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12:02 AM
@JustinYouens Eh, I mean it's an improvement at least
@whurley Who needs mods when you've got your local hyper-active lizard?
@Blue How on earth do you get that and not me?
Oh and speaking of hyper: I've done some talking to experts and students on campus and most CS/Math guys into this went from, nice but no time, nice but I know nothing to 'okay, I'll join, but the other PhD student who is now in germany for 4 weeks should really join'
@whurley Ah well, caught a few, I hope. I do hope I get the 'big' fish, the 'hyperelliptic' one! I do know her on a first name basis, so I'm sure she'll listen, but not sure that she would join.
6 hours later…
6:26 AM
room topic changed to The Classical Channel: General discussion for quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com. For MathJax see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/97938/…. (no tags)
room topic changed to The Classical Channel: General discussion for Quantum Computing SE (quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com). For MathJax see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/97938/…. (no tags)
room topic changed to The Classical Channel: General discussion for Quantum Computing SE (quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com). For MathJax see meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. (no tags)
room topic changed to The Classical Channel: General discussion for Quantum Computing SE (quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com). For MathJax see meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. (no tags)
room topic changed to The Classical Channel: General discussion for Quantum Computing SE (quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com). For MathJax see meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976/370331. (no tags)
7:50 AM
@Blue Hello, @Blue, I am writing my dissertation right now for the coming defense next month. I am working on cold-atom-based quantum protocols (theory) for my major research projects, and also do some quantum software for quantum computing and quantum simulations. I am also interested to learn your background :) Anyway, I might be busy recently, but would like to check back when I get a chance!
@XiaodongQi Wow. Great. @Mithrandir24601 too is a PhD student in quantum engineering at Bristol, UK. :) As for me I'm just in my first year of electronics and communication engineering undergraduate degree at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. I'm learning about quantum computing just as a hobby (for an internship during the summers). Apart from that I'm interested in anything related to pure mathematics/theoretical physics and CS. :)
We also have some more interesting people here like Daniel Sank who's in the Google Quantum AI group. Also, William Hurley, who is the CEO of Strangeworks and holds the IEEE QC chair. Hope you will find site good enough for your purpose and make valuable contributions.
@Blue @Blue Glad you guys working on this project. I am sure it will attract a lot of people. Asking questions and helping people around is a good path to pursue to grow your own interests!
Are they also on the board of running this SE?
@XiaodongQi Yeah, it really works if you take this site (too) serieusly. I was a decent CS student, but getting close to ~3K rep gave me a lot of practice in problem.
@XiaodongQi There is no 'board'. Strangeworks has a logo in the top right, that's it
Nice! I haven't been active for a while in SE.
8:00 AM
@XiaodongQi No, they are just regular members. Strangeworks is just a sponsor for this site, but they don't have any explicit control over the community. :)
@Blue Ok, I like the free style.
@XiaodongQi Eventually, this site will first elect temporary moderators and finally permanent moderators. These moderators should only act 'authoritatively' when this is needed and should simply try to 'serve the wishes of the community', by asking and listening on meta. The idea is that the community is mostly 'self-moderated'
Let me know if I can help on coding or something. I may have some time in May or summer.
@Blue All sounds good!
Sure, thanks for the offer. We were thinking of making/requesting for a new site logo. The current one doesn't really describe QC well. The orange cube i.e. :P
@XiaodongQi Oh, in that case, it might be useful to 'favorite' the , depending on the settings, this means you will get a notification when the tag is used
8:03 AM
Yeah, that too ^
Oh and on moderating and SE:
Jeff Atwood on May 18, 2009

We believe deeply in community moderation. That’s why we appoint Pro Tempore Moderators and, ideally, democratically elected community moderators for every site in our network. But what do community moderators do? The short answer is, as little as possible!

