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Q: Accidentally erased the entire Ubuntu hard drive

NuhaniaI was trying to make a bootable USB drive, and was facing some problems in formatting it. I was following the instructions in this answer, and by accident I made a new partition table on the hard drive itself. Now after rebooting I got this black screen with No bootable device -- insert boot disk...

Is it possible to recover data without plugging-in the HDD in another computer ??
You'll be working from an Ubuntu live USB in "Try Ubuntu without installing mode" so it doesn't write anything to your hard drive. Clearly you don't want to write anything to the hard drive that has the data to be recovered because that would interfere with being able to recover the data from it. The Ubuntu live USB needs to be persistent in order for you to be able to install testdisk on it. And finally you might need a device to store the recovered data, typically an external hard drive, although maybe not if you can fix the partition without needing to copy paste all the data that is in it.
@karel If I made the usb persistent, can I format it and reuse it again as a normal storage device later or not?
Another problem that I'm facing is that I don't have internet access in my other laptop to install testdisk , as it has a grub problem and I use the live usb to open it. askubuntu.com/questions/1035333/…
You need to find a way to download testdisk either manually from Ubuntu Packages Search or from the live USB, at an internet cafe, a public library, somewhere where there is free wifi. That should be the first problem that you solve in order to get it out of the way so you won't feel stressed because everything doesn't work.
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The problem is in Ubuntu 18.04 installation on my laptop not in my home network askubuntu.com/questions/1035333/…
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Sorry for the inconvenience that I'm causing you by my problem but i'm facing problems with both my laptop and my sister's and neither if them is working properly
Thank you so much for your patience
Been through all this before. I get a call that everything's broken so I bring my laptop, some RAM, a spare hard drive, and a graphics card and get to work.
OK, since I don't have any other working laptops except these, I think I have to fix my laptop Ubuntu installation first in order to make a persistent usb
Could you please help me in fixing it??
This is the problem I'm facing with it askubuntu.com/questions/1035333/…
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Thanks a lot for the edit you made to my question
I really appreciate it
But, isn't it something you can help me in?
Sorry for being annoying, but it's urgent for me.