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12:02 PM
A “here is my CAS result” answer without any explanation: math.stackexchange.com/a/4326306/42969.
12:16 PM
^ Self-deleted.
1:04 PM
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3 hours later…
3:39 PM
I am here.
I deleted my spam posts so only the moderators or so can see it. They will still ban me!
I never enjoy chatting with others nowadays.
But now I know I do not belong to this site.
Why do you feel that way?
You know why. Take a look at those spammers on other websites. They have problems. Don't you eved pay tattention to them.
Are you saying that you are a spammer?
I will calm down. This will train my brain. I dont know to practise this.
Of course. Didnt you see?
Your puzzles have been good, I wouldn't consider them spam.
3:44 PM
I need to regret it first. I need to feel that guilt.
Just for you to know, posting more spam won't make mods ban you faster. If you want to get banned, it needs to wait until someone is online with the power to ban you.
Before I feel ashamed for myself.
Did something happen?
Read your question. It's like I'm a ün eight year old.
Did you see that ü?
You mean the puzzle I made?
3:45 PM
Yes, read my comments. But maybe a mod deleted them.
I admire you, LOTGP. You're one of the kindest people I ever met online. I don't use social media because it affects your mental health. StackExchange has this effect too, so I am LEAVING.
Goodbye. I like your avatar by the way.
It reflects your personality in a very expressive and fitting way.
Shakig and shakign and shaking.
Thank you, I hope you feel better soon.
Also, what happens if you delete your account?
Are they going to ban me permanently?
(That is a hint I might change my mind.)
You've been suspended for 2 days I believe.
Why only two days?
That's a bit short.
Because this behavior is outside the norm, and we hope that having two days to think may allow you to work through your issues, rather than having to take more drastic action.
3:53 PM
I really love how the moderators give respect to people's attitudes. Many people have problems, you know, Everyone does and needs to deal with them.
Why can I still post here despite being suspended?
I remember these old days.
You might wonder what that might mean, but that reflects what I am currently thinking about. You also might notice my grammar and spelling has improved a little since I started becoming frustrated.
The suspension hasn't carried over into chat yet.
“It seems like there's some frustration going on for you and it's unclear what has caused it.” Did a mdoerator write this or is this a template to copy-and-paste?
Does it really take that long? It's been 14 minutes.
Let me explain to you one of the reasons why I feel this. Every time I see a new question posted here, I feel tempted to answer it. Being a perfectionist, this clearly makes me frustrated. Never did I ever try this.
@Lypyrhythm Doesn't sound like a template. I don't know how long it takes to carry over to chat
@Lypyrhythm Everything with chat takes long. But I can speed it up for you if you really want?
@Lypyrhythm I think I speak for many that we want to be sure that you are OK, and not frustrated to the point of self-harm.
4:00 PM
(I have mod powers in chat due to being a mod on other SE sites.)
@Randal'Thor Oh yes, please. I might change my mind in two days.
@JeremyDover So you wrote that post? It's not a template?
OK, but please take care of yourself and I hope you'll be back after two days and feeling better about your participation here.
@Lypyrhythm Only people with diamonds on the site (elected moderators and certain SE employees) can send private mod messages.
Not Jeremy Dover or Stiv or I.
@Lypyrhythm By the way, another thing to be aware of: after sending a reply to a private mod message, you can't send another reply until someone on the other end has replied to you again.
Not I. But I worry when folks sound distressed here, and if there is anything I can to to help provide comfort, I am glad to do so.
Please remove my priviledge to answer questions.
Just that, please. I no longer want to be able to answer questions, ever.
I love designing puzzles, but dislike solving them.
If you can't do it, please let the StackExchange team know. Maybe there is something they can do.
@JeremyDover So the text was written by the StackExchange team? I am just curious.
I'm sorry for deleting my answers. I didn't want to do it, but I happened. Honestly.
Because of this, I expect nobody to like to answer my questions anymore.
Did you know I created an account on StackOverflow five years ago, because I created Lypyrhythm. I was banned for spamming due to frustration.
We just want you to feel better. If you continue to post good puzzles as you have in the past, I'm sure that people will be interested in solving them.
