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3:28 AM
Hey everyone.. I found this youtube channel in my internet "procastination sessions
I was just wondering what it could be
2 hours later…
5:23 AM
Q: What is the name of this public key encryption cryptosystem?

TristanI have been trying to find the name of a public key encryption cryptosystem that I learnt as an introduction to cryptography some years ago but the only scheme I could find was something similar but not the same called "Learning with errors". The scheme I am trying to find the name of works as fo...

2 hours later…
7:18 AM
@ChristianMartinez That could be a sociological experiment about how many people follow random links posted on the side channel! Is there some message in the title? In the alternation of "ero" and "wan"? Encoded otherwise in the audio or video? I don't know, and live happy without that knowledge.
7:40 AM
@kelalaka I like that pace better. Another interesting illustration would be something with period shorter that maximal: an irreducible but not primitive poly like x^6+x^3+1, or a reducible poly like x^5+x+1 (see Jörg Arndt's list).
8:29 AM
I fear that what is the name is another way to solve my question :P
My vote is for dropping the HNQ.
6 hours later…
2:32 PM
There's too much math involved in this question for the folks on security.SE: security.stackexchange.com/q/249444/127837
But it looks on topic. Any volunteer to get a good look at it?
3:26 PM
I know that paper. The proof is in the appendix.
2 hours later…
4:57 PM
@fgrieu that link leads to a channel on Youtube with one video. That video is just a bunch of beeping in binary that is another link to a subreddit. The subreddit has a post which is in a weird combination of character, letters, and numbers that if it means anything, I haven't been able to decode
1 hour later…
6:25 PM
@A.Hersean The bear is active on security-se, and when needed he does math nicely.
@bdegnan Likely you are thinking of this draft version with appendix with more sigmas than my mind buffer can hold.
@fgrieu yeah. I work through that paper at some point. I do not recall why.
@fgrieu Not really. It seems he does drop by occasionally, but he never participates. Last answer is from 2018. Only activity after 2018 is two minor edits to his answers.
6:47 PM
infosec seems a bit like the wild west.
The hardware answers are usually a bit weird. I probably should add to them <shurg>
@nobody Ah, true. I retract "active" in the present tense.
@bdegnan please do
4 hours later…
10:58 PM
Q: What do you think of this Post Quantum Cryptography Scheme?

Tavian RobertsonI recently created an algorithm that I believe is quantum secure. Here is a paper I wrote on the algorithm: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lkPAdd-AOcos1G1m9SIPzCQeUe4DH5eviVi7iuLOt2s/edit?usp=sharing Can anyone see how this could potentially be broken? Here is a link to the open source libra...

oh dear
@bdegnan I hope you can! I'm fascinating in hardware security and one of my constant laments is Security.SE's limited understanding of hardware (both on the physics side and the low-level computer features side).
> Not only that, the attacker would then have to use a quantum computer with Shor’s algorithm to find the value of d in the private key in order to fully decrypt the ciphertext. For this reason I believe that Quarkz is quantum secure

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