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1:51 AM
Q: Is it me or is the favicon shimmering?

Emilio PisantyYou know, the logo on the tabs. It starts to shimmer and look a bit more green for tabs on the main page when left too long. Is this an intentional design change? Or am I just sleep-deprived?

2:03 AM
@Dilaton The first one could be rather broad. (Just an idea, not sure of this). Generally speaking, one doesn't need expertise in a domain to judge this. Thing is, you can have an interesting question ("How does string theory work") and have it too broad. If you don't want it closed (I'm not closing it), try to provide an answer to demonstrate that the q is reasonably answerable.
I agree that the second isn't the same
@Dilaton I wouldn't have voted to close those and I doubt very many others would have either. I don't think the close would be acted on. I'm sure CrazyBuddy has his reasons but one close vote doesn't automatically get something closed.
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Do you have any reason for voting to close physics.stackexchange.com/q/64944/2751? If so, provide it in a comment (and let me know here). If not, next time, use "skip" instead :) "Close" and "Do Not Close" both leave footprints (Close, well, closes it and DNC helps remove it from the queue prematurely), Skip just skips it
Not saying that you need to skip all posts that you don't know much about; there are always obvious closes. And as a non-mod you need not be too sure of your close vote as it's only 1/5th of a close. But if it turns up in the queue (meaning that others have VTCd or FTCd), and you have no clue if it should be closed, then just skip.
Kall of your abswerz suck — IWishForGreatAnswers 3 hours ago
I just accidentally used BOOM on a legit post (the buttons had wrapped around, my click missed)
Fortunately the rep penalty is undoable :S
@ManishEarth boops?
2:16 AM
otherwise that poor OP would have had his reps set to 94-100=1
@BrandonEnright yep
@BrandonEnright I had to undelete the post, then unlock it, and then watch the magical "clear spam/offensive flags" option appear (didn't even know it existed till recently)
@ManishEarth Cool so you need an unboom button too
It would be quite scary for that guy if he was online. The realtime updates would have set his rep to 1
@BrandonEnright yep lol
1 hour later…
3:36 AM
@Dilaton Stop harassing people about their close votes. There's a reason it takes 5 non-moderator votes to close a question.
For clarity, "I think this question should not be closed because <reason>" is not harassment. If you want to express your disagreement with a close vote, that's how you do it.
1 hour later…
4:55 AM
@ManishEarth @Dilaton: Don't start a fight with me with your uncertain knowledge in what really happened. There's a small issue in all review queues which happens to "me" 2 or 3 times and everytime I forget this thing. It happens only when my broadband slows down sometimes.
I don't know whether you people will understand this...
Say I click on the "VTC" button and the dots begin to move near the button indicating that my VTC is registered. I think due to my connection, it loads for a while. I click on it again. It's still loading. I click it several times and once it loads completely, everything in the queue gets close-voted..! That happened yesterday.
You guys don't notice this, because you don't look into other questions. You can see a lot of questions where my vote stands single (and finally they get erased due to inactivity)
This issue not only happens to VTC, but to flags too, when 4 or 5 popups show that "You've already flagged this question for mod attention"
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Are you saying the close votes were an accident due to poor interaction between the web app and your Internet connection?
@BrandonEnright Yep..!
