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2:00 PM
That shouldn't be too hard I guess
I still haven't understood exactly how that badge works though.
Comments starred by 10 different users?
I believe retailcoder has had 10 stars on one single message for a while but he didn't get the badge until now? Strange
It doesn't have to be on the same message. Just 10 different people star some message of yours.
Q: Strange particle behaviour in a simple snake game

alex koukoulasIt's my first question here so tell me if I did anything wrong :) So I'm a beginner to python and pygame and I went on to create a simple snake game. Although I'm still messing around with the movement of the snake there seems to be a little problem when changing directions.. Do you think you ca...

2:26 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Thanks! No clue, it just happened... :/
@retailcoder ohhhh..... you're outspoken too?
@rolfl yup! :)
Out of interest, when you got the badge, had you recently been starred by someone?
When I got my badge it was hours after my last star, and probably days since the last-star-by-someone-new.
I got 11 hours of sleep last night .... still reeling ...
@rolfl no idea, I think some badges are awarded personally by the @StackExchange bot.
@retailcoder Perhaps you got a theoretical star by the @StackExchange bot?
2:32 PM
A: Normalization: is it done well?

Malachi in normal form you shouldn't have the comment Column in your user table. you need to have a unique identifier in all of your tables a Foreign Key is what matches another table's Primary Key you should have a table that looks like this (forgive my blatantly bad syntax) CREATE TABLE FeedBack {...

Headshot! ^^
^^^ no, killcam :p
dang it I can't edit or delete now either.....
@Malachi You could make a theoretical edit.
2:47 PM
@Donald.McLean - You know, at one point the sci-fi authors wrote about things that came true... now they come true so fast the sci-fi folk can't think far enough ahead:
I like some of Stross' stuff, but not all of it.
@rolfl Reminds me about what the TV-series "Person of Interest" is about. After the second season of the show, the whole Snowden-thing started. Person of Interest and the new revealings about the NSA really go hand in hand
(The last half of that video will contain spoilers in case you haven't seen the show)
3:02 PM
@Jeffy, that sounds awesome, look forward to reading your reviews
all I need is 49 more rep
@Malachi How much did you say you need?
Since I posted that answer, I read a couple times in CR answers, that recursion is best avoided most of the times (and I agree) - I sort of wonder, is this a valid use of recursion?
A: How can I speed this VBA code up?

retailcoderYour printAllReports method does almost everything that's possible to do with the Outlook API (ok maybe not), except printing anything. You basically have what we call a monolith, and that's bad because as your program changes, you are tempted to just keep adding and adding and adding, until the ...

-150 today
-150 12 hours ago reversal Serial upvoting reversed
on stack overflow from yesterday
@SimonAndréForsberg your voting schemes have been uncovered
3:13 PM
I don't think those were mine actually
I still got to keep the badge.
how many times did you vote @SimonAndréForsberg
Not 15 at least
5-6 is all it takes I think
3-5 or so I think
(nobody knows)
3:15 PM
How much it takes is different. They haven't revealed the real formula, and they probably never will.
so do I keep the upvotes on the answers but lose the reputation?
I don't think the upvotes is kept either
@SimonAndréForsberg what do you think of the recursive solution I proposed? does it make sense? @rolfl I'd like your input as well :)
When I checked some of your answers on SO it looked like 5 at first, but then when I clicked to see vote count it was only 4.
@retailcoder Link or I have no idea what you're talking about
A: How can I speed this VBA code up?

retailcoderYour printAllReports method does almost everything that's possible to do with the Outlook API (ok maybe not), except printing anything. You basically have what we call a monolith, and that's bad because as your program changes, you are tempted to just keep adding and adding and adding, until the ...

