new sentences.
10:45 PM
Malachi, they are not.
it should do two things. 1. Blah blah. 2. Blah blah
Apparently I already earned that secret hat.
@rolfl now we are dipping into English.StackExchange.com
On the Raspberry Pi site anyhow.
What answer are we talking about?
It showed up here too!
Someone wants their Excavator badge. :-)
@Jamal Come on... you know it's enough to pass.
@Malachi - Ithe way a person expresses themselves is part of their identity. I am very happy for people to correct spelling (unless they americanlze words I don't want them to), typos, and glaring errors), but I feel you have unnecessarily imposed your 'style'. Whether it's intentional or not, you have 'superimposed' your identity. All I am saying is you should be sensitive to that.
(wow, was that full of typo's or what?)
All I see is a bit of capitalization.
@syb0rg on a closed question????
10:51 PM
@Malachi The link you posted was to his answer on my question (edited by you).
Q: Summation of Primes taking forever

Dark MirrorHow do i speed up my code? It's taking forever and I have never gotten the answer. However, I am sure that my code is right; i cheated the answer from online as I couldn't wait for an hour. def isPrime(number): for n in xrange (2,number): if number%n == 0: return False else: ...

@syb0rg I was talking about the edit that @Jamal is talking about, I would have rejected it in a heartbeat had I not seen your name there, but I thought twice about it and I still think I would reject it.
@Malachi Oh, I'm just going through old questions and cleaning them up a bit. Honestly, I would have been on edge about passing that edit myself.
@syb0rg it was already approved but the time I got to rejecting it...
Many somewhat minor edits end up getting approved around here anyway. I would reject those edits if they seem way too minor, such as little character changes here and there. But these still seem much better than some I've seen addressed in MSO posts.
10:58 PM
@Jamal Examples?
I'll have to dig some up.
I had someone on SO earlier today change the question when they received an answer, and I couldn't rollback over there, so I had to flag it. it was a mess before and after....
Here's an example of an edit not to approve:
Why did Community approve that?
Really, that went through?
11:06 PM
It means the person above improved it.
'improved' .... being relative.
I can't seem to find too many now. But there are tons of crappy edits out there, and I'm not talking spam edits.
Just answered my first python question!
How come all programming languages are so much easier to read than to write?
@SimonAndréForsberg It's the nature of the beast called programming.
I suppose it is
11:18 PM
Wait, is that the same as, for instance, somewhat understanding what some Java code is doing (such as from a C++ standpoint), but not actually having the experience to write it?
@Jamal Yes.
Q: Generic Repository Am I overcomplicating?

Carl PalssonI have created a generic repository for my MVC 3 page. I am using interfaces and a UnitOfWork. But before I set out to do this? Is this the right way to separate my databaseaccess from my viewmodels and views? WHY ID DID IT I want to seperate my databaseaccess from my viewmodels and my views, I ...

I got another secret hat: Chuck Yeager
I got another one too: the Boater
@Jamal Exactly. I bet that when you look at some of my questions, you can understand it.
11:26 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg How did you get the Chuck Yeager?
@syb0rg How did you get the Boater?
@SimonAndréForsberg I used all of my 40 votes in one day.
No idea how I got mine.
Okay, I've just now learned that if you click on a question's timestamp on the list of questions, you'll be taken to the exact post that was edited or added. I'm so slow...
I need the Robocop hat!
11:38 PM
That's gonna be a tough one for all of us. The least-common ones are Late Answers and Low-Quality.
@syb0rg Go to Stack Overflow and you'll get it in no time
@SimonAndréForsberg Good tip!
Daily vote limit reached;
Now give me that Boater hat!
I've updated my profile picture to better fit my hat now!
Hey! The hats show in chat now!
But chat hasn't updated my profile picture
11:55 PM
I am a trusted user now!
Trusted is 4K. :-)
Oh, that was a good edit. Keep it up, and you'll earn Strunk & White in no time.
@Jamal Bah, just a few rep. points off...
@syb0rg - just a week or three and you'll be there.

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