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12:00 AM
Alaska is a walk in the park in comparison :p
@DavidFreitag c'mon there's reindeer, those don't count?
@TildalWave Up in the sky, kaduh...
@DavidFreitag so you're saying they mostly fly there, not so many cars and roads, that's it?
@TildalWave Oh no, there are plenty of people and cars, not too many roads though. It's only the reindeer that fly.
or the Santa's little helpers?
12:03 AM
Santa...hiss.... spit
Santa isn't in Alaska, he's in Greenland - Silly! He does, however, get his reindeer from Alaska.
dunno I've always pictured Alaska as a place with so many reindeer and moose they're more frequent passers by on your way back home from the local pub than other people
No, they wouldn't hit it. They would get their rifle out and make it into dinner.
it's a conspiracy I tell you
Quick - everyone get your tin foil hats!
12:23 AM
already hve my tinfoil hat
12:39 AM
I have now emailed my astronomer friend
Would anyone be interested in a hand-held breathalyzer? I might be making some with these: sparkfun.com/products/8880
2 hours later…
2:23 AM
@CrazyBuddy PING!
@UV-D Hello there...
Seems like you don't sleep at all... :D
its 12:30pm here
its 10:30 pm here :]
it's tomorrow here
or is it yesterday...
2:33 AM
it's yesterday there
I emailed my astrophysics friend, he is going to check out the site but is perpetually busy, but may post something every now and then.
2:51 AM
hmm my app works with some very weird results
unexpected yet with an R^2 value of 0.955
3:03 AM
Q: Everyone ask ONE expert question today!

UndoWe're having some... Trouble. Namely, we have been held back from graduating to a public beta for one more week. Why? Many of our questions are very basic. How can we fix this? Ask more meaty questions! I've noticed just a bit of confusion on just exactly what 'meatier' means - interpretations ...

+1 and commented - now to do my duty
+1 Undo for President of the Universe — UV-D 41 secs ago
Sorry, I'm going to have to decline. Not enough time between SE and school for being president of the universe.
dang it
hmmm okay, a question, a question....
a few come to mind
1. What are practical considerations for backyard astrophotography of black holes?
Sounds good to me. Is it easily Googleable?
2. i'm not seeing any specific resources
3:11 AM
Other than black holes not being directly photographible, of course.
nor am I seeing resources for an alternative question
What are practical considerations for backyard astrophotography of brown dwarf stars
Just make sure we don't try to do this with every known object, though. Two or three are okay, just don't spam the system with them.
and could be linked to the closest ones foundhttp://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/Closest-Brown-Dwarf-System-Discovered--199917841.html
oh, I was thinking one or the other
I would go for black holes.
both of these could be worthwhile
YOU could post one and I could post the other
3:13 AM
Not really at the best device for posting questions right now, though. Maybe tomorrow.
hmmmm okay, I'll post both...lol
making me work eh?
okay, black hole one going in now...
I'll reward you for your work through upvotes. And you get to say you did twice what I asked you to.
And you helped the site :)
and I get ice cream?
*ice cream not included drat.
dang it
nt included hiss... spit
3:17 AM
Those asterisks get you every time.
Asterisks... hiss... spit
^did I do it right?
sniff sniff.. I am proud
I am starting a tradition here
Spitting and sombreros and washing machines... I'd say you've made a mark here.
okay black hole question is up.... as I already have an observing exoplanet question, I might change tune
Look good to me.
looks good to me also
now, I might go an answer a question
3:24 AM
There has to be something that could be asked around rouge planets.
A rogue planet — also known as an interstellar planet, nomad planet, free-floating planet or orphan planet — is a planetary-mass object which has either been ejected from its system or was never gravitationally bound to any star, brown dwarf or other such object, and that therefore orbits the galaxy directly. Astronomers agree that either way, the definition of planet should depend on its current observable state and not its origin. Larger planetary-mass objects which were not ejected, but have always been free-floating, are thought to have formed in a similar way to stars, and the I...
(Hiss... Spit... I know. Sorry.)
hmmm what to ask about rogue planets?
ooh ooh
"How can the transit of a rogue planet be differentiated from an orbiting planet?
Explain further. I like where this is going.
you discover a planet moving in observations, how can you tell if that is not say, an orbital (dwarf planet etc) or the transit of a rogue planet?
My instinct would be to say to look at whether it is doing little loopdy-loops. But there's probably more to it than that. You wanna post it?
I'm scared...
rogue planet may eat me
3:29 AM
I gotta go to bed now, sorry. If you wanna post it, go for it. If it's not posted in the morning, I'll take it.
or, I cn make it a bit more focussed and tricky
KBO vs Rogue planet
That sounds even better.
I'm going to go with that one
You wanna post it?
now, you go to bed!
3:30 AM
I'm going to bed now. I'll check stuff out in the morning :) And I hope the meta question does some good.
I hope so too
3:49 AM
la la la la la la
@JonEricson are you lurking around somewhere?
4:12 AM
Hmmm i want... taco bell.
taco bell.... hiss.... spit
Theeere it is :]
By the way, don't let anyone smack you in the back of the head while you are hissing and spitting, you might get stuck that way.
too late
Q: Current limitations in radio-astronomical spectrometry analysis of local interstellar cloud hyperfine structures