From the very first version of Stack Overflow faq way back in mid-2008, our goal has always been to give power back to the community:

Stack Overflow is run by you! If you want to help us run Stack Overflow, you’ll need reputation first. Reputation is a (very) rough measurement of how much the Stack Overflow community trusts you. R …

@Blue I see... Just followed the tag. shake hands :)
See you around
@Discretelizard Good to see you!
8:05 AM
@XiaodongQi Oh and one more thing. The rules of SE might seem tricky and arcane at first. However, they are a result of good ideas and years of experience. So when in doubt, give the rules a shot.
@XiaodongQi Oh, hi! Perhaps I should briefly introduce myself. I'm a masters' student of Math in Eindhoven, who has most electives in CS and I talk too much, usually. Oh and recently, I tried to open the gates here for people researching Post Quantum Crypto.
@Discretelizard Thanks for the links. You find a good field to step in!
@Discretelizard and @Blue I will follow up with the community service. I need to have some sleep now. See you guys around :)
@XiaodongQi Thank you for spreading the word
8:35 AM
@Discretelizard I fail to understand why you're wasting so much emotional energy in trying to keep an irrelevant tag like that one (as three other users have also agreed). Give it a rest already.
@Blue With all due respect, my emotions are my own business, none of yours. Second, any emotions you are attributing are merely your own imagination, please give that a rest already.
@Blue Finally, and most importantly, I am worried that the structural deletion of 'unnecessary tags' by 2 or 3 users might be a case of 'premature optimisation' of the tagging system. I mean, this is fine on non-new sites. But we have to build a house of tags here? I'm not sure if you still just remove tags, but please, ask or at least mention it in the comments when you do so! This way you can be corrected (easily) if mistaken!
@Blue Oh and I did invest time and words, but that is mainly because I fear for the 'premature optimisation'
@Discretelizard Okay, fine
@Discretelizard That is exactly why a Meta post has been made.
And as of now no one has agreed with your opinion
@Blue Yeah, but I can still let my voice be heard. And my latest meta is more of a general question whether the process is good.
8:47 AM
When the site goes public tags can't be created by normal users below a certain threshold anyway
So you don't have to worry about what you call structural deletion
I mean, someone (you I think), has deleted a tag I dislike, but I'm not sure if you mentioned that anywhere and if that was a good way to do it (esp. since consensus on meta seems to be 'questions about tag are fine')
@Blue Yeah, why do you think creating tags is easy now, huh?
@Discretelizard Because you don't need to cross any reputation threshold now, to make a new tag.
Q: Should people reject edits on a thing, because they don't like the thing?

Discrete lizardRecently, I've noticed that some (higher rep) users did some 'silent removal edits' and some tag usage rejections. When I asked for the motivation for the tag excerpt edit, it was that the reviewer was of the opinion ('personal opinion', i.e. this may be more than 1 person, but not community con...

