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12:20 AM
Just a couple of points of clarification, as I saw my name in the preceeding conversation:
@called2voyage this is mainly due to time, am already active here, and 4 other sites
@called2voyage I would have argued that it is both - the science of it being Astro, how we got there - Space, with a crossover in the middle
Also in regards to space.se, I always pictured it not being geared towards enthusiasts
12:39 AM
I am not a subject expert here or for space exploration, am just an experienced researcher. My field is (PhD) atmospheric physics - probably be in gravy when Geoscience.SE is incubated.
1:12 AM
This is my first full private beta - and I got to say and if I am going to be honest, I am having mixed feelings about pursuing any others (asides from Geoscience - I have unfollowed the 3 others that I was looking at).
@UV-D Hmmm no, that's not true. We cater all levels equally, and actually still struggling with some expert level questions due to short numbers of actual experts or them not having much time. We do have quite many in the know tho, so perhaps that's why you got that impression? But we do have enthusiast, even just curious about questions, some even became extremely popular SE-wise (like the "lunar grand theft roving vehicle" one)
Personally, I'd hate it if we'd ever be seen as intimidating to enthusiasts. I actually love answering some of those questions.
@UV-D yup betas are time and otherwise consuming ... in the end hopefully rewarding, but I also wouldn't suggest engaging with too many of them at the same time
2 hours later…
3:26 AM
@TildalWave admittedly I did join much earlier (have changed my screen name) and that is where my impression came from of Space.SE.
@TildalWave I only intend to do 1 private beta at a time, and this and Geosciences will be the only ones I do. I limiting myself to a maximum of 7, maybe 8 sites that i participate in. If you look at what I do on Academia, you'll see what I am capable of.
@UV-D Oh, I don't manage not even close to that. I'm active on 3 sites (counting this one), and I might, occasionally, add a question or an answer on any other SE site. But I do participate in all the three sites' metas, too. I guess I could look around a bit more and add one or two to the list, but that'd probably mean I'm not doing as much research for questions as I'd like to. So I stay more ... loyal LOL
3:46 AM
@TildalWave realistically, when you look at my list and disregard A51 and MSO where I occasionally post. The number for me is 4 (Academia, Cognitive Sciences, Physics and here) - it will be 5 with Geosciences. Joining Space.SE maybe not a bad idea for me...
also, y'all have seen what I have contributed here and see that I am indeed 'loyal'
I have been adapting my questins to be observational astronomy based.
it almost seems that a lot of people have decided that astro won't succeed - well, that is the impression I am constantly getting
@TildalWave by the way, my interests would probably be a bit out there... atmsopheric modification
Hello @Undo
@UV-D Oh we have quite some questions that would fit you perfectly also there. I'm just pondering on one actually... the length of day on Venus, taking atmospheric refraction into account. So far, I have a refractive index above critical angle for CO2 and N2 atmosphere at average 20 bar and some 480 K, but am not yet quite sure how to get the true angle out of it... but it's clearly shorter than those 127 days as Venus rotates on its axis and around the Sun
if I have the index at n = 4800, how do I get from that the angle to the horizon?
see thats the kind of thing I can do - am an atmospheric physicist after all
@UV-D Would you answer it? I'm now at Snell's law with n1sinθ1= n2sinθ2 ... I guess that's where I get the angle from, right?
by the way, I have just joined Space.SE
Another way to answer it would be by observations, I guess... We have e.g. this image:
3:59 AM
I can see that if several of my questions were sent over to Space.SE - they would be duplicates - found 3 so far
the last one clearly shows atmospheric refraction
@UV-D possible, yes
tho they could still be merged, if the answers are good
but the term 'basic' has been thrown around quite a bit
so more likely discarded
@UV-D No... look, there's nothing wrong with having a few basic questions now and then, they're unavoidable anyway and would persist no matter how hard you try... that's not the point even, the point is the numbers of these basic questions in relation to the numbers of expert level ones... we had a few of same such problems in early days of SEx.SE too, just maybe not so pronounced
Here, some were literally on a copy/paste frenzy from other Q&As
That had to stop and we had to refocus a little, that's all
hopefully my earlier ones were not seen that way - i always look for a minumum of 2 resources and you know of !!hiss Wikipedia
well, that worked...lol - what that last bit was supposed to say was: Wikipedia ... hiss... spit
that's how I have always posted
@UV-D hehe no, I don't think those were considered a problem at all. I don't have access to other people's thought, even if I'm a mod on one site that mod had doesn't sadly have required powers, but I can tell you what I meant with some of my own frustrations in meta, if I wasn't descriptive enough there. It's all about community building now, and this is our platform. If we have predominantly entry level questions, that's what people we'll cater. And I don't think that was the idea.
