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1:42 AM
@JohnRennie my degree atm. We just have a full year of compulsory courses then an a project next year
@JohnRennie Thank you very much.
3 hours later…
4:51 AM
Any good online resource for studying special relativity?
@SwapnilDas probably. But there are many, many more poor online resources for that purpose.
@dmckee Could you recommend me any?
3 hours later…
8:38 AM
2 hours later…
11:04 AM
I don't like to buy glasses.
Q: Edit rollback query

Alex RobinsonYesterday, this question was asked and I believe the question itself is fine, but my question regards the edits. I edited the question by paragraphing it and improving the grammar in many areas. The edit I made has since been overridden and rolled back and I am at a loss as to why. All thoughts...

because I don't like to wear glasses.
how nice if I don't need glasses to see words far away.
if I have never gone to junior high school, I wouldn't have needed glasses.
wearing glasses is harmful to eyes. After wearing glasses for consecutive hours, your eyesight would deteriorate for a period.
it can also make you headache.
11:25 AM
Q: What are part of body receiving such these frequencies so they are claimed can heal?

Sitorus Here are what are claimed frequency can be used to heal our (certain part of) body. In my opinion, they work if the "transmitting" frequencies are met with the receiving frequency in our body. I have heard a professor physic of MIT, Prof. Walter Lewin, explains that our heard acting like tiny a...

how has this stuck around for so long?
12:09 PM
that is more for the medicine Stack Exchange
or the wicca one
12:31 PM
Why not Skeptics SE?
12:43 PM
is there a medicine SE?
@SirCumference do you play any video games lately? Saw a dude with your name in a game recently and it reminded me of SE
nah, haven't been able to play anything since the semester started
though my name isn't very original :P
yeah I did think it might be a fairly common name but wanted to check just on the happy off-chance :p
1:26 PM
Why do we still have a physics chat event
I don't think we've used it for anything in months
huh wow, never knew
1:58 PM
Yo can we agree that the jacket is one of the most impressive inventions ever
Like instead of waiting for evolution to give us more body hair, we became the first animals to ever come up with this idea
All right I'm making no sense without my coffee
@Ryan Unger I have a small doubt suppose I have small doubt I have an object how could i locate that particular object there is no coordinate system for space.
"Hey honey are you gonna go out without a Jacket tonight? It's awfully chilly"
"It's ok dear I'll just wait a few hours to evolve a nice thick coat"
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
So is everyone ready for the chat session?
I've just got the notification but I never participated before
So, I don't have much idea
How it goes every time
I am trying to understand the concept of special relativity
@Paṇḍyā the scheduled chat session isn't used much these days. We started it to encourage people to use the chat room, but the chat room is pretty busy these so we chat about physics all the time, not just in the scheduled chat.
@Paṇḍyā if you want to ask about SR then please go ahead. This is the place to ask! :-)
@JohnRennie oh! So, now the chat session has become convention. :)
We just chatter all the time :-)
@JohnRennie Sure, I'll
At present I am bit busy. Once I'll go thorough theories enough, I'll... Thanks
4:28 PM
The trouble with simple intro labs is that, when the data doesn’t -quite- come out as expected, it makes me question how well I actually know this stuff
5:11 PM
@SirCumference Evolution made us lose our body hair in the first place!
5:47 PM
Hello, does anyone here know a special function or an operation that allows me to express this finite sum:
$\sum_1^n \frac{\exp(ak^2+bk)}{k+c}$
It seems in the general direction of Jacobi theta functions, but I could not apply summation by parts to find what I need
Of course I could define a function to be that, but I'd rather use something used in the literature if it exists
6:00 PM
@ACuriousMind not all of us
any bets on whether I'll be able to commute back from work without disruption tonight?
@EmilioPisanty Depends on the ratio of your horoscope sign to the moon phase
Why would there be disruption
@EmilioPisanty Given your itinerant nature, I have no idea where you currently are so betting seems ill-advised :P
6:18 PM
@RyanUnger the roads in and around Barcelona are a bit, uh, jumpy of late
Yesterday the bus had to radically divert to give the airport a wide berth
6:49 PM
@ACuriousMind yeah but i'm just mentioning the contrast between how humans managed to survive in cold climates, and how the rest of the animal kingdom would
i dunno i'm sleepy so i'm probably not making much sense
2 hours later…
9:01 PM
@bolbteppa I can't believe he would say that. Bernie just lost my vote.
9:27 PM
On the note of math and physics, Sabine Hossenfelder was on campus here today talking about the subject of her book
Did she get any pushback in the Q&A
No, but the Q&A was really short (just 2 questions) because a class was scheduled in that room after
My pet peeve was her referencing the whole epicycles-upon-epicycles story, despite the lack of historical basis
(It’s the astronomical equivalent of “people thought the world was flat before Columbus” and it always annoys me now)

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