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6:26 AM
@DavidZaslavsky I think a chat room for placing CVs would be nice... Just that we'd have to get the community to use it.. THoughts?
2 hours later…
8:15 AM
@annav You may want to consider supporting this area51 proposal
8:33 AM
Well, it does not have much chance of being approved, too few show interest. My irrelevant vote would not help in anything.
2 hours later…
10:22 AM
@annav K I see :/
Just saw it and thought you may want to have a look :)
@annav try to use @reply in chat or comments, otherwise the other party never gets notified.. :)
10:46 AM
@David did you get the swag yet? I got the email long long ago, but no package.. Or was the '6-8 weeks' literal(seems to be a meta meme)
by swag I mean the everyone-swag, not the DIS-swag. That, you got :P
3 hours later…
1:30 PM
@Manishearth It's a good idea, but we should try to use this chat room... no point in creating a new one as long as the activity level here is so low
I don't have any particular ideas on how to get the community to use chat more
Also I haven't gotten the Physics swag yet. Last I heard it still needs to be designed.
By the way I remembered why I didn't create the - synonym yet: I can't do it unilaterally without also merging the tags (AFAIK) and still needs to be reviewed to see where it should be changed to
2 hours later…
3:10 PM
@David oh right :)
Well, if we use this chat room, then any conversation may drown it out.
I'll create the room later, and hope it catches on (it shows up on the front page)
Swag: K makes sense.. I thought that they just had to send it..
Since I don't want to clutter the main page with the light cleanup, I'll keep a meta post for it. That way I can just keep track there, and retag slowly.
3:34 PM
@DavidZaslavsky Exactly what should be used for? Check out the "not really [visible-light]" section here: meta.physics.stackexchange.com/a/1167/7433
IMO seems fine for #1 and #3. #3 should also get . #2 is probably fine with just , but it could also take some lens- or telescope-related tag if there is one.
Basically is for questions involving how we see things
@DavidZaslavsky The tag excerpt says something different, it focuses on colors
@Manishearth that must have come from when I merged in
@Manishearth That's just the point though, we have no conversation here... of course you can create another chat room, but I'm not a fan of having other rooms on a permanent basis unless/until the activity level here becomes too high.
3:41 PM
Oh, right :P
The issue is, we do have atleast one discussion a day in here
and that will push everything back
THough after your comment about color-merge, it may need more edits
We'll have to discuss this later, I have some stuff to do
K, cya
Q: Tag cleanup--[light]

Manishearth Chat link, Another one I'm currently retagging all questions tagged light to visible-light and/or electromagnetic-radiation Since editing them all at once will flood the main page, I'll keep track of them here, and slowly work my way through them. Feel free to help! Also vote for the syno...

4:21 PM
@StackExchange thank you ;)
1 hour later…
5:34 PM
Q: How do I know an initial speed of a thrown object using the max height

DaniAn object is thrown to the max height of $h$ with gravity of $g$, what is it initial speed? I tried the following: $v = v_0 - g t$ $0 = v_0 - g t$ $t = \frac{v_0}{g}$ $h = v_0 * t - \frac{1}{2}g * t^2$ $v_0 = \sqrt{2 * g * h}$ But putting it into physical simulation gives different max heig...

Off topic I think... anyone want to cast a close vote? (?)

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