3:16 PM
@retailcoder I have it open and will take a little bit of time to read it again in a little bit after I post my VBScript, I am still pulling moths out of the computer
pulling moths?
@retailcoder VBA isn't my best subject, but I'll read it later and upvote if I think it seems reasonable
@retailcoder debugging
@SimonAndréForsberg it's creating a tree of users that report to other users (and that can have people that report to them) - I'm just wondering if it's a good problem to solve with recursion. (don't mean to appear to be sucking up for votes :/)
I'll take a look later
3:19 PM
thanks :)
Is this question really on-topic? Seems off-topic to me, but it has received 3 upvotes for some reason...
Q: What are the problems with this method?

Michael IVI got this question at C++ programming interview: void memcpy(char* dst, const char* src, int numBytes) { int* wordDist = (int*)dst; int* wordSrc = (int*)src; int numWords = numBytes >> 2; for (int i = 0; i < numWords; i++) { *wordDist++ = *wordSrc++; } i...

Q: should we close "Improve performance for “Unfriendly Numbers” problem"?

Malachithe Question it failed the game/contest because of the time constraint, my thoughts are that this is a review for speed. being that I think it is on-topic, any other thoughts?

@SimonAndréForsberg he fixed the syntax error, and it looks like it works and doesn't have any blatant bugs
@retailcoder - is this the part you want reviewed:

`'traverse whole hierarchy and add all items to a collection that you return`
@SimonAndréForsberg I upvoted that one because it did look like he acknowledged the bug and addressed it
@rolfl well, you know, a good programmer knows how to use recursion. A great programmer knows when not to - reading that made me wonder...
3:27 PM
Q: should we close "Improve performance for “Unfriendly Numbers” problem"?

Malachithe Question it failed the game/contest because of the time constraint, my thoughts are that this is a review for speed. being that I think it is on-topic, any other thoughts?

@Malachi But he is not asking for a code review. Both the question and the answers all contain the word "problems" or "issues". Besides, the code was given to him at an interview, he did not write the code.
@SimonAndréForsberg oh gotcha. you should point out my ignorance in your answer. I already upvoted it
@SimonAndréForsberg - it is his code (and it was a contest, not an interview):
> This is my Java code for the Unfriendly Numbers problem
@rolfl Two different questions :) I'm talking about "What are the problems with this method?"
@SimonAndréForsberg in each case, problems and issues were related to performance, not functionality.
3:35 PM
@rolfl is this a friend of yours? codereview.stackexchange.com/users/33159/…
^^ lol
@Malachi - you missed the earlier discussions ..... ;-)
^^ Texas jet-lag
jet-lag is bigger in Texas....
supersized jet-lag
3:37 PM
Actually, I thought SD was generally working on a slower clock than the rest of the US.
Serial Star-ing
@Malachi - :
yesterday, by rolfl
Also, someone has taken my name in vain...!
^^ 273 in 5 days, that's like not even two Rolf-days
Looking through some old questions I stumbled upon this one. Most horrible comments within the code ever.
Q: How could I optimize this script?

irywJust wondering if there was someone out there that could offer help in optimizing my script. <?php /** * If you don't understand what this does * you have no hope as a programmer. * */ function usage ( ) { // Ahhh the marvels of echo, such a wonderful tool // yet so advanced that a begin...

4:04 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg the best comment I've seen in code was // here be dragons
@retailcoder - you have not been around enough .... ;-)
I particularly like: Printer on fire!
lp0 on fire (aka Printer on Fire) is a semi-obsolete error message generated on some Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems in response to certain types of printer errors. lp0 is the Unix device handle for the first line printer, but the error can be displayed for any printer attached to a Unix/Linux system. The message does not reliably indicate whether the printer in question is actually aflame. History The "on fire" message probably originated in the late 1950s, when high speed computerized printing was still a somewhat experimental field. The first documented fire-starting ...
lol "The message does not reliably indicate whether the printer in question is actually aflame."
"Moron", you moron!
 * In this function we make sure the end user isn't
 * a total moran by checking weather we have access
 * to certain hacker libraries.
Notice how all three comment styles available in PHP are used. This troll knows his subject extremely well.
Indeed he does.
Time to eat for now, will be back later
4:13 PM
@Malachi hey, congrats 2K!!
4:24 PM
@retailcoder thank you
@rolfl real-life comment in the procedure I'm looking at right now:
' I add this because I'm realy tired about the error with this line:
' People spent a lot of time to try to fix this issue, but I still have this error so...
No code == no problem?
I don't even know what this comment is about. Some parts of the code base look like a freakin' chatroom!
@Malachi (now you can see ghosts, too!)
^^ deleted posts ...
4:43 PM
Q: Please review this PHP code. I am a beginner

