12:49 AM
I was reading the transcripts and saw you were interested in making a roguelike game or something perhaps. if you ever do start a side project for fun maybe I could contribute or help in some way as a learning experience
and btw how you doing lol
Haha. I'm doing well, and I'll keep that in mind
How are you?
not bad starting to get tired though
yeah. that's how i feel around 2-3pm
spent 3 hours on a bulldozer back and forth back and forth fixing a screw up from an employee on one of the sites that is being built
12:52 AM
oh. you work construction?
yeah that and freelance web dev
going back to school in january
Cool. I'll have to keep that in mind, for future examples
although i don't know too much about construction
future examples? what do you mean
For explaining concepts
"...is kind of like a bulldozer..."
yeah I have been working construction for quite a long time now
oh wow heh that would be cool
12:58 AM
how was work today, anything interesting going on?
brb couple minutes
Work is fine. Exciting things happen everyday! :P lol
heh yeah, I'm gonna be working on my one web project tomorrow for the first time in a few weeks so it's going to be fun
1:24 AM
I'm headed home. I'll talk to you later :)
sorry about that
take it easy man talk later
no worries. is there something you wanted to discuss?
I can hang around for a few minutes
ah nothing in particular for the moment, I'm sure you want to get home so I wouldn't wanna keep you waiting
It's cool. I've already started reading an article online :P
nice, what on?
very cool :D
so I am thinking finishing reading up on OOP, do a few game based tutorials and then try to build something on my own
awesome :)
Alright. I'll see you later. nice talking to you :)
you too, take it easy man