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1:39 AM
Q: My edit to remove expletives on a Meta site was reverted and my flag for ♦ moderator attention was rejected. What's next?

RubénOn Stack Overflow en Español Meta there is a "question" where the OP is complaining that they were suspended one hour on the chat because the use an expletives, actually one specific expletive. On their complain they quoted some messages from the chat arguing that the purpose is to give context o...

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2:53 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky we need you or Juan on es...
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8:01 AM
@gbianchi Hi! How are you? Could you please tell me how can I help?
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12:57 PM
@gbianchi are you talking about the following one:
Q: Discusión sobre mi suspensión y estas en general

AsieR_2Situación: Hoy he recibido una suspensión de una hora en el chat por el siguiente mensaje en esta conversación: Persona A: Si, se puede vivir con 680€. Yo he vivido con 500€ en Barcelona varios meses del 2001 xD Yo: con 500€ en 2001 se hacía más que ahora Persona B: era un poco d...

1:37 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky YES!!! how was your trip???
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2:44 PM
@gbianchi Thank you for asking! It was very nice! I ran a lot! Spain is my most loved country =)
Let me see how the situation looks in the database. We have something like that on SOru. The most critical thing here is that usually somebody from the local community (by local I mean the room, not the language used) flags a message and only after that moderators / high rep users from all communities come and look at that message.
2:59 PM
Probably we need to add something to the be nice policy... since we have local "flavors" in spanish, adding that trying to make it "neutral" would be nice.. but we can just ban a user for using a local term, without letting him acknowledge that is wrong and why...
3:37 PM
It seems that the one who banned AsieR_2 used Google Translate. For that word translated version does look rude.
@NicolasChabanovsky yes we have a conversation about it on TL...
@NicolasChabanovsky the problems with that translation is that the word is rude, it shouldn't be used.. but the context was important... and a Language! would have been enough... Anyway, we want to try to avoid that kind of situations in the future...
@gbianchi Could you please tell me what was the outcome of the discussion in TL?
Do you have any ideas how to avoid such situations?
By the way, your answer is perfect =) Do you want me to write some thoughts on MSOes as well?
@NicolasChabanovsky Well.. since flags are viewed by anyone, we can't do much... at least if a mod that is aware of this situation see it, we could ping us... but there is not much we can do for the moment
I do not think that it would be different a lot from yours.
I don't want to ban a Mexican person just because he said "cajeta" and is a bad word for me!!! :p
3:50 PM
@gbianchi Agree. And I think we cannot ask English-speaking mods to consult us each time...
@NicolasChabanovsky no, that's no problem.. we could have an "official" word if you want, but I think we are managing it the rigth way.... But I don't know if we can, but maybe adding something in the be nice policie?
Could you please tell me what "cajeta" means? =)
@NicolasChabanovsky in mexican is a sweet.. in argentina is a swear for vagina...
so.. it is very difficult!!!!
@gbianchi Ouch
and I know that "pajita" that is a straw in argentina, has a bad meaning in some caribean countries...
sooo.. we can't just fix it...
we can avoid it if we know.. but we can't just ask any user on SE that know every word in the spanish dictionary
3:54 PM
@gbianchi What do you think if you ask a question on the mod team channel about the situation? At least we will memorise the case.
@NicolasChabanovsky asking about what? what you have in mind?
@gbianchi I do not know, something like "How should flags on the context depended phrases be handled on the international sites?"
@NicolasChabanovsky ok let me think about it...
Thank you! I think it might be useful in the future and we will see thoughts of another party: English speaking mods.
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6:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (96): exercicios em Python by adauto on pt.stackoverflow.com
7:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (96): exercicios em Python ✏️ by adauto on pt.stackoverflow.com
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10:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly punctuation marks in body (31): Convergência de uma série by Henrique Fragoso on pt.stackoverflow.com

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