Me123I am still a PHP beginner. Please review/make better my PHP code and show out the errors, typos and warnings. <?php date_default_timezone_set('UTC'); $connection = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "private_password", "busi"); //cannot specify password as it's private function getIP(){ if(!em...

4:59 PM
I got the Outspoken badge!
Who starred my message with the link to the PHP question with the horrible comments?
Me ? (I just did it now.... it was just one star before).
@SimonAndréForsberg had to be @Malachi
well who did it before you? :P
I'm actually guessing it was @amon, and that that was the first time he starred any of my messages.
well that was express badge delivery then!
5:03 PM
@retailcoder wasn't me that time
^^ Yeah, right :p
@amon ... was it you? ..... huh?
I will star it now
I starred it too :)
5:04 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I did star this
^^ there's the culprit!
@amon ... well done, you made an outspoken out of Simon!
^^ you mean outspoken
@amon Well thank you for getting me an Outspoken badge :)
Sorry for burdening you with additional badges ;-)
5:05 PM
@retailcoder what are you talking about, willis?
@rolfl enthusiast is something totally different :p
yeah, yeah
out of Stars now
@amon I don't have any gold ones yet, so there's no problem so far.
@Malachi What else is new?
@retailcoder And I still don't have that one. Won't get it until February.
@SimonAndréForsberg I'm 39 days away from [badge:fanatic] :)
@SimonAndréForsberg - oh? Why so long? You going offline?
@rolfl Yup, going offline during new year's. Going to Strasbourg
Nice ...
5:09 PM
^^ doesn't want to pay for mobile roaming data fees...
Here's my stats: (yeah, boasting and all):
member for 43 days
visited 43 days, 43 consecutive
seen 3 mins ago
@rolfl @StackExchange must be blind, I can see you right now!
I would have received enthusiast by now if I would have been online at the 4th, but since I won't be able to get fanatic until April anyway, I didn't care so much about being online that day.
I think I am close to getting [badge:generalist] .... need some more android and sql/mysql answers
Naah... I'm wrong, I have a lot more work to do for that....
@rolfl told you you were getting close! Rolf Skeet is in da house!!
it is 20! tags in top-40....
I have 19 tags with score>= 15, and about 5 of them are not top-40 tags.
5:18 PM
Let's get in the top40!
To do that it needs another 100 questions.....
I've just done a @retailcoder
Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 6 hours.
Well, no point in begging you for upvotes then .... :(
5:38 PM
FYI, the definition of a Sudoku puzzle includes the constraint that "there must be one and only one solution". If it doesn't meet that, it's not a valid Sudoku puzzle. — John Deters 2 mins ago
@retailcoder he's right, but, well, I have seen grids advertised as Sudoku's having ambiguous solutions, and, sometimes it's nice to know it's solvable (after you've been beating your head against it for hours)
I had better vote for the sudoku solver, right?>
@JohnDeters I believe the Sudoku puzzle definition itself doesn't specify whether or not one and only one solution must exist, see Wikipedia article (which says "The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid, which typically has a unique solution.") and this blog postSimon André Forsberg 55 secs ago
AFAIK, there is no official constraint about the number of solutions for them. Just because nearly all of the ones that are published only have one doesn't mean that it's a requirement.
5:54 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg there is, but it's written in Japanese.
added "navigation" links on the meta-posts for :)
Q: Basic C++ console app

PhaenomenaThis is a console app I wrote for an end-of-chapter assignment in "Jumping into C++". The parameters were for it to have a basic password system, and if you had the determintion, a multiple password / username system. I am going through this book completely on my own free will, it's not through ...