TildalWaveI've been trying to wrap my head around capabilities of current radio-astronomical spectrometry technology to isolate not too distant tenuous sources, say, chemical composition and density of the the interstellar medium right in the neighborhood of our Solar system. In essence, what is our local ...

how's that for an expert question?
holy crud
that is awesome
no hissing or spitting there
I've been doing my bit also
Q: How can the orbit of a Kuiper Belt Object be differentiated from the transit of a rogue planet?

UV-DRelated to the question "Are any Pluto-sized objects remaining to be discovered in the Kuiper Belt?" and the fact that most of the Kuiper Belt objects have very elliptical orbits, the question begs, what observational techniques are used to confirm that the object being viewed is an orbiting Kuip...

Q: What are practical considerations for backyard astrophotography of black holes?

UV-DEvidently, direct observation of a black hole would be nigh on impossible, so the observations would be based on their effects of the surrounding matter (specifically, accretion disks and jets). Given that the locations of many black holes are known, what practical considerations would a backy...

@Undo, didn't I send you to bed?
4:19 AM
@UV-D Uf, I can give you an answer here, but I don't have enough for a complete answer in the Q&A
see, a challenging question
it will be on the exam
Yes, but I came back to check up on how you guys are doing. I guess my Meta post might actually help. And I think we got @UV-D's awesome questioning ability back.
just wait to I start answering again
basically, transit period and the intensity... you can establish relatively good (in astronomical sense) how distant the object was by the duration of the transit and how much of the star it occluded... I'd need some numbers tho for the answer
exactly, bonus points if you can provide an example
and if you find data on a rogue planet detection for comparison @Undo will get you an ice cream
4:24 AM
Ice cream not included. I could order you to go get yourself ice cream, though.
see, in a way, ice cream! ICE CREAAAAAAM!
Although I guess that lowly non-blue folks can't even order people people to do things in their real lives. Never mind.
/me gets water and goes to bed for real this time. /me doesn't want people to make big site-changing decisions while me is gone.
*unless they're important.
@TildalWave lets make that big site changing decision
@UV-D What do you mean? Sorry, I didn't follow last few hours worth of conversations here... been busy :|
4:30 AM
This comment courtesy of TildalWave :) — TildalWave 32 secs ago
how's that for attribution? :P
@TildalWave my app works!
You know what, we should also have fun questions, not just nutcrackers... problem with some of the previous ones we had is not that they're too simple, but that they're also boring. So I say, let's have this week of trying to ask expert level questions, then also have weekend of fun level questions that require some imagination and ingenuity from answerers.
@UV-D congrats ... who did it kill?
@TildalWave me, I am a ghost
fun..... hiss...... spit
@UV-D Ah... ghost in the machine :)
actually I am standing behind you
oogidy boogidy
4:35 AM
The "ghost in the machine" is British philosopher Gilbert Ryle's description of René Descartes' mind-body dualism. The phrase was introduced in Ryle's book The Concept of Mind (1949) to highlight the perceived absurdity of dualist systems like Descartes' where mental activity carries on in parallel to physical action, but where their means of interaction are unknown or, at best, speculative. Gilbert Ryle Gilbert Ryle (1900–76) was a philosopher who lectured at Oxford and who made important contributions to the philosophy of mind and to "ordinary language philosophy". His most important w...
So you flip between quantum states of the Schrödinger's cat?
yes, yes I do
and all parts in between
I think that cat scratched the eternal scratching post
i might write nothr nswer for astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/442/…
4:55 AM
God i love my car
They said i'd never do a donut in my car, they said it's front wheel drive, a donut is impossible! I proved them wrong.
and your car loves you
And by doing so, i got 20$ worth of free burritos and tacos plus a bucket of sauces.
you ate a donut on the front wheel of your car?
I just put my car in reverse and spun it in circles for five minutes straight
I left the marks in the Taco Bell parking lot to prove it.
Ahhhhh, and now i have a stomach full of tacos to christen it.
5:07 AM
and a ticket for an epic porcelain cruise later on...
@UV-D Hah - no way. I got the lead stomach perk quite a while ago.
@TildalWave that is a truly exceptional question
1 hour later…
6:19 AM
Scope wise. Which can be an issue
Audience wise
how on earth did you work that out?
That's what it looks like to me. Just a visualization, may include in a meta post when I have time
it almost looks like you have determined the fate of the site
No, not really
When you put the diagrams together, you see a need for the site.
