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3:21 AM
"matt, why'd you make a website for your klingon spelling reform"
stupid markdown
maybe this'll work?
also nope
6 hours later…
9:49 AM
I have gone to great lengths to completely replicate Lyxal.
@Lyxal i think having your main profile at physics.se really gives it away
Yes, but we'll see what happens.
Idea: Create a sockpuppet army of Lyxals!
10:04 AM
@Lyxal how about naw
11:03 AM
It looks like there is one impostor among us
Haha get it
among us is a joke
No because my pfp is amogus and there's a Lyxal impostor here
then change your pfp
problem solved
no more among us
Hi, I am the imposter
user profile on physics.stackexchange.com and user profile on codegolf.stackexchange.com
It's obvious that codegolf.SE one is imposter
11:09 AM
I honestly thought lyxal created an alt
until a few minutes ago
What if we both impersonate Lyxal?
11:14 AM
That would be interesting
(Create an account on a different site so you remain okie on codegolf)
Then change your parent user
11:20 AM
oh no
Join us Lyxals - Lyxals? Lyxli?
Lyxal army is invading CGCC
You will join us no matter what
Or else
You'll be lyxalize
11:23 AM
Dun dun dun...
Gee I'm glad I didn't get room ownership now.
Because I don't think ROs are supposed to approve of this
Probably not
Although there was the whole shenanigans with you, redwolf and user switching places...
Yeah true
But as I said I'm cool with this
But y'ain't getting room ownership of vyxal though
Having same pfp literal looks like someone is spamming
But you can see that it's different people.
11:26 AM
I can't tell which Lyxal I'm talking to. This is excellent
But you're Lyxal.
@Lyxal You can't at a glance
@Lyxal And so are you
@Lyxal I just realized that whenever someone says @Lyxal in chat it notifies all three of us.
That happened last time
11:28 AM
I am now confused,who is the oldest Lyxal
Me obviously
Yes, I've been here 5 months.
We can be differentiated by the rooms we own
We are Lyxal and Lyxal are we
Or parent user - okie is electronics, I'm physics and the real Lyxal is codegolf.
11:30 AM
Forget the redwolf hivemind, lyxalness is where it's at
Redwolf hivemind?
I just equalize room we are in by quitting myself
11:35 AM
Did you just make that?
Also it's three - Redwolf remember
This is the second time
OK, folks, time to go home.
Oh no i violated rule number one
11:36 AM
@Lyxal this is how we crash redwolf
@Lyxal I understood that reference
@Adám I refuse to change my account
@Adám Ok, bye!
Of course, but those that have sock puppets, please remove them, and those that have changed their avatar, please change it back now.
is there a rule against it?
It is disruptive to the room.
A: How far should we go in disallowing 'impersonation' in profiles?

Brad LarsonThis is a topic that has been discussed several times before in regards to public figures, impersonating specific users on the site, and profile pictures by themselves. In general, the attitude is that you can use most profile pictures of public figures, and even name yourself after them, but yo...

11:40 AM
@Adám sad
I got a screenshot of it while it lasted so I'm happy
Lyxal will live in my heart account forever
I am not sure if it's good for my health or not tho
As long as your okay with occasional stupidity and an addiction to code golf and croissants you'll be fine
side effects may include not testing code before pushing to main
11:50 AM
occasional stupidity: 500%
addiction to CG: 499%
Close enough
Welcome to the club
The addiction is to both cg and French pastry
12:30 PM
@Lyxal lol what
you mean, before it gets frozen?
No before people change back to normal and before caird inevitably ruins the fun by deleting it all
12:44 PM
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7:04 PM
@quid lurking here too? Usually you completely leave a chat when you go. I promise I know NU-ZING!! I say NU-ZING... Go back and comfort you know who.
@amWhy look that just causes unnecessary friction. In any case if I want to see what is going on in a room without it being noticed I or anyone can read the transcript.
2 hours later…
8:54 PM
docs.google.com/document/d/… @AncientSwordRage @Someone_Evil anything that would make the game unfun or overall bad fo the players.
@AncientSwordRage please remove that link in about 30 minutes
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10:47 PM
Sorry that I don't have code question this time. Does anyone know about headphone and earbuds? I would like to choose one out of these four:
I would like to know which is the best, second best, and next best, because I can only choose one from the four, depending on availability in a store. My basic requirements are: either a headphone or earbuds, both wireless and wired, with microphone. Hope for the best for the other features.
11:07 PM
@Ben I think you'd find much better help on a chat room or a forum on a more relevant or general site.
11:31 PM
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