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11:01 PM
I added another answer and here it is, I really think we should all look at this again.
A: Is it bad practice to increment more than one variable in a for loop declaration?

MalachiYou mentioned in a comment that ultimately the end result will be setting every member of an array up to x * y @neontapir - because y resets every iteration of x. count will end with a value of x * y. – afuzzyllama 1 hour ago so here is my thought, Instead of doing this: for(int x = 0; x <...

@Malachi If only I know C#
The robot side of me can't parse C# yet.
@syb0rg do you know Java? it is similar
@Malachi Yes, maybe I could write about concepts and try to give examples.
@syb0rg that question has to do with basic looping, which I imagine would be very similar to java. and I think he started out trying to get answers in any language if I remember right
@Malachi Why do you think we should all look at it again?
All the answers come to a consensus.
Which I agree with.
11:07 PM
@syb0rg check out my answer I just posted. he doesn't even need the nested for loops and can get rid of the count variable altogether
@retailcoder Added myself to the meme-post on meta
@Malachi theoretical upvote on that answer. Even though the OP might use x and y in the ... part, I like your innovative thinking.
@SimonAndréForsberg thank you, and Represent
And even if he does, he could calculate the value of x and y by using division and modulo :) (Although I'm not sure whether or not that would make the code more readable)
represent = theoretical star on comment
Q: Need advice on file/directory enumeration code

CoreyIn various projects I need to enumerate all files and folders from a specific root folder, either on a local drive or across a network. I've broken the task down into two IEnumerable implementations as follows: static IEnumerable<string> EnumeratePaths(string root) { if (root == null) ...

11:14 PM
@Malachi represent on the explanation of represent
@SimonAndréForsberg Represent that!
@Malachi Why the term "represent", really?
@SimonAndréForsberg I did it to @retailcoder the other day, for some reason that was the word I used. it went with the context of the conversation really well
@200_success just blew my answer out of the water, and looking at the question more closely, my answer doesn't really have anything to do with what the OP was asking, OP was asking about the construction of the loops not trying to minimize the looping.
11:28 PM
@Malachi I'll still give you a +1 for thinking outside the box once I got votes
@SimonAndréForsberg thank you
Serindipitously... wtf is that? @rolfl
Q: Sharing domain between ASP.NET and self running application

RlyDontKnowI'm building pretty big application and i wonder how should i share the code between asp.net mvc website and standalone (self running) server application. I've got some idea how should i do this but i'm not sure if i'm doing this right. I've got Domain Entities, Services and Repositories that w...

Are you criticising my spelling?
catch you guys in a bit
11:43 PM
grabbing a byte?
Lol nope, just jawed with some of the words a cultured monkey can come up with!
I think I might gigabit tonight....
that was bad.... I need a snickers
don't overflow...
@rolfl Don't be funny now, I have no stars!
"grabbing a byte"... your puns have gone far too long
@Malachi that's Texas rubbing off on you?
(supersizing bytes now)

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