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1:50 AM
Got a solution myself the last night here:
A: Moment of Inertia (triangular plate)

007Now I have got a method to get it directly.And again it came out to be an easy problem. Maybe you'll want to try again after knowing the answer to it, which comes out to be:$$I= \dfrac{m}{12}(a^2+c^2)$$ Hint (You'll get final answer after seeing this image hint , So, if you want to try again p...

1 hour later…
2:59 AM
@BrandonEnright Do u like this^ solution?
007: I think you should remove the hint and spell out the details a bit more
This site is for answers and not for fun "work out yourself" problems so I see no reason for the hint
Conceptual details that is. A formula without the ideas behind it is not too useful
@BrandonEnright See now, does it make sense?
yes howevery why isn't it over 24?
the formula has it over 12 but you have half the plate there so I'd think each triangle would be half of that and one would be /24
Also, the formula says "rectangular plate" which I think implies 90 degree angles
Further, I think the formula is the MOI at the center of mass and your formula is not at the center of mass
4:17 AM
Q: How can I stand on the ground? EM or/and Pauli?

Kivanc UyanikThere is this famous example about the order difference between gravitational force and EM force. All the gravitational force of Earth is just countered by the electromagnetic force between the electrons on the surface of my feet and the ground. But also wave-function of electrons(fermions) do n...

Q: What is the cause of the normal force?

RatzI've been wondering, what causes the normal force to exist? In class the teacher never actually explains it, he just says "It has to be there because something has to counter gravity." While I understand this is true, it never explains why. Whenever I ask anyone else they always respond in a s...

aren't these the same?
Also, I didn't know that the site existed in 2010
4:35 AM
@ManishEarth Regarding that friction question , did you get what I was trying to say ?
Ok , suppose there is a block
wait i didnt see the new comments
@nonagon giving different situations here won't help
These friction problems are highly value dependent and situation dependent
What do you mean ?
Using the three block system to analyse the two block system is not a good idea
And changing values makes a big difference
4:40 AM
Did you see the tunnel comment ?
I replied to it
@nonagon: For the vertical cuboidal tunnel, it would depend on the shape. Torque comes into the picture here. — Manishearth 11 secs ago
Torque doesn't necessarily come into the picture
torque can be 0 . Have you read about shifting of Normal reaction in case of toppling
But you can never measure normal reactions.
And what about a point object in tunnel . Tunnel is vary narrow and so is the block
@nonagon yes
@nonagon If you have a cuboidal tunnel with different surfaces, it does
Well, yes, N can shift in the tunnel
So , information isn't enough ?
4:45 AM
Or can we still work out who will apply how much static frictional force ?
@ManishEarth ?
bit busy
2 hours later…
7:10 AM
@BrandonEnright The factor of half is when the mass of the triangular portion is $M/2$ but it's $M$ . So, the 1/2 goes away.
@BrandonEnright Also the formula is for any parallelogram, about the mid point of diagonal .We can show it, by integration.
7:30 AM
@ManishEarth ...
Is there any problem with the flair..?
I can't see my flair...
If I use the link, it reloads my profile..!
The same happens to other users too...
it's your username
@ManishEarth What..???
Flair should return the page which has our advertising reputation poster. Isn't it?
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ there is not a single bit of normal text in your username. SE filters that out in the URL slug, so the flair link is broken.
This should work
ah... Cool ;-)
Q: Flair for Unicode usernames broken

ManishearthThe "flair" link in the profiles for people with all-Unicode usernames is broken. For example, clicking on it for this guy links to this page. What's happening here is that the flair link is http://site.stackexchange.com/users/<userid>/<username slug>/flair. For such usernames, the slug is blan...

