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12:21 AM
Q: Is physics stackexchange limited to answering questions?

user1318806I am not allowed to create a new tag, please make an appropriate one. I ask a question someone answers it. The design of the stackexchange sites (the reward system of earning points) ensures that good answers and even more importantly correct answers are distinguished from all the other answers ...

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3:22 AM
Q: Why is math not being rendered here on my browser?

lvellaI am using Firefox 26.0 on most recent Ubuntu. Math formulas surrounded with the dollar sign are not being rendered as formulas, just as plain text. I can't pinpoint when it stopped working, because I am just an sporadic user of math enabled StackExchange sites, but some time ago they used to be ...

3:51 AM
Man applications for liberal arts colleges suck
This is what I have to write about: This position has responsibility for working with students from many different ethnic and cultural groups. Please give three examples that describe how your past experience has prepared you to do this effectively
And within 1200 characters
How about, "Everyone's a person and deserves to be taught the same as every other @#$&ing person in this world, regardless of what they look like. Asking me to write an answer to question like this enforces a belief that there is a difference between people of different ethnicities."
Did the kids enjoy the snow?
3:56 AM
The boy did. Little Miss got too cold and started crying after about 45 minutes
But we didn't have gloves
So we improvised
With socks
That didn't work nearly as well as we thought it would
Yeah, they don't work very well
But we did that up north when we didn't have gloves
I seem to recall using plastic lunch baggies (not the zip-lock types, the foldable ones)
Hrm... I don't know if I ever did that
Would make sense though
We did that on our feet for sure, mostly while cycling cause it's cheap windblocking
Didn't really work for keeping your hands warm, but it certainly kept them dry
@tpg2114 is there a cutoff below which you don't cycle?
4:00 AM
@ChrisWhite Now that I live in Atlanta and am lazy? Like 60 :)
But when I was in PA, not really
I did one ride where it was in the low 20's when we started and there was slush all over the ground. The spray from the tires froze the cables together on the downtube of my bike
And my shifters broke when I tried to shift, had to ride the last 10 miles home stuck in the hardest gear
So it hasn't gotten much higher than 20 all week here, yet half the profs in my department are still taking bikes to work
There's actually enough cold-weather clothing to ride all the way down to negative temperatures
I don't own enough clothing to do that anymore. And I don't like being cold
Everyone takes the bus around here
They don't ride bikes much
My mom is supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow outside Philly from this same storm
We've got two Bendy-Buses and they're awesome
4:04 AM
@ChrisWhite You should probably get a lot of snow too, but you might be close to the ice transition
I briefly looked at Princeton for post-docs. Then I thought that I wasn't good enough to be hired there, so I closed the browser
Well written C++ libraries make me happy
@tpg2114 Because it's a rare thing?
@KyleKanos It is very rare! But I think I can change my linear algebra solver without having to write everything. I can just create the matrix in the new library and give it the data from the one I already have
Without making copies or repacking etc
Not copying is good
Because that wastes time
4:11 AM
So is not re-writing everything to use the new library
@tpg2114 Oh yeah, that's a big thing too
Me, I'd just write my own library that conforms to what it is I need to use at the moment.
@KyleKanos :(
@KyleKanos I'm trying to get a parallel BiCGSTAB solver as easily as possible
Writing my own isn't really the easiest way to do that...
@ChrisWhite I look at some of the names listed as faculty and just think to myself, "Maybe after one post-doc I could be good enough to be hired there"
Plus, you're way smarter than me.
Clear example of Princeton vs Me :D
@tpg2114 Linear algebra solvers are lost on me. I try avoiding them if possible (and, in fact, I have done a remarkable job at avoiding it)
don't know what justifies that conclusion...
4:16 AM
but I do agree this place is quite competitive for postdocs
@KyleKanos Me too, that's why I want to get somebody elses' library
And I want it to be threaded rather than MPI so I don't have to actually decompose the problem myself
@ChrisWhite Which conclusion. There's like 3 there
I have no idea what that photo is
But it's badass
I'm pretty sure it's a rock wall for climbing
I thought it was Cerebro from X-Men
4:19 AM
also, "Dr. Hurricane" - just... wow
clearly the NIF is a front for an evil genius aiming for world domination, with one dapper British agent all that stands against him
Totally random -- if you've never seen a pro bike race, the team managers drive in cars with the mechanics behind the race and this is pretty normal:
And super fun to do. I like driving the car better than racing
So the drivers job is to swerve around other cars and honk his horn? Sounds fun
And not run over the riders
It's crazy fun. The men have radios so the manager talks to the riders from the car. The women don't have radios though so I don't get to do a lot
Unless riders come back to chat
Why don't the women have radios?
4:35 AM
I dunno really. Women get kinda left out of most of the things
I think they don't bring enough money into the sport so they don't get as much infrastructure