Space may share the audience, but it doesn't share the scope. Phys shares the scope, but not really the audience
well that is true... perhaps include tht diagram
looks like an occulting exoplanet
6:29 AM
Space is in a geosynchronous orbit and Astro is a fast moving satellite
@ManishEarth wow bubbles
bubbly exoplanets!
translucent exoplanets
6:31 AM
with sombreros!
i was waiting for that
@ManishEarth c'mon space is not nearly as much into physics as physics is into space :P
@TildalWave bleh
that sounds kinky
@ManishEarth You know what? That was 100% certified funny ... so LOL or go back to bed, get out of it from the other side than you did in the morning!
6:33 AM
2 hours later…
8:14 AM
Yaaaaawn it's 4am, i think it's time for bed...
@DavidFreitag posted at 9am for me :P
8:35 AM
8:52 AM
i had the oddest dream last night
a user got deleted and i lost 300 rep
i think i need to use the SE network less
I had an afternoon nap and dreamt of the SE network also... I am worried
@UV-D hehe its the mind link! your afternoon IS my night time!
that is creepy
but awesome
both of those are true
like sombrero lady, she is creepy and awesome
what time is it there?
9:10 AM
19:10 here
9 hours difference then
dunno how i managed to screw that up, hehe
good catch, I was going to mock you
hello @RoryAlsop
morning @UVD
good evening.. (it is 7:20pm)
9:35 AM
hey rory
9:46 AM
@RhysW do you feel like going to Avon tonight?
@TildalWave to where?
@RhysW well I couldn't say Bath, could I?
Just open the link... SEx.SE needs representatives to attend LOL
oh jeez, thats one hell of a trip, i would need to leave like, an hour ago!
@TildalWave unfortunately cant today :(
@RhysW Oh... yeah, I expected that might be a bit of a problem... @Scotty beam @RhysW to Bath will you? Mind the capital letters, we don't wanna get our cool cat all wet, do we?!
it's a bit far for me at short notice as well @Tildal :-)
9:53 AM
@RoryAlsop hehe you don't say, I'm almost closer to Bath than you are
haha, though an event with the three of us would have been entertaining to say the least
though maybe not the best case for signing up to space
if the next one is closer ill take a visit to that no doubt!
google says I could be there in 16 hours by road... so that's maybe 14 hours... 8 hours and a half left ... nope, can't either
3 hours by train for me
10:01 AM
well as long as nobody even doubted my ability to drive 14-16 hours straight I'm happy enough
haha, i dont even want to know where you are that requires that much driving
it's not so much where I am than what's between
stupid lava
good one :))
right... I'm off, hold the fort
im off too, rory is up to you! :P
10:10 AM
For lava, use hovercraft - duh!
16 hour drive is easy (caveat - actually I would need to stop twice in that time for fuel)
@RoryAlsop I think he meant in vertical direction :P
right... now I'm really off
3 hours later…
1:00 PM
I have the privilege of 'protecting questions' now...huh?
@UV-D You use a sword to protect them from marauding bandits.
@Donald.McLean I see, a sword and a sombrero shield
@UV-D No sombrero. They're not made out of sturdy enough material.
titanium-ice cream alloy
@Donald.McLean I think the site's questions and answers have improved, what say you?
@UV-D I'm barely recovering from a nasty URI and haven't been paying attention.
1:11 PM
@UV-D I say yes, the questions and answers are improving
on donalds behalf :P
@Donald.McLean are you okay? shouldn'r you be resting?
I think there has been significant improvement... and we are on the ball with closures etc
i wish i had a bit more time to ask the questions i want to ask
but busy atm
this evening i will ask one of my questions, or i will die trying!
I had a panic attack earlier, blacked out and hit my head
it's 11:15pm here and now I can't sleep
need a smack to the ead
1:45 PM
@UV-D sounds like you already had one :S
1:56 PM
@RhysW what you doing for the day?
2:08 PM
@UV-D Alternating between sitting down and laying down. I think that qualifies as resting.
good good!
So, any word on when we go public?
possibly within a wek
2:38 PM
@UV-D resigning...well that is what i just did anyway
first time i've had to do that, officially anyway
it is a weird feeling
yeah.... Be gone Go on :D
you love the attention
I don't echo-locate just anyone
2:44 PM
Yeah... when I get bored..!!!
If I'm busy, I'd ditch y'all :P
well played
@RhysW Resigning? Did I miss something?
I always do that :D
@RhysW Whaaa..??
2:49 PM
<checks Rhys's nomination post> Whew.
resigning from my job, not here silly :P
here is far too important!
@RhysW Why? Bored of workplace?
@CrazyBuddy got a new job
2:49 PM
Joining Grad school? :D
tell us more about your new job.... do you get to use lasers?
Or wear sombreros?
i wear sombreros that have lasers
hopefully that is not all you wear
2:53 PM
no that is all
oh gawd... my cerebral cortex just ran off
Sounds like a problem.
im not an expert, but that shouldn't happen
could be, but I have a spare
it'll come back at dinner time
So apparently the lead stomach perk has limitations.
2:58 PM
oh dear
feeling the burn?

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