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2:17 PM
@RegDwighт you can always link to the answer in ELU, there's no law against that.
I guess.
and presumably TPTB = Rob Cartaino? Hi Rob!
The Powers That Be.
Q: Who are the Community Managers, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho are the Community Managers? What do they do? What is their relationship to the "Community" user? Return to FAQ index

Shog's around right now
Or, well, in the room. Probably asleep
He's a lurker.
2:19 PM
@RegDwighт most of the questions are from non-ELUers. so if they're doing ELU style questions, it is not on purpose.
Haven't seen Grace in a while. Is he on vacation?
a lurking lurker, lurking lurkily
@RegDwighт what I meant was...The Powers That Be, does that really mean exactly just Rob, or are there other 'deciders'?
@Mitch I know, in fact I anticipated that if you read on.
@RegDwighт I don't read obviously.
2:21 PM
@Mitch I have no idea who actually decides what.
But of course the point is that we have to do Everything Right and Nothing Wrong, then no amount of Deciders can do us any harm.
@RegDwighт except if they decide to.
which has happened already (like when the proposal for ELL was closed right in the middle and took a bunch of complaining to get it back.
In order to decide they first have to cide, and I don't think they are in a position to even figure out what that means.
I know I can't.
2:23 PM
I read that as '...first have to ride...'
@MattЭллен patrickstewart.
poor patrick stewart
He was a good captain
@Manishearth what you mean, "poor"? I'm filthy rich.
Just look at my living room.
2:24 PM
anyway, yes, the questions at ELL ...well, they do seem like good questions, but easily closable on ELU.
That's actually okay. That's how it should be. What's closable on ELU goes here.
Q: Pronunciation of beaches and bitches

m0nhawkFor me it often hard to distinguish this two words while speaking and talking. The t in the bitch is almost neglectable in speech. So, what is the correct pronunciation of this to words?

This is an excellent question for ELL.
This is a problem everybody has.
This is a problem I have.
Same for the coke vs cock question, which is currently on ELU but doesn't really fit in there.
Similarly, the hate vs. ate question would be the very definition of NARQ on ELU, but not here.
@RegDwighт But, and it's a big one, the top questions on ELU right now really seem like good -ELL- questions.
@RegDwighт I'm an excellent answerer!!
what's up with spicey oko? I don't know what slang thing he's talking about.
@Mitch depends on what questions you're looking at. Certainly not the Central Pennsylvania speakers question.
2:29 PM
I'm sorting by 'active' so I don't see a Penn question.
Wait, but active can't be top.
Top is by votes, which is orthogonal to activity.
the active tab has a top
And top by votes is basically "whatever the MC likes", so of course these questions seem like good ELL questions, because they seem like good anything questions to everyone.
They have passed the test of being the jack of all trades.
@MattЭллен well if that's what Mitch means, I'm not sure.
wow, ELL is full of people posting difficult-to-understand pronunciations of things
It's the deaf leading the blind
or the blind singing to the deaf
Do they play a mean pinball?
2:34 PM
that's just mean
we'll have to see if they're also dumb first
uhoh, meeting time. be back later.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 or dancing about architexture
so... will ELL have ?
A: Is there a mnemonic that help remembering when I should use "hate," and when "ate"?

ManishearthWell, try to think of "ate" as "hate" with the "H" eaten.

Any way I can expand this?
Seems like the mnemonic posts can't turn up longer answers :/
Is there any meta post to show when should I post in ELL and when in ELU?
2:44 PM
@Mistu4u Does it fit the ELU FAQ?
Does it fir the ELL FAQ?
If both, post wherever you want
If neither, don't post
The existence of a new site doesn't change the question's on-topicness on an older one
@Manishearth, okay. So i guess everything can be fit here.
@Mistu4u ?
I mean everything related to English of course!
@MattЭллен once and for all, it's .
@Mistu4u no, not really
2:56 PM
Wow I have ten badges already. Exciting!
3:07 PM
@Manishearth, I mean any kind of problem related to English........
No, any problem that comes across while learning English
@RegDwighт probably could answer this better
Reg, what sort of questions do you guys prefer?
Yes yes that is what I am talking about!
Yeah. For example, it's not okay to ask "which armchair should I buy", but it's fine to ask "which armchair should I be wearing while learning English".
something about that seems wrong
@Manishearth It's been but one day. Right now it's a free-for-all. I am not here to impose rules, even less so if they are rules of other sites.
3:11 PM
@RegDwighт yeah, but you know the general atmosphere better than I do :)
It's okay to go crazy right now, the community forms around decisions, not lack thereof.
@Manishearth I only just registered a couple hours ago! Waiwai already has like 600 reps.
@MattЭллен I know, right? It seems wrong to be sitting while learning English.
I am user number 112, and my first post has the number 224.
Hey, that's a nice coincidence.
By which I mean, that's a nice I think not!
@MattЭллен and now we have a site where you can ask what it is.
@RegDwighт ...this site's heading for disaster, isn't it? :P
No idea, I don't have Roland Emmerich's street address.
3:18 PM
2 hours later…
5:09 PM
I am waiting to watch interesting questions that don't go like: “Is [insert slang here] okay to use?”.
Totally agree with the Novice
2 hours later…
7:47 PM
I answered my first question on ELL today!
8:33 PM
@Martha Is my answer correct now?
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