Well that's even better however I think you and anybody else should be able to flag things for closure and the discussion to stick strictly to whether something should be closed or not and why.
Not personal attacks or calling somebody out.
@Dilaton: I don't want to fight with anyone around here (neither do I want to point out someone with so much negativity by looking at some issue thinking I'm smart without looking into the issue deeply..!
@ManishEarth @Dilaton: If you're expecting some sentence like this, then I'll just spit it out..!
"I'm not smart like you guys..!" Is that enough..?
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Maybe you should calm down? Nobody said that and I doubt anyone thinks that.
5:03 AM
@BrandonEnright Did you read Dilaton's msgs above..?
I thought I saw them all. Let me look.
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Ah yes, I see that.
@Dilaton: And here after, don't think that I'm interested in close-voting stuff. I only VTC & flag bad homeworks, ranting questions, personal theories, spams, etc.
Don't let personal attacks like that get to you. Just because he wants to be malicious doesn't mean anyone else will respect him for saying things like that. Even if he thinks that you don't understand the physics doesn't mean anyone else either thinks that or thinks that was your motivation for a close vote (whether or not the close vote was intentional)
Why do these people think that I'm some mod having special powers..?
Only a mod's VTC is threshold..! My close votes stay for a while and then they get erased and I can no longer close vote on that question..!
Also, to a question to be closed, one needs 5 members..!
If there aren't anyone left, then it's not a problem..!
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ Yes I said roughly the same thing here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/9498402#9498402
5:08 AM
@BrandonEnright Thanks. You should also have a look at this comment:
This is a perfectly good interesting theoretical physics question, it should not be closed as for example CrazyBudy says here. Darn, how I'd like to have 3000rep in order to be able to mitigate such bad and terribly wrong closevotes ...! — Dilaton 10 hours ago
@Dilaton: Why are you pointing me in comments..?
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ David addressed that. You should flag his comment and move on. If Dilaton continues to call you out I'm sure David or others will take appropriate action.
@Dilaton: One more thing Dilaton. I always skip these TP questions and probably the tags QFT, ST, QG questions unless they really are a spam or some own theory. My lack of knowledge in these fields doesn't mean that I'm blind and unable to read English..!
Again, don't start a fight with me like you previously did with 3 or more members around..!
5:30 AM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ No, I certainly wasn't expecting that. I was just saying that you shouldn't blindly vote. I wasn't saying that you do blindly vote, I was just saying that "if you do, then don't do it". As a moderator on Chem (which I'm a complete novice at), I know perfectly well that one doesn't need domain knowledge in most cases.
It's OK to vote to close when you feel a question ought to be closed, even when you're not sure. As a 1/5th close vote, it's OK if you're not sure because you don't know enough :) Just that in cases where it's not immediately obvious why a post should be closed; then try to give a comment. And if you don't use it already, make good use of the skip button whenever you have no clue what to do with a post. Looks like you do use it though (unfortunately we can't see skips)
I completely understand the broadband thing, once I accidentally deleted a post (instead of reopening) and my connection dropped before I could fix it :P
Yeah, Dilaton's message was sort of out of line. I think David addressed that well.
@BrandonEnright Nicely put :)
On a lighter note:
Q: What's my dogs name?