They've been trying to get rid of race radios for the men also
They claim the radios make the races more boring because the riders just become robots with somebody in the car calling the shots
Hmm, seems to me they're more of cyborgs. But I can understand the confusion
Hah, fair enough
Well, it's late and I'm going to be beat tomorrow if I don't go to bed now.
But it's coding o'clock
Actually, I just finished putting in the Sedov solution into Pluto and am running a 2-core simulation on 3 AMR levels
Going to take hours to finish
dt is currently around 1e-7
tend = 0.5
Anyway, I'll catch you later
4:41 AM
See ya
5:16 AM
sigh - the stackexchange iOS alpha has been out for 2 days, and I haven't been invited to participate yet
and here I thought I could be one of the cool kids
Until you remembered you use iOS so you really aren't that cool
hey now
Android would be way better if it weren't just running Java... what a terrible language that is
yeah... silly high-level applications people
5:19 AM
I played with writing stuff in native code but they make it way harder than it should be for developers to do that
8 hours later…
1:26 PM
user image
Something I made for this Valentine's day... :D
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
@KyleKanos There are two kinds of postdocs: institutional and research group. The institutional ones are more like being an independent researcher and generally pay better and are more competitive.
The research group ones are much more common and getting those it is about impressing one person (or a small group of people): impress the perspective supervisor(s) and you're in.
Do apply for a few that you think might be out of reach. You never know.
I know how much work goes into to an application so I won't suggest apply for a lot of them, but you really want to take a few chances on landing a dream job.
3:17 PM
@ManishEarth or other physicsy mods, you guys find this on topic for your site? astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/1694/…
@RhysW That should probably be a dupe of a heck of questions here... ;-)
@RhysW I'm no mod, but it looks like it'd be on topic here, albeit a duplicate of many
ontopic yes, duplicate yes,
slightly better than on ours, where its duplicate no, ontopic no :D
3:59 PM
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut Can i use this image in FB?
@RajathKrishnaR Sure! ;-)
Does physics in any way support the concept of God?
Dunno about that... (as we haven't observed any "God" yet!)
@Waffle'sCrazyPeanut In which software did you make the picture? It's really imaginative and beautiful.
@RajathKrishnaR Well there's always the big bang.
4:10 PM
@RajathKrishnaR Hand-made... Just pen (oh, and scales) -- And also, my dear LaTeX for the final wrap up :)
Does anyone know about the ISSYP camp by Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics? I have applied for it but really don't know about my chances of getting in.
Why most pictures of electromagnetic waves show same amplitude of electric and magnetic field where in reality the electric field is much more than the magnetic field?
@RajathKrishnaR physics has nothing to say about the concept of God
4:27 PM
@DavidZ But, then why does people(mainly physicists or more precisely cosmologists) tend to think about the concept of God if physics doesn't imply anything about it?
5:05 PM
@ChrisWhite me either :(
5:59 PM
@RajathKrishnaR do they? I've never seen papers like that
and if they do in their personal lives, well, as a physicist, I also think about computer games, youtube videos, and what I'm eating for lunch
we don't just think about physics
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about physics — Eduardo Serra 2 days ago
^ I'm really sad now
6:16 PM
@RajathKrishnaR Like Chris said, physicists don't only think about physics
@ChrisWhite I actually vtc'd it too; basically it's being migrated and the users don't know how. Being lazy, I selected the already-used freeform :p
6:37 PM
@Manish Would next week be ok to try mods not closing homework for a week?
It's perfect. I won't even be around :p
@jinawee yeah, that's the plan, I'll post on meta about it
1 hour later…
7:46 PM
@RajathKrishnaR I think the main connection between physics and the concept of God lies in the (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teleological_argument)[Teleological argument].
A teleological or physico-theological argument, also known as an argument from design, or from intelligent design, is an argument for the existence of God, or more generally of some kind of intelligent agent of creation, based upon proposed empirical evidence of human-like design or purpose in nature. The argument goes back to Greek philosophy but is today central to the creationist religious concepts of creation science and intelligent design which are presented as alternative scientific explanations in opposition to evolution theory. While the concept of an intelligence in the natural o...
8:43 PM
@Mostafa there isn't really anything like that in physics though.
9:34 PM
@DavidZ Surely physics *itself* has nothing to do with such metaphysical arguments. It is not *in* physics, rather it's *about* physics.
Actually if you *somehow* believe in the existence of (an intelligent) God, then you will observe the physical universe from that point of view (as in the teleological argument). I personally don't like and even accept teleological arguments as *proofs* of the existence of God.
Take a look at this section of Wikipedia's article to see what I mean: (about Abdus Salam)
9:52 PM
How can this kind of trolling be disputed?
A: What experiment would disprove string theory?