@Blue I think it is because we want more than 0 tags, but whatever, unless I find something on Meta.SE, this is merely an opinion
@Discretelizard I don't get your point.
8:51 AM
@Blue My point is that if, when going 'public', we can remove tags with little effort, it would be better to just leave tags be and see if they have been useful. This way, we ensure that useful 'tag ideas' aren't killed by accident and the cost of leaving them be and cleaning up when we go public is marginal
Oh and to counter your possible argument that that cleaning up isn't easy, I'll volunteer :)
@XiaodongQi Well, this is more of an excursion to be honest. My main interest lies in algorithms, those of the geometrical variety in particular. Why I am so active here is something I don't understand either.
@Discretelizard When the site goes public you can't remove tags with little effort. Deletion of tags on mature sites takes way more discussion and mod approval.
If new users want to create a new tag, they should first discuss with the community in chat or in meta. If they receive approval they can go ahead an do it. This is better than forcing existing member to create a new meta thread every time a newbie creates an useless tag.
@Blue Just before that then, I mean.
You're putting on extra workload on the existing members who are trying very hard to make this site a better place by asking and answering questions, by diverting them to discussions about useless tags.
I'm not OK with it.
8:57 AM
@Blue Ok, maybe we kill tags earlier. But I think we should give even bullshit tags a week or so. Maybe they are only badly named
@Blue No, I am saying you shouldn't be silently removing tags and hence putting more 'workload' on you by having you talk about it.
@Blue That is fine. Take it to meta, if you have a constructive point to make, based on this.
@Blue Oh, the mathjax tagline is a good idea, btw
@Discretelizard SE has given the privilege to higher rep members to edit posts according to what they feel is right. They're just using it. If you want that design to change, contact the SE team or wait for a response from the SE team on your meta post.
Of course, edits will be based on personal opinion, because that's exactly the privilege of being a high rep user.
@Discretelizard It's my wish whether I'll take it to meta or not.
Anyhow, I must say you're becoming increasingly difficult to reasonably converse with, at the moment, so I'll exit for now, to save my sanity.
@Blue Yes, but that doesn't mean they can't make mistakes and the 'questionable behavior' (even if merely in my opinion), should be questioned!
@Blue Yes, indeed. I am making you aware of the option.
@Blue Sigh, IMO, the difficult one is you, as we're not talking about anything right now! I mean, what do you want from me? What should I do, my friend?
9:12 AM
@Discretelizard You're free to question it. But keep in mind the additional workload you're putting on the community members, in case what you feel is questionable isn't questionable according to the community standards.
@Blue Yes, I am arguing a lot here.
If you'd rather have me shut up for a while, just ask.
I mean, I can most certainly oblige today (10:14 now in western Euroland), I'm going to a board games convention.
@Blue I mean, part of this is that I ask on meta is 1) Is this a real issue and 2) If so, is it worth our effort to change stuff? If I were truly difficult, I would silently reverts stuff instead of bickering.
Not that I can, but still
Community moderation is a good idea, but the devil is in the details. My true purpose of the meta post is getting input from Robert as this currently the most experienced community builder around here!
Q: How does a quantum computer do basic math at the hardware level?

BlueOn reading this Reddit thread I realized that even after a couple months of learning about quantum computing I've absolutely no clue about how a quantum computer actually works. To make the question more precise, let's say we have a superconducting qubit based 5-qubit quantum computer (like the...

@Blue Also, no offense, but could you stop assuming my thoughts and motives and putting words in my mouth? I get really tired of saying that no, this is not what I said!
Also, this is mostly unrelated to the current discussion, but I have the feeling no-one likes my answers because they assume too much CS knowledge. Or does someone else have a better reason for people to dislike my answers? I mean, my questions are generally well received.
9:28 AM
@Discretelizard Where did I put words in your mouth?
@Discretelizard No idea
@Blue "You need to keep in mind that higher rep users have earned the privilege to edit posts according to their personal opinion (which is fine as long they're not doing actively harmful edits). If you think they're doing harmful edits you need to provide proof (and not us), which you haven't. Secondly, if you don't like SE's privilege model, include that in your post and/or contact the dev team."
You are very much implying there that I don't respect the rep system, which I never said and disagree with. Such implications are 'putting words in my mouth', to me.
@Blue It's just curious, that's all. Maybe I shouldn't answer questions with 2 other answers?
Q: Request to change the sample question and answers on the Tour page to something more relevant to this site

BlueOn the current tour page of the site, the example question and answer are completely irrelevant to the this site. The sample question is: How to prevent unicorns from eating daisies I love the unicorns who hang out behind my kitchen, but they do tend to eat rather a lot of the daisies...

Q: Should people reject edits on a thing, because they don't like the thing?

Discrete lizardRecently, I've noticed that some (higher rep) users did some 'silent removal edits' and some tag usage rejections. When I asked for the motivation for the tag excerpt edit, it was that the reviewer was of the opinion ('personal opinion', i.e. this may be more than 1 person, but not community con...