4:08 AM
@TildalWave you don't have a mind reading app?
@UV-D I have a cat and a dog :)
use their powers
okay, so I have now bitten the bullet and joined Space.SE
They mostly use them on me LOL (in dog and cat terms, I'm probably considered easy) :}
and I may have an article or two for your answer to the venus question
@UV-D I can give you some links... you have PDF reader ready?
4:11 AM
i can give you some links
This one is from 1968 but it's brilliant: journals.ametsoc.org/doi/pdf/10.1175/…
@UV-D Oh cool... anyway, you go ahead that should be right up your alley
ah yes, the 1968 article uses equations i use regaularly
@TildalWave nah, you have started to write the answer - you should continue
@UV-D it's pretty cool one... for my level of understanding at least LOL
4:16 AM
stratton's work is a very good one
@UV-D No, I didn't. I'm stuck where I told you I am... OK, not stuck because I was chatting here, but still. I'd really like it if you would answer it. Feel free to use any of those links I gave. I'm also curious if similar can be inferred directly through measurements of that Venusian eclipse photo?
If you want, I can always then equip your answer with transcripts (that 1968 article is not in text, just a scan) and images and such... I like doing such stuff
And... we have MathJax :)
you... have..... mathjax.....
okay, that's it, I'm staying
@UV-D Well, we have, on SEx.SE... and here we'll get it too (notice I said we for both)
that venus one has got me intrigued
It's a cool question yes, I like it too... got me all dreaming of how it would really look like, as soon as I realized the refractive index is over critical angle... and that old doc describing the horizon... love it
4:24 AM
something else occurred to me about the venus night
that kind of thing happens on earth - noctilucent clouds
@UV-D yup, but on Venus this ought to be way more pronounced... kinda like diving pretty deep down and looking up to see the horizon
yup - there are articles about noctiluminescence
on OpticsInfobase?
yup, unfortunately, i can get the article though, I am a member of OSA
but that is no good for linking to the site
@UV-D No, but you can link to a "paywalled" document and add some most relevant excerpts from it, no?
4:31 AM
yup, can do (if it is a relevant article)
i have to go in a minute (meeting), am at uni - I can write something this evening
I am writing up what will be my 6th published paper
total internal reflection analogy
While you're writing an answer, we also have a Topic of the Week scheme going on (just started), you want me to put some tag in there for folks to vote on so it can be included in near future? I've also made a suggestion on mSO for a new feature so we can expose such featured tags better on the main site, fingers crossed that gets implemented ASAP, God knows we could use that on betas:
A: Feature a Tag for a Period of Time

TildalWaveYes please! And since a picture is worth a thousand words (or so they say), here's a few suggestions how that could work on the main site. Please note I've included all the suggestions I could think of in a single image, and might look slightly too cluttered:     Wonders of Chrome Developer To...

does sound like a very good idea
@TildalWave ironically, I am about to meet with an astrophysicist and an atmospheric scientist (my mentors)
@UV-D Yup, I thought so too. It would help balance the scope of still smaller SE sites, so not only the most popular topics are discussed the most, but also underexposed ones
i will ask them as well
@UV-D You know you can always invite them to the site too, there's that "Invite Fellow Experts" box in private betas
4:40 AM
i have
Ah cool, did they grab for the bait? :)
figure of speech... didn't wanna imply it's a trap LOL
lol, they said they will have a looksee when they get a bit of time
Meaning, you'll have to repeat the process until they do... I know these academic types, they need incentive :)
oh i am, part of today's meeting is about that
i think i can have an answer within the next 6-8 hours
Cool! I'll probably sleep by then tho, but ping me and if you'll want me to equip it with stuff (excerpts, photos, transcripts,...), I'll be glad to do it. ;)
4:50 AM
i'll be pinging you alright
remember, just one ping so our enemies can't triangulate our position ;)
lol, the enemies will be absorbed
that too
I better go - meeting time
I'm still trying to imagine horizon on Venus... I think there would be quite a bit of problem with perception of depth since there wouldn't be any clear shadows,... and the barel distortion due to atmospheric refraction (composition, density, pressure and temperature) would make it all disorienting and ... wobbly?
