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@AnnaLear: Saw my question? :-) Anyway, thanks for calling him. As you've said, it's no obligation. However, I'd still like to know if a new mod will need to be appointed.
Oh duh, you've already linked my question. :-P Just making sure.
Q: using c++: answer the following question

Minka Collinsusing c++: a) write a function checkeven which receives 3 integer variables and prints YES if all three numbers are even. otherwise the function prints NO. b) write a prototype for the checkeven function.

Q: answer the following question using c++

Minka Collinsusing c++: a) write a version of a checkeven function. that receives 3 integer variables and returns true if all three numbers are even. otherwise, the function returns false. b) write a prototype for the new version of the checkeven function.

12:41 AM
Q: Is this the best way to go about a project planner

RodzzLessaI'm creating a project planner where the first page You can add projects. after creating the project you can click on it to add its categories and from there you'll be able to expand on the categories pretty simple. I have it working fine but I feel like there is a much more efficient way to go a...

12:53 AM
Q: using c++ to answer the queation

Minka Collinsusing c++ write the statement to read in three numbers and call the checkeven function. Then print YES if all three numbers were even or print NO if they were not all even

1:12 AM
Q: Job Scheduler Implementation

RuneSI have created a Job Scheduler, and i want some review, new ideas for it. Scheduler.cs public abstract class Scheduler { #region Fields && Properties private readonly List<Job> _jobs = new List<Job>(); private readonly Random _rand = new Random(); private Job _currentlyExecutin...

1:37 AM
Q: Reducing steps for long addition program

kyle kThis is a program that i wrote to add two numbers together that are too large for the C language to store, so it stores the numbers as strings instead and processes each digit at a time. But i suspect that the program could be done in fewer steps, in what ways can i reduce the size of my program?...

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3:59 AM
Q: Segmentation fault when using recursive function

Dzung NguyenI'm writing code to solve Boogle problem. One subfunction checks if a word is a valid answer to grid. Grid is represented in 1D array. bool Boogle::contains(std::string grid, std::string word) const { bool* isvisited=new bool[grid.length()]; for (unsigned int i=0; i<grid.length(); i++) ...

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5:45 AM
Q: Is there a simpler way of copying and pasting one inputs value into other input with the sam name

XecureI am trying to write something that will copy the current <input>s value and enter it into any <input> that start with the same name. <input> names will follow this pattern: price-0, price-1, price-2, upc-0, upc-1, upc-2. So if a user enters a value in <input name="price-0"> and hits copy the v...

6:29 AM
Q: optimize c# code block

rrkI have this set of block which compares data from two datatable by using a primary column and then inserts the new record from table2 to table1. This loop continues for large number of tables. I want to optimize it. Kindly suggest foreach (DataRow drRow in table2.Rows) { ...

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8:26 AM
Q: Refactoring a collection of if statements that contain 2 arguments.

N0xusAt the moment I have seven if statements that resemble the following code: if(hit.collider.gameObject.tag == "Colour1" && start_time > look_at_time) { new_colour1.ChangeObjectMaterialColour(hit.collider.gameObject.renderer.material.color); var colums = GameObject...

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9:46 AM
Q: Grid walk problem

Nikolay DerkachCodeEval's "Grid Walk" problem is as follows: There is a monkey which can walk around on a planar grid. The monkey can move one space at a time left, right, up or down. That is, from (x, y) the monkey can go to (x+1, y), (x-1, y), (x, y+1), and (x, y-1). Points where the sum of the digits of ...

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12:26 PM
Q: C++ strings compare and assign

kris123456Would you plese run through this code and provide your comments. void quote_container::allocate(string *i_string, string *i_value){ string temp_name = *i_string; double temp_value; // Convert the input string to upper case. stringToUpper(temp_name); if (temp_name =="...

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2:04 PM
Q: Add item to an Array 2D using LINQ

ElektroStudiosI've wrote a generic function to add an item to an Array 2D This is what I have: Private Sub Add_Item_Array_2D(ByRef Array_2D As String(,), _ ByVal Items As String()) Dim tmp_array(Array_2D.GetUpperBound(0) + 1, Array_2D.GetUpperBound(1)) As String For x ...

2:35 PM
Q: Improving MVC 4 DropDownList

C SharperI'm currently populating my drop downlists like this... public List<NewLogin> GetRolesForDDL() { using (database db = new database()) { return (from r in db.UserRole select new NewLogin { UserRole ...

3:00 PM
Q: My first-ever jQuery works, but it's not efficient. Any pointers?

Nick RuttenI've written my first completely self-written jQuery today. I just used the jQuery docs and I'm reasonably proud I got it to work, and working fine. It's not a very complex problem I'm solving, just an animated UI element, but it are my first steps, and I want to make sure I'm starting off right....

3:44 PM
Q: Migrating Questions to Stackoverflow

Malachiin this Question, Why was a Question suitable for Stack Overflow closed instead of being migrated, the Poster notices that the question is closed rather than migrated. comments say that the question was cross posted, so it was just closed on our site. in the comments it appears that some peop...

4:14 PM
Q: Beta Site in need of new Moderator

MalachiI know that we are a Beta Site, but from the looks of it they only choose Moderator Pro Tems 2 weeks into a beta site, so I think we need to follow the path set forth for nomination of a new moderator, if nothing else to show that we are a growing site and have enough active users to become a ful...