7:41 AM
@ManishEarth Hey..! Most of your questions are probably cats cats cats stuff from other users..!
I'll downvote that :P
2 votes within 2 mins..! (Err... 1 from me)
Damn... I lost a nice question ;-)
Hmmm... (not enough privilege) - Did that get 2 downs..?
7:59 AM
You know *law of conservation* works everywhere...
You posted the question and now, the credit comes to ***me*** via profile views..!
Shoulda name it..!
What about law of conservation of 11062 or crazy :P
And I found another bug..!
formatting doesn't work for double lines..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ wow another bug!? some might say thats puts on sunglasses crazy!
Hey @RhysW ;-)
Morning! I like to make an enterance :P
Morning..!!! Ehm... GMT plays everywhere --- lunch time ;-)
8:06 AM
Well, id rather it was lunch time, its the beginning of the day for me :P
Oooh space exploration is slowly edging towards becoming a beta!
@RhysW Well, that's due to Manish's advertisement in his profile..! ;-)
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Yaaay my plan worked! :P
Well, I did that some time ago for astronomy (about 4-5 months back, I think...)
What other mods with high views can i convince to put it in their sig i wonder :P could make a game out of it xD sort of like collect all the mods :P
@RhysW I think I'd get lot of profile views today ;-)
8:18 AM
Yeah :P you better put space exploration link in your profile ;)
Hah.. thought you'd say that :D
you know you want to :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ besides think of it this way, id have a new place to hang out and you'd be free of me from here! :P
8:34 AM
Yep :D
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ not a bug, by design :)
already there
search "multiline markdown" on MSO
Morning Manish
@RhysW same lunch time to both of us :P
8:37 AM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Lies! I will only agree that you are right if you succumb to placing a link to Space Exploration in your profile! :P
It happens to most of my questions..!
Looks like the MSO fellas should've added a *time-reversal* function to my golden phrases, so that it sends it back in time once they think of "feature-request" or "bug" :P
@RhysW Hah... Playing cons with me..? NEVER :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Im more persistent than the questions asking if black holes will suck in the entire universe! youll give in eventually!
@RhysW mornin' :)
@ManishEarth Can you use your mod powers to make crazy agree with me :P you have hypno mod powers right?
This room was placed in timeout for 5 seconds; the topic of this room is "General chat for Physics Stack Exchange (physics.stackexchange.com/)"; - conversation should be limited to that topic.
@_@ time has been stopped
@_@ you shall obey
8:43 AM
@RhysW that's all I can do :P I can also kick him out of the room, but he can just join again
(I can also suspend, but not a good idea to do that, even on chat :P)
@ManishEarth ahaha, youve just become my favourite mod
@ManishEarth: Bad mod..! *personal mail* to SE team..!

>Subject: Suggestion to take back god powers from bad mod also ***ban him from SE**

> Hi team, there's a bot you've mistakenly chosen as a mod. He's using the god powers to blackmail *good* guys allover the h-bar. Ban him immediately..!

> Sent from: Here
Sent via: My mail
By: Me
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Youre not the good guy! youre trying to hold back space exploration and keep humanity rooted to earth so you can take over the human race much easier with your unrecogniseable name!
8:50 AM
Made me a terrorist within a second - just with a single phrase..! :O
Why isn't there a rule that beta site guys shouldn't access our sacred h-bar? :P
This space exploration argument is going to be like this fight:
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ :O thats discrimination!
@ManishEarth That drunken guy near that scientist is @RhysW and that crazy genius scientist is me..! :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Neil DeGrasse Tyson? :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ they can't unless they have 20 rep on Phys.SE
@ManishEarth and i get 101 just for existing on another site before i came here :P
8:53 AM
@RhysW Far better than terrorism :D
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ well i suppose you are toning it down a bit :P just a small step til you cave to my will! (and put space exploration in your profile ;) )
@RhysW It's not like that..! For example, a 101 user can't answer a protected question..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ they can i think
@ManishEarth 2 secs...
oh my... I can't find that in my history..! I'll get it soon..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ but im no 101 user! im a 205 user now! thanks to my questions :P
8:56 AM
But, I got stuck on Android.SE - unable to answer a protected one..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ can't able to use english either apparently :P
@RhysW Nah... we're physicists and you're in h-bar..! We clear out misconceptions:P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ i sort of count! this is the one site where i actually ask questions :P
though this is by far the best answer ive ever had to a question of mine, he even thanks me for my time!
A: What exists in the Space between atoms

Jack MoodyI have thought about this question for quite some time. The theory that I highly believe in is about string theory. The theory states that the space in between subatomic particles are almost massless strings from type 2a string theory. These string have so little mass (roughly .83 x 10 to the -5 ...