Q: Should I use bindValue() or execute(array()) to avoid SQL injection here?

Nick_inawAs a prevention against SQL injections, I'm using PDO. I have seen people using both the methods ie: bindValue() and then execute() or just execute(array()) Do both the methods prevent the attack? Since mysql_real_escape_string() is depricated is there anything else I should consider using here?...

Q: Beginners Java Project: Basic Pokedex using if-else statements. Suggestions?

braindeadOur instructor told us to create a basic Java program using everything we've learned in class thus far (basic prints, selection structures, looping, GUI, arrays, etc) and being a Pokemon fan, I decided to make a basic GUI Pokedex that lets the user search for the details of a particular starter P...

6:22 PM
^^ Holy mother of dialogs
I honestly think StackOverflow will just keep getting worse. They get way too much crap over there.
6:39 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg we should be more active there too maybe, get our close/deletion votes in everyday.
there is a flag in the queue that I cannot see.
@Malachi Just posted an answer to a question over there, within seconds I had two comments telling me I was wrong, while I was currently working on editing my answer. I ended up with 5 upvotes and 2 downvotes. Seems like that question generated a whole lot of comments.
A: Does the <li> tag in HTML have an ending tag?

Simon André ForsbergThere is a difference here between HTML and XHTML. XHTML are more strict. While old regular HTML does not enforce it for all tags, all tags in XHTML must have an ending tag** to validate. Even <br> and <img> is often written as <br /> or <img ... /> to specifically give them ending tags. XHTML ...

seriously? does it need an ending tag?
It's normally optional in HTML but in XHTML it needs one
I always prefer XHTML
My answer isn't probably the most correct one with regards to the question, but still...
There's no harm in using </li>, I'd say that it makes the code better and cleaner. But maybe I've spent too much time here...
Suddenly got another +2 votes on that SO answer, that was you, @Malachi?
6:57 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg guilty!
@retailcoder Thx :)
@SimonAndréForsberg You can do all kinds of awesome stuff when using the XML-compatible syntax for HTML. For example: avoiding the tag soup reordering for when you really have to use an <aside> inside a paragraph.
@SimonAndréForsberg - SO will punish you for extending the answer to unasked areas ....
@SimonAndréForsberg you have a closure issue, don't you?
The question was about HTML, you answered that he should be using XHTML ...
6:58 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg - I am with you, why anyone uses HTML (instead of xhtml)....
@rolfl Thanks :) I guess I'm too used with the way we do it around here, that a review can be about any part of the question.
I had a conversation with one of the interns here at work, about a Job interview... I said I had minimum standards for hiring people...... and one of them was whether they used xhtml by default, or HTML.
HTML is used by pwople with unstructured minds ... ;-) Whic is good for certain things, for sure, but not for the stuff most programmers need.
@SimonAndréForsberg yes it was
A: Does the <li> tag in HTML have an ending tag?

MalachiIt is not good coding practice to leave out the end tags. I learned XHTML and if you always write the end tags in you will never have an issue if you need to change from HTML to XHTML you will always know where the end of the element is it's cleaner and easier to read. all tags have a Begin...

@retailcoder lol I haven't made it even half way
lucky for you cuz I wished you were dead
that was a quote from the video ^^^^^
@retailcoder Lol, perhaps I do have a closure issue, although more with C# than Tic-Tac-Toe.
7:07 PM
@amon the shouting thing was the main point of the whole answer, the rest was just filler.....
still -120 on SO
Well, in that case there is the “revert” option.
@amon no it sounds nicer the way you wrote it
@Malachi: I see you've posted a C++ answer here. :-) I've just posted my own as well.
A: Basic C++ console app

Jamal These are all being used as global variables: string usrnam[] = { "admin", "user", "" }; string pasword[] = { "root", "default", ""}; string temp_pass; string temp_usr; bool loggedin; int n = sizeof(usrnam) / sizeof(string); This is bad practice because any of these variables can be modifi...