Suddenly, meta feed
9:55 AM
@Discretelizard That's your misinterpretation of my message. Notice the word "if" there.
2:11 PM
uh oh tag battles already, have seen this one before. suggest everyone involved try reading this 1st & think it over some, hope everyone involved can dial down emotion, its not meant to be a (scope) battleground
Folksonomy is the system in which users apply public tags to online items, typically to aid them in re-finding those items. This can give rise to a classification system based on those tags and their frequencies, in contrast to a taxonomic classification specified by the owners of the content when it is published. This practice is also known as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. Folksonomy was originally "the result of personal free tagging of information [...] for one's own retrieval", but online sharing and interaction expanded it into collaborative...
1 hour later…
3:27 PM
@Blue I've just realised after reading your question about hardware and the other one about gates being realised, that I've always assumed that people have at least some knowledge about how the hardware works - it's something I did in undergrad for both classical and quantum systems, yet it's never actually taught as part of a single 'quantum computing' course. I guess I just find this odd or something
@Mithrandir24601 Those things are normally spoken of as black boxes. I'm pretty sure most people who've taken just one or two basic quantum computing courses wouldn't know it because hardly teachers get into the connection between hardware and the abstract theory, which generates a huge knowledge gap. Many people like me are under the illusion of understanding QC when they actually don't. I just tried to be honest to myself and asked what might initially seem like a stupid question.
Blimey, I'm just realising that, outside of a few specific places, it's rarely taught as part of any course
@Blue That is a huge knowledge gap :/ It's different for each system, sure, but even one or two lectures giving some sort of overview would help a lot
True. Anyhow I'm hoping for some good answers on that question :)
@Blue I'll probably write one at some point, but (for me) getting the level of detail right isn't straightforward - I've started a couple of times and just been like 'nah, that's not good enough'
Oh, I've also started using Q# :)
Thanks. No problem, take your time. I'll also request Daniel. Gotta go now!
3:42 PM
Great. Teach it to me sometime :)
4:46 PM
Ah. Finally learnt how to use chopsticks! :D
@Mithrandir24601 Did you use any Q# tutorial ?
5:04 PM
@Blue I'm having a go through this, but apart from that, no. Although, the guys from Microsoft were around a couple of weeks ago showing it to us :)
@Blue Excellent! :D It's worth it
Oh wow. There's a Microsoft quantum computing office in UK ? @Mithrandir24601
@Blue There's a Microsoft office in the UK, but the main guys came all the way from America :)
(there were only half a dozen people, I think two of which from Seattle)
Yeah, hehe. I was at a Japanese restaurant trying to learn it from a waiter, when you pinged me last time. :P Apparently it's just putting a finger in the middle and pushing the two tips together. But difficult to remember unless you practise often. Got a few pairs of chopsticks home.
Ah, I see. All the quantum offices seem to in USA except one or two. One is at Sydney
@Blue Good, good :) I've got a fair few now :) I made an effort to learn just before going to China and it definitely paid off
5:18 PM
Which university did you go to in China ?
Tsingua or something is very good for QC I heard
One of my seniors is going for an internship there this summer. So heard a lot about it from him
@Blue Sun Yat-Sen - it's in Guangdong, between Hong Kong and Macau
Or was it just a conference at a office ?
Ah I see
5:20 PM
Oh the spelling is Tsinghua. Chinese names are difficult. Lol
@Blue Yep. Chinese pronunciation is another ball game entirely though :P
I can imagine :P
7:06 PM
People, post some more good questions on the main site. 6 days to go, and we should be in public beta!
I can see only 2 questions asked in the last 24 hours
@Blue Generally, the number of questions asked doesn't really change at the public beta launch (apparently) - it takes a few months. Also, it's the weekend, it's common to have fewer questions
@Mithrandir24601 I guess it helps in increasing the activity somewhat (?) And you mentioned once the site goes public it is no longer closed down? (according to current rules?)
@Blue It starts to increase, sure, but it takes months :/ But the definition of what it means to be a public or private beta - I can access IPS (public beta) without logging in, but I can't access QC (private beta) without logging in
7:22 PM
Mar 18 at 12:02, by Mithrandir24601
@Blue Also, this has changed a bit - once a site is in public beta, it won't get closed as a result of low numbers of questions. It could get closed if people stop bothering to moderate it. However, there are no such guarantees about getting it past private beta
@Blue oh, that closed :P Yeah
If you have time, could you please the Meta post which says that? ^
"Also, this has changed a bit - once a site is in public beta, it won't get closed as a result of low numbers of questions."
@Mithrandir24601 Yes!
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

