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A: Space usage in home folder differs 100GB in nautilus and df -h

earthmeLonOn Linux, you have disk which have partitions. These partitions are mounted to various mountpoints, or directories, on the system. This is interesting because it means you can have a relatively simple system, or you can break out different directories onto different disks. For example, your / ...

Hi, thanks for all the help so far :)
Hey, np
Sounded like it was you thinking it was duped, to it being duped, to not being duped.
So, df -h tells you what you're using. You can trust that, so we need to figure out "What's taking up the space?".
The first thought was that suspcicious directory, like you were thinking
haha, jep... Like I said in the post I have had issues with running out of space for some time, but no clue what is going on, tried different stuff (do not remember what exactly anymore, months ago, problem keeps coming back...)
but ls -lsha and baobab are telling us that it's not that data.
So, I say you run sudo baobab, give it some time, and see what you can find.
If it's super slow, you can start with breaking it down, so something like
sudo baobab /home/ or something
And work from there, bit by bit.
good one, will try that, it is really slow indeed...
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And, not sure if you noticed or not, but when you see a huge chunk in the visual display, you can click it to go to it, vs trying to find it some other way.
sudo baobab agrees with normal baobab on everything
yep, that is a very nice feature
Right, so, it told us that /home/ is good, but is it telling us that there are other large files anywhere? Did you do baobab /home/?
Well, I guess what I'm asking is...
du -sh /home/
Does that say what you're expecting, in terms of 250GB or whatever?
du -sh /home final line: 455 G /home
so not what I am expecting
Where the heck is it, then?
ls -lsha /home/ only shows the two directories?
total 36K
4.0K drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4.0K Mar 21 2017 .
4.0K drwxr-xr-x 25 root root 4.0K May 9 08:55 ..
4.0K drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4.0K Mar 21 2017 .ecryptfs
24K drwx------ 70 gugy gugy 20K May 9 11:00 gugy
indeed, that is all I see
all trashes are cleared out, at least the ones I can find...
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Yeah, has baobab been able to complete for you to check?
nt yet
but I have gone through the directories manually
the biggest I can find outside the home directory is a misplaced backup (33 GB) and /usr with 14 GB
Okay, thanks
In that case, have you ever booted the system, and not mounted the gugy filesystem, in an effort to repair/fix something
and potentially attempt to write to that directory when the filesystem wasn't mounted?
I might have done so but been blissfully anaware that I have ... :/
For example, if you loaded into recovery, and did some stuff as root, and then wrote to /home/gugy/whatever that file would exist, and then your crypto dir would mount over it, making it invisible.
but, 100 GB worth? That'd have to be something systematic. Did you mess with your boot a bunch or anything?
To test this theory, you could restart into recovery, just load root shell, and then do ls -lsha /home/ and du -sh /home/
If those show anything it could be an issue. 100GB though...
will do. be right back with output I hope
du -sh /home 228 GB
ls -lsha /home/
total 16K (not 36K as before)
11:13 PM
Ah, there is your problem.
What's in there?
last line differnt: 4.0K dr... 3 gugy gugy 4.0K Mar 21 2017 gugy
Yeah, that shouldn't be there
Did you check out the contents?
You don't want to just DELETE it, but I mean, you do want to delete it, to fix your problem.
I see. I had to change my boot settings to get into secure boot (I have legacy options ROMS enabled usually, and had to disable them.) could that have sth to do with it?
It's most likely just a snapshot of your files at some point in time, but just wanted to be clear, you want to make sure its safe to delete, and then delete that.

Before you delete it though, give me a second to familiarize myself with EncryptedHome. I'm pretty confident but I want to confirm where the data should be, encrypted, so that you can verify you have your 200+GB of encrypted data somewhere, if that makese sense.
ok. will wait
11:24 PM
Okay, so the deal is your encrypted data is stored on a file. We don't want to remove that file. But, you're using an entire encrypted home partition, right? You're using this and not this, correct?
If that's correct, when you boot into recovery, you should see /home/.ecryptfs/gugy. We want to keep this file, and leave /home/encryptfs/ alone, because it is the your encrypted data, but we want to consider deleting any other files in the /home/ directory while in recovery/home isn't mounted.
I do think so, I encrypted my home directory when installing ubuntu. yes I do see that file
Do I understand correctly you have that system up and you're able to talk on something else?
Or are you saying you see that directory now?
no, I have rebooted and am now still talking on sam ecomputer, took foto of output ls -lsha /home with phone
or should I look at sth else?
11:29 PM
Yeah, so, reboot again, and look, but this time you want to see what's inside that /home/gugy/ directory. If it's empty, that's okay, but if it has files in it, you should think about deleting them.
And, we want to make sure we leave /home/.encryptfs/ alone.
Reboot into recovery again without mounting home*
ok, I will do and check and leave that file alone but delete everything else in there. have to go now, will come back later
do want to do this with a clear head, it is very late where I am.
thanks for the help in any case
No problem. gl/hf