@ManishEarth: Follow the transcripts...
in Android, Jan 19 at 18:28, by Crazy Buddy
Why can't I answer this question...?
9:01 AM
i almost cried the other day, someone said they dont beleive in astronomy :/
@RhysW Hmmm... I hope you spelled that right..! - I don't believe in astrology :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ no thats spelled right, thats why i almost cried at the stupidity :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ No, astrology is stuff about the stars, astronomy is those LOVE MARRIAGE SOLUTION BABA stuff :P
@ManishEarth Oh my... I got confused..! Now, what are astro things? And, where's my ELL..? :D
9:04 AM
now ive forgotten the word for those annoying people who think the stars shapes mean things change in their lives xD
(Hmm.. That guy finally disappeared. Isn't it? Or, a paradoxical situation for him inside the blacklist..?)
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ whose that guy?
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ blacklisted
@RhysW Mr. Black Magic - Indian spammer..!
@ManishEarth Cool...! These mods, managers and the whole SE community attracts me every day..! via an event :P
9:06 AM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ youve lost me :P
We had some random Indian spammer coming at us a few days back
that was my other account :/
May 7 at 6:24, by ManishEarth
user image
^^ I even made that button to quickly destroy spam posts
@ManishEarth you totally need to click that
and make it a red button
that says self destruct
@RhysW Shoot on sight..! Hands up - You're done Rhys..! :P
9:09 AM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ how did you get a picture of my cat!?!
@RhysW Well, I plagiarized from Manish :D
A: Plagiarism should be addressed specifically in the FAQ

Manishearth Blame Pekka for this answer, he put me up to it ;-) . Enough cats, Pekka? Yes, we need something linkable. The FAQ is an ideal place for this, but there are lots of other similar things that can go there as well. We don't want to bloat the faq, too few people read it already. Still, this par...

@RhysW Thanks for the advertisement..! :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ the advertisement? :P
I'm quite sure that my profile views get inflated today (I meant that advertisement and not that one :D
9:12 AM
Ahhh i see, yeah, my views are pretty low, so i use other people instead :D :P
@RhysW Use Reddit and Quora to promote then
@ManishEarth the who and the what now
google it
Wuuaaaahhhhh... . Shoulda take some rest on the eve of exam :P
9:14 AM
i found out something interesting the other day
Nice chat... C'yall later guys :D
as of june 2012 we have catalogued and seen something like 766 planets
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ cya crazy! good luck
@RhysW where planet = planets+ice dwarf or planet = planet +exoplanet?
@ManishEarth they just used the word 'planet' so presumeable just planets!
they are mostly all really big ones though as our tech never used to be good enough to see the small dwarfy ones
9:16 AM
by just planets I meant the 8/9 in our system
Basically, are you talking about mercuty-Pluto+exoplanets? Or mercury-pluto + ice dwarfs in our solar system?
Sounds like the former, but I've heard people refer to ice dwarfs as planets
@ManishEarth not just confined to our solar system, i mean 766 total, using th ebig mega, planet searching telescope in space
so ice dwarfs
@ManishEarth a few of those are most likely included too
@RhysW wait, we have more than 9 planets in our solar system which aren't ice dwarfs? O_0
does this answer your questions? :D
9:20 AM
@RhysW Yeah, that's outside the solar system :)
Yeah, i thought i said that :P
ah. And I somehow read the opposite meaning
Lol! that explains why we were having two different conversations!
@ManishEarth woah, intersting site
10:02 AM
@RhysW Yep. I prefer SE (Quora has too many useless qs) , but it's nice :)
2 hours later…
12:30 PM
@ManishEarth yeah there doesnt seem to be a lot of structure to it that i can see
1:10 PM
@ManishEarth ?
@ManishEarth Life at IITs is busy or one gets a lot of free time ? Especially in pure science degrees there .
@nonagon busy
Well, acads don't take out much time, but there's so much else to do that it's impossible for someone to have that much free time
Like what ?
1:32 PM
@nonagon Playing an instrument. Programming. Robotics. Dance. Aeromodelling. Singing. Discussing physics/math. etc etc
Whatever your interests are, there usually is a group of like-minded people
Q: Static friction force on a block in a tunnel

nonagonSuppose there is a cuboidal vertical tunnel , and a cubical block in it such that all surface of the block are in contact with the four walls of the cuboidal tunnel respectively . All walls of the tunnel are rough with different $\mu$s . And the weight of the block is $m$ and it is a point mass s...