4:10 PM
So I tried again. I lost my temper and wanted to get rid of my account. So I tried another time, and I failed again.
@LOTGP I doubt it. People will still remember what I did.
Maybe it might be good to log off for a bit and do other things. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?
@LOTGP They are bound to think: “Lypyrhythm is here, what a silly person. His questions don't deserve to be answered.”
If nobody else does them, I can at least give them a shot.
I chose Lypyrhythm as a name because it contains no vowels and “Lypy” sounds a bit similar to my nickname.
@LOTGP That's kind of you, but you are just trying to encourage me.
My posts here might reveal my personality.
Can I change my username?
I want to change my icon.
You can change your icon on your profile page.
As well as your username
4:16 PM
I probably won't post any questions in future.
If I don't change my mind by tomorrow, my account will be deleted.
And you will never see me again, ever.
Why does the UI of the chat differ from the rest of the website?
That would be unfortunate.
Honestly, I think you don't actually care. As you said, "I can't force you to solve my puzzle."
Maybe try doing something else for a bit? Continuing to fixate on this isn't healthy. Is there anything you like to do for fun?
I don't even know you personally.
I've let out everything that's on my mind. I've been practising writing quickly.
I don't need to know someone personally to worry about them.
4:20 PM
I am a slow typer. I usually take an hour to write a few sentences.
That's not what I mean.
I am not a fan of social media and gaming. I am not a fan of chatting, but still I am doing this.
Try taking a break then.
Do something else for a while.
As Stiv said, “This is just a loose collection of ideas.” It really is.
I thought R is going to kick me out of here.
It's tempting.
Was this chat app really designed by StackExchange? The design is completely different.
I wish StackExchange were an open-source app.
This app would be very useful to organize your ideas.
Telling me to take a break isn't going to help. The more you tell me to take a break, the longer I will stay here.
When was this website created?
According to Web Archives, it started in 2014.
But why? Why did the StackExchange team want to create a website to share and discuss puzzles?
Why did they put a box shadow beneath the comment boxes? Why is there no outline shown when focusing a textbox?
In Latin, you use inchoactives to express the beginning of an action, e.g. cupisco (I begin to wish that...)
You might want to tell me: relinquisco or something, but I am unsure if that word exists.
relinquinsco -> I am about to leave.
I wish there was a suffix that indicates a wish, e.g. *relinquiscinto -> *-nt -> I wish I was about to leave.
If you were able to do that, you could theoretically say: *relinquiscintisco -> I am about to wish I was about to leave.
I might create a puzzle about an invented language.
Unless I don't change my mind and delete my account.
By the way, what happens if you delete your account? Will your questions be community wikied?
I am about to wish I am about to wish I am about to wish I am about to leave.
I wonder what modern AIs would post here, using statistical models to predict what words or set of words is going to come next.
They would be able to go on like this for hours on end.
4:37 PM
@Lypyrhythm Someone proposed such a site in the Area 51 site creation site and it got enough followers to be made into a full SE site.
@Lypyrhythm Not community wikied, just attributed to an anonymous "user47620".
Sort of like subredditsimulator for reddit?
I don't know reddit or any other social media website, so I can't tell.
I believe it's a fully automated forum where the posts and comments are generated by ais trained on individual communities.
4:40 PM
Same here.
@LOTGP Oh, that doesn't sound like Area 51. The latter doesn't look anything like other SE sites; it's more like a sounding board for potential site ideas, some of which eventually become actual sites.
@Randal'Thor Is it possible to prevent a user from posting answers, while still allowing that user to publish questions?
It's not possible to manually implement a system block at that level.
It's so tempting to answer a question. If you'd like to help me
But anyone can simply decide not to post answers.
Is there a limit on how many questions you can post without ever having answered a question?
4:45 PM
It's also possible to get automatically answer blocked, but the details of how answer blocks work are secret.
@Lypyrhythm No.
@Randal'Thor Looking at the statistics on Area51, it seems that we're a fairly unique community in the SE network.
We post very few questions a day, but have very high engagement.
