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12:18 AM
Q: What is the reason for Shamir scheme to use modulo prime?

subbuIn Shamir's secret sharing scheme, Dealer performs the following steps Choose a prime number $q$ such that $q > n$ Choose a secret $s$ from finite field $\mathbb{Z}_q$ Choose $t-1$ degree polynomial $$g(x)=s+c_1x+c_2x^2+\cdots +c_{t-1}x^{t-1}$$ Compute shares $s_i = g(id_i) \mod q \text{ fo...

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4:32 AM
Q: Make a Strong, Easy-to-Remember Password Using Classical Cryptography?

PatriotPasswords can be tough to remember. For example: H7535637353959595*9608J614625C1313^398583I0397897j^ So Bob wants to make and use a good password for GPG that he never has to remember. He will rarely use this password (asymmetric encryption for off-line storage). When he needs it, he is going ...

5:18 AM
How to generate random string in python for mission critical application?

I'm trying to figure this out but I'm not the smartest. I need to generate a fully random string in python... [ So, US GOV cyber operators are indeed now here. Watch your back!]

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