2:31 PM
Remind me never to go to @ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ 's house!
2:48 PM
@RhysW context?
@ManishEarth Recently posted on movies.se about murdery stabby films, i dont want to be his next victim 0.o
Like kalina's dissolving humans post on chem
@ManishEarth oooh you gotta link me to that!
Q: Is it actually possible to dispose of a body with hydrofluoric acid?

kalinaIn the TV show "Breaking Bad", Walter White frequently gets rid of people who get in his way by submerging them in a plastic container full of hydrofluoric acid. This, at least in the TV show, completely dissolves the body leaving nothing but a red sludge behind at the end. Is it actually possib...

Q: Dissolving Organic Tissues

Fixed PointWatching some movie/TV this question came to mind, purely theoretical of course, if one wanted to dissolve a human corpse, like getting rid of a body after killing someone, is it better to use an acid or a base? In the movies (as well the popular perception for some reason) they always use acid. ...

I felt a little strange to mark this as everyday-chemistryAditya Sriram Jan 18 at 9:22
@ManishEarth lol poor guy :P
2:54 PM
the exact same thing happened on kalina's
oh wait you're gonna love this one
Q: What is the most efficient way to destroy the universe?

SplashHitDon't worry... I won't actually do it, just would like to know how.

Easiest way to dispose of a body is the giant silo's where you store farm animal waste! The large vertical ones. Ain't nobody gonna be searching through that, or wondering what the smell is
makes sense
Question is, why do you know this?
inches away
I would say those questions got my creative juices flowing, but those flowing juices atm are from the silo, and are definately NOT creative
A: What is the most efficient way to destroy the universe?

inflectorKill all the turtles on which it rests.

i like this guy already
@RhysW Hah.. Beware - I'm waiting with an axe for freshmen to my haunted home ;-)
3:02 PM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ freshmen? im safe then, im not a freshmen :P
Hey... If you come to my home for the first time, you are a freshman..! :D
I think those murders happened on UK..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ I...but...Then how... you know what, i cant argue with that logic
Somehow I got +12 for invoking the anthropic principle :-(
@RhysW Be sure to check your home for old projectors (if they're really on the attic) or tonight is gonna be a party..! :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ i dont have an attic :/
3:06 PM
@RhysW There's a probability that you're lying to me :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ I live in a flat :P checkmate
@BrandonEnright the what now principle?
@BrandonEnright (checking the question again) And wow, today morning - I saw it climbing 5 or 6 votes to Martin and 1 to you..!
Questions like "why does xyz happen" that can be answered like "if xyz didn't happen we wouldn't be around / alive to ask such questions"
@BrandonEnright ahh
Is there any absolute constraint (don't confuse me with a wavefunction - I don't believe in GOD playing dice :P ) for "which questions get >10 votes" every weak so that I may introduce a low-quality-answer and get to the top ??? :P
3:09 PM
want to link me to the question?
Q: Why doesn't light kill me?

Shawn McDowellI was attending my philosophy class and in the middle of student presentations, I found myself mentally wondering off and thinking about light. After a few minutes of trying to piece together how the sun works I came to ask a question I could not answer myself. Why does each individual photon hav...

ah that one
even I knew the answer to that one :P
I know. I feel like a rep whore now.
1 min ago, by Ϛѓăʑɏ βµԂԃϔ
Is there any absolute constraint (don't confuse me with a wavefunction - I don't believe in GOD playing dice :P ) for "which questions get >10 votes" every weak so that I may introduce a low-quality-answer and get to the top ??? :P
1) The question should be in a way that everyone knows it....
2) It's based on some recent event..!
:9475066 Chromium?
3:12 PM
Nope..! Wrong answer: -1
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ the recent event like recently noticing "hey I'm alive, not dead, all these things around me aren't killing me!"?
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Nono Cr is definately chromium :P
Next up: why does drinking water not kill me?
@BrandonEnright it does
try to drink 4 million gallons of it
at 150 degrees C
Then "why is drinking a deadly substance like dihydrogen monoxide essential to lyfe?!!??"
3:14 PM
I have a question, not sure if its been asked before: "Why don't black holes swallow the entire universe?"
@BrandonEnright When I mentioned recent event, think of this-like some nice scientific event - OPERA results, Higgs results, Felix jump, sound from BH, etc...
Yeah it has been asked several times actually.
(Well, I've answered questions on those :P)
@BrandonEnright I was perpetuating the meme :P
@RhysW ah gotchas :-p
3:15 PM
...but seriously why dont they
i mean its not like we can see them and know to move out of the way, black holes are black, space is pretty black too
okay I have to head out. Have a good $nameofremainingday everyone!
@BrandonEnright cya!
@BrandonEnright @RhysW: You guys actually interrupted my collection of conditions..! Grr....
This world won't let you improve by yourself :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ i have no idea what youre on about :P
@RhysW Confirmed exoplanets number from 719 (exoplanets.org) to 888 (exoplanet.eu) depending on whose database you use.
3:24 PM
@ChrisWhite I thought scientists like sharing databases O_0
But there are another 2500 or so candidates we know of that just need followup observations to put on the confirmed list
@ManishEarth well, I think it's more how they have different standards and lag times
Can someone please have a look here ?
Q: Static friction force on a block in a tunnel