jamesI suddenly can't get any browsers to Facebook. It says I might need to configure my network to Facebook. I asked a friend to go to my Facebook from their PC and they had no problem. This just started. I am using a public internet connection from my hotel. Help?

@ManishEarth genius.
5:58 AM
Here is an example of the media doing harm by spreading FUD:
A: Are there experiments that are banned from being done at the LHC?

Jay DillonStating that nothing can happen at a few TeV, because nature has already performed "experiments" in that range, and nothing has happened, is a foolish if not depraved statement of pseudoscience. Direct, focused, grouped, head-on particle collisions are manifestly distinct from the more diffuse, i...

@BrandonEnright yeah, just saw that
I don't think it's flag-worthy. Perhaps it is.
But I'll spend some rep to downvote.
@BrandonEnright no reps lost for downvoting questions
that was an answer.
The question itself is wrong, because the LHC isn't a takeout diner that you can be "banned" from. It's an exclusive club which only well-pitched experiments get to
@BrandonEnright oh
I thought you were talking about the q :P
6:01 AM
@ManishEarth the question is also wrong because they don't have a lot of options available to them. They zoom protons around in a ring.
that too
It's not like somebody says "I wonder what will happen if we put a hamburger in the ring!"
yeah lol
I'm pretty sure Large Hamburger Collisions are banned.
One of my friend's mother spends half her year at CERN. He has been there many times too. I am severely disappointed that he didn't press any big red buttons saying DO NOT PRESS while there -_-
@BrandonEnright Makes for a good question though: What would happen if you sent a hamburger through the LHC (pretty sure that hamburgers aren't charged)
6:04 AM
Isn't that what the RHIC (Relativistic Hamburger Ion Collider) experiment is for?
lol... how do you ionize a hamburger?
@ManishEarth That is a good question. Is it even safe? Perhaps they should put a hamburger in the ring!
@BrandonEnright AFAICT that answer can be deleted. It's not mainstream physics :S
When the LHC gets decommissioned, they should de-core it and install a larger chute. Inside the chute will be a magnetized (or charged) capsule, inside which humans can sit. Then charge a million dollars per ride.
I'm pretty sure that that would be deadly, but clever advertising can get past that :P
@ManishEarth And call it the Large Human Collider
@BrandonEnright enjoy your 1 rep
6:14 AM
@ManishEarth did you delete?
Did you see his "wavicles" comment?
Yes, that confirmed my thoughts that it's non mainstream
Yeah those misconceptions ran deep.
I'm Googling wavicles and finding awesome stuff.
"The electron, positron pair perhaps a manifestation of ring singularity to hypertorus cycle, imbedded in the wavefont surface of our universe, with photons themselves, as integrated wavicles of this electro-positronic wave-state, 'riding' around this hyper-hoop, looping around hyperspace through future and past, in a most cool manner."
@Crazybody, thanks for the clarification and explanation of the internet connection issue, in fact I am traveling and facing similar things at present ;-). Otherwise, the closevotes I mentioned looked very strange and unjustified to me. Apoligize for insulting you if this is the case, I did not mean it. In fact, I think you are a bright student, I am much slower in learning and there are many things here on the site I have no clue about...
6:21 AM
@Dilaton where are you currently traveling?
@BrandonEnright Some pages just define it as a wave-particle, which seems OK to me
@ManishEarth yeah it seems like a decent word to reflect the wave-particle duality however it seems to be a favorite term among quack theories.
@BrandonEnright explains why I haven't heard it before; I try not to frequent such forums because it's not always easy to tell the difference between quack and mainstream.
@ManishEarth I definitely understand that point of view. I too try to minimize the effort and exposure I get to various pet theories.
Yeah. If you're certain that it's a kook theory, then it's fun reading it. If you're not certain, it's dangerous.
6:27 AM
I do always worry a bit about conformation bias though. If I never see or never let myself see information or argument contrary to my beliefs or what I think to be true then I'm likely to continue believing them even when they are not correct.
