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4:01 PM
So many choices... so few votes.
"13 Candidates" <--- did I miss something? somebody retracted?
i don't see any names grayed out.
Only 13 on the list, though.
didn't we have 14 earlier?
cool - I can nominate myself...
bug - where do I file it?!
4:05 PM
Well, it did read 14.
@fossfreedom oh? Lets break the system.
@fossfreedom so, what happens if a moderator runs for moderator?
But I don't think anyone vanished.
who wants to risk that?
you run - you lose - bye bye mod cow powers
who left ?
4:08 PM
@jrg If you win.. you become a SE Employee
The Phantom of the Election.
@jrg gtalk?
@RolandiXor Thank you for that day about grammer.
@snow you're welcome :)!
4:09 PM
@RolandiXor :)
That's a rare thing, to be thanked for telling someone about their grammar :)
I kind of want to submit that.
@jrg That link was almost Yoda
@RolandiXor I am not much good with Grammar too. .
@AmithKK oh.
i see.
4:13 PM
@jrg It's been so long since I've seen that...
What is this baby kissing thing?
@FEichinger There were 14 candidates just a few hours ago.
@gertvdijk Yeah
yes @gertvdijk
it's like http://drbl.in/baII
4:14 PM
@gertvdijk I know. I saw that. I just can't for the live of me remember who was on the list, and now isn't.
@RolandiXor - Great movie that one. The princess bride ;)
Hey Jokerdino is there ^^. Another vote for him ;)
Anybody noticed that @hhlp has done literally half of the tags
There should be a gold tag badge called hhlp by now
Nice job hhlp, I mean some of those take time to find, to research and you have being doing a bunch of them.. and I mean a REALLY BIG bunch.
thx no problem
@RolandiXor hey buddy have you tested the bonded option for network cards?
4:44 PM
not yet
Q: Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on the SE network

user774411I have a David vs Goliath case here involving a teen moderator on Stack Overflow. His display name is BoltClock. I'm a low reputation SO user (less than 150 points) who was recently suspended for Voting Irregularities by BoltClock. Eventually the mistake was corrected by another non-teen moderat...

@ObsessiveSSOℲ, @AmithKK, @jokerdino, @smartboyhw: You need to read this. If you win, this will be directed at you.
No, i am beyond teen.
@jokerdino BC was 19 at the time, iirc.
oh, 20.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Mar 26 '12 at 13:02, by Yi Jiang's Proble_
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA If he's flipping out over BC being 20 and moderating the site, imagine what he'll do when he finds out one of AU's mod is 15 :P
4:49 PM
anyway, I'll bring it up again in the town hall, just something that you should read and ponder.
I don't think I being a teenager would have any effect.
Hi @jokerdino
someone withdrew. It was 14 before
Must have been community.
4:54 PM
And well, thanks for the comment.
Yeah, you.
you're welcome. Sorry, I get confused when I am not pinged specifically
Ah, I usually don't ping when there is no third person in the convo.
well jrg was here...
anyway, I'm quite liking webapps.stackexchange.com
Questions over there are so easy to answer
4:57 PM
Seriously though. I got 20 rep for this: webapps.stackexchange.com/a/40047/22999
I used a screenshot in an attempt to make it look detailed
lol, 2 more upvotes
Hm, too many questions dilute the attention though.
What do you mean?
If you get too many choices, you won't analyze each of them well. That's what I am trying to get to.
If you have too many posts to read, you end up reading less.
And so, you vote even lesser.
Ah, forgive me. I am moderately interested in psychology.
I think the problem with the community is that there is more people asking than can be bothered to answer.
I just did 3 of the easiest answers in my life and I am +60rep
5:05 PM
@njallam true that.
@njallam :)
Roland's running again.
Oh that is nice!
Well, I guess that mean Luis Alvarado, jokerdino and Roland.
Crap I might as well just quit... there is no point in competing against @RolandiXor.
@jrg You've been a great mod as long as I've been around.
Oh my word.
@jrg did you see this?
oh, I see you did.
5:33 PM
@Seth reading your link which jrg commented, for what I have seen (And btw just noticed right now that jrg is 16), jrg is a very mature teenager. But making my point, I have known 20 something, 30 something and even 40 or 50 something years old to behave like 10 year olds.
Yep. That is very true.
Wow, the most complex answer I posted has the least upvotes...
A: Ignore one Facebook wall but receive notifications for a 2nd Facebook wall

njallamStop receiving notifications from a Facebook page Click on the cog in the top right of any page on Facebook Click "Account Settings" from the menu that appears. Click on "Notifications at the side". Click "Pages You Manage" Find the page you no longer want notifications from and uncheck the "On...

What suprises me is that the amount of, let me call them mature teenagers I have known is very little to the amount of inmature adults I have known. I for one consider myself a somewhat inmature 33 year old compared to others, younger than me that I have come to know. The case of a 14 year old that I had the pleasure to teach and a network course, which surprised me, knowing that at that age I was actually playing with stick figures and such, but this kid is doing a network course.
