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Q: I need to diagnose the cause of video corruption at POST

tutizeriI had seen some video corruption at boot times. It is not repeatable all times. It is fixed after Windows 7 log-in, probably because the resolution changes. I suspect on the GPU (a Zotac Geforce 670) on a ASUS P6T motherboard (i7 920 processor. No integrated GPU) I need to identify the cause of...

Software recommendations are off topic here. That said, the Nvidia drivers and bundled software should be enough to identify issues.
@MichaelBay I was told to ask hardware questions here, and I need to diagnose a hardware problem. Is there a more appropriate forum for it?
This isn't a hardware question it is a software recommendation question you could try at softwarerec
I don't think you have any hardware issue: It is fixed after Windows 7 log-in and you asked if "there is a software for... (whatever)", not to actually troubleshoot the most likely non-existing hardware problem. That said you graphics card is ancient and underpowered, your OS is about to become obsolete, unsupported and I wager you don't even have the current Nvidia drivers version recommended for your card. Start with that and if you notice problems when using the system you're welcome to post a question with a proper issue description.
@MichaelBay Ok. What is the reasoning behind "most likely non-existing hardware problem"?? How is video corruption at boot times not a cause for worrying?
@MichaelBay Video corruption at boot times means that it is unrelated to the OS or nvidia drivers
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So how would any software monitor the hardware during the time that you are seeing the problem?
If it works fine in your Windows session then nothing to worry about. Now I ask, what's the reasoning behind assuming an hardware problem (overheating) at boot time that "fixes itself" after logging in? With the OS running and doing stuff, i.e., under load, is when it would make sense to suspect a problem if there was one.
Well, obviously you can always check whatever can be checked. However according to what you state the card does not present a problem. At least not at the time that you want to check whatever can be checked.
@MichaelBay Video corruption at POST is almost surely a hardware problem, because the OS isn't loaded yet. You cannot claim that "it works fine". I hadn't tested that and neither did you. Nothing I wrote means or implies "it works fine". It may break under load.
@EBGreen What is the logic behind "the card does not present a problem"?
You're the one claiming that It is fixed after Windows 7 log-in. If you haven't tested it under load yet then please do: Run a modern 3D game, a video conversion or processing software, a benchmark utility, whatever. Then, if you find problems we may (or may not) be able to help you. Otherwise please understand this is NOT a forum and comments are NOT for extended discussions and you question was and still IS off topic.
@tutizeri the logic is that you apparently stopped reading one sentence too soon. "...the card does not present a problem. At least not at the time that you want to check whatever can be checked."
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@MichaelBay what "bundled software" is used to identify issues?
@tutizeri - The software of your choice. Specific software recommendations to identify this issue are out of scope.
@Ramhound I removed any reference to software.
The comments here have gotten so long and off point for what is now essentially a different question that I would suggest deleting this question and creating a new one asking the hardware question.
@EBGreen Comments could be deleted easily enough. Submitting the same question wouldn’t be a good idea. This question if it’s been improved should be reopened