@BrandonEnright Of course. Thing is, there are well-researched theories that, while not yet mainstream, have a chance. And there are kook theories that have been sketched up with little effort.
I saw a pretty incredible kook theory last night. It combines crazy physics with philosophy and consciousness. s33light.org/SEEES
It's almost presented in a religious manner.
Ah, consciousness
I have my personal theory that consciousness has a lot to do with QM (owing to the fact that it is QM which restores free will to physics), but it's just a curiosity for me -- not something I think is worth pursuing at this stage
And as long as there's nothing other than intuition to back it up, it's not more than a kook theory :P
@ManishEarth have you read any of Penrose's work? Like the Emporer's New Mind?
nope, bookmarked
ah yay not kooky after all :P
6:34 AM
His books are fantastic. I'm not saying his theories are right but they are very well thought out and presented.
And could very well be somewhat close to reality.
I had seen this as well, but WIkipedia does list kook theories at times and I wasnt't sure
@BrandonEnright Yeah, I've read a few of his articles
@BrandonEnright I am with my parents in north-western Germany, almost as far north as Denmark. The landscape is very lovely, many wild animals, birds etc. But it is very far out the country side, so the internet connection is very slow and sometimes even breaks down .... And now even my akku is down, GRRR !!!
@Dilaton I've always wanted to visit Germany (as well as Norway).
I like the north.
I like large parts of Penrose's road to reality, but I dont agree about every thing he writes :-P
I have not yet been in Skandinavia either, but I think people in northern countries are nice :-)
@Dilaton yes I read Road to Reality first. I liked a ton of it.
But I also liked Susskind's "The Black Hole War" even though I didn't agree with a lot of the physics.
6:43 AM
I only like the shut up and calculate QM interpretation, and the lqg and twistor business I do not get justv
From the road to reality :-/
@Dilaton "shut up and calculate" seems like the least controversial way to handle it. I don't know the math or have enough QM background for it though so I'm stuck with crappy interpretations.
QM is of the type where it's usually better to look at it as a mathematical framework, nothing more. If you want to get deep into interpretations, you need to understand the maths completely and be fluent with it.
I have seen all Lenny Susskind lectures, he is funny as hell at times, a good teacher, and a cool physicist...
I understand the idea behind the "landscape" and all of the knobs and dials for tuning that could solve the hierarchy problem on the apparent fine tuning of the cosmological constant. I just don't think that because there are 10^500 possibilities that it's an asset.
It doesn't actually answer or solve any problems. Lenny seems to think that having 10^500 options is an asset and I think it's a non-answer.
My favorite joke is as he proofed 2-3 or something like that in the course of a derivation of something related to black holes, if I remember it correctly. That almost made me spit my coffee on my screen :-D. His lectures are full of such funny remarks and jokes...
Yep I agree, those guys invoking the landscape, multiverse, anthropic reSoning etc are just too la
zy to narrow down the space of solutions further by mathematical and physical insights :-p
6:54 AM
I wish I understood a bit about String Theory and why so many people get so excited about it.
Just joking, it.seems to be very hard and need a lot of time and deeper insights into the theory
Lenny Susskind's ST lectures are a good start, I think :-)
Probably. There is so much QM I need to learn though I hesitate to move on to yet another subject.
I barely understand 80% of the questions on this site. That's this site's way of slapping me in the face and yelling "Learn more physics!".
You can always learn more physics.
@ManishEarth as with almost everything in life. That's why life and learning are awesome. The more you know the more you know all the stuff you don't know.
That too.
But physics
7:02 AM
Yeah gotta stick to the important stuff :-)
@ManishEarth he's back.
A: Are there experiments that are banned from being done at the LHC?