@Jamal mine wasn't much of an answer really
wtf... I just discovered something I really didn't know. This actually compiles fine and throws NullPointerException: (Java, of course)
public void shortestNPEever() {
throw null;
Did you know this, @rolfl?
7:13 PM
Q: Decrypting Text Effect

Maximilian Fuchswould someone so nice and improve this code? Because it looks a little beat heavy for me ;) http://i-code.co.uk/javascript/decryptingtext.php Faster on fiddle? Yes!

@SimonAndréForsberg yes ....
@SimonAndréForsberg lol
Well then at least I have learned something new today
@SimonAndréForsberg - my favourite 'catch' was someone who, for performance reasons, declared:

private static final IllegalArgumentException IAE = IllegalArgumentException("Illegal Arguments");

and then just `throw IAE` when he needed one.....
lol. Same in C# - throw null; gives you a NullReferenceException - obviously because throw wants an instance of an Exception-derived class.
7:17 PM
He then wondered why the stack traces were not helpful.
@rolfl Quite useful actually I would say, unless you want access to the stacktrace.
^^ wtf?
throw uselessException;
@SimonAndréForsberg - If I admit it, I will tell you about a story about someone (*cough* monkey *cough*) who had a helper-method to determine the message for an exception, and had the following code:

} catch (Type1Exception t1e) {
throw buildException(mycomplexdata, t1e);
} catch (Type2Exception t2e) {
throw buildException(mycomplexdata, t2e):
} ..... and so on ....

but, under some conditions, the buildException(...) method returned null....

It took me hours to figure out where the *brains* the NPE was coming from
^^ good reason to have an ExceptionFactory class, tested to never return null, no?
Arg. Pulled another @Malachi - out of stars already!
@retailcoder nice
that should be one of our memes @retailcoder
7:30 PM
@rolfl Lol. I like monkey stories
@SimonAndréForsberg (I just didn't want to come accross as too flippant on the throw null thing ... I have cried over that before!)
@rolfl I'm glad I asked myself the question about whether it would work or not before having it occur to me and not understanding why
7:53 PM
The decrypting text effects question could be re-opened, if someone has a vote to spare.
(or apparently Jamal says it can't)
@amon It should continue to be closed because it's not his code
I voted leave closed.
Anyway, when code was tested against IE6 and FF1, it's too old to be wrong.
(like me).
when monkeys are tested against IE6, that is animal cruelty.
Now you guys all wish you had stars left!
@rolfl Represent
7:58 PM
@200_Success .. you there?
@retailcoder are you ready to review my crappy VBScript?
I don't have any fun input for it but I don't think that is an issue right now, as the amount of testing I have done to get the code right
^^ theoretical star on amon's message
8:15 PM
@Malachi I'll spare some time for it tonight.
@retailcoder I am about to post it here. hopefully we have picked up some more VBScripters since the last review huh?
And theoretical star on @amin's post :)
@retailcoder: That Pokedex question really interested me. :-) And your comment made me LOL.
@Jamal shooting for [badge:pundit] :)
@retailcoder's comment about Pikachu reminded me about this answer I wrote once:
A: Using a spinner like a HTML select to display string but return int value

Simon André ForsbergAs long as you are hard-coding the values, I would go with an enum public enum Muppets { Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Animal, Swedish_Chef, Miss_Piggy, Statler, Waldorf, Beaker, Beauregard, Dr_Benson_Honeydew, Crazy_Harry, Rowlf, Dr_Teeth, Zoot, Janice, Floyd; // Sorry, I just thought ...

8:18 PM
fails to think of a Pokemon-related joke here
Oh wait, here's one: Team Rocket finally stole him from Ash.
set em up 'n knock em down
Q: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

Malachithis is another script that is used as a token to extract information from a 3rd party application, the application does other things in the background that I don't specifically know about. this code does work inside the parent application and produces the expected output. Is there a nicer w...