4:55 AM
that's the impression I am getting too
a bit like looking through a fisheye lens
zoom one
catch you soon
OK, you take care! ;)
@ManishEarth !! good morning... a question... you were fiddling with the chatroom bot before? How does that go?
Bot, bot, bot.
5:13 AM
heh no really, I only saw the last few bits of it, was quite confusing ... I didn't get it, was some user pretending to be a bot, or did someone really enable bot for the room?
Perhaps the bot was just running rampant through the streets, enjoying a taste of freedom?
It's a shame Astronomy can't reclaim the content that has been merged into Physics.
5:59 AM
Wow, I managed to score an answer.
6:14 AM
@called2voyage If astro dies, by default Physics takes the baggage. We don't mind that. I'm wondering if we can make the enthusiast-y community happier by giving them space on Space
@ManishEarth What I'm saying is, they took the baggage for the last go around of Astronomy. Can we get it back? It might help our traffic.
Nope. Beta sites are supposed to grow organically
So...migration of old questions is big no no, and migration of new questions is iffy
Plus, migration is only done if the post is off topic, and in the context of Physics.SE and astro, it never is
@TildalWave That was a separate account, running a bot
2 hours later…
@ManishEarth I don't think Space wants it, this was the impression from @TildalWave yesterday anyway
@UV-D "the consequences of not only include the 'elevation' of the horizon, magnification and being able to possibly being able to 'see' around the planet."
they said it in the article
parts of it don't make sense
8:25 AM
screw it i'll delete it
no dont delete it xD
ill edit it in a second
one of the reasons I don't join mny sites
that part should be a quote
@RhysW I have edited the reply
hey, just realised thats on space, good on ya :D
8:34 AM
still hesitant
I was once a member there a while ago... not a fun experience (had a different username then)
yeah, ancient history now
which is the reason I was hesitant... @TildalWave convinced me with that question
9:02 AM
@UV-D Cool... a lot of info, but I didn't see a conclusion as per the question? I mean, it's obvious to me, but I have no idea if it will be obvious to others. :| Maybe add some TL;RD part at the end?
@RhysW Well, SEx.SE is Paerson's child, so you better ask the adopting parent first, I just gave my opinion. I would accept it, if the community would want that,... I'm the popular dictator, remember? :P
divide panem et circenses et impera!
@UV-D Cool, thanks. Want me to equip it with some fancy media or something?
sure, an image showing critical refractivity nd something with the Venusian atmosphere would work treats
9:08 AM
@Hissatron: Where did you go?
I mean, you get my vote and obviously from @RhysW you already got, but for your average Joe and Jill? They love visuals
I'll look what I can find... actually, I have a few in mind already :)
I a alright with editing
@TildalWave ha, this falls apart when you realise 90% of the posts i touch end up with pictures
and that 80% of the statistics i use are made up
i am curious about these pics now
can I ask for an opinion please?
@RhysW @TildalWave with this question astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/443/… - do you think an answer suggesting amateur radio astronomy be welcomed?
nah forget it...
9:38 AM
@RhysW You made that percentage up just now too, didn't you?
@UV-D didn't find suitable venusian atmosphere pic.. but how's it now?
looking very good
I could fiddle with some photo and make it look like from Venus tho... artist impression and all
too difficult to pretend I'm an artist, huh?
i am tryin gto think of a amateur radio astronomy based question
@TildalWave not at all - but if you want o - you are certainly welcome to
i have only had an increase of 10 rep on astro today
9:41 AM
@UV-D hmmm, radio astronomy kinda takes too much knowledge and equipment, not sure there's many "amateurs" around for that... how about "tuning into Jupiter"?
Jupiter FM
what about Jupiter?
did you see my other amateur radio telescope question? it was JonEricson approved too
@UV-D oh give us some time, the day just started up here above the layer of lava
shocing, i hve been awake for hours...;P
in the purgatory
@TildalWave so you reckon a question about how to tune into the signal from Jupiter?
9:45 AM
@UV-D well... could be popular, and the answers can't be too straightforward so it might get interesting
hmmm alright i'll give it a go
it'll need the usual editing as my writing skills are crappier than usual
@UV-D well there is a wikipedia article on everything
Everything (or every thing), is all that exists; the opposite of nothing, or its complement. The totality of things relevant to some subject matter. Without expressed or implied limits, it may refer to anything. The Universe is often defined as everything that exists. It may refer to an anthropocentric worldview, or the sum of human experience, history, and the human condition in general. Every object and entity is a part of everything, including all physical bodies and in some cases all abstract objects. Scope In ordinary conversation, everything usually refers only to the totality of ...
