6:49 AM
Q: After running CCleaner Windows 10 can't find anything with internal search

Grumpy ol' BearBefore I ran CCleaner I could type "partition" "device" "printer" "mouse" etc. into the internal search and stuff would be usually found. Suddenly after CCleaner, nothing exist when I type in these keywords. What gives? Which option does that in CCleaner? Even after RE-indexing everything it ...

Do you have a usable system restore point?
here's a general solution: howtofixwindows.com/…
Nope, no system restore.
I assume Ccleaner has seen your Start menu shortcuts as invalid, and has deleted them. The problem is that CCleaner has no undo function that I know of.
I dunno, see edit for more info. Classic Shell can find them just fine.
Try Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Fix problems with windows search?
6:49 AM
Done, didn't fix it.
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a chat?
wtf is this sorcery?