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11:00 PM
does that work
oh apparently it does
It works at making people angry
the interpreter didn't get angry (throw a syntaxError)
Also if you need to do something crazy like python -c "import os; print(os.listdir('.'))"
sounds legit
You'll occasionally find it in an actual file to do multiple things on one line, but that's generally considered bad
11:04 PM
is it against PEP
btw, does C++ have a standard place for open-source created libraries like PyPI?
Yeah from pep8:
> Compound statements (multiple statements on the same line) are generally discouraged
And hah C++ library handling! That's a funny joke!
there's no
pip install numpy kinda thing?
Not that I'm aware of. Generally it comes down to including other projects within your projects or assuming that they're already installed
I've personally used git submodules and projects with cmake support, where you can just add_subdirectory()
There are also header-only libraries that have the code in the headers and you're good just by including them
dang, the next two Mondays are Christmas Eve and New Years Eve...hmmm...
if I miss 2 days of work to go to NY I lose 2 days worth of pay...which is like...kinda significant :(
C++ doesn't have a standard build system, let alone an ecosystem to distribute packages and manage dependencies. Builds used to be Makefiles on *NIX, and whatever random MS was doing on Windows, but now people at least mostly agree on cmake (though there are others that are trying to do the same thing).
11:12 PM
how inconvenient
It's cause C++ is old and targets so many platforms.
Just wait until you start running into linker errors. I think it took me a couple weeks just to figure those out
It's nice being able to hand-compile and link everything in a very obvious way, though, makes e.g. interfacing with random languages or binaries (for which you don't have the source or have to do some black-magic link time namespacing) easier.
Or go and build UE4 for fun. They have their own build system and a lot of macros, so you end up with a bunch of compiler errors of code that you didn't write
doesn't Java have Maven as a package manager? Isn't Java also old and targets many platforms?
11:16 PM
@enumaris Java targets a single platform: Its own VM :P
@enumaris No, Java only targets the JVM.
They do all the messy stuff behind the scenes so you don't have to deal with it
Or I assume it's messy. I've never tried to compile a jre or anything
well w/e
I'm not gonna get too heavy into software dev anyways...
@enumaris Oh, definitely no physicist-turned-programmer has ever said that!
11:21 PM
physicist-turned-data-scientist ;)
data, schmata
We're all bit pushers in the end
frickin...was expecting to hear back after an interview Thursday...interviewer said she'd get right on it to schedule the follow up...still haven't heard back -.-
@enumaris I regularly schedule things only to then go "Nah, not now" and the re-schedule them later :P
it's 'right-on-it' in interviewer time
yeah, I let the interviewer know there was a time component tho...
and the interviewer was a "co-founder" of the start-up so you'd think she'd be cognizant of what that means
11:29 PM
I had a "You'll hear about next steps at the beginning of next week" and never heard back. I don't know if something was messed up or they decided they didn't want to proceed with me. That's one that the interviewer completely missed the call, so I already wasn't impressed at least
not a huge deal, I just don't like waiting lol
I'm an impatient person by nature...
I don't either. I think streaming media and Amazon have killed my patience
last time took the person 2 weeks lol
even though she already said she wanted to set up a follow up
I hope this time is not that slow ._.
@danielunderwood I dunno, Not having to be in front of the TV at prearranged times to consume my favourite series might just have made me more patient because I can just watch them later :P
11:39 PM
And the only thing Amazon has done is increase my faith in my neighbours because no one has stolen any packages "deposited at a secure area" (= in front of the main elevator for 40 flats) yet.
He says like 87% of employers related to phd's use linkedin, hmm
I thought you got a lot of garbage through linkedin?
Maybe a lot of employers are garbage?
@ACuriousMind yeah I guess I have had that. The odd thing at my old apartment is that they would require me to come to the door for random $5 packages, but they left a phone and GPU at the door without knocking or anything
@ACuriousMind your words not mine :p
And those are probably the 2 most expensive things I've ordered
11:43 PM
read chapters 1 and 2 of pbrt...onto chapter 3...
11:59 PM
I just found a random copy of The Quark and the Jaguar lying on the floor that I completely forgot about buying. I think I have a problem
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