Wikipedia...... hiss.... spit
and it has its own page too
Bullshit (also bullcrap) is a common English expletive which may be shortened to the euphemism bull or the initialism BS. In British English, "bollocks" is a comparable expletive, although bullshit is commonly used in British English. It is a slang profanity term meaning "nonsense", especially in a rebuking response to communication or actions viewed as deceiving, misleading, disingenuous or false. As with many expletives, the term can be used as an interjection or as many other parts of speech, and can carry a wide variety of meanings. It can be used either as a noun or as a verb. Wh...
meh, it's sometimes useful... like when you talk to Americans and they pull all the acronyms there are out
look up hiss... spit
9:48 AM
where's the bot?
@UV-D Actually, me too... and the voting habits went down the toilet like they always go with betas. I had to beg on SEx.SE for people to vote more, whichever way they like. Well, can't vote left or right, not those kind of elections.
Q: Jupiter FM - What are practical and inexpensive ways for the amateur detection of signals from Jupiter, especially of the transit of her moons?

UV-DWhat modifications to a standard AM/FM or shortwave radio are needed in order to be able to detect radio-wave signals emitted from Jupiter? Would it be possible to detect the transit of the major moons using this method?

i added a twist
@TildalWave of course!
edit away
@TildalWave only exists when manish is here, so it cant be misused
@TildalWave the same was done on workplace, repeatedly, to be more liberal with voting, it happens everywhere really!
i bet you i get berated for making a 'simple' question
9:59 AM
@UV-D great one
Q: Tweaks to the 'Let's get critical' community bot's answers

RhysWEach site has its own quarterly review period where 10 questions are chosen at random from that quarter to be reviewed for quality. Ordering Typically the community bot will post the results of the review afterwards in its own answer. However, the order it puts them in seems to be either rand...

anyone else driven crazy by the community bot thinking we are all computers and don't need decent post formats? :P
@ManishEarth get your ass here I wanna fiddle with your bot a bit!
@TildalWave wahey?
never did, I only had the misfortune to start chatting with the one on Super User
@TildalWave you could always make your own, its like a 5 min job if you get the source form where manish did
10:01 AM
@RhysW how does that work then, me and effort?
@TildalWave not really a lot of effort to get the basic stuff going
@RhysW I'm now thinking what would it take for someone else doing it for me
@TildalWave people like diamonds
@RhysW ☺♥♦
@TildalWave you are so predictable :P
waits for impending chat ban
10:06 AM
2 hours later...
oooh i am going edit an addition to my post
@TildalWave :P one day i'll get on your nerves so badly that I won't be able to return won't i :D
@UV-D eh?
my answer on Space got upvoted again..... and accepted???
10:09 AM
No! You mean good answers are upvoted and accepted!?! The NERVE of some people!
no no, i mean MY answers got upvoted and accepted
</self depreciating sarcasm>
i am soon to be going to bed
see and you were about to delete it aswell! :P
all this excitement
i am le tired
10:12 AM
No! you are not french!
uh oh
!!/hiss que?
10:15 AM
@RhysW you're not even close
@TildalWave you make that sound like a challenge
!!hiss hiss
begins serial screwing up of space
Hissatron for moderator!
10:16 AM
!!hiss moderators
dusts palms
there you go
@TildalWave here ya go
10:17 AM
!!> ['hello', 'world'].join(' ')
@RhysW "hello world"
!!here I go
@TildalWave That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
!!hiss dusts palms
dusts palms..hiss...spit
10:17 AM
@TildalWave Yes, yes you are
has to be a command :P
@RhysW help, listen, eval, coffee, live, die, refresh, forget, ban, unban, info, jquery, choose, user, listcommands, norris, urban, parse, tell, mdn, awsm, color, convert, define, findcommand, fuckable, get, github, google, hang, inhistory, learn, mustache, nudge, spec, stat, summon, unsummon, timer, todo, undo, weather, welcome, wiki, xkcd, youtube, hiss, sombrero, punchingbag, punch (page 0/0)
10:17 AM
!!punch RhysW
Punches @RhysW
!!mustache sombrero
@TildalWave User -1 was not found (if the user is not in room 815, pass a user-id instead of a username).
@TildalWave you fail worse than me
10:18 AM
!!xkcd time
@TildalWave Nobody puts a mustache on me. Again.