Why do some StackExchange sites have no unique designs?
And most questions already have a known answer before they are even asked.
@Lypyrhythm Wdym?
@LOTGP Area 51 statistics aren't reliable for graduated sites: they only show the info frozen at the moment of graduation, not live statistics.
That makes sense, but I suspect the ratios still hold true.
4:49 PM
@LOTGP Some communities on SE have a plain white and blue background and no logo.
@Lypyrhythm Designing a UI is time-consuming and requires specific knowledge.
How long did people spend designing and programming StackExchange? It must have taken several years.
Is there a reason why StackExchange isn't open-source? It's a great app and they might make a lot of money selling their application.
I suspect nobody here on PSE expected me to do what I've done today.
I might want to keep this chat as a remembrance.
Q: Will Stack Overflow's engine be (someday, or ever) open sourced?

GravitonWill Stack Overflow's engine become open source one day? Warning: Some of the answers to this question no longer apply to the current situation. In the time since the question was asked Hosted StackExchange was dropped and came back as the Enterprise Q&A product and Teams , for example.

Q: Will Open Sourcing Stack Overflow Destroy Our Business Model?

Jeff Atwood Warning. This discussion took place during the Stack Exchange 1.0 days, when FogCreek sold Stack Exchange licenses for a fee. It is worth noting that Stack Exchange licenses are still being sold for intranet use. Important Caveattm: this is something we are merely discussing that m...

I am still planning to delete my account.
I don't feel welcome here at all.
@Lypyrhythm I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything specific that we could be doing better?
5:04 PM
@LOTGP The way you write reminds me of that of an SE staff member.
There is nothing you can do for me.
I can see that, I guess I've adopted a more "clinical" way of speaking and typing. I hope it doesn't come off as too impersonal.
The members of this community are going to remember what I've done.
Unless you can make them forget it, I am going to leave this place.
Maybe, but we won't hold it against you.
Nothing you did is unforgivable.
That's not enough. I am still planning to delete my account.
I am going to lose 1,000 reputation.
@Lypyrhythm Only a few people would have even noticed; it was all gone pretty quickly.
5:09 PM
Every time they see a post I made, they are going to remember it. It's too late. No human can solve this.
Nobody is angry, we're all just worried about you.
I'm responsible for it, so I am going to leave forever (probably).
If you want to be sure nobody remembers it, though, you could delete your account and come back on a new account. You could get to know us all again, and 1000 reputation isn't that much to regain if you work at it.
They'd recognize me, surely they will.
The kind of puzzles I upload, the place I come from, etc.
I ought to have secrets even SE staff don't know.
I shouldn't have joined @LukasRotter 's advent event. It's driving me crazing.
@LOTGP Being worried won't change the past.
Your puzzle is good, people are having fun solving it.
5:16 PM
I don't mean to be judgemental.
That doesn't change my personal feelings.
That's fair.
Even if I got 100 likes on my question today, that wouldn't change my decision.
If something made me change my decision, it would be something else.
@Lypyrhythm That's your right. If you truly believe that participating in this site is hurting you, then maybe focusing on something else for the time being might be for the best.
I just don't want you to make an impulse decision you will regret in the future.
As I said, I never was a fan of social media.
I try to avoid it at all times.
Me too.
5:21 PM
If one is not careful, it might cause severe distress.
I can't allow myself to stay on PSE any longer.
I wonder how other people discover this website.
Probably through stackoverflow
@Lypyrhythm You don't need to delete your account to take a break.
I wonder how many users saw it.
An AI might have problems finding out what “it” refers to.
But you probably know, because I don't except you to be an AI.
Not many I imagine. It was gone in under an hour.
I need more specific numbers.
If an AI imitated our style of writing, what would it sound like?
@Lypyrhythm You'd need to ask Rand, I don't have access to deleted posts.
5:29 PM
Would we really identify ourselves with what a computer generated?
I think the style could be right, but if the ai were generating anything more than a few words the content would likely be off.
I believe what just happened today surprised everybody for nobody expected a user who has been a member on this website for years to become this frustrated.
Especially due to the fact that my puzzles were well-received.