nonagonLinked to this Comparing Static Frictions Suppose there is a cuboidal vertical tunnel , and a cubical block in it such that all surface of the block are in contact with the four walls of the cuboidal tunnel respectively . All walls of the tunnel are rough with different $\mu_s$'s . And the weig...

but most of those candidates are expected to be real, so there's another couple thousand sitting around waiting for telescope time to be confirmed
@nonagon it's ok if you do it once or twice, but don't keep posting your questions in chat :/
@ChrisWhite ah
3:26 PM
@ManishEarth ok
Okay gtg now... C'yall later ;-)
@ChrisWhite ooh very nice
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ cya bud
@ManishEarth I seriously think though , newton's laws can't solve this problem.
i do love me some space chat
3:30 PM
@nonagon Again, the system may just be inconsistent. The commenters are saying that too.
The commentor is referring to a real life situation
You deal with frictionless surfaces all the time.
Are they possible in real life ?
The framework of newtonian mechanics is complete -- there's no such thing as "newton's laws can't solve this" for nonrelativistiv/non quantum situations
@nonagon There is such a thing as overidealization
sigh, so it begins
Yes, he's talking about real life situations
However, the point is still valid for ideal ones
@RhysW ?
@ManishEarth nothing i can say aloud without causing a disturbance, ill keep my mouth shut :
3:32 PM
oh i see what you mean
sorry :s
Q: Does a charged or rotating black hole change the genus of spacetime?

John RennieFor a Reissner–Nordström or Kerr black hole there is an analytic continuation through the event horizon and back out. Assuming this is physically meaningful (various site members hereabouts think not!) does this change the genus of spacetime? In the 2D rubber sheet analogy a loop drawn around th...