Just Napalmed Pokemon!
@Malachi vbNullString!!!!
@rolfl yay!
@retailcoder it wasn't a string to start out with, I thought about it
8:22 PM
@Malachi - the answer is use Java, JDOM, and you always have clean-code!
@retailcoder, wait I took that piece out of the code before I posted it. what are you talking about? you mean for the & MD & "" ?
and ReturnData = ""
@retailcoder that is needed for the formatting in the finalized document that is given to the user, the application handles that specific string......
@retailcoder oh I hear that. that I can do.
You tagged it with ??!!
Q: pulling specific data from XML from inside 3rd party application

Malachithis is another script that is used as a token to extract information from a 3rd party application, the application does other things in the background that I don't specifically know about. this code does work inside the parent application and produces the expected output. Is there a nicer w...

8:25 PM
@retailcoder not sure I completely understand that that means
I thought we were having a debate about whether that tag deserved existence..
you and me? @retailcoder
us and them
I removed it
my music stopped playing, you think I should post on SO or SU?
@retailcoder did you like the name of my incrementers for the for each loops?
Q: Moderators should be able to remove / burninate a tag themselves

slhckWe're doing some spring cleaning on Super User, which involves disambiguating tags, merging them, creating synonyms etc. However, one of the most troublesome things is removing a tag. Often, it's easy enough to agree that a tag should be burninated completely, possibly even blacklisted. But the...

8:31 PM
@Malachi I'll rip that code apart when I get home, no worries ;)
@Jamal that question is old, I wonder why it wasn't getting more attention
You know what they say, one day the music will stop
The fat lady sang?
my youtube video stopped playing and I haven't switched windows to start a new one yet
there is a way just to edit the tags, I didn't know about this until just now
Sheesh... people these days, play a video to listen to music... back when the internet was a scarce resource .....
8:37 PM
@Malachi you didn't have that power until you hit 2K :)
@retailcoder oh nice
@rolfl I can't listen to pandora at work
^^ try Pantera
@rolfl: No, I will not get off your lawn.
♪♫♪ Where have all the VBScript Guys Gone ♫♪♫♪♫♫♪♪♪♫
^^ to php
^^^ theoretical star btw
8:58 PM
+100 today! (pulled half a @rolfl!)
Q: Is my implementation of "quick sort algorithm" correct?

Jabir Al FatahI am asked to sort an array by implementing a quick sort algorithm. This is my code below, but the problem is that when I call the method in my main class, it shows an error! The error happens in this line no 33: qs.partition(arr, left, right); it says that the varible right, left are not found. ...

I got 20 (but I came in late to the question).
Oh, and the above question is off-topic.
@StackExchange nice shoes. Coffee?
@Jamal poor girl. Post ban in sight!
(it's a guy!!!!)
Hi Sara (Jabir?), unfortunately (I mean it) I'm afraid we can't help you much here on Code Review - only working code can be reviewed per our Help Center. If you need help with solving a specific error you're getting, you're probably better off posting a narrowed-down version of your code (just what's relevant to the error) on StackOverflow instead, and then come back here with your working code :) - Best of luck! — retailcoder 26 secs ago
Q: R simplifying vectors

merilleinCan I simplify or erase that vector 'u'? Or how could I improve this part of the code? a <- matrix(diag(-1, n2), nrow = n2, ncol = n1*n2) u<-c(rep(1,n2),rep(0,n1*n2)) p<-c(rep(u,n1-1),rep(1,n2)) B<-rbind(matrix(p,nrow=n1,ncol=n1*n2,byrow=TRUE),a)