However, “Sammy Wolfe” wasn't as successful as the three other puzzles I created.
Do you think it was too difficult and lengthy?
Not at all, I thought it was fun.
You may be wondering why you lost 2 reputation the day before.
I suppose I was a bit curious.
5:36 PM
You created the puzzle about Bubblefish, right?
I downvoted it because I thought it was unclear.
I am telling you because I believe I ought to own up for my wrongdoings.
That's fair.
I did struggle a bit with figuring out how to clue the fact that you had to use different languages without making it too obvious.
In retrospect I could have given a word bank, either as a hint or as part of the puzzle.
How much time did you spend creating the puzzle?
It would make getting the english words, and thus finding the message, easier.
4-5 hours I think
5:41 PM
What app did you use to create the crossword grid?
I actually made it in google sheets, used the option to hide the grid, and then took a screenshot.
This might be the last message I am going to post here.
My account will be deleted in 22 hours if I don't change my mind.
I still believe it's the right thing for me to do.
I won't let PSE ruin my life.
That's perfectly fair, whatever you feel is the best for yourself. No puzzle is worth someone's wellbeing.
I don't feel welcome here in this chat as well.
It's as though someone were invading my privacy.
From the day I discovered SE, I had a feeling that it wasn't meant to be.
I always had that gut feeling that the people on this website were not approachable.
And I was right all along.
I tried three times.
@LOTGP Why am I still not banned here?
5:59 PM
I don't know, I'm sorry
What can I do to be more welcoming?
Stop invading my privacy.
How am I invading your privacy?
I have that instinctive feeling.
As I said, I feel terrible in here, but I am unwilling to leave this chatroom.
What do you mean?
6:04 PM
Why can't you leave?
Because I feel we haven't settled the issue yet.
What still needs to be settled?
The issue, I told you.
Not being banned?
No, stop invading me.
@Randal'Thor Maybe you can settle the matter.
I want my account to stop existing, NOW.
All my questions ought to be deleted.
They're my property.
They don't belong to this terrifying place.
It's the worst website I've ever been to.
Even the most old-fashioned website is a quadrillion times better.
The puzzles I designed are part of me, and I don't want to accept my posts remaining out there in the wilderness.
Even a jungle is better than this horrifying place.
I wonder how people endure it.
I want every single word I left here to be cleared away.
Not even a single letter shall remain.
@LOTGP Do something about it!
6:14 PM
Unfortunately, you can't do that on SE.
I don't know the legal details, but it's something about the terms of service, I think.
@Randal'Thor Could you, theoretically?
When you make a post here, you can't just remove it without warning.
@Lypyrhythm A matter of perspective. I don't think anyone can delete all your posts on main. Me or Rand can move all messages from you in this chat to trash, though, if you really want
@Lypyrhythm I'm sorry, I can't do anything, I'm just a normal user.
That's especially fair for questions, actually, since deleting a question of yours would cause everyone who answered it to lose their posts and reputation points too.
6:16 PM
@Randal'Thor Can't you give them the reputation back?
@Lypyrhythm Are you OK, seriously?
I don't understand what happened to make you want to quit, but nobody should have to feel terrified or horrified because of a website.
@Randal'Thor I would like my account to be shut down NOW, not tomorrow.
You can be afraid of anything.
I've already sent a notification to all the PSE mods. Nothing else we can do until they're online.
I love X, I strongly dislike PSE.
X is an unspecified thing.
A Stack Exchange employee came to this part of the network just to put a stop to the nonsense posts by temporarily suspending your account, but I suspect they're leaving more long-term decisions to local mods.
6:20 PM
Were my “nonsense” posts deleted permanently, or can moderators still see it?
Moderators can still see anything. There's no way to hard-delete a post so that nobody can ever see it.
Is there a reason for that? What about highly inappropriate content?
Can moderators see deleted comments?
Yes to the last question.
I suppose mods need to be able to see highly inappropriate content so that they can ban people creating it even if ordinary users already deleted the posts.
Can moderators still see what name a deleted account originally had?
I trust SE staff only. Is there anything you can do to get rid of the data I left here?