4:27 PM
Q: Refactoring code fore more readability

Troy BryantI've finally got all my code working as expected and it handles the data quickly. But now I'm looking to refactor it because there is some duplicate sections that just looks like can be broken down for more efficiency and readability. With out making this to long here is the original: I create...

Q: php script is not able to fetch all the rows of columm

SonamI am building a page where addresses are being fetched from database and displaying all locations, but the code is only fetching first row of address field from the database. i have even searched google, and all related questiong, but nothing seems to be working. Is there any way that i can fetc...

Q: Merge 2 arrays, when one is larger and can accomodate smaller

JavaDeveloperHow will you merge two sorted arrays, when The longer array has empty spaces to accomodate the second array. Complexity: O (items in longer + items in smaller). Request for making code concise, clean and optimal. public final class MergeArrays { private MergeArrays() {} private stat...

Q: Optimization of code for more speed

Simone Piglietti0 down vote favorite i have this code and the scroll is slow ApplicationAdapter import java.util.List; import android.content.Context; import android.content.pm.ApplicationInfo; import android.content.pm.PackageManager; import android.view.LayoutInflater; import android.view.View; import andr...

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6:54 PM
Q: How to overcome static referencing errors in java /basic programming

bluesh34Someone posted a question on http://math.stackexchange.com earlier because their program to tranpose a matrix wasn't working. I copied the code they posted (which was just the transpose method) and added the code necessary to check if it worked on their example matrix and it does, so there's obvi...

7:26 PM
Q: Will this code get me hired or laughed at? iOS MasterViewController

bluths_bananasI plan on showing this project (only MasterViewController posted) during my interviews for an iOS developer position. Question: Will this code get me hired or laughed at? More Specifically: How would you rate the general complexity of the code? How bad does the code smell? Is the VC too fat...

Q: Simple WCF messaging system via EF

Chris Hayesusing System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.ComponentModel; using System.ServiceModel; using System.ServiceProcess; using System.Configuration; using System.Configuration.Install; using System.Runtime.Serialization; using System.ComponentMod...

7:38 PM
Q: Efficiently outputting of a byte in parallel

Lee AllanI currently have a arduino 'sketch' whereby I can pass a byte to it via the serial port and it will display it in parallel on pins 2-9, it works but I cant help but feel it could be massively improved, this is the code in question: if (in >= 128) { in-=128; digitalWrite(9, HIGH); } else { digi...

Q: Unresolved External Symbol C++

wowofbobI need to use sockets from winsok2.h. So, I written a class NetObject to use it. But, when I do compilation I am getting an error: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: int __thiscall wsa::NetObject::connect(void)" (?connect@NetObject@wsa@@QAEHXZ) referenced in function _main I do...

Q: Backtracking Project

RobertEagleI had a duty: to make a project for my informatics course. I'm in 11th grade. I spent a week or so developing a program which solves this kind of problems: Permutations Arrangements Combinations Cartesians Sets partitions Number partitions Surjective partitions Queens These problems shall be...

8:33 PM
Q: Is this pretty/accurate?

T.C.I'm trying to simulate the Monty Hall problem, to statistically determine if there is any benefit to changing my choice after a door containing a goat is open (Testing this guy's theory) So, does this manage to simulate it properly? (Just for the curious: Changing doors doesn't seem to have any ...

8:52 PM
Q: is this future map scala syntax good?

dresI'm new to scala and have been working to understand the syntax so that I can be more efficient. How does this look in terms of functional syntax and scala idioms? In particular, I'd like to know if this is a good way of handling futures. I'm aware of onComplete, onSuccess, etc..., matching bu...

9:36 PM
Q: can someone improve/shorten this python code?

user2816683Can this be shortened/improved? I'm trying to make a password checker in python. Could the if's be put into a for loop? And if so, how? pw = input("Enter password to test: ") caps = sum(1 for c in pw if c.isupper()) lower = sum(1 for c in pw if c.islower()) nums = sum(1 for c in pw if c.isnume...

10:20 PM
Jamal, check this post out......ugh meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/146/…
11:03 PM
Q: a good management of java code

Adnane JaafariI'm a beginner in JEE development , I have just finished a web application that i'm gone deploy in a server . it's a new level for me it's not just a simple application that i can ran for 10 min etc . My question is for the quality of code , Of course we all know that a peace of code that works...

11:46 PM
Q: Write a program to find the longest word made of other words

lukasLil' preparation before the interview. This is my solution to the problem in title. The code is pretty straight forward. The one problem is with substring it's O(n) in .Net and creates garbage. Any other improvements? using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using Syste...

Q: Mapping a score to a string Javascript

thesquid24function score_to_grade(score1) { var score = 100 - score1; if (score == 100) return 'A+'; else if (score > 93) return 'A'; else if (score > 87) return 'A-'; else if (score > 81) return 'B+'; else if (score > 69 ) return 'B'; else if (score > 63 ) return 'B...

11:58 PM
Q: Is "just reviewing the code" good enough of an answer?

retailcoderLooking back at some of my last few answers (here and especially here), I started wondering if these answers were good enough. Allow me to expand: in these answers I went through the code almost line by line, and noted everything that jumped at me; by the time I was done, I already had a quite l...


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