@retailcoder If you search for the name given in the corresponding stackoverflow account, you will find a matching G+ page … with a 4.5k word essay in the “motto” field.
The question roughly matches a 2nd year CS curriculum, so it seems to fit
Who the f**k is Sara then?
@retailcoder likely just an avatar to get more help and upvotes (or someone really close who shares the email address)
Weird people in Sweden. Weird people.
^^ @SimonAndréForsberg
who would have thought, it is a stock picture! (drag the pic of the girl into google image search)
9:21 PM
so it's CC-wiki?!
Hello all.
@retailcoder likely not, but I can't find any attribution (and I don't really want to visit the kinds of blogs that use this picture). I guess it was originally stolen from a genuine user profile.
9:38 PM
@syb0rg hello, gotta leave work now, catch you later!
@retailcoder Cya.
@syb0rg 01010110000001010111110000101011010
@amon You have quite a reputation on this site, how come I haven't seen you here more often?
@retailcoder That binary is malformed. It must be divisible by eight.
Paradox: 'Trusted User' on the 'New Users' page:
9:43 PM
@rolfl Holy crap you are a beast.
@retailcoder: 010010101!!!!!!!!!!
@Jamal Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must be divisible by 8.
@syb0rg good question, as we both seem to follow
@amon I just recently started visiting this site more often.
9:45 PM
Hey @SimonAndréForsberg
@syb0rg: 10101222!!!
@retailcoder Did I hear my name?
Hi @syb0rg
@Jamal Error: Unknown.
[robot half explodes]
Unknown: Error.
@Jamal 01000101011100100111001001101111011100100011101000100000010101010110111001101011‌​0110111001101111011101110110111000101110
9:47 PM
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
@Jamal I don't kiss my mom. There is a metal helmet over my head.
It's physically impossible.
OMG it speaks English!!!
You know what my goal is for today? To reach 500 rep.
Also, to get more upvotes on this meta answer:
A: Weekend Challenge #3

syb0rgSentiment analysis (opinion mining) Sentiment analysis, which is also called opinion mining, involves building a system to collect and examine opinions about some object in blog posts, comments, reviews or tweets. This challenge will have to be watered down a bit so that people will not be ov...

@upvoter Thanks!
Q: Authenticating with the official Mojang (Minecraft) server

BobbySo let's start at the beginning before we head jump into my code mumblings, Minecraft is a game which also has multiplayer capabilities. You need to have an account (which needs to be verified) for playing on servers. The authentication procedure looks like this: Authenticate at the Mojang (cre...

9:57 PM
@syb0rg It's almost christmas! (Actually, my evil plan was to keep you at 499, but somebody crossed my plans and upvoted another answer)
@amon I saw that I was at 499, and I considered going through a bunch of questions and editing them :)
@Jamal Compare this SO question with this CR question. Also read the comments of the SO one.
Why are the questions the same and the users different?
@syb0rg Because the user is the same as well. See earlier discussions here in chat
@SimonAndréForsberg Is that allowed on SE sites?
10:03 PM
@syb0rg I doubt that. I believe @Jamal has the situation under control.
What I wanted to show is that someone suggested the OP to post at CR instead. Which was not a good suggestion in this case.
@SimonAndréForsberg: I like how that SO commenter justified his/her reason for recommending CR. /sarcasm
@Jamal "too much code" you mean?
I'm planning on writing a MSO question one day as an attempt to make it more clear for those over at SO when to redirect to CR and when not to.
I just need to make it clear for myself though when those moments is :P
YAY! My total rep on SE is now > 10k!
I see that ... congrats.
Thanks. I'm not so far behind you, @rolfl
@SimonAndréForsberg Nice!
10:08 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg: More like criticisms, and then a recommendation. No reason as to why it belongs on CR.
@SimonAndréForsberg no, you're not .... and I'm about to slow down for a bit ;-)
@syb0rg: And now you can cast close/reopen votes. :-)
@Jamal I know! I'm so happy!
@rolfl If you don't slow down I'll never catch up with you.
@SimonAndréForsberg: There's no bother trying. We may very well be getting our own Jon Skeet...
10:12 PM
@Jamal I'm not sure if I want to become a Simon Skeet either.
It's enough with a Rolf Skeet
Q: How can I simplify and make this more elegant in Unity?

rotaerczThe following is used to create a masonry effect with varying height rectangles. How can I simplify and make this more elegant in Unity? private float startX = 0.0f; private float startY = 0.0f; private float posX = 0.0f; private float posY = 0.0f; private float prevWidth = 0...

10:36 PM
Oh how I love emailing stubborn developers of poorly written code.
Hey @Corbin
Oh, look, dinner!

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