7:24 PM
That's the version of "closed" that is actually scary
That's hopeful :P
The important bit is "If there's enough moderation for a public beta site to consistently remain free of spam, for flags to be cleared, and for our Be Nice policy to be upheld, your site will remain open"
Yeah, saw that one :D
We're lucky that we already got the site design and logo unlike the other beta sites (which look boring)! :P
7:35 PM
To be honest, considering that we only started at half commitment, I think we're doing reasonably OK in terms of number of questions. I would like more technical questions (as in, questions with more technical detail as well as more questions that are technical)
@Mithrandir24601 Same. However, framing a good technical question takes about 5x more effort than a non-technical one. I have some in mind which I might post soon.
@Blue But the technical ones are much more interesting!
(For those who can understand the technicalities i.e. :p)
7:56 PM
@Discretelizard Fair point.
8:11 PM
Q: Who built the first quantum computer?

MEEIn my previous question I asked who invented a quantum computer using qubits. As a follow-up to this question I want to ask who built the first quantum computer using at least two qubits.

But, I am curious when exactly pro-tempore mods are elected.
@Feeds Lol deleted. But it is a bad question. Who had the first ideas is fine, but yeah the first machine is pointless as we don't know what the NSA does :)
@Blue "misinterpretation" Are you aware what Implication means? If say that if I'd hate you, I would *************** your mother? Are you aware that the fact that I don't hate you doesn't make the stament less mean?
8:29 PM
@Discretelizard You're drifting off-topic and hence I refuse to engage in this unproductive conversation.
Q: When will we appoint pro-tem moderators?

MEEhaving read this blogpost and also this one I wonder when we will appoint pro-tem mods. The first post states that the nomination should begin approximately 2 weeks after the private beta begins (and 12 days is approximately two weeks): If your meta site does not have a post to nominate Mode...

@Blue Yes, because you are being hostile on meta! Just because you think your goals are just (they are!) doesn't mean your methods are justified! You feel you should defend yourself, but if you can only attack me, there is no point in arguing.
I mean, I'm all for being civil, but you have been less than that more than one time. Although I'm all for constructive dialog, this is where I draw the line. If you want to chase me away, good job! I'm considering it. Yes, this threat is weak, as are your threats to me, of which you implied multiple already
If you feel any of my message on meta is not civil, feel free to flag them.
Or even if they're in this chat
@Blue Will do, thanks. Let's keep it at that. I'm all for being nice, but I'm sorry, you're giving me a hard time with that.
8:38 PM
Thank you.
Okay, I do think we've argued to much for now, for all the wrong reasons. Let's agree to not be hostile for a moment. Forgive and forget, water under the bridge and all that. Let's start over and try to be nice. Let's do that. @Blue Good idea?
I'm too tired now, sorry.
I don't want to engage in this conversation, about tags, with you, on this chat, anymore. Let's just do it the formal way, on Meta (if you wish to, that is).
@Blue Alright. That is one way to implement my request. I'm okay with that. Let's not get this too personal. I'll just flag stuff I don't like and don't initiate talks unless I get a reply.
Fine with me.
10:35 PM
Sigh, that got out of hand quickly. I really think it is for the best Robert gives some authoritative answer, because we sure aren't going to agree any time soon. Let's just wait for Solomon's judgement, while one will be better of, that will be better than this.
10:55 PM
lol, I just got my tour badge! Why do I notice only now!

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