YekenWhat actually matters is if the universe is composed of strings (or contain strings in some way). Not the theory of it. Right? To see and feel these is a key factor. Otherwise it will be proposing earth movement to a medieval priest or convincing dogs the existence of rainbows. Strings are con...

@jinawee What do you mean disputed?
10:07 PM
@KyleKanos The flag
I definitely downvoted that thing, but I didn't get any option to delete it.
@jinawee disputed means >=1 10k user marked the flag as invalid
note that we don't flag wrong answers here
...lemme have a look
@dmckee dammit
Hm, strange, I can't figure out why that flag was marked as disputed
Slip of the finger?
What a nice guest!
@KyleKanos no, it's impossible for mods to mark a flag as disputed
10:19 PM
Sigh... 50% of my runtime is spent on the line:

return area*std::sqrt(area);
And area is just a double
Well, maybe possible (we probably can use the invalid flags tool from the 10k interface), but not something we can directly do.
@ManishEarth I have no idea how moderating works, it was purely a guess
@KyleKanos disputed != declined. Disputed means a 10k user marked the flag as invalid, and I can't find any evidence of that
I know, just explaining :)
If I had >10k rep, I'd have not disputed it
@tpg2114 you're returning $x^2\sqrt{x}$?
10:23 PM
That's what it looks like
That's the same thing. Except with $x=y$.
You were missing half of a power
You're returning x^3
Except that x /= y
10:24 PM
That sucks for you.
To put it in perspective, solving an 1600x1600 linear system takes less time
Than returning that damn result
I have no idea what line my code spends most of its time on, but I do know what subroutines it spends the most time on
VTune gives me the line
@tpg2114 Ouch
I should try that vtune thing
@KyleKanos It might be that the post also had an offensive flag
10:26 PM
I don't know that it was offense (maybe the Mr Suck my penis thing), but it definitely is not really worth keeping around
offensive and spam flags have other consequences, so declining/invaliding them when they don't apply makes sense
But still, the entire situation is strange because I can't see any "invalid flag" flags. Bleh
Ah, figured out the problem
It's not the math
It's cleaning up the variables used in the routine at the return
10:42 PM
@ManishEarth What? Did I handle the flag out from under you or something.
@dmckee yeah. No worries, was just startled :)
Got it.
I don't know how to investigate why a flag was disputed.
It may even be that we are not supposed to know.
The team could find out it there was a pressing reason.
sometimes the mods are too efficient... like that time I entered the review queue a few seconds behind Qmechanic
@dmckee I had basically opened the question and it said "deleted by dmckee 1s ago" :p
11:05 PM
@ManishEarth aha! I'm chatting from the iOS app now :p
@ChrisWhite Aha! I sent this from the terminal!
Unlike you, I can cronjob this
In fact, I already have a spam-detecting bot running that posts links possible spam to the Tavern
oh, I thought we were going to see you post the word "spam" to this room every minute :-P j/k
11:30 PM
@ChrisWhite : Ha-ha :)

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