2:47 PM
I have a question about a piece of Flash code if you have a minute.
I don't know Flash :o
But post it anyway.
Ahh sorry lol.I was just curious about this. In the book I am reading it is typed as move_up_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onMoveUp)
but then in the source code it is move_up_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onMoveUp, false, 0, true)
Yeah, the first two parameters are required
the rest have default values
from Apple's site: addEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean = false, priority:int = 0, useWeakReference:Boolean = false):void
Registers an event listener object with an EventDispatcher object so that the listener receives notification of an event.
so it just natively adds it in
So you need to give it the type (MouseEvent.CLICK) of event, the function to call (onMoveUp) and some optional arguments
if you don't give these arguments they use the default values after the =
so I guess in the source code they wanted to make useWeakReference argument to be true instead of the default false
useWeakReference:Boolean (default = false) — Determines whether the reference to the listener is strong or weak. A strong reference (the default) prevents your listener from being garbage-collected. A weak reference does not.
you shouldn't worry about the details too much
its just the same function but like I said, some arguments are filled in for you if you don't provide them
2:59 PM
oh ok
hey is it a good idea to map my game out and the functionality on paper before I touch any code
Of course. But don't get too carried away in planning.
Getting things done is more important than getting them done right the first time.
I think I have about another 150 pages to read before I start
what are your favorite languages to develop with?
I like C++. I'm using Java for my Android game.
I enjoyed making a game with Ruby in the past. JavaScript isn't bad either (very similar to ActionScript)
I don't think the choice of language matters that much by the end of day
Yeah now that I am understanding the fundamentals now it seems to feel that way too, for me
I really want to learn C++ again lol
I find that language makes the most sense to me when I read it
hmm let me show you something
amazon.ca/Learning-ActionScript-3-0-Non-Programmers-Guide/dp/… if you take a look at the table of contents, I am just wrapping up chapter 3. Do you think I should start working on my game or keep reading?
3:21 PM
You can start if you think you know enough
Only you can decide if you're ready
I feel like in theory I can map out my whole game
you know what let me finish this chapter up then jot something down and run it by you
Sounds like a plan
3:51 PM
ok @FirasAssaad here is the idea img64.imageshack.us/img64/8981/gamemap.jpg