edit history is interesting :P
@ChrisWhite aha, damn english vs american spelling wars!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Wait, you're Indian, why would you change it to the American spelling? O_0
@ChrisWhite crazy Brits :P
@ManishEarth oi :P
3:44 PM
@ManishEarth dont make me put down my tea and crumpets!
@ManishEarth why would you summon him D: now hes back!
Ohh... there's actually a discussion going on my topic..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ your topic?
Was that edit really a problem...?
3:45 PM
@RhysW kicked
@ManishEarth: Was that edit really a problem...?
that virus i installed on this ModBot is working! im slowly gaining more influence evil laugh
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Generally it's better if you stay away from changing AmE to BrE and vice versa
but not a problem
I was more interested in why you think the spelling should be "center"
@ManishEarth Hey.. You guys didn't notice the tags..???
3:47 PM
India follows BrE, not AmE
That change was a just a side-thing..!
I've been brought up in Massachusetts so I use AmE. Was confused when I saw you using it.
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ yeah, but it's not a minor-vs-major thing. It's a general courtesy :)
I always think Meter and Center are better than centre and metre anyway, they just loks so stupid XD
@ManishEarth I know.. But, I really love AmE relative to BrE ;-)
@RhysW yay
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ ah
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ learned our English from the Internet, have we?
3:49 PM
from a linguistic point of view it makes no sense
@ManishEarth lets hope not, or the 1337 speek will begin!
@ManishEarth actually, from movies :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ subtitles?
yep.. always :D
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ oh god, you didnt get your behaviour from them too did you? i know the types of movies you like now 0.o
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3:50 PM
@RhysW Hey.. I don't like 'em...! It happened when we were discussing in a group chat and everyone forgot the name..! Finally, C.R.A.Z.Y saves the day ;-)
Good thing that everyone know that I visit SE, but none knows that I'm a member (Well, no one knew how SE actually works)
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ hmmm :P thats exactly what an axe wielding murderer would say, well, maybe not exactly
@RhysW You'll face that when you visit home :P
well, not so secretly anymore
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ go for it, im secretly a ninja ;)
@ManishEarth: I should've probably just retagged it and move on..! Thought of bringing an unanswered question front, which has become a major issue between USA & UK...
oh, don't worry yourself about it much
just that the standard courtesy on SE is to let the OP decide the version
3:55 PM
@ManishEarth 'much' yeah we will only break one of your legs!
See, the actual game plan is to let Brits use their crazy English at first and then ban them one by one when they're off having tea.
But don't tell anyone I told you that :P
@ManishEarth :O you made me drop my crumpet in shock!
Of course, it would be a hard time to ban ChrisF, he has 2.5 times the mod powa that I have :P
@ManishEarth is that an exact multiple or an approximation? :P
Well, not really
he mods five sites, I mod two
3:58 PM
ahh i see
THree of the sites he mods are larger than Phys. One of those is waaay larger, the other is waaaaaay larger
i mod 0 :(
im working on it though ;)
And we both have almost equal powers on chat
@RhysW Well, if you become active on Space Exploration (main+meta), there's a good chance you'll become a pro temp mod for it
@ManishEarth working on WP too, im active there, jsut in a different timezone to most!
@RhysW ah
it's best if you don't "work for it" though -- that shouldn't be your goal
but good luck :)
4:00 PM
its not my goal, its just something id like as it makes it easier to help the site
which is where most of my contributions come in, but yeah, Space Exploration would be awesome too
brb food
@ManishEarth How to delete SE account ?
@nonagon I think its a process only mods can do
4:09 PM
That is why I asked a mod
@ManishEarth Kindly delete my account , if possible complete account . But surely delete the physics one .
@nonagon you might want to clarify, do you mean only on physics, or all SE sites
i think i read somewhere that you have to ask, on each site, to be removed, but it could have changed since then
4:25 PM
This site is filled with non-physicists asking non-sensical question without any actual background in that topic and they expect answers without mathematics and kind of general intuition , not even intuition w.r.t. to that particular topic and this kind of attitude is promoted here .
Well learn mathematics first and learn laws and then work out these situations yourself , if still you can't do then ask according to homework policy , that shows that someone actually wants to learn . There are already plethora of pop-sci material on internet , search on youtube or google the info. It is equivalent to spam for me .There are a handful of good people running the site really and handful of questions are asked everyday which actually have potential of actually learning something
and yes 007 i have no problem with you , your answers and questions are unto the mark and I have learned quite a lot from your posts as well . So thank you even though we fought a lot . Now since these non-physics people won't leave its better I do since I don't enjoy such an environment here
and its better you start , physicsfordummies.stackexchange.com here to entertain such people . And stop worrying about reputation here , this site is for you to learn and teach rather than earn a certain number of digital points which are of no use in real-life .
And just delete my account , I don't want to be part of this community anymore .
But, if the only people who were allowed to be here, were those with extensive knowledge of physics, there would be no questions, as everyone would know the answer
And those who are going to get angry at this are the ones who ask these sort of useless questions here . So , let me tell you . I don't care about what you think or say
@nonagon I'm not going to argue with you, you are entirely allowed to have that opinion, but what i am going to say, is that if you dont care what others think or say, dont expect anyone to extend that courtesy to you
Ask legitimate questions , A question like blackholes do so and so with time , without ever studying general relativity is kind of irritating and it reflects the attitude that you want such an answer that satisfies you but not an answer which is actually the true one .
oooh @ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ my plan sort of worked! Space Exploration got more subscribers today!
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Q: Why can Hiroshima be inhabited when Chernobyl cannot?

user24548In Hiroshima, atomic bomb was dropped, but today, there are residents in Hiroshima. However, in Chernobyl, there is no resident living today (or very few). What made the difference?

a long comment thread starting... (@ManishEarth) :P
though to be fair there is some physics being hashed out
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