!!/xkcd space
Now, who summoned @Hissatron again??? o_O
!!xkcd wiki
10:19 AM
!!/ban CrazyBuddy
@RhysW Registered; need 0 more to execute
Here we go again -_-
!!hiss RhysW
10:20 AM
@RhysW Registered; need 0 more to execute
@ManishEarth I'm not dead! Honest!
!!youtube wynona's big brown beaver
uh oh
10:21 AM
!!hiss wynona
@ManishEarth rock out to Jupiter astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/483/…
/me has a math test today and a subsequent presentation on cellular automata
/me will not write answers today
that's why you just need to tune in and rock out
!!beer ManishEarth
10:27 AM
@UV-D That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
@ManishEarth Can't really argue it either way and not contradict myself in the process? There's arguments both ways, question is which ones will persist... or those bringing them forth letting go. I think as far as the subset of Phy goes we're all on SE, as far as community goes Astro is still in private beta, and as far as merging with Space goes, I don't like all the problems it would bring along, unless they're solved where they started, in which case it might as well stay where it is
!!bite me
@UV-D That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
@TildalWave Sure, pour your thoughts out there
The main focus is not merging with space
The main focus is ... well... hmm..
@ManishEarth in 3 answers using up nearly half of my alter egos?
10:28 AM
I can provide you with socks
main focus is giving UV-D ice cream
but .. my socks can't post on meta. Hmm
posting socks?
(I don't have socks, but I have an easy way of making new ones)
@ManishEarth I'll have a go at it (your) tomorrow then... I don't really have the time now, I'd write one or two questions about Planetary Sci on Space if I did
10:29 AM
@CrazyBuddy PING
aight, np
@CrazyBuddy PING
@CrazyBuddy PING 2
@CrazyBuddy PING 3
@CrazyBuddy PING 4
@CrazyBuddy PING 5
Now..!!!! Who did that???
@CrazyBuddy That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
what the?!?!?!
10:31 AM
@ManishEarth That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
@ManishEarth: Only a mod can summon the bot? o_O
!!hiss my broken toes
my broken toes..hiss...spit
@TildalWave My master turned me on just because you wanted it; and now you don't even play :( Boohoooooo.
10:36 AM
anyways people i am going to bed
behave yourselves
11:03 AM
32 mins ago, by Crazy Buddy
@ManishEarth: Only a mod can summon the bot? o_O
@ManishEarth: How dare you not reply me..??? :P
@ManishEarth Who can summon the bot? Only mods?
No, you can use it too
11:11 AM
I did use it...
The bot is running on my computer though. I have to start it up
Try now
I mean, other rooms?
ah, I get it... ;-)
Yeah, I can make it join other rooms
Alrighty then... got it ;-)
1337 rep. My job is done here
11:13 AM
@ManishEarth No site found for name stackexchange
!!help stat
@ManishEarth stat: Gives useless stats on a user. /stat usrid|usrname [extended]
!!stat 28
@ManishEarth No site found for name stackexchange
11:16 AM
A: Which is the closest exoplanet to Earth?

UV-DFunnily enough, just until recently, the nearest exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb was believed to be a planet with a similar mass to Earth's just 4.3 light years away in the nearby Alpha Centauri system. Source: Nearest exoplanet to Earth may be a ghost world (Aron, 2013). However, according t...

one of those questions that seem simple, but the answer is a bit mor complicated as I have done...
now, I am going to bed
12:01 PM
12:12 PM
Good morning, everyone.
!!hiss morning.
!!hiss morning
there we go
1 hour later…
1:48 PM
Hello everyone
Hello astronomer (@Undo)
Anyone home ??
2:15 PM
@Hash I'm no astronomer.
@Undo then ?
That sounds better.
@Undo how things going in astronomy.SE
@Hash Ehh.
@Undo looks like you are having a great fun over here
2:20 PM
Ehh... we're kind of having some trouble.
@Hissatron hello :-))
2:42 PM
Hi @Crazy
Hey ;-)
@Crazy i find lots of hiss i this chat room
Looks like a code word
Well, we were playing with @Hissatron ;-)
@Crazy i pinged him he never replied me
In case you didn't know, he's our chat bot :D
23 hours ago, by RhysW
yeah we cant get real friends so manish made one
2:46 PM
@Crazy so how to make him speak to me
We need Manish for that... :P
@Manish can you please wake up Mr.HISS....
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