Now the case of jrg, for the love of god, his 16 acting like 61
I don't know. People impress me all the time.
@LuisAlvarado star
5:35 PM
I still haven't figured that out.
If I could I would adopt him, I mean he is very mature for his age, so he is 1 in very few that shows us "adults" we get it wrong sometimes (Many times actually).
Wait, I've been in the Election chatroom all this time... I thought I was in general!
@njallam - Do not worry about your answer
@LuisAlvarado As an immature adult, I disagree
5:37 PM
@njallam - Yeah I also thought I was in the normal chat, happen that the election one is on top of the normal one.
@MarcoCeppi Why bowl me over with difficult and tricky questions? :(
@jokerdino Everyone is getting one
@MarcoCeppi hahaha. Yeah, now let's wait until jrg comes out of class and punch him
I'm going to be the BOFH during the election, I guess that makes me the BMFH. D:<
You forgot your smiley.
5:38 PM
BOFH? - Best Oriental Fighting Hill
BMFH - Best Man Fighting Hill
Now, that's so much better ;P
The Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH), a fictional character created by Simon Travaglia, is a rogue system administrator who takes out his anger on users (often referred to as lusers), colleagues, bosses, and anyone else who pesters him/her with their pitiful user created "problems". The BOFH stories were originally posted in 1992 to Usenet by Travaglia, with some being reprinted in Datamation. They were published weekly from 1995 to 1999 in Network Week and since 2000 they have been published most weeks in The Register. They were also published in PC Plus magazine for a short time, an...
hhahhahahh holy mother
good grief.
5:40 PM
So, to the candidates, prepare yourselves.
To be honest, Evan Carrol got away with the easiest comment by far.
Dum di dum.. Going for my holy water, garlic and some silver bullets, cus' this gonna be some messed up election!
I have been more active today than the whole of this month.
I bet.
hands @LuisAlvarado a phaser Have a phaser too budddy :D
Well, I just went on the record.
I just got copy editor. finally.
5:42 PM
Thank you obiwanSethnobi
@MarcoCeppi You going to UDS-S?
You would be a good guy to meet.
@jokerdino I'll be applying again for sponsorship, not sure if I'll get selected. We'll see
I am trying my hand this time around.
@MarcoCeppi hey buddy thats another thing. You guys should record stuff you do over there at UDS. You know for us "out of towners..country" friend.
5:44 PM
Would the sponsorship cover the Visa, tickets and all those stuff?
@jokerdino Yes, more details will pop up soon on the UDS site
nothing will be the same after this election :(
that makes me sad
@MarcoCeppi Ah, that would be nice. Thanks for that piece of info.
@Seth Ha, my internet plans would remain the same though.
At least until the end of this month.
but it will become
Elections change all things.
5:47 PM
"Yes Sir Jokerdino" and "No Sir Jokerdino" :P
Aw, I didn't star that.
lol :P
Typically elections change the elected for the worse
Well, we got @RolandiXor to run anynway. evil laugh
Anybody tried the performance on both MariaDB and MySQL, more related to selects/updates/inserts/deletes than views and features
5:50 PM
@MarcoCeppi The elected would sympathize with the rest of your mod team for sure. ;)
I don't know about you guys but the more Marco mentions the "positive" aspects of the elections, the more probability there is I'll get off the election wagon
@LuisAlvarado sounds a lot like me :-)
Post that again at the end of the election for maximum effect
@RoryAlsop I honestly thought he was describing the politicians.
5:53 PM
@jokerdino heh
Marco - Because you can never have enough of "Hell will break loose!! Community will eat you up, muhahaha moderators from hell will rise.. Will rise... WILL RISE!!!! (Paranormal Activity scare scenes)"
@jokerdino I'll use this one too
You been on reddit for too long. tsk
I'll leave one more for you guys for now. I feel I may have been too negative.
@MarcoCeppi No you haven't (Crying in the corner).. keep on writing buddy (Still crying) keep on writing (Sobbing like hell)
5:56 PM
waaay too negative.
I think it was a good idea disabling images after all. ;)
you've just about scared all the candidates away
This reminds of Dracula Dead and loving it, when the doctor starts scaring the students away
can someone please delete that .gif?
marco is mel brooks
it's driving me crazy
@Seth Right click, inspect element and remove it.
youtube.com/watch?v=yOdFTF6xNfk (Here is Marco Ceppi with the new moderators in a 101 session)
good idea
@jokerdino but if I edit/resubmit won't it recreate it?
6:00 PM
@MarcoCeppi hahahaah cool pic
@MarcoCeppi Not sure about that but a simple kick will get the gif back on the screen.
All you need is to refresh the page.
