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2:15 AM
Q: Please reopen a question I asked

Erik Wang I have a question about my Physics Stack Exchange post: Classical limit in quantum mechanics proof Please reopen this question. I tried to make it more clear.

10 hours later…
12:20 PM
Can anybody her suggest me some important basic and “to be especially read” kind of research papers in GR/black holes. Like for quantum foundations one would suggest something like EPR paper or Bell or CHSH papers or maybe even better- Robert Spekkens papers on the epestimic view. I am not looking for papers like Schwarzschild’s or Kerr’s, I already know those things. Something different, something like “must read”
Thank you
1 hour later…
1:39 PM
@Shashaank For GR basics fast and quick heiup.uni-heidelberg.de/catalog/book/534?lang=en
I think he covers things quite nicely
2 hours later…
4:02 PM
Does anyone know what type of mathematical object is virtual displacement from d lamberts principle ?
or more accurately virtual work?
the virtual displacements are essentially differentials/differential forms
@ACuriousMind So heat can also be thought of as a differential form?
@MoreAnonymous yes (see this answer of mine and joshphysics' answer linked there for formal discussions of that point)
4:34 PM
what's good, physicists
anybody know any reasonably comprehensive reviews on modern theoretical techniques in holographic quark-gluon plasma
2 hours later…
6:33 PM
Is there a relativistic version of d lamberts principle ?
6:44 PM
Anyone with the rep to perform a trivial edit want to fix the very last word in this answer?
7:06 PM
@NiharKarve Sabine's blog has interesting opinions on that stuff :P
8:03 PM
Q: 2021 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2021 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page at ht...

8:18 PM
Hi, everybody.
@DanielSank yo!
What's up around here?
@DanielSank Was just telling Nihar the glorious views of Sabine in holographic quark-gluon plasma
How about u?
Debugging code.
Trying to make qubits do their thing.
Ugh I hate coding ... do enough of it in my day job
8:53 PM
Meh, I'm doing my day job right now.
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11:26 PM
Q: Target downvotes: informations on my profile

SebastianoIn this question I would to know what are all, kindly, the links to get the informations on my profile. For example these are related on TeX.SE.Meta https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.tex/query/781493/25-most-downvoted-users https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.tex/query/691667/top-downvoters My ...

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