If not, I might have to contact staff.
@Lypyrhythm If they have the account ID (user number), yes.
6:27 PM
So no privacy at all? I don't bear it.
@Lypyrhythm If "here" means PSE, no, sorry, I'm not a mod on this site. If "here" means chat, then yes, I can remove all of this conversation.
Please do something about it.
@Randal'Thor So if my account is deleted, you will still be able to see everything I ever posted here and on PSE?
Even my name, avatar and profile description?
You ought to do something about it quickly.
Your personal account stuff will be gone, including your username, avatar, and profile description.
6:29 PM
I want everything on PSE to get highly anonymized, at the least.
But you can't delete your posts: by putting them on SE, you've gifted them to the internet and you can't take them back..
@Lypyrhythm Well, I can't, so ...
So my username will be gone forever?
If my posts can't be deleted by anyone in this world, I would accept having my account data removed.
The answer seems to be yes, so I expect my name to turn into “user12345” or so.
Yes exactly, that's what happens when an account is deleted.
You can see it in this question and one of its answers, for example:
Q: What is the Official notation on rubik's revenge(4x4)?

user11399When solving a 4x4 cube you have specific notation to inner and outer lines, like R = Clockwise outer right and r = Clockwise inner right. If you want to turn both, the two letter must be combined like Rr, (Rr)' or (Rr)2. To solve OLL parity I could use the following algorithm: Image linked fr...

6:33 PM
You have a special tool for looking for posts published by deleted accounts?
This means you cannot find out who “user11399” is?
@Lypyrhythm No, I just remember that someone who used to be an active user (and moderator) of PSE was once the top user in the tag, so I expected to find some such posts from 2014 in that tag.
I forgot that Joe Z. (user88) deleted his account too :-(
@Lypyrhythm Nope, no idea.
Why do you tell me that “user88” deleted his account?
What does that have to do with our conversation?
@LOTGP Who upvoted my answer?
Please take away that upvote immediately.
I don't know, it wasn't me so I can't remove it.
@Lypyrhythm It came to my mind as I was browsing through some old puzzles.
Why are you asking me?
6:39 PM
@Lypyrhythm We can't know who cast a specific vote, nor can we reverse it.
@LOTGP Please don't upvote my answer. I didn't deserve it.
It wasn't me
All the more a reason to delete the answer.
Why, why did I come to PSE?
Probably to test my patience on a horrible community.
I don't mean to offend anybody.
If it brings you this much agony, why not delete your account?
As far as I understand, the account deletion is actually in process.
6:42 PM
@LOTGP How many times do I have to tell you that I'm planning to do it?
It just takes 24 hours because the account isn't a brand new one with no contributions.
@Randal'Thor What does that mean?
You can't just delete an account?
@Lypyrhythm I thought you already requested account deletion? I might be wrong though.
@Randal'Thor I thought you wanted to speed it up. If it doesn't work, don't bother to.
To be honest, I strongly dislike this website, yet I feel there is still hope.
@Randal'Thor Can you view my IP address and current location?
What about the device I'm using?
I'm not a moderator here, so no.
I don't think even moderators or SE staff can see all of that.
But then I'm not very tech-savvy.
6:46 PM
@Randal'Thor If you're not a moderator, what are you?
On PSE, I'm a high-rep user.
I moderate a couple of other SE sites.
This means moderators can see everything about other users, including their exact location, device and everything?
So you know what street I live in?
Please delete all my comments on @LOTGP 's question.
5 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
I don't think even moderators or SE staff can see all of that.
@Lypyrhythm Only moderators can delete your comments, but I've flagged them so that they can be deleted when a mod shows up.
Then what are they able to see?
Besides deleted comments and posts?
IP addresses.
6:55 PM
Can they see the IP address of a deleted user account?
But moderators are contractually obliged not to reveal private information or to use it for any purpose except in the management of their sites.
Or does deleting an account only pertain to usernames and profile info?
@Lypyrhythm I'm not sure about that. Most personal information is completely wiped, including to moderators, when an account is deleted.
Most? What information is retained?
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