Jay DillonFocusing and grouping high energy particles in a collider is a way to increase the rate of collisions of individual particles, in head-on collisions. This focusing and grouping of the particles prior to collision does have effect: It provides scientists with so much imaging data to analyze that t...

Probably mod message worthy
I'll handle it later
Gotta eat.
Feel free to downvote/comment/whatever
@ManishEarth it's actually a new post. I have to read it to see where it falls on the kook scale.
7:26 AM
tfpb;dr (too few paragraph breaks, didn't read) — Nathaniel 7 mins ago
Yeah I loved it.
Also, he got an up vote :-p
Now I know how to reach 200 rep in a day. Post drivel and somebody will see it's long and give me ten rep.
It looks like a rant to me
It's actually not that bad but it is not an answer at all.
I think the question should be protected just in case.
7:29 AM
Deleted as NAA
good idea
A: Are there experiments that are banned from being done at the LHC?

Jay DillonIt's okay to delete my posts. Thank you for reading them. Also, good luck deleting them.

@ManishEarth yep. No doubt by posting his concerns here on this site he's saved the world.
@BrandonEnright I keep forgetting about the protection tool. I use it whenever popular qs get newbie comment-in-answers (and Qmechanic seems to like it a lot), but I forget that it's useful in cases like these
QMechanic loves it.
yep :P
Though I personally think that it shouldn't be preemptively applied on popular questions (not pop-sci questions, questions that somehow get lots of views and votes)-- these are a good way to attract new users
QMechanic is a machine, tirelessly tagging and editing and protecting questions. He hasn't even asked any questions himself.
7:34 AM
He seems to have a full map of the tag system and an indexed list of all questions stored in his brain
Yeah it's impressive.
I created a tag for Pions and he came into chat to give me shit about it :-p
He was right though. I just hadn't thought it through.
He would totally win notarealquestion.appspot.com every time
@BrandonEnright arguably, the worth of this site lies in writing answers, not questions. While I have gotten extremely insightful answers to my question here, I've asked only a few and most of the times in cases when I expect the answer to be deep.
Indeed almost all of the useful information comes in the form of answers. You still need just the right, really good questions to get good answers though.
@BrandonEnright No, I meant individual worth -- writing answers helps an one more than writing questions; unless one asks the rare type of question
@ManishEarth I don't follow you. Can you spell it out for be a bit better? Are you talking about helping a person in terms of rep?
7:41 AM
@BrandonEnright no of course not :P
Mar 11 '12 at 11:31, by Manishearth
What physics.SE is useful for is this: In the process of teaching physics to others, your own physics will improve a lot. I've gotten a lot of great insights into physics by clarifying classmates' doubts. I've only been here (P.SE) for a month, but it has helped immensely. Writing answers is a great way to clarify your own knowledge. Knowledge is a sort of abstractish bundle of fluff.
Oh! I gotcha.
^^that's how I've found Phys.SE useful
Yes I've learned a ton by trying to answer questions.
I've found it hard to recognize when I have questions until I read other people's questions and think "Yeah I've wondered that too!".
Sometimes you think you know something until you start to answer it and realize you have knowledge gaps.
@BrandonEnright that too
Alright bedtime for me. Have a good day / night / whatever.
7:44 AM
@BrandonEnright 'night :)
8:35 AM
@BrandonEnright yep, Qmechanic is an awsome wise and nice theoretical physicist who exactly knows what he is.doing and talking about. It is good that we have him as a mod. And on queytions he chooses to answer he writes so nice and detailled posts :-). I guess he has such a deep knowledge about everything that there is not much left for him to ask ... And he is alays very nice and helpful.
1 hour later…
9:54 AM
The post where no user(questioning or answering) is live: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/25634/…
@007 TP.SE migrated post
@ManishEarth that's not written there. :(
Mass migration
It doesn't show
Also got an image from an old question.
2 hours later…
12:02 PM
in The DMZ, 5 mins ago, by AviD
@ManishEarth arent you the mod on math?
Apparently Physics+Chemistry=Math
12:49 PM
Yay! No flags!
(18 items in the review queue though)
1:26 PM
@ManishEarth Never.
Math, chemistry and physics are like:
2:11 PM
Thank you both guys: @ManishEarth & @BrandonEnright ;-)
@ManishEarth: That ping (which I included along with Dilaton) was really to bring you into attention if you were alive in SE at that time) and the argument wasn't really with you at all..! ;-) (Hope you know that already)
more like that
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ I wasn't sure: and I don't like to assume that there is no problem when dealing with others in my capacity as a mod. So I assume the worst, and go on :P
Worst - so you thought I was ranting (I really was... I think so)
2:37 PM
Just hanged my computer.
I assumed that because a linear resolution of 5000 works (in cut3d -- helps create data files for graphing), a 3D resolution of 500x5000x5000 should work too (after all 5000^3 is more or less the same as 5000, right?)
When cut3d didn't respond I naively assumed it was done. Went onward to the next step: running gnuplot (the graph tool). That hanged, and then I realized what went wrong :P
Output of ls -lah:
 -rw-rw-r-- 1 muon muon 352M May 19 20:02 3d.dat
352 megabytes before I terminated it
3:38 PM
@ManishEarth Hmmm... May I ask, "What were you talking about..?" :P
Went out for a party ;-)
3:50 PM
@ManishEarth ???
Now, I've come to a terrible conclusion that I "should" give comments when I've VTC'd something..! :(
4:03 PM
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ I had generated a wavefunction among other things, and I wanted to plot it.
When I plot a 1D cross section, it worked fine at 5000 resolution (5000 plotted points)
When I try a 3D density plot, it needs 5000x5000x5000 points. Huge.
So the program that generates a list of plottable points hanged
@ManishEarth So, don't you have other works which I mean, other than playing with computer..? :P
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ this is physics I'm doing :P
Will be doing heavy work with these softwares later
Ahh... Carry on..! :D (Come to my issue) :P
15 mins ago, by Ϛѓăʑɏ βµԂԃϔ
Now, I've come to a terrible conclusion that I "should" give comments when I've VTC'd something..! :(
@ϚѓăʑɏβµԂԃϔ it's better to do it, for sure
Explain how to fix the post basically
4:33 PM
All righty then ;-)
@ManishEarth your username is muon?
@BrandonEnright huh? Yeah
My primary machine names are {gamma, lambda, quantum, omega, beauty}

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