</modabuse> for today
Good guy Marco. ^^
Hm, I need to account for the 40 MB b/w I used today. Good night folks.
Silly Marco, always playing with the newbies.. but huh? Where did the newbies go?
@jokerdino take care buddy
I don't think there were any newbies here to begin with @LuisAlvarado >_>
6:03 PM
@Seth new moderators I meant hehe
ah OK.
I just realised I should hang out here more often - the colour scheme is pleasing :-)
we're a weird bunch to be sure.
yeah, you can even change it with firebug and firefox hehe
@RoryAlsop the people are pretty colorful too
6:05 PM
it matches my face :-)
true that
6:27 PM
@MarcoCeppi Looks like an interesting bunch of candidates for the election :-)
quite looking forward to the town hall
Definitely interesting. The town hall will be fun for me
@MarcoCeppi hahahahaha
arn't the comments being a mini town hall? ;p
> I've ran for many elections. So far reputation and votes have been the least of my concern. Corruption, collusion, and downright election fraud are more often to blame for me not winning.
good grief.
6:34 PM
Corruption and Fraud! Definitely.
announcing at the top of your lungs that you will violate the privacy policy etc is a good way to get elected. Uh hhm.
Reminds me of the presidential elections a bit.
@Seth that is usually on his statement....
@FEichinger yours or the US's?
@RoryAlsop yeah I know...
@Seth US.
6:36 PM
@Seth frightening, really...
Waaay too many good candidates.
Who am I going to vote for?
1 hour later…
8:10 PM
Saw that linked post, regarding teen moderators. Thanks for the heads-up, @jrg.
(At lest, I think that was you).
I guess he's our teeny tiny moderator ;)
2 hours later…
10:28 PM
Is anyone aware that we've got minors running for moderator?
like, substantially under age minors.
We had that discussion thrice in the past 24h.
can't see it you know.
And it resulted in "lol@jrg" every single time.
@jrg wake up, state your age.
10:30 PM
or be slapped.
(those're the only options)
@FEichinger is @jrg older than 14 years old though?
shall check back after obtaining food
@TheLordofTime Yeh, he is. My point is just that we need to be cautious when worrying about age.
11:23 PM
Age and conduct aren't necessarily linked.
There are lots of very young members on the site and in the Ubuntu community. Whether or not they're suited to be a moderator is dependant on their ability to interact with the community, not drink, vote in national elections or drive.
@Oli I think the worries arise from legal issues. Minors that young often can't be held even remotely as responsible by law, which is something that shouldn't be risked. But, obviously, preventing that is on SE, not us.
in the US, any minor can't be in a contract.
or at least can't be bound to it
and then the parents/guardians are responsible
which of course raises a ton of legal problems
@FEichinger 13+ year olds are held culpable (and even as adults in some cases) in most places. You tend to have to get below ten before you're within the bounds of diplomatic-immunity-style injustices.
@Oli "Held Culpable" is not the same as "tried for criminal infraction therein"
usually the parents get hit with fees/fines/etc.
What ungodly powers do you think we moderators have that would earn us a criminal conviction?
11:28 PM
usually its 16+ that i see them actually get tried though
@Oli, just saying :P
@Oli super nuclear banrifle? (loljk)
A breach of moderator policy could well result in a lawsuit, depending on just how it's done.
You're not supposed to know about the rifle...
@Oli i know about a lot of things.
because I have my own banrifle for a different domain./
@FEichinger Frankly that's between SE and the moderator. If they want to set an age limit, that's their choice but up to now they haven't, I assume because there's just so little liability they could expose.
@Oli That's why I said, it's on SE, not us. I do get where the worries come from, though.
11:31 PM
and you're now well informed of why i'm concerned for a 14 year old to have powers here
such that:
"UPON: Disagreement with randomuser statement. THEN: banslap"
And again, this is something for the community to judge. People's conduct is pretty open on the site. You can see how people answer things, you can see how they interact in comments and in the chat. That should give you a fair understanding of how balanced they are.
as well as a thousand other issues that could occur.
@TheLordofTime Yeah and one email to team@stackexchange.com and BAM, the mod is no longer a mod.
We are by no means without overlords.
oh but of course.
A more "horrific" scenario: Take the IP of a user who shared an easily-exploitable security vulnerability and sell it, or infiltrate the PC yourself.
11:33 PM
that was a concern of mine when security.se was in closed beta
Right Counterstrike: Source has just downloaded. I am off to kill some bots. Good day to you all.
@Oli have fun, and kill three of them for me.
That was so inappropriate.
did it not delete the comment?
told it to delete after he typed it
(and it slipped - i injured my shoulder substantially severely so things slip like that sometimes)
11:36 PM
Well, I saw it.
and you're making a fuss since i deleted it now?
okay, then, i'll not vote for you since you are going to make a fuss over something after its been self-moderated
Now I'm a sad panda.
Yay! =D
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