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A: How to record an audio CD with track information in Brasero?

FabbyWhat you're trying to do is impossible. What you're trying to do is very difficult. Your CDJ Pioneer player is a combination of CD / MP3 player that can extract the name of the tracks from the lossless information on the original CD or the MP3 files. WAV files do not contain any information ex...

@louiesanchezdj You're welcome. Thanks for the acceptance, favour returned, question upvoted.
I’m not sure it’s completely impossible, there is something like CD-Text. However, I’ve never tried it. Is it what you mentioned by “original CD lossless information”?
@Melebius Yes, as CD-Text is saved in the Table of Contents of the original CD. Even FLAC does not contain that information, so you need access to the original CD... ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Answer edited to reflect that more clearly... It reads “lossless information on the original CD” instead of “original CD lossless information” now ;-)
There must be options to add it subsequently. According to wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Brasero, Brasero “Supports the edition of CD-TEXT information”. See also ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1952102.
@Melebius OK, You're absolutely right: it's not Impossible: It's just a lot more extra work for no additional gain as louiesanchezdj is a DJ who's just interested in making it work on his Pioneer. (I'm assuming this because of his name and the CDJ he's using) So another edit and if you don't give me an additional upvote now, I'm expecting you to post an answer detailing all of the steps using CD-Text and FLAC and I'll delete my answer and upvote yours.(It'll take you a full day of work trying to do it with CD-Text, FLAC and Brasero and will take the OP more time to execute too) :-) :P
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The edit appreciated and upvote awarded! Thank you for being responsive and open to improvements!
@melebuis: Drop by in the general chat room some time if you want to go this far in discussing things.
And thanks for the upvote and no worries!
You're here!
OK, I've just quit the general chat room as I've got a meeting coming up and need to prep...
I'm always open to improvements!
P.S. Are you French?
"Impossible n'est pas Français!"
You’re welcome. No, I am Czech.
Prosim for the upvote
(the only Czech word I know except Vichod)
OK, so drop by the general chat room any time you want to discuss anything in the future as most OPs are not interested in technical discussions of which solution is best:
they just want an easy solution
:) Good try! It’s pretty difficult language. However, I can say almost nothing in French.
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OK, thanks for the tip. I’ve visited the room a few time but haven’t spent much time there. Maybe too general for me. :)
I can pronounce Richany pretty well in Czech as all my Czech colleagues kept repeating the correct pronunciation until I got it right.
(took'em 2 days)
OK, thanks for the chat, I'm off!
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@DJCrashdummy Did you read all of the above?
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@Fabby yes, but i'm not sure what you want to say...
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@DJCrashdummy Meaning: please delete you comment from the main site and take the discussion here as the OP already is happy with the provided workaround.
(angel) ;-) (angel)
So using CD-Text is just a pain in the butt as MP3 will do what the OP needs.