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12:59 AM
@Quintec I think $9$ times less than the totalled amount
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11:32 AM
A: Triplets of the form $a^2+b^2=2^n$

HaranJust set $a=b=2^{n-2}$ for any $n \in \mathbb{N}$ where $n \geqslant 2$

One line question, one line answer!
Ah lol, question edited
Q: Can $\ a^k+b^k+c^k\ $ be prime for $\ k=0,\cdots, m\ $, with $\ m\ $ arbitary large?

PeterLet $\ a,b,c\ $ be integers with $\ 0<a<b<c\ $ and let $\ m\ $ be the smallest non-negative integer such that $$a^m+b^m+c^m$$ is composite. Define $$f(a,b,c)=m-1$$ Hence $\ f(a,b,c)\ $ is the largest non-negative integer $\ m\ $ such that $$a^k+b^k+c^k$$ is prime for $\ k=0,\cdots ,m\ $. Since f...

@Haran Want to help factoring some integers ?
I don't have the software for factoring large integers
I don't think I will be allowed to download such software either
@Peter what are you saying in your comment?
12:07 PM
Which comment do you mean ?

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