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12:22 AM
@nimza Hi there!
12:44 AM
@F'x: Indeed a question like that should be deleted, and as it has a negative score and no answers it will be automatically deleted in a few days. We're trying to adopt a hands-off where possible moderation strategy to encourage community moderation, though obviously that will make more sense after the community grows a bit bigger.
Hm, 5 people here. It's a party!
In the short term I left it so that the OP would have a chance to see my comments. Gotta tell new people what's expected if you want them to learn quickly.
@DavidZaslavsky ::raises wine glass::
1:08 AM
@DavidZaslavsky Six now woooot!
cool :-)
Now if only we had something to talk about...
Hmmm, what about burninating ?
It can have two meanings, as noted by Qmechanic
A: Tag synonyms for voting

Manishearthcolor --> http://physics.stackexchange.com/tags/light/synonyms (light) The issue is that color can also mean the qcd color. Either we burninate the tag, or we do this: Make color a synonym of light Mention in the tagwiki explicitly that it meand light color and not qcd color Mention "For QCD c...

Oh yeah, that could be done
But there are multiple ways to do it I guess
we can either burninate+blacklist, or we can just choose one meaning and specify it in the wiki
(I can't think of anything more interesting to talk about =( )
How about this: (1) go through list of questions and retag any that don't deal with visual color (2) rename to (3) make a synonym
1:20 AM
Hmmm, so and ?
Well, I was thinking would then be the one tag for quark color.
Looks like [color] has no qcd questions
But the tag is vague
Yeah, I just finished checking all the questions
I think they could all fit under
Either we leave it (not broken and all that), or we still rename it as a preemptive measure
hereby renamed
1:23 AM
that was fast
is going to be a little harder to deal with, there are 188 questions and not all of them fit under
@Manishearth moderator toys at work ;-)
Too many ninja powers.... The other day, dmckee managed to edit a comment way ater he made it.. Any list of all these powers so I can take necessary steps to barricade myself against a mod-ninja attack? =P
Half the light questions will need to be retagged as EM waves
lol... they're listed somewhere on MSO, I'm sure. Let me check...
A: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

bemaceWhat special privileges do diamond moderators have? Diamond moderators are human exception handlers. The main function of diamond moderators is to follow up on flagged posts but they also have some special abilities necessary to handle rare exceptional conditions: They have access to all the ...

1:26 AM
(I just realised that is my highest scored tag and we are plotting to kill it ;p)
Well you'll probably get a new highest scored tag out of the deal ;-)
No ninja-superping listed there
yeah, i guess
All I'm really proposing is to rename all instances of to either or , depending on what the question is about
maybe an occasional
@Manishearth hm, maybe chat moderator powers are listed elsewhere
Yeah, I know what you mean for light
And then we'll synonymify it to [visible-light]?
Yep, once all the tags are converted I'll create a synonym
or actually, maybe I could do that now...
1:32 AM
then the renaming will be harder
cos there will be the questions bunched with those
I'm thinking perhaps I can create the synonym without performing the merge, so that way people who try to use will be redirected to in the future, but it won't affect existing questions with
I retagged a few.. If I do more our front page will be flooded
Do you have the ninja-ability to tag w/o bumping?
Cos then I can just prepare a list and you can tag them
Aah, I see
@Manishearth no, I don't. That's one ability that would really come in handy sometimes
gtg, cya
ok see you later
2:18 AM
Yeah, I'd say synonym it (I can't propose the synonym, I have a high score on but not on )
@ColinK Could you propose this synonym: http://meta.physics.stackexchange.com/a/181/7433 the synonym should map
I mentioned this in a comment on meta but there are no questions anymore so I don't think we need to deal with that. But if we do, I can just use the mod ninja tools on it. I don't mind unilaterally performing spelling corrections, but I'm kind of reluctant to just create less obvious tag synonyms on a whim.
(see comment there)
Looks like SE finally noticed your DIS proposal.. Awesome!
2:46 AM
Yep :-) I'll have to work out some plans to get the PSE community involved with this (not really as a condition of the sponsorship, just because it'll be good for the site)... ideas are welcome of course
2 hours later…
4:26 AM
I was going to tag physics.stackexchange.com/questions/22390/… with , but then I saw a x42 (42 questions) next to it, so I decided to let it stay as Douglas Adams intended =P . Too bad we don't have and
Feel free to tag it yourself... I don't like spontaneously breaking the symmetries of the so I won't do it myself ;)
3 hours later…
7:01 AM
The system seems to think that is my favorite tag. I do NOT know QM. I can barely understand half the QM questions. And the system is highlighting all of them.. For some reason, the only way for me to get rid of the QM highlighting is to add it to the ignored-tags list. And then it becomes half-transparent. Which is just another way of highlighting it IMO.
And I guess adding tags to my favorite list will override this, but the thing is, I don't HAVE favorites. I like all of 'em (OK, except a few where I never know what's going on)
Ooh cool found a nifty solution. There's always an MSO thread for every problem ;)
Q: Please let users opt out of the "frequented tag" system

Grace NotePerhaps I'm getting ahead of everyone, as this appears to be a new feature and this may already be planned. But in case it isn't, I shall request it. If you frequent a tag very often, it appears that if it is not a part of a tag set of yours, or part of your favorite tags, it will get set as a "...

is now my favorite tag
4 hours later…
11:06 AM
@dmckee you can't ping me, so either reply to an earlier message of mine, or superping me. I wouldn't have seen your answer hadn't it been starred
@dmckee but in any case: thanks for the reply, I understand
@Manishearth so I've taken a dig at your proton dipole question, let me know how you like it :)
11:30 AM
^^ is full of neglected questions
@F'x : replied there. Btw, what does your username mean? $f'(x)=\frac{\mathrm df}{\mathrm dx}$??
@Manishearth well, my usual pseudo is 2 letters, but SE thinks it's too short; so I added a little something to it :)
@Manishearth don't try and tempt me; I'm home with a sick baby, but I should still manage to get some work done (cough, cough)
Q: Is there an abstract notion of heat within a microscopical system?

Nick KidmanThe microstates of a system are said to be unobservable. I can introduce the entropy as a measure of the number of microstates, which lead to the same macroscopic variables. So in this detailed definition of entropy, there are two theories at work, where one can be viewed as approximation to the ...

I look at the question above, and almost none of the sentences make sense to me; but it's my field of work, so I'm not sure exactly why :)
I never understand statistical thermoD.. :p
@Manishearth you should read about it, it's easy and very powerful
okay, I need to log out otherwise I'll never manage to focus on writing that manuscript
see you
11:51 AM
hey guys
Do you know some good book on quantum mechanics that uses high level math?
That USES?
Or doesnt use? We usually get the latter
As a request
@Nimza ^
Afaik Dirac's book defines his own math and does stuff
I mean such math as pseudodifferential operators (PDO) etc
not a usual functional analysis and generalised functions
and do you know some good book that is strictly mathematicaly based?
@Manishearth where, say, given some axioms written in mathematical form we contruct then the theory
12:19 PM
Not me.. I dont know of any..
2 hours later…
2:15 PM
@Nimza: ''good book on quantum mechanics that uses high level math?'' Ask this as a question, rather than here (where only short comments are possible), and I'll answer.
Ok, thanks)
8 hours later…
10:07 PM
@Manishearth: ''I never understand statistical thermoD'' - try Part II of my Lie book - it starts off with a self-contained discussion of nonstatistical thermodynamics, and is essentially independent od Part I. It assumes very little technical sophistication, except for a few places, where you can skip the proofs without losing track of what is going on. And if you don't understand something, you can ask, and I'll explain. (This